Kobe Paras Won a Slam Dunk Contest with his New Team

Kobe Paras shows his hop in front of his new team.

Kobe Paras has not been lucky with his previous teams and this year he is starting a new college career with the Cal State Fullerton Matadors. Kobe Paras started his high school at Cathedral in Los Angeles and after a short stint with Creighton, he is back on the west side and he shows fans what they have been missing.
Kobe Paras is already impressing a lot of people with his dunking ability, he even won the quick pocket slam dunk contest between his teammates.

Check out the New Kobe Slam dunks.

Westbrook doesnt seem to miss KD. gets another 3ple double with the win over Lakers 113-96

OKC is off to a great start thanks to none other than Westbrook who has scored at least 100 and grabbed atleast 30 rebs and dished out 40 assists in just 3 games.. crazy stats right there. This OKC team surely doesnt seem to cry over Durant leaving although we have yet to see how OKC would be against playoff teams. The Thunder offense looked a bit better and Steven Adams is being utilized better now on the offense. The pick and roll with WB is working wonders for them. Dont sleep on the Thunder to make some noise in the playoffs as crazy as it sounds right now I think they have a good chance to snatch the top 4 seed.

Here is the replay of WB crazy state line 33 pts, 16 rebs and 12 assists.

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Today is Dirk Nowitzki’s 38th Birthday – Let’s Look Back on some Highlight Plays he’s done before in his career as an NBA Player

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

After playing over 1,400 games and 50,000 minutes in the regular season and playoffs over the course of his 17-plus seasons in the NBA, it would be easy for Dirk Nowitzki to think it a chore to prepare for each game — let alone each season. But ask anyone who knows Nowitzki well to describe him and they all say the same thing: as he reaches his 38th birthday, he still approaches the game the same way he did as a kid growing up Germany dreaming about the NBA.

Today, we will look back on some of the Highlight Plays in his career since he started playing in NBA with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jamario Moon’s Top 10 career dunks

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

Jamario Moon started in Toronto Raptors on July 10, 2007 and ended his two-year contract on 
July 17, 2009. He was a highlight reel back in 2008 with his emphatic slams. 
He competed in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, was a contender and was just behind by 
Dwight Howard and Gerald Green who were the slam dunk contest champions last 2007 and 2008.

Let’s look back on his top 10 dunks during his career in NBA way back 2008 

UNC VS VILLANOVA for the Championship game Tomorrow! Who you got?

It’s 1 VS 2, Who ever wins will take it all out of 351 teams its down to 2 Tomorrow Night April 5, 2016 at exactly 9:19 am. manila time. I think BTV will air this for those who have sky cable but if you want to stream it feel free to go here http://atdhe.ru/basketball be careful of the links though and disregard the pop ups. 

These two teams are very much alike except they have contrasting advantage over opponents UNC often rely on their front court of Jackson, Johnson and Meeks.Nova though use their back court of Hart, Arch and Jenkins, both of the other starting 5 members aren’t a joke either. 

Nova’s Starting 5


The determining factor for this game is Bench and i favor UNC’s over Nova. UNC is about 10 deep but Nova is at most 8 deep. Coaching is a toss up but you have to give the edge to the guy who has won it twice already so i would go over his experience on the other hand Jay Wright isn’t a joke either but again Williams has won it twice against equally good or maybe even better than Wright. 

This would be fun game because as I stated both are complete teams just like last year but i think it would come down to the bigs because with the way how college game works the bigs are a big factor that is also the same reason why Nova beat Oklahoma Sooners that way because they were able to contain Hield and the bigs were a non factor pretty much.

Here’s the prediction of analysts from NCAA March Madness:

Here are the highlights of the games

UNC vs Syracuse

Nova VS Oklahoma

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One of the things I remember from Al Thornton! NAAASTTYYY!

NASTY! that is how I remember Al Thornton, even though he may have lost hang time he can still ball as a fan I never get tired of seeing guys perform and he is simply proving that he is still a good player even though he is not in the NBA anymore.He is now playing for NLEX Road Warriors. 
 Enough about that but this is about this epic dunk. 
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Al Thornton Exploded for 38 Points to help Nlex Beat Meralco 104-99!

It was a birthday treat indeed for me as I watch this game Live. It featured Baser Amer and League leading Meralco Bolts against NLEX Road Warriors, The Bolts come out guns blazing leading from the start to end the first half with a 7 point lead. 3rd quarter though was the man of the hour Al Thorton who dropped 20 points alone in that quarter as they finished it 81-79. Then they never looked back the locals was able to keep the lead with Thornton sitting for almost 5 minutes. It was a collective effort from the team that gave them the victory. Credits to Simon Enciso, Sean Anthony and Kevin Alas for giving the much needed support to Al Thornton who again ended the night with 38 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. 

