FC Meralco Manila: Eliminated In The PFL Finals Series

The Sparks Lost To The Sugbu Warriors

Rizal Memorial Stadium, Manila – The top seed, FC Meralco Manila, lost to the Global Cebu F.C. (fourth seed) with an aggregate score of 3-2. A heartbreak loss for the Sparks as they fall short from the Sugbu Warriors in the semi-finals of the inaugural season of the Philippines Football League. 
During the first leg of the semi-finals last December 2, 2017, Global Cebu F.C. won the game with a 2-1 lead. On the second leg (December 9, 2017), the Sparks led 1-0 during the halftime with an excellent goal from Curt Dizon in the 2nd minute of the game. 
Global fought back hard in the second half and Rufino Sanchez scores a stunning goal in the 85th minute. The game ended 1-1 but with an aggregate score of 3-2. The Sugbu Warriors booked the first ticket to the PFL Championship.
In the other match of the PFL semi-finals which also happened last December 9, 2017, the Ceres-Negros F.C. defeated the Kaya F.C. Makati at the home court of the Ceres at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City. The Busmen book the second ticket to the PFL Championship shortly after denying the The Mighty Kaya to their appearance in the first PFL Championship. The roaring fans of the Busmen helped their team in performing better against their opponents.
The Global Cebu F.C. advances to the first-ever Philippines Football League Championship and will face the Ceres-Negros F.C. These two giant teams of Philippine football will clash on December 16, 2017 at Panaad Stadium. The Visayan Clasico is the most awaited game in the PFL by the football fans in the Philippines. Also, the battle for third place between F.C. Meralco Manila and Kaya F.C. Makati will also be held on December 16, 2017, but at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

AFC Profile: Andy Ligao

Age: 33
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 125lbs
Record: 0-0
Team: Yellow Corner Muay Thai and Boxing Gym
Hometown: Bula, Camarines Sur
Specialty: Muay Thai and Boxing

I am an auto mechanic by profession.
I may be one of the oldest and one of the less experienced fighter here but it doesn’t count once we face inside the cage. I won in many muay thai tournaments. I will prove to everyone why I 
deserve to be in this Series.
“I am not just fighting  for myself. I am fighting for my legacy in this world.”

AFC Profile: Ariel “Beki”Oliveros

Age: 22
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125lbs
Record: 2-0
Team: Biagtan Muay Thai MMA
Hometown: Ormoc City, Leyte
  Based in Dasmarinas, Cavite
Specialty: Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling
Reason for fighting: “I am fighting for my family and my team. Also, I want to be known as a great MMA fighter and represent my team, Team Biagtan MMA.”

AFC Profile: Jhunior Diapolet

Age: 22
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125lbs
Record: 6-2-1
Team: iflex fitness Spartam 
Hometown: Davao
Specialty: Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling
Reason for fighting: “I was inspired to train because I want to help my family get out of poverty. Secondly, I want to prove to everyone my abilities. Lastly, I dedicate this to my coach when I win the AFC Championship Belt. Also, I want to show other Mindanao MMA Fighters that we can also fight!”

AFC Profile: Raul Luba

Raul Luba
Age: 24 
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125lbs
Record: 6-3-0
Team: KMA Fabricio
Hometown: Zamboanga del Norte
Based in Fairview, Quezon city

Specialty: Muay Thai, BJJ and Boxing

I decided to compete in MMA because when I was still a child I always wanted to become a great fighter. 
I joined now because I want to show my fellow Filipinos what true Pinoy power is all about. 

AFC Profile: Jomar “Rush” Manlangit

Jomar “Rush” Manlangit

 Age: 20 
Weight: 125lbs
Record: 5-1-1
Team: Athletic Lab Batangas
Hometown: Manila
Based in Tanauan, Batangas

Specialty: Muay Thai, BJJ and Wrestling
MMA Idols: Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo

Manlangit is pursuing his schooling alongside with pursuing his career in MMA. He is also making a living by teaching in Gyms and joining competitions.

AFC Profile: Joevincent So

Joevincent So

Age: 21
Height:  5’3”
Weight: 125lbs
Record: 4-0
Team: Toughguys International
Hometown: Pasig city
Specialty: Karate and BJJ
MMA Idols: Jose Aldo and Lyoto Machida

He is a Graduate of Engineering at FEU IT Institute And is now an IT Specialist. He doesn’t care about the Money. All he cares about is what he can prove in the world of MMA.


