Steven Seagal latest Action figure

by: powsalud|

Courtesy of his involvement with Anderson Silva and recently with other MMA fighters and being present in a most of UFC’s recent events, while contributing some of his moves,  its is only right that an action figure be made of him.
Ladies and Gentlemen , I know present to you the new Steven Seagal action figure, UFC inspired with a snapping front kick action. Included inside are Semi-Automatic guitar gun, a secret manual, emergency supply of hair triangle, box of souls, front kick official patent, restraining order against Gene Lebel, Broken pool cue and knifes, Vitor and Couture vodoo dolls, chef’s hat and beanie lastly Anderson and Lyoto’s mind. 
A must have for all Steven Seagal fan and MMA
pics courtesy of Masato Toys Inc.