Zach LaVine Will Undergo Surgery (Video Surgery), Will This Change His Game?

Zach Lavine Will Undergo Surgery, Will it change his game?

Minnesota Timberwolves is primed for a good season with young players doing so well. The Timberwolves future is brighter than ever. Then came the injury of Zach Lavine, the 21-year-old high flyer and scorer who this year has been averaging a season high of 18.9 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.
Timberwolves is once again missing a critical part of their rotation. We do not know how long  Zach will be on the sideline but we do know that he is having an operation to reconstruct the ACL on his left knee on February 14.
Derrick Rose had an ACL injury, now Zach. Do you think it will change his game?
While we are waiting for this young man to recover, let’s watch how an ACL reconstruction surgery is done.
Now that you are grossed out, and you probably did not finish the video above, here is a video of Zach LaVine’s impossible dunks, just to make it up to you.

NBA Dunk of the year? by Zach Lavine over Len

Zach Lavine just showed us why he is the slamdunk King.. Truly the moniker is right “Splash Brothers” 

Zach Lavine just ended Alex Len’s Career as he dunked over him and len actually still dizzy passed the ball effortlessly and got stolen by Rubio..

Here is the highlight courtesy of Ximo Pierto


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Twolves young Big 3 stepped up to beat Pelicans 112-110

These young core of Wolves is starting to work great together as a team as they manager to beat the Pelicans without Anthony Davis. Karl Anthony Towns led the team with 30 pts 15 rebs and 4 assists, followed by Zach Lavine’s 25 points while Andrew Wiggins contributed 20 points and the game winning Free Throws in the dying seconds to help his team seal the victory.

Anthony Davis is out with sprained right big toe, Eric Gordon is back and led his team with Ryan Anderson both with 31 points. 

Here is the highlights of the game:

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Karl Anthony Towns 28 pts 13 rebs 4 assists 2 Blocks! ROOKIE OF THE YEAR?

KAT – Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns PLAYED BIG and its nice to see him play like this, I have a feeling that this Kid would be stronger after the all star break. We all know that Towns beat Isiah Thomas in the skills challenge and this victory solidifies the bright future for this Kid.

Towns led his team to win against the Celtics today with a score of 124-122. This is the 18th win this season for the Wolves and as soon as they get rid of Sam Mitchell next year would be better for this Franchise. 

The Wolves will have a chance to get better next season with another lottery pick and I certainly hope that this would be the last one. I would post an analysis on how to improve the wolves next season .

For now let us all watch KAT on his road to ROY:


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Twolves young guys stepped up big in all star weekend 2016!

The Future is bright indeed this is probably the best weekend for the Minnesota Timberwolves after KG’s reign. Zach Lavine’s stock value also catapulted to its peak, The reigning Slam Dunk Champ defended his title and even won the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge MVP 

Here is the highlight of the game:


Karl Anthony Towns also gave his best to win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge it wasn’t an easy task as he was up against Isiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics, It is indeed a Samson Vs Goliath but this time the big fella got the win. Here is the highlight of that exciting finish 

Andrew Wiggins also had a great weekend as he finished with 29 points to co lead the world team who was headed by Kristaps Porizingis with 30.  Here is the highlight of the World vs USA team.

Future is bright indeed as the wolves young guys performed and gave it their best. Its definitely a good year for them and better for the future. 

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AMAZING! NBA dunk contest 2016 highlights and some ideas.

The Dunk contest these year was too good these two guys had to do 5 completed dunks to win the competition. Will Barton from Denver Nuggets got a great entrance but the nerves got into him and never really got his groove. Andre Drummond made both of his dunks but that wasn’t impressive enough. So it was between Gordon and Lavine, Honestly both are great dunkers and all but I would have given it to Gordon. I know that any given day Lavine can pull off a dunk from the free throw and just add something to the mix. Gordon’s dunk on the other hand was just on another level.

 Just check out the highlight of this dunk ITS FREAKING SICK!!!!!!

This is what Lavine Did

Last Dunk for both I gotta give it to Lavine but should have been something more, I know most of Gordon’s dunk was with the Mascot, While Lavine was from the Free Throw Line . I just think that there’s a lot of dunkers who could do what Zach Lavine did. I don’t know if there would be the same for Gordon’s Dunk. But this has been the most entertaining dunk contest since Vince Carter and Jason Richardson.

I hope to see Lavine’s Team mate next year my boy Andrew Wiggins.

Here is the highlight of the entire dunk contest:

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My Bounce Brothers Contributed 42 Points and KAT gave 25 pts, 10 reb but still lost to NY 107-102!

Future WOLVES!

Yes call me a big fan and a huge one indeed since the KG days. I believe that these 3 guys will be the future of the team and maybe able to put the Wolves back to contention in the years to come. They just combined for a whopping 67 pts and with Ricky’s almost quadruple double 9 pts 8 steals 10 reb 12 assists. Those 4 guys wanted to win but the entire Knicks squad had more fire power from the bench that gave them the victory and they were headed by Aaron Afflalo who has been one of the most consistent players from the Knicks. KP with 7 Blocks, I will include that highlight between KP AND KAT.

