Javier Fortuna scored an impressive 10th round stopped over Ivan Velasquez to retain his WBA Super feather weight title!

WBA Super feather weight title fight
At first glance it looked like a great fight because Velasquez seemed poised enough to dethrone the champ, however he was only good for round 1. 
Second round started and Fortuna delivered a knock down as he was able to connect a punch behind the left ear of Velasquez that floored him.
 Round Three – The Champ went guns blazing, unleashing a series of combination that busted the nose of the challenger. 
Round 4 to 8 it was pretty much the same story with Fortuna dictating where the fight goes and the challenger just kept coming forward but not throwing enough because he felt the champ’s power.
Round 9 – Velasquez was heavily breathing through his mouth due to the busted nose. Fortuna was just seizing up the challenger and when it was already 1 min and 30 seconds remaining on the round, Fortuna started putting combination that almost dazed the challenger a number of times but was able to survive.
During the break, Velasquez’s corner was asking him if they are going to proceed to round 10, he also urge the fighter to punch and move around otherwise they might be force to stop the fight.
Round 10 – Fortuna didn’t waste any time and started playing around with Velasquez as if he was boxing a kid to victory, yes that’s how ugly it was because even though Velasquez didn’t go down he isn’t defending properly as the referee stopped in to stop the fight and stop the rampage of the Champ.
Fight ended in the 35th second of the10th round. The Champ Javier “Bumblebee” Fortuna improved to 29 wins no losses with 21 via KO, the challenger Carlos Ivan Velasquez fall to 19-2 with 12 KO.
Since I have provided the highlight reel of Fortuna, I will leave you with a video of the fight promo:
This bout was promoted by Mayweather promotions. Almost the entire Mayweather family was in attendance. Zab Judah was also present in the crowd together with Shawn Porter top welterweight contender who just defeated Adrian Broner. 
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Aldrin C.
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From Heavy Weight now lets focus on Super Featherweight Champ Javier Fortuna!

We are now down to the little guys, Little? not really this is the division that save boxing. You maybe wondering who? Well Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather was the studs in this division when they were still younger. Will Javier Fortuna and Ivan Velasquez make the same impression, only time will tell. Fight is Scheduled tomorrow 9/29/2015 at Palms Casino and Resort, Pearl Theater, Las Vegas, Nevada

Current WBA Superfeatherweight champ Javier Fortuna 28 wins 0 lost 20 by KO will go up against Carlos Ivan Velasquez 19-1-0 (12 KO) . To be honest this is nothing like Wilder VS Duhaupas because the champ this time will be shorter. Fortuna is just 5’5 and has a reach of 68 1/2 inches while Velasquez is 5’9 with a reach of 70 inches. Fortuna has shown he can come back from a knock down on the other hand Velasquez must be careful because he has been KO’ed before by a lesser opponent.

Here is a highlight reel of Javier Fortuna:

I will be posting the result of this fight as well so keep it posted here @ www.powcast.net
Written by: 
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast