Reporter Craig Sager vows to return for 2015–16 NBA season

Turner Sports sideline reporter Craig Sager vows to return for the 2015–16 NBA season after undergoing chemotherapy this summer.

Sager, who was originally diagnosed with leukemia in April 2014, was admitted to Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in May after his cancer returned.

Sager, 64, underwent a successful bone marrow transplant on July 17.

He has since lost his hair and shed 50 pounds due to chemotherapy, but is recovering optimistically.

Sager not only expects to return to regular NBA coverage once the season begins in October, but he also anticipates making the trip to Rio to cover the 2016 Summer Games.

When asked on his chances returning at the start of the NBA season, he goes, “Oh they’re good!’” When when asked about the Olympics next summer in Rio?  He said, ‘No brainer! I said yes! Yes!’”