Justin Bieber’s Tattoo, since we are talking about it

Why in the world am I blogging about Justin Bieber? Oh no! does it mean that I am also infected with the Bieber Fever. oh no! baby baby baby oooh.. I mean no.  of course not. 
Since we are talking about tattoo’s, have you seen Justin Bieber’s tattoos? Yes apparently there are more than one tattoos and that’s not it on the picture that’s fake , although I got it from a very reliable source
If you really want to see Justin Bieber’s tattoos, then click here, come on click it Bieber fan.

Suprising Shaq Song for Justin Bieber

 What is happening with Shaq?

Is it because he does not have any contract yet, Is he just a fan, or is he gay now?

You gotta see this shocking and surprising video. Justin I love you!

Goodness Gracious giant Shaq loves Justin Bieber, you know how I know?, check out Shocking video as the diesel, superman , big Cactus and now Justin Bieber biggest fan sing a song for him.

Shaq attack!!!



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