Golovkin stays unbeaten! Stops Lemiux in 8 rounds! Who’s next?

Gennady Golovkin proved that he is too much for David Lemieux to handle, With the victory Golovkin is now the title holder of IBF, IBO and WBA champ. Golovkin dominated the entire fight however Lemieux fought aggressive during rounds 4,5,6 knowing he was down the first 3 rounds. This fight showed how great Golovkin is as a boxer, he is not just a heavy hitter thanks to his 400 plus wins during his time in the amateurs.

Golovkin’s biggest knack is probably not going to super middle weight or higher, as a fan i dont want to see either Canelo or Cotto to fight GGG, both fighters might not even win vs Lemieux, 

GGG improved his astounding record to 34 wins with 31 ko’s 91% ko ratings with the last 20 wins all ended with a ko or stoppage. 

Here is the highlight of the fight:

Who’s Next for GGG? Ward or Quillin,! I want WARD!

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast