Who Should the Celtics Trade for Anthony Davis: The Possibility

Anthony Davis

The trade rumors surrounding the Brow seem to be getting louder and louder by the day

The New Orleans Pelicans have risen to 23-21 in the season, tied with the Los Angeles Clippers for the 7th spot in the Western Conference. That is despite their early struggles which include injury problems for Rajon Rondo among others. Now that Rondo is healthy and is playing like the “point god” he used to be during his stint with the Boston Celtics, he is throwing the ball towards DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis at any given opportunity, running Alvin Gentry’s offense to perfection.
However, despite the success of the Pelicans who recently dropped a game against the lowly Atlanta Hawks, the rumors surrounding star center, Anthony Davis who is set to start this year’s All-Star Game for the Western Conference alongside DeMarcus Cousins, have been as noisy as ever. A few weeks ago, Davis was included in the 8-player deal that would have sent him to the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Ian Clark in exchange for 6 players which include Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr. Then, the possibility of seeing Davis play alongside Steph Curry and the rest of the Golden State Warriors came along as the defending champions are said to be willing to give up two stars in exchange for the Brow.
Now? Even his own coach, Alvin Gentry has said that they would be trading Anthony Davis to the Boston Celtics “as long as the Celtics will give New England Patriots along with the two planes that the Patriots just bought.”
Okay. For non-basketball-minded fans, let this pundit on wheels translate that phrase. What is Alvin Gentry is trying to say here is that the Pelicans are willing to trade Davis as long as the Celtics will send the same amount of talent n exchange for the Brow?

Question: Who should Boston send to New Orleans in exchange for Anthony Davis?

Ideally, a 2-for-1 swap should do the trick but since it would require Boston to send one of its starters, a one-on-one swap would d. Why? Sending two players: a starter and a bench player will cost the Pelicans too much luxury taxes on top of the limitation in the cap space.
Fortunately, the Celtics do have Al Horford who saw his career rejuvenated by the Celtics thanks to the arrival of Kyrie Irving. Al Horford has played 42 games this season and has been averaging 13 points and 8 rebounds per game. Plus, he is shooting 42% from the three-point territory, a rare shooting percentage for someone of his size and position.
Should the Celtics find the willpower to send Al Horford to the Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis, they would have gained additional star power to compliment Kyrie Irving and soon, Gordon Hayward who is expected to return earlier than originally expected. In addition to this, 9 wins will be added to the projected number of wins of the Celtics this season so it’s definitely a win-win deal for Boston all throughout.
Question: Will Boston’s front office pull the trigger on this one? Definitely!
Question: Will New Orleans stumble towards the bottom once Anthony Davis heads East? Possibly.
But who knows? Al Horford still has a few good years ahead of him and if he can stay healthy, then he can help the Pelicans hike for more wins and hopefully, avoid a first-round date with either the Warriors or the Houston Rockets. 

Balls-Eye: Just How Amazing is LeBron’s 17 Assists?

LeBron James

Well, the answer is it reached victory for the Cavs over the Hawks. But this is talking about a game perspective. Now, how about a ‘historical’ perspective?
Before we get into that intriguing question, I must admit that 25 points coupled with 17 assists are just way too far from ordinary basketball. Only those one of a kind players has what it takes to ignite and explode the way he did. It seldom happens that a player reaches more than 20 points but still isn’t selfish of the ball.
25 points and 17 assists are just the perfect epitome of efficiency. It is something we do not see everyday. Really extraordinary.
Okay, let us go back to the question I have raised a while ago. How about this performance on a ‘historical perspective’ let us talk about the 17 assists alone. How amazing are those 17 assists?
Looking back at those legendary records marked, it is far from breaking the highest record of 30 assists by Scott Skiles of the Orlando Magic against the Denver Nuggets when they were tied at the standings 6 wins 23 losses. With him dishing out this 30 magic assists, they went ahead to chase their 7th victory of the season. But this is far back, it happened last December 30, 1990.

Now let’s check out the best passers in today’s basketball era.

If there’d be anyone, it is Rajon Rondo who managed to bag 20 assists and up several times.7 times to be exact and his highest was 24 in a single game against the Knicks last 2010.

What’s Amazing About LeBron’s?

I know you guys would ask if LeBron didn’t break the record then what’s amazing about his performance? Yes, he may have ‘only’ 17 assists and Rondo had 24. It’s a bit far but who performed better? Of course, it is LeBron when talking about the totality. Rondo only scored 10 points that time, relatively small compared to James’ 25.

It is hard to score high while passing effectively for your teammates. But guess what, James did.

Rajon Rondo Will Team up with Cousins and Davis in New Orleans

31-year-old Rajon Rondo has been on a journey in the last for years.  