With the win NLEX boosted its record to 3-3 in a crowded 4-6 spot and Meralco dropped to 5-2 good enough for 2nd slot but its their 2nd defeat. 

Here is the highlight of the game:

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OUR 2016 NBA Rookie of the YEAR! Karl Anthony Towns against the Raptors! A Monster INDEED!

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on this one. KAT has been phenomenal from the get go. Towns has been awarded as the Rookie of the month for 4 months straight now and he has even upped his performance from 19.7 points with 9 rebs last January to an even better 20+ ppg and 12 rebs per game. 

Join me as we review this monstrous performance that led Towns to win the Skill Challenge right before the break for NBA All Stars.

Karl Anthony Towns in this game scored 35 points grabbed 11 rebounds and 3 blocks! This guy is simply insane. I wonder what impact KG had on him if any. I wish we could get that interview 🙂

Here is the insane performance by KAT:

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Oh Do i need to remind you who Jaylen Brown is? 23 Pts against Washington!

This dunk may look easy based on the picture but watch the replay here. He was like a bigger version of Jimmy Butler. 

The Cal Bears are clicking just in the nick of time before March Madness start Jaylen Brown is starting to grow in our eyes, he is becoming the leader that they want him to be. The fact that Brown has his fellow freshman phenom in Ivan Rabb, he doesn’t take a step behind him and often times he would lead them to win. Jaylen Brown Scored 23 points to steal a win on the road and keep their March Madness hopes alive. 

Cal bears is undefeated at home with a win over #12 seed Arizona and an absolute dominance over USC, its all thanks to Brown who has average 15 ppg and has scored 20 or more on crucial games that gave them a chance to finish as the #4 seed come championship week. 

Here is the highlight of this monstrous game by Jaylen Brown

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Twolves young Big 3 stepped up to beat Pelicans 112-110

These young core of Wolves is starting to work great together as a team as they manager to beat the Pelicans without Anthony Davis. Karl Anthony Towns led the team with 30 pts 15 rebs and 4 assists, followed by Zach Lavine’s 25 points while Andrew Wiggins contributed 20 points and the game winning Free Throws in the dying seconds to help his team seal the victory.

Anthony Davis is out with sprained right big toe, Eric Gordon is back and led his team with Ryan Anderson both with 31 points. 

Here is the highlights of the game:

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Pelicans Trio: Davis, Anderson, Holiday Beats OKC 123-119!

This is probably the most significant win for Pelicans this season at this stage of the game. The Pelicans are looking to make the playoffs and they are just 6 games behind Utah who is on the 8th spot. It will be hard because their roster is quite debunked right now. The starting line up was Davis, Ajinca, Cunningham, Gee and Cole. 

Who would have thought that they could beat this OKC team with this roster, Well Ad is the first guy who would say anything is possible. AD led his team with 30 pts 6 rebounds and 4 block shots. Anderson was the side kick and added 26 pts, while Holiday made some clutch plays in the end to help seal the win and put up 22 points out of 8-12 shooting. The Pelicans bench were huge and everyone stepped up. 

OKC’s Big three of Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka put up 91 points total (Durant 32, WB 44, Ibaka 15) but the rest of them team were almost a non factor. 

Davis has also stroke it from 3 shooting 2-3 which is not bad at all. He is showing he can do everything and has really taken his team on his shoulders. 

Here is the replay of the game:

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Karl Anthony Towns 28 pts 13 rebs 4 assists 2 Blocks! ROOKIE OF THE YEAR?

KAT – Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns PLAYED BIG and its nice to see him play like this, I have a feeling that this Kid would be stronger after the all star break. We all know that Towns beat Isiah Thomas in the skills challenge and this victory solidifies the bright future for this Kid.

Towns led his team to win against the Celtics today with a score of 124-122. This is the 18th win this season for the Wolves and as soon as they get rid of Sam Mitchell next year would be better for this Franchise. 

The Wolves will have a chance to get better next season with another lottery pick and I certainly hope that this would be the last one. I would post an analysis on how to improve the wolves next season .

For now let us all watch KAT on his road to ROY:


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Anthony Davis is UNREAL! 59 pts out of 24-34 shooting. AMAZING!

