Man on a Mission, Mr. JOHN WALL! 22 pts 6 assists, 3 stls and 5 BLOCKS! and the winning basket!


How many pg’s can get a block per game well there’s not a lot amazingly Mr. Wall got 5 blocks on this game and the game winning shot what more can you ask from a player. These are the type of games that makes a player legendary, sure Wall hasn’t sniff the finals yet but I believe the East is not just about Cleveland. Make no mistake about it Washington and Wall is on a mission. Wall together with Bradley Beal combined for 46 pts to help the Wizards beat a young and deadly Orlando Magic squad 88-87. 

Caution: PG playing insane defense

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Aldrin C.
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2015 NBA POST DRAFT Analysis : Orlando Magic and its 5th pick!

Orlando may not be able to keep Harris so that’s why they picked the best shooter in this draft in Hezonja, He also has the explosiveness and will complement the back court of Oladipo and Payton. A buyout agreement has been made between FC Barcelona and the Magic organization, which means Hezonja would be able to play for the Magic this coming season. He might also join them for the Summer League. 

Hezonja is 20 years old from Croatia and has been playing for FC Barcelona for the past 3 years, He was not able to get consistent minutes but that didn’t stop him from displaying his wide array of skills whenever he was given playing time. FC Barcelona is a powerhouse team with players like Huertas and JCN (Juan Carlos Navarro) they also had Kostas Papanikolaou and that is the reason why he had limited minutes. If you ask me he could be a better version of a matured Gerald Green, less hang time, by just a bit. 

Here is the Highlight Reel of Hezonja:

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