He has been with for different teams in the last for years and no one seemed to be convinced that the once all star point guard is a keeper. 

Speculation on which team he would sign has been all over the internet. Rumors of him signing with the Bucks and the Lakers made the biggest noise but all of the rumors was put to sleep when Rajon Rondo finally and officially signed with the New Orleans Pelicans for 1 year. 

He will play along side two of the biggest star in the NBA today, DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis

Now that Lakers is Considering Rondo, It’s time to Remind Everyone About This: Rondo Hated Yellow and Purple!

Now that the Lakers is considering Rajon Rondo as their backup point guard, maybe its time for us to remind everyone of this commercial.
Back in 2011, Rajon Rondo was a Celtic and is in the prime of his basketball career. He obviously never thought that Lakers would actually consider him as an option.
Now that he is also looking for a new team and his options are getting limited he might need to learn how to love the color of the Lakers.

Check out this funny Rajon Rondo Commercial

New Orleans and Indiana Wants Rajon Rondo, Bulls Will Decide on June 30th

After trading Jimmy Butler, the best player on the Bulls roster to the Wolves, the Bulls may still have some surprising moves to pull including whether to keep or waive their veteran point guard.
Rajon Rondo was one of the best point guards in the NBA and as his game diminishes teams just could not find any reason to keep him. Since 2014, he had been with 4 teams, from Boston, Dallas, Sacramento and now the Bulls.
Averaging his lowest minutes played per game since his rookie year, the former all-star may be in the middle of some roster renovation of the Bulls that may result to him being waived and playing for another team again.
The Bulls has a good incentive of waiving him and just be responsible for paying him $3 million dollars. On the other hand, if they choose to retain him, they would have to honor the 13.4 million last year’s contract.

Rajon Rondo isn’t a bad player and is still drawing interest from Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans who may actually need the service of Rondo.

NBA Free Agency: Rajon Rondo is Now Part of the Chicago Bulls!

(Artwork by Sean Curate)
After just meeting with the Bulls in Chicago last Friday, the unrestricted free agent point guard is now officially a Chicago Bull. Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated released the news via Twitter:


The Bulls agreed to sign Rondo in a $28 million worth of a two-year deal, according to ESPN.com and NBA.com. Rondo has been doing great lately for the past season with the Sacramento Kings, after leading the NBA in assists with 11.7, in addition to that, he also averaged 11.7 points and six rebounds. As a point guard, he was a stat-sheet stuffer. He made 37 double-doubles and six triple-doubles.

Although, there have been also problems with Rondo’s attitude. Last season, Rondo was suspended after he targeted a referee by using a homophobic slur. He also clashed with different coaches, Rick Carlisle of Dallas Mavericks and Doc Rivers, who was still coaching with the Celtics at that time.

Chicago did a right move in trading Rose, but we can’t still conclude if Rondo will be able to mesh with Chicago Bulls’ coach Fred Hoiberg, who has an easy-going personality.

After all, Rondo said that he is excited to work with the Bulls. Let’s just wait on the things he will bring to the table for the upcoming NBA season.


Rajon Rondo Is Back To The East

​The Chicago Bulls have agreed to a two-year, $30 million deal with Sacramento Kings’ point guard Rajon Rondo. The second year of his contract will be partially guaranteed

“I’m excited. Great organization with pieces around me that I’m excited about.” Rajon Rondo told Marc Spears of ESPN’s The Undefeated web site, who first reported the news.

Rondo was averaging 11.9 points, 6.0 rebounds, 11.7 assists and almost 2 steals per game, on 45.4% shooting for the Sacramento Kings last season.

Rondo Heads to Chicago on a Two-Year Deal

A couple of weeks after trading Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks, the Chicago Bulls finally found a starting point guard after agreeing to terms with Rajon Rondo.

The deal are reported to be a two-year, $30 million deal which is a good pick up for a caliber of point guard like Rondo considering the amount of money thrown up by the teams to the othe FA players due to the rise of the cap space.

Rondo had a good one season with the Sacramento Kings averaging 11.9 points, 6 rebounds, 11.7 assists and 2 steals per game last year but the Kings failed to make the playoffs.

Rondo will provide the much needed leadership to the Chicago Bulls who find themselves missing a leader after trading Rose and letting Noah sign with the Knicks. Rondo will also help develop the second year guard Jerian Grant which the Bulls acquired from the Knicks in the Rose centered trade.

Bulls in for a new point guard, Sees Rajon Rondo as a possible starter for their new line-up

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

After the departure of Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls’ roster has opened up a huge hole for the starting point guard spot. That’s why they are on the move to scout elite point guards in the league. One of the Bulls’ main target right now is Rajon Rondo.
Rondo has already met with the Bulls in a free-agent meeting Friday in Chicago, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein and Marc J. Spears.
The Sacramento Kings point guard averaged 11.7 per game last season. He also led the NBA in assists total, making him a double-double guy. 
If this trade happens, it would be nice for us to see a new back court duo emerge in Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler.
This would definitely be a great move for the Bulls. The best is yet to come in Windy city. 