I feel that next year they would use the expiring contract of Nikola Pekovic or possible use him and Rubio as a trade bait to get a more solid PF or Center. I believe that KAT can function like a KG who can either play 4 or 5 depending on who they are playing with. Well this is certainly a great season to watch for Wolves fans around the globe.

Here is the highlight of the bounce brothers, Wiggins 23 pts Lavine 19 pts.

KP and KAT duel!
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Minnesota’s Future is here ! Scored 55 points, 9 assists and 13 rebs. Wiggy, Zach, Towns trio!

Lavine, Wiggins, Towns

The future big 3 from the west, Displayed a balance attack but fall short in the hands of the Clippers last Nov 29, 2015. The young Wolves had a record of 8-8 prior to this game something that they haven’t achieved in a long time. 

Wiggins was the reason why they were able to come back to this game, He started a bit slow but was able to find his rhythm and even scored 9 points on the 3rd quarter, he ended the night with 21 points 2rebs and 2 assist and a block shot. 

Towns bagged in a quite but efficient 17 pts shooting 8-13, grabbed 8 rebounds and a block shot as well.
Lavine had a good game to boast the future of this franchise, he scored 18 points grabbed, 3 rebounds, dished out 7 assists. The Future is indeed bright for this Franchise, however the question that stands right now is after 3 years will they still be together? That’s what we all would find out, don’t forget to drop by I assure you that I would still be a wolves fan even after 3 years.

Here is the replay of their performance:

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Big 3 in Minny 55 pts combined burns Heat but wait Shabazz has 16 pts on 6-8 shooting!

The big four? 

It was a game full of Hassan Whiteside’s monstrous triple double 22 pts 14 rebs 10 blocks! a monster indeed but that wasn’t enough as the big 3 in minny combined for 55 pts, 24 from Wiggins, 17 for Lavine, 14 pts 14 rebs for towns and 16 from Shabazz. Rubio is back as well after missing 4 games.

Here is the highlight of the game:

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Bounce Brothers 52 pts versus the Pacers but still not enough to earn the W!

Bounce Brothers – Wiggins and Lavine

Wiggins went down after their win against the Hawks and was sideline for a game. That gave confidence to Zach Lavine since then Lavine has been averaging 20ppg the last 4 games. Wiggins on the other hand has averaged 26ppg the last 5 games. 

They just need more consistency from the rest of the squad so they can pull up more wins and all I am asking for is for this young team to make it atleast 45% winning margin. 

It maybe too much to ask but I would be more than happy if they achieve that or maybe even bump it to a .500 end of the year. They will have options next year and I know for a fact that they would be playing motivated for Flip Saunders and the city of Minnesota.

Here’s the highlight vs Pacers 52 Point Duo!

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Kevin Durant

KD!!! Yes he is back, Durant played his first game after missing 55 games last season. The OKC Thunder went up against the new look Minnesota Timberwolves , Thunder wins 122-99 over Wolves.

Durant played for 22 Minutes and these are the numbers:

15 Pts
2 Rebs
4 Asts
5-8 shooting 

Yes that’s good enough it is also reported that he is fully healed. here is a transcript from

“It seems like years ago,” Durant said on Wednesday after the Thunder’s morning shootaround. “I’m here now. Try not to think about the past. I know I learned a lot from that situation and just trying to move forward and continue to have confidence in myself.”
The wait is finally over for one of the NBA’s brightest stars. Durant was set to make his long-awaited return to the court on Wednesday night when the Thunder opened the preseason in Minnesota. He missed 55 games last season and needed three surgeries to repair a dreaded Jones fracture in his foot, an injury that contributed mightily to the Thunder missing the playoffs for the first time in five years.

Towns and Dieng led the wolves with 18 pts each followed by the Serbian Sensation N.Bjelica with 11 markers.

The Thunder was headed by Ibaka with 18 markers and Westbrook gave a double-double 14 points with 13 assists 

With his return a fan created a hype video for Durant who could be this year’s league MVP 

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Wolves Welcomes Nemanja Bjelica to the NBA! adds veteran presence to a young core

Nemanja Bjelica

Timberwolves maybe a young team but they are making sure they are headed to the right direction. They officially added the Euro league MVP today. Bjelica was drafted by the Wolves #35 pick in the 2010 NBA draft. (originally picked by Wizards traded to the Wolves). He averaged 12.1 points, 8.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 1.3 steals and led his team to Final Four in Euro league, this marked the first final four appearance for his team, Fenerbahçe.

During the interview he was asked who’s his favorite player growing, he said Iverson and then his coached made a joke afterwards stating that he doesn’t have Iverson’s crossover and they both laughed together with the rest of the press. 

The Wolves are looking to really build on this core and making sure that they have veterans that they could rely on. Bjelica mentioned that this is his dream to finally play in the NBA. He was also humble enough to admit that he has a lot to learn and Saunders tapped his right shoulder and said “We will teach you”.


I really hope that Bjelica pans out well he would be the perfect fit for the team moving forward.

Rubio / Lavine
Wiggins / Mohammad / Brown
Bjelica /Budinger
Towns /KG
Dieng /Pek

Lets All watch the highlights from Bjelica:

I will keep you guys posted once we have the youtube video of the press con for now please feel free to watch it here