Remembering Robert Jaworski Sr: Living Legend (The Legendary Highlights)

There is no denying that Robert Jaworski is the most popular Ginebra player ever and while he has been out of the game for a while now, he has continued to be a symbol to Barangay Ginebra players and fans.
As a tribute to the Living Legend, we are giving you this one of a kind highlight video that we found. Enjoy!
Former Senator, 1-time MVP, One of the best players to have ever played in the PBA Playing Coach Sonny Jaworski’s PBA highlights. 

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Why Ginebra is Solid in Terms of Fan Support System

It was on October 22, 1985 in a game with Northern Consolidated Cement where Jaworski lit up the crowd with his drive and determination to win the game. With stitches in the lip incurred from a hit by Jeff Moore, Jaworski rushed back to the ball game and pulled up the Gins to finish the remaining seven minutes of the game.

During the play at the second quarter, Robert Jaworski was hit by an elbow from Jeff Moore and it caused him a bruise on the lip. It was bad that he had to withdraw from the game and immediately get some stitches. It was at the near end of the game when Jaworski got back, and the Gins were already on the 15 point disadvantage. But this didn’t  stop him from getting the Gins a win. He got back on the game right away and surprisingly won the match leaving the NCC Team stunned at the the sudden defeat.
This history gave birth to the famous  “Never Say Die!” of Barangay Ginebra which sparked hope in every game of Kings. That moment of Robert Jaworski was so iconic to the people of the barangay that it drew them more into supporting the team and it’s succeeding players. Ginebra become one of the prominent teams in PBA because of its solid fan base, in fact some singers also created anthem for the kings like “Ginebrang Ginebra”, “Kapag Nanalo ang Ginebra” andNang Maging Champion ang Ginebra” these songs are proof of the fans’ love for their favorite basketball team. Since then Ginebra has sustained itself a great fan base in every conference at the PBA.

(writer: Patrick Jethro Amparado)

The Living Legend: 7 Interesting Facts About Robert Jaworski

Credits to Jun Rapanan of DPP 
March 9. From the four corners of the Philippines and wherever there are Filipino basketball fans anywhere in the world the name “Jawo” has been synonymous to basketball. There is practically no Pinoy basketball fan in the world that doesn’t know about the Living Legend Robert Jaworski.
I bet, however, that you still don’t know some of the juiciest and most interesting information from one of the sports icons of Philippine Basketball and the father of the Never Say Die Spirit of Ginebra. Here are some interesting snippets about Jawo.

1. Did you know that because of his popularity the number 7 in a Bingo game in the Philippines was associated with him
2. Jaworski was an elected Senator from June 30, 1998 – June 30, 2004. He is one of the few PBA players to become a Senator like Ambrosio Padilla and Freddie Webb.
3. Jaworski has four children including Dudut Jaworski who he played and coach with under Ginebra
4. Before playing with Ginebra in which he made his mark, Jawo first played for Meralco Reddy Killowatts and Toyota.
5.  Jaworski earned 4 medals playing for the Philippines, 2 Golds( FIBA Asia 1967 and 1973),1 Silver ( FIBA Asia 1971 ), 1 Bronze ( FIBA Asia 1969)
6.  Jaworski’s first championship as a playing coach came in the 1986 Open Conference alongside import players Michael Hackett and Billy Ray Bates.
7. Jaworski’s last game in the PBA was in March 1997 in a game held at Dumaguete City. Jaworski holds the PBA record of the oldest basketball player to ever play in the PBA at 50.

Below are the Career Highlights of Rober Jaworski

PBA career

  • Most Valuable Player in 1978
  • Mythical First Team Selection in 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1986
  • Mythical Second Team Selection in 1985 and 1988
  • All Defensive Team in 1985 and 1988
  • Four time PBA All-Star
  • Won four championship as a playing coach in 1986 Open Conference, 1988 All-Filipino Conference, 1991 First Conference and 1997 Commissioner’s Cup all with the Ginebra franchise
  • Coached the 1990 PBA All-Star Veterans, 1991 PBA All-Star Dark Team, 1992 PBA All-Star North Team, 1996 PBA All-Star Rookie/Sophomore/Juniors, and 1997 PBA All-Star Veterans
  • Finished his career with 5,825 career assists, 605 more than the second-running total of Ramon Fernandez.
  • PBA Hall of Fame Class of 2005
  • Member, 2013 ADAMSON U
  • Member, 1966 Asian Games
  • Member, 1967 Asian Basketball Confederation (Champions)
  • Member, 1968 Olympic Games
  • Member, 1969 Asian Basketball Confederation (Third Place)
  • Member, team captain 1971 Asian Basketball Confederation (Second Place)
  • Member, 1973 Asian Basketball Confederation (Champions),
  • Member, 1974 World Championship
  • Member, team captain, 1974 Asian Games
  • Head Coach, 1990 Asian Games (Silver Medal)
Jaworski was the team captain of the 1971 team (2nd placer in the 1971 ABC in Tokyo) and 1974 RP team form the Asian Games (4th place)

Source: Wikipedia

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