Photo Courtesy: Mark Marte/Smile 8

GLOBAL FC made an outstanding comeback last Saturday night as it won 3-1 against Ceres-La Salle Football Club and claimed the 2016 United Football League (UFL) Championship.
Midfielder Misagh Bahadoran scored 2 goals for the team on the 21st and 56th minute, while Matthew Hartmann scored one other goal on the 24th minute.  Ceres FC scored 1 goal.  Bahadoran was also named Man of the Match. 
GLOBAL FC which was founded in year 2000 and was described in AFC Quarterly’s July 2015 issue as “One of the leading sides in the Philippines and pioneers in football’s fast-growing development in the archipelago”,  can now add in its long list of achievements 3 UFL League Championships for 2012, 2014 and now, 2016. 
It was also the first Filipino Club to qualify for both the AFC President’s Cup in 2012 and the AFC Cup in 2015.  And of late, because of the recent UFL 2016 Championship, the team also now has an automatic slot for the upcoming AFC Cup for 2017.
Coach Leigh Manson in an interview said, “the moment is a little bit of a buzz because winning the UFL Cup is great, but to know as well that we are going back to the AFC Cup is really, really exciting.  That’s what we are really excited about, to know that we are going back to the AFC Cup, where the club belongs.”

Epic Trailer of The First ever Sports Documentary/RealiTV Fight Series in the Country

Epic Trailer of The First ever Sports Documentary/RealiTV Fight Series in the Country

The First ever Sports Documentary/RealiTV Fight Series in the Country…
Boosting up the Amateur MMA Circuit in the Philippines…
Making History for our Young Fighters…
Soon on National TV…

I can already feel the chill up my spine! Academy Fighting Championship will revolutionize and help the general public and sports fans understand why Mixed Martial Arts is the next big thing in sports. Check out the epic trailer below.

Video: AFC Fight Farm Series Teaser 1

Video: AFC Fight Farm Series Teaser 1

The Old School MMA Academy-AFC Ring…A lot of Young Amateur MMA Fighters shared that piece of Action Inside the AFC Ring… Most of them are now in the UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC) now and other International Professional MMA Circuit… We are Proud of what they have all become… We are Proud to be part of your Beginnings..

Who are the Future MMA Stars Who Qualified for the AFC Fight Farm Series?

Congratulations to the fighters who qualified for the AFC Fight Farm Series! Good Luck!
Future MMA Stars Who Qualified for the Highly Anticipated AFC Fight Farm Series.

We have seen reality MMA Series in the US and we absolutely loved it!

Now it is time to bring it to the Philippines!

Ronald Catunao the man behind the highly anticipated and unique MMA event held a qualifying tournament last February 13 at the BAMF Center in Paranaque for the AFC Fight Farm Series.

Hopefuls from all over the Philippines gathered at the events for a  chance to showcase their skills and fight under the URCC events.

The name above are the brave fighters who qualified for the AFC Fight Farm Series.

AFC: Fight Farm Series Qualifiers

AFC: Fight Farm Series Qualifiers

Sign Up Now!! And be part of Philippine MMA History…

Only 16 amateur mma fighters from the flyweight division will get a chance to make it to the very first amateur mma realiTV Fight Series in the Country…
Be Proud… Be Part of History… Bakbakan Na!!
Send your entries now…

Here are just some of the names who signed up for the Qualifiers…

-Jhunior Diapolet of Davao – Team i.Flex Fitness Spartam
-johnny Merto of Cavite – Team JMC MMA
-Argie Redula of Manila – Team Elorde Tandang Sora
-Joe Vincent So of Manila- Toughguys INternational
-Donald Adam of Laguna- Titan MMA/Yaw-Yan Fervilleon San Pedro
-Jazper Relador of Manila- Toughguys International
-Jayson Oranda of Bukidnon- R.Biron RMF Fighters
-Charles Dominic Sayson of Bacolod- Independent
-Jomar Manlangit of Rizal- Team Sarmiento
-Arnel Camansa of Manila- Team USC
-Joco Mabute of Bulacan- Team Lucero
-Dambert Juanillo- of Manila- Team USC
-Jess Tony Lim- Bulacan- Team Lucero
-Ariel Oliveros of Bulacan- Team Lucero
Who will make it to the Series??

Deadline for Submission of Entries is on February 10, 2016 10pm…

Test the water

For all aspiring URCC fighters out there! you might wanna check this out!

If you love combat sports to the point where you wanna try it out yourself.

Well, first of all you must spend considerable amount of time in training, otherwise forget about your interest in competing.

Now assuming you’ve done the first step .You have instilled self discipline and gone through serious training.

The next logical step should be, to “test the water”  and the prefect way to do that is to join Amateur Fighting Championship.

Before a fighter get to the next level , a recognized amateur background will always be helpful, not just for the benefit of exposure but also to see if they are even good enough to be a pro fighter.

I mean, come on!  you don’t wanna join Ultimate Reality Combat championship and fight world class fighter with mediocre skill level.

URCC has the highest finishes rates in the region,and I am sure that no fighter would ever want to be part of the highlights on the losing end.

ABOUT URCC – The Universal Reality Combat Championship is Southeast Asia’s first professional mixed martial arts tournament. We held our first mainstream event in 2002 in front of a sold–out crowd at the Casino Filipino. Ever since 2002, we have always sold out all of our events. The URCC is often referred to as “ASIA’s MOST EXCITING MMA LEAGUE”. This is due to the fact that the league has the highest rates of finishes in the region. Our fighters ALWAYS come to FIGHT!