2 handed Jam by Davis

Davis has once again surprised everyone and this performance reminded me of a young KG blossoming into the league as one of the top players in his era. Davis showed a wide array of moves from jump shot, to step back, 3 points, layup and breath taking slum dunks. Davis is clearly becoming the franchise player at a young age, it was just a shame that they were not able to find a trading partner for Ryan Anderson who isn’t at all a bad fit alongside AD but certainly they would want someone who could create for him self like Nic Batum or Kent Bazemore which they could get at the start of the next season.

This is a proof that Davis will make noise for the years to come. Here is the breakdown of this monstrous performance by AD:

59 points 24-34 shooting
20 rebounds
4 assists 
2 block shots

With that stat Davis joined Shaquille O’ Neal and Karl Malone as the only 3 players in NBA history to record a 50-20 performance in this modern era.This performance gave the Pelicans a much needed victory to boost their morale against Detroit Pistons with a score of 100-106.

The highlight of this game of brought to us by Free Dawkins:

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Damin Lillard all star snubbed blasted GSW with 51 pts, 6 steals, 7 assist 9 THREES!!!

Yes Sir! They hear you now! 137-105 Victory against GWS!

Damian Lillard gave a masterful performance against Curry and the warriors, early it was a shootout between the 2 great PG (Curry and Lillard) at half time it was 68 -62. Lillard wasnt an alll star this year because all three from Golden state got the nod over him and of course Russell Westbrook plus Kobe. 

Did Lillard feel bad? I don’t think so this game is more of an invite for the free agents out there to see how good this team can be. Lillard is just 25 years old and certainly one of the best PG’s out there. I would even go out on a limb to pick him over Irving, because Lillard has played full seasons already while Irving that is another story. 

This is one of the best statement game, I’ve seen this season and this would really help the franchise. 

Highlights courtesy of FreeDawkins

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Introducing: Deyonta Davis Biggest Surprise this season and a possible lottery pick! from MSU!

Deyonta Davis

Davis was a 4 star recruit coming out of high-school this dude was in the shadow of Skal Labissiere. Michigan State Spartan Head coach had other plans and he was able to turn this soft spoken young player into a premiere Stud! that is looking to surprise the NBA Community next season if he decides to declare for the draft. Here is an interview of Coach Tom Izzo from MSU;

Top 5 Pick Maybe? 

Right now Davis is still a project but he has the makings of a Marcus Camby kind of guy, which isnt a bad thing. 

Davis Stats:

MPG . 18.7
PPG: 7.6
RBG: 5.7
BPG: 2.0

Stats not that glaring because of how he is being utilize by Coach Izzo but this guy has good fundamentals already and if he doesn’t go this year’s draft he would be a guaranteed top 10 pick next year.

Here is a couple of highlights offense and defense:



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Twolves young guys stepped up big in all star weekend 2016!

The Future is bright indeed this is probably the best weekend for the Minnesota Timberwolves after KG’s reign. Zach Lavine’s stock value also catapulted to its peak, The reigning Slam Dunk Champ defended his title and even won the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge MVP 

Here is the highlight of the game:


Karl Anthony Towns also gave his best to win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge it wasn’t an easy task as he was up against Isiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics, It is indeed a Samson Vs Goliath but this time the big fella got the win. Here is the highlight of that exciting finish 

Andrew Wiggins also had a great weekend as he finished with 29 points to co lead the world team who was headed by Kristaps Porizingis with 30.  Here is the highlight of the World vs USA team.

Future is bright indeed as the wolves young guys performed and gave it their best. Its definitely a good year for them and better for the future. 

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AMAZING! NBA dunk contest 2016 highlights and some ideas.

The Dunk contest these year was too good these two guys had to do 5 completed dunks to win the competition. Will Barton from Denver Nuggets got a great entrance but the nerves got into him and never really got his groove. Andre Drummond made both of his dunks but that wasn’t impressive enough. So it was between Gordon and Lavine, Honestly both are great dunkers and all but I would have given it to Gordon. I know that any given day Lavine can pull off a dunk from the free throw and just add something to the mix. Gordon’s dunk on the other hand was just on another level.

 Just check out the highlight of this dunk ITS FREAKING SICK!!!!!!

This is what Lavine Did

Last Dunk for both I gotta give it to Lavine but should have been something more, I know most of Gordon’s dunk was with the Mascot, While Lavine was from the Free Throw Line . I just think that there’s a lot of dunkers who could do what Zach Lavine did. I don’t know if there would be the same for Gordon’s Dunk. But this has been the most entertaining dunk contest since Vince Carter and Jason Richardson.

I hope to see Lavine’s Team mate next year my boy Andrew Wiggins.

Here is the highlight of the entire dunk contest:

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