History has been made at Global Hoops 2016

Street ballers unite last night to give us a show that we will never forget. Global Hoops 2016 brings Court Kingz (USA) led by the legendary hot sauce, China RP Zed (China) led by their own street ball legend, Helmet and the Team PH lead which is composed of ex pro players and filipino street ballers.

The event was filled by excitement and intensity as those team battle each other on a 5 on 5 game and 1 on 1 game basis. USA easy dismantles China and PH while China get their bearings against PH. But that was not inportant to the fans, we all gather to see some awesome moves from the players.
Helmet, Hot sauce, Lil’ Flash (PH), More Free (CHINA) , Zigzag (USA) and Money Love (USA) take care of the dribbling exhibitions thoughout the event. But of course there are high flying actions and most of it came from the Court Kingz’s Jumping Joe, Megatron and Mr. Viral.

It was even brighter with the help of hip hop legends like, Andrew E, Loonie, Quest, Abra, Ron Henley and Gloc 9, who performed their own hits during the break.

This event will go down in the history. It is the only event that all street ball legends from USA, China and PH played in one court together. This is the true testament that basketball can unite countries, either in professional aspect or even in street ball.

Hot Sauce in Manila at Global Hoops 2016 by KingBally

It is a great year for all the basketball fans out there, King Bally events and Promotions puts up an event that will showcase the world-known basketball scene called Streeball. After a lot of basketball events like NBA players tour in manila like, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant and Damian Lillard also the recently held FIBA Olympic Qualifier, the basketball scene is approaching its peak as Global Hoops 2016 brings the legendary streetballer Philip Champion also known as “Hot Sauce”.

Hot Sauce is a professional Streetball player who also was a part of the streetball team of AND1 mixtape tour from its creation in 2002. He was also a part of the movie Crossover and was able to sign in a team in American Basketball Association in 2009.

Aside from these streetball legends, Kingbally events and its partners will also bring pinoy professional basketball players like, Jimmy Alapag, Willie Miller, Ren Ren Ritualo and Jeron Teng with musical performances of pinoy rappers that includes, Loonie, Abra and Ron Henley of Fliptop (Rap Battle League), Andrew E, Gloc 9 and Mike Swift.

The said event will take place on August 20, 2016 Saturday at the MOA Arena. Powcast is also giving away tickets to Filipinos who wants to witness this historic and unforgettable event in basketball history.

Do you wanna see some ankle breaking moves and crossovers?
Please visit powcast.net facebook page for more information about the Global Hoops 2016 and how you can get free tickets in this once in a lifetime event.