Best Duo? Cousins and Rondo dominate to win against OKC!

Kings are hot and cold this season and this explains their record of 14-20, but whenever these 2 Wildcats dominate at both ends of the floor they could be the best duo in the league right now, DMC is considered to be the best Center in the league by a lot and Rondo’s talent is arguably top 5 PG. 

All right I know you are questioning my opinion, how about this for a fact:

Rondo – 13 pts (5-11), 9 rebounds, 19 assists and 5 steals. 
Westbrook – 17 pts (5-20), 8 rebounds 15 assists and 1 steal.

Maybe an off night for Westbrook? but seriously Rondo affected his game.

DMC Monster stats – 33 points, 19 rebounds and 2 blocks. 2 out 4 from 3 points. 

Ibaka led the Thunder with 25 points and 7 rebounds. 

The Thunder played without KD due to a sprained right big toe, he is still day to day as per Thunder Coach Billy Donovan. 

Here is the highlight of the crazy duo!

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Team Powcast

John Wall Best PG in the east 12pts 19 ASSISTS! WATCH!


Yes i know Mr. Wall is a 2 time all star already but hasn’t been a starter yet. I think this is the year that he makes it Wall is the only Franchise pg in the east as great as Kyrie it’s not his team. Lowry may get the nod as well as Teague but John Wall to me is the best PG this year.

Yes Kyrie is great but he’s often injured, Wall on the other hand has been injured but he has been playing through it. I know that Kyrie’s injury isnt as bad as John’s. The fact that John carries this team, it takes a toll out of his body being consistently guarded heavily. The Wizards don’t have any other ball handler as good as wall or at least decent they’ve lost Pierce who was doing that last season. Last night Wall dished out 12 assists vs the Kings. They won by a score of 113-99. Gortat led them with 27 points courtesy of the glorious display of passing by Wall. With the win Wizards improve to 12-14 almost near .500 and the Kings dropped to 11-17.

Here is the highlight:

Written by
Team Powcast

Rondo 17 pts 13 asts 7 reb! With a behind the back dribble and a swift one hand pass to Rudy Gay! SWEET!

Rondo displayed his awesome passing ability again and yet fans from Dallas wished he played like this when he was with Dirk. I guess he prefers DMC more and they actually work well together as a team sometimes the Kings seemed like they can get to the playoffs and if they do its because of Rondo. 

I am not taking away anything from DMC and Gay however we all know what they’ve accomplished without Rondo, Its fair to say that they havent had a true point guard to this date.

I really hope that the Kings make it to the playoffs IMO, Rondo can also be effective against Curry and make him defend on the other end. 

Here’s the highlight of his Amazing Performance that gave them the victory over Utah Jazz

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BEASTS! Cousins 40pts 13 reb Rondo 3ple double 23 pts 10 reb 14 assists ! DUNK OF THE NIGHT! FROM BOOGIE!

Kentucky Wildcat boys: Rondo and Cousins having a great time!

As a Celtic fan, the speculations of trading for Cousins has been around for almost 3 years now but it turned out the other way around. The Kings probably have the best PG+C combination right now, i know it may raise a lot of eye-brows but Rondo is making everyone look like a fool for not wanting him. Rondo has recorded his 3rd triple double in 4 the last games, that may not reflect on the winning record as the Kings are sitting to 3-7 right now. 

Make no mistake about it they started the season slow and the rumors that speculate around the team didn’t help them, The Kings won 2 straight games and looking to make it 3 wins in a row against the Raptors tomorrow. 

It is a thing of beauty for Rondo and Cousins clicking together at times they look unstoppable. 
There is not a lot that could guard boogie one on one, as he keeps stroking them 3’s and if he doesn’t get he goes inside. Rondo on the other hand makes everyone touch the floor and provides balance and spacing for the team.

Here is the dunk of the night video from Boogie!Courtesy of NBA Highlights Daily!

Here’s the highlight of the game a nail biting one 🙂 Great effort from RONDO!

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Team Powcast

Rondo playing inspired B-ball again! 42 points combined with THE BIG D.COUSINS!


Rondo 21 pts 8 assists 3 steals, Cousins with 21 points and Gay with 19. If Rondo would play inspired basketball all the time they would be deadly because everyone knows how good Rondo is.

He showed he can toy around with everyone including the 2nd pick D’Angelo Russell and Cousins is just a man among boys out there over powering every body. Cousins had a double double and the Kentucky Connection surely clicked on this one beating the La Lakers 132-114. Clarkson led LA with 22 markers. 

