The New Big Five in Oakland, How did the Fans React to KD’s Decision?

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It has been a shocking news for Oklahoma City Thunder Fans, after Kevin Durant joined the bandwagon and left them just to join the powerhouse Golden State Warriors. The Warriors now, are much more lethal as a contender than before. The Big 5 for the Warriors consists of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green and of course.. Durant.

The fans were not happy with what happened and were disappointed with Durant’s decision.

Here are some of what I found about fans reacting on Durant’s Instagram:

Here is Durant’s essay posted on The Players Tribune. A message on ending his 9-year stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

// all, it is still Durant’s decision. We couldn’t blame him for leaving, but it is unfair to go to a team who has a lot of star players in their prime and lastly, going to a team who just eliminated them last playoffs just to win a championship, is much worse than not winning a ring.

KD agrees to play for the Warriors? Seriously?

More on Kevin Durant going to from
this is all over twitter and for one second i thought he would join the Celtics or Come bank to OKC!
This would be more than an * in his career worst than what Lebron did when he left Cleveland and joined Wade and Bosh. 
Why KD? WHY? Why would you damage your legacy like this? 
 I do hope this is not yet final by any means
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Matt Barnes Back Home, Heads to Sacramento after the Kings agreed to 2-year, $12 million deal

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Matt Barnes has reunited with the Sacramento Kings, after signing a contract worth $12 million for a two-year deal, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein.
Barnes played for the Kings during the 2004-05 season, but was traded halfway through the season to the Philadelphia 76ers, but hasn’t played due to knee tendinitis. He was later waived by the 76ers.
Barnes then went to different teams. Signed with the Knicks in 2005-06 offseason, waived after playing six games. Went to 76ers again to serve a second stint, until he finished out the season.
Signed with the Golden State Warriors for two years 2006-08, where he averaged 9.8 and 6.7 points per game, his highest ppg during that time of his career.
Went to Phoenix and played with the Suns for one year. He improved since he was traded to the Suns after playing with the Warriors for two years, averaging 10.2 points per game.
After a year with the Suns, he went to Orlando for one season. Averaging 8.8 points per game, until he was traded again to another team.
Barnes then signed with the L.A. Lakers, spent two seasons as a role player, he averaged 6.7 and 7.8 points in Lakers uniform.
He was traded again and landed to the Clippers, he spent three years and had his career-highs with the Clippers. He was consistent throughout his stint with them, after averaging 10.3, 9.9 and 10.1 points for three seasons.
Last season, he played for the Grizzlies and averaged 8.3 points per game.
The Kings brought back Barnes due to his defensive toughness on the perimeter and size. Which they lacked throughout the past seasons.

NBA Free Agency: Rajon Rondo is Now Part of the Chicago Bulls!

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After just meeting with the Bulls in Chicago last Friday, the unrestricted free agent point guard is now officially a Chicago Bull. Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated released the news via Twitter:


The Bulls agreed to sign Rondo in a $28 million worth of a two-year deal, according to and Rondo has been doing great lately for the past season with the Sacramento Kings, after leading the NBA in assists with 11.7, in addition to that, he also averaged 11.7 points and six rebounds. As a point guard, he was a stat-sheet stuffer. He made 37 double-doubles and six triple-doubles.

Although, there have been also problems with Rondo’s attitude. Last season, Rondo was suspended after he targeted a referee by using a homophobic slur. He also clashed with different coaches, Rick Carlisle of Dallas Mavericks and Doc Rivers, who was still coaching with the Celtics at that time.

Chicago did a right move in trading Rose, but we can’t still conclude if Rondo will be able to mesh with Chicago Bulls’ coach Fred Hoiberg, who has an easy-going personality.

After all, Rondo said that he is excited to work with the Bulls. Let’s just wait on the things he will bring to the table for the upcoming NBA season.


Bulls in for a new point guard, Sees Rajon Rondo as a possible starter for their new line-up

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After the departure of Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls’ roster has opened up a huge hole for the starting point guard spot. That’s why they are on the move to scout elite point guards in the league. One of the Bulls’ main target right now is Rajon Rondo.
Rondo has already met with the Bulls in a free-agent meeting Friday in Chicago, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein and Marc J. Spears.
The Sacramento Kings point guard averaged 11.7 per game last season. He also led the NBA in assists total, making him a double-double guy. 
If this trade happens, it would be nice for us to see a new back court duo emerge in Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler.
This would definitely be a great move for the Bulls. The best is yet to come in Windy city. 

NBA Free Agency: Update on Hassan Whiteside’s Decision after he met with the Dallas Mavericks

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At around 1:45 a.m. Friday (Times Eastern), the Heat reportedly ended their meeting with Whiteside without an agreement in place. He met with the Mavericks after that. (Shams Charania, The Vertical) 

But the rumors about him leaving will now stop.

Just a few hours ago, Hassan Whiteside ended the buzz for the teams that are aiming to acquire him. 

He finally made a decision after he announced his plans on Snapchat, making a post with the message “#Heatnation it is” over the top.

So for Heat Fans. Chill. He is Staying with the Miami Heat.

Free Agency News: L.A. Lakers – If They Can’t Land Kevin Durant, The Back-Up Plan is to Choose From Their Wish List

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The Los Angeles Lakers are going All out in pursuing free agents this offseason. There are a lot of talents in mind that they’re aiming to acquire before the NBA Season starts.

The Primary Objective is to land Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant to the Lakers. Durant has been one of the hottest topics in Free Agency this year. It has been reported that the 27-year-old small forward has already talked to different teams, but the Lakers were not among the list.

But aside from Durant. The Lakers have also been eyeing on some players like Hassan Whiteside, Al Horford, Nicolas Batum and Harrison Barnes.

It is still unclear if they’ll get one from the list, but we’re hoping and still waiting for the Lakers to make their move.

Welcome to New York Knicks

By: Paolo Manuel C. Fule

I have always been a fan of Carmelo Anthony since his Denver Nuggets days. His shooting skills at that time (and even up until now) would be like a Stephen Curry in a forward position. When he went to New York Knicks and Linsanity erupted a few seasons later, I fell in love with the New York Knicks.

Alongside Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks is one of the most marketed franchises in the NBA. Now that Derrick Rose landed in Madison Square Garden New York for the upcoming season and rumors has it that big men Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol are next to  fill in the roster, it will much more exciting to watch my favorite team that hasn’t been in the playoffs in recent years.

What could be the impact of a D-Rose in NYK? First, their triangle offense will be more executed knowing that Rose is an A-list point guard. Though, he had been on and off the court in the last four years due to injuries, limited time or not in the court, his offensive power, especially during crunch time, will provide a spark for the team. The biggest story will definitely be a big man that can help Melo aside from Kristaps Porzingis, and Dwight Howard  of the Houston Rockets or Pau Gasol of the Chicago Bulls can fill in that shoes.

Hope that with a healthy and star-studded roster, Carmelo Anthony, whose contemporaries Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, can finally win a ring for the Big Apple next season.
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