Here is the highlight of the Kentucky Duo. Courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights

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2015-2016 NBA team preview: Sac Town is on a mission to get to the playoffs.

People tend to overlook the signing of Rajon Rondo simply because he had conflict with the organization but if Rondo’s head is intact he is arguably a top 5-7 PG at least and we all know that this League is all about having a great PG . It is also a fact that Rondo and Cousins have been wanting to play for each other since both played for University of Kentucky. Cousins is the best center in the league right now and with George Karl manning the Kings it is not a reach if they would reach the playoffs and make some noise. 

Kings was able to secure Cousins and having Rondo might benefit the entire team as they were able to do good things with Collison. They also have the perfect compliment to play alongside Cousins, Willie Cauley Stein is a young version of Tyson Chandler, he might end up better and he would thrive playing with Boggie. Rudy Gay is still in his prime, sure its not on the level of Lebron or KD. But Gay is still a stud and clutch as well. I think I would let you be the judge and look at their bench and again keep in mind that their coach is George Karl. 

PG – Rondo, Collison, Stockton
SG – McLemore, Bellineli, Seth Curry 
SF- Gay, Casspi, Anderson
PF – WCS, Evans, Acy
C – Cousins, Koufos 

They are pretty much set in every position its just a matter of being healthy, well that’s been the case for most teams health is the common issue but regardless if all teams are healthy, I wont be surprise if the Kings make some noise in the playoffs this coming season.

Rajon Rondo signed with a new team for 10 million

Rajon Rondo Sacramento

Last Rajon Rondo did not live up to expectation, in fact, it may be the worst season of his career. Rajon Rondo is a talented player, a good passer, defender and a high IQ player however he is having trouble sinking shots. Anyway, one team gave him another chance to play for them to help them revive the franchise. Rondo will sign a 1 year 10 million dollar contract to play beside DeMarcus Cousins at Sacramento Kings.

Rajon Rondo explained why he is the best point guard in the NBA

 Rajon Rondo the best point guard

Rajon Rondo believes he is the best point guard because he has a different definition  of what the best point guard should be. Boston Celtics star point guard, Rajon Rondo, is on October/November Men’s Issue cover of Boston Common Magazine.  Among questions in the feature, Rondo is asked to evaluate himself among the other point guards in the league: 

“In some areas some guys might be better than me, but overall, if you lay it all out, I think I am the best.”


“My definition of what a good point guard is might be different from what some others might think. I’ll give you an example: If [head coach] Doc Rivers gets thrown out, I can run the team for the rest of the game. I know what plays to call, what sets to call, or when to call time outs. It’s more than keeping track of the score. There is so much more going on that you take for granted on any given night, and there are only so many guys who can run a team when you don’t have a coach. In that category I think I am the best at what I do.”

Rajon Rondo must see no look alley-oop Video

Some of the basketball fans maybe getting tired of seeing basketball highlights from exhibition games but I don’t because of two things . 
One is obviously because the NBA season is still in jeopardy and we still need to wait for a long time for great basketball highlights such as this. NBA season already suspended for two weeks. darn it!
Two is that Rajon Rondo will rarely or might not even throw a crazy pass like this in the NBA only because its not an exhibition game. Yes, so you better savor the moments of the NBA lockout and the exhibition game highlights  that come with it. Watch Rajon Rondo no look Alleyoop


Watch Rajon Rondo no look Alleyoop

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Rondo dishes 24 assists as Celtics dump Knicks (VIDEO)

source: The Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) – Doc Rivers met with his team after Friday’s shootaround to make sure everyone knew his role. Rajon Rondo’s was simple: Spread the ball around.

The Celtics point guard immediately put the lesson into practice.

Rondo had a triple-double with a career-high 24 assists on Friday night to lead Boston to a 105-101 victory over the New York Knicks. It was second-most in franchise history and the most since Bob Cousy had 28 in 1959.

“It means a lot, but I’ll try and catch him,” Rondo said of being on a list with the Hall of Famer. “(It’s) all about the teammates. If they don’t make the shots, we don’t get team assists.

Rondo had 10 points and 10 rebounds and topped his regular-season best of 18 assists set against Sacramento in March; he also had two playoff games with 19.

If you’re not ready, he’ll embarrass you. He’ll hit you right in the head with the ball,” said Kevin Garnett, who scored 24 points with 10 rebounds. “He’ll see something you didn’t see, but he’ll make you see it.”

Rondo assisted on eight of Garnett’s 12 baskets and six of the seven by Glen Davis. He had four assists to Paul Pierce, three to Ray Allen, two to Shaquille O’Neal and one to Marquis Daniels. The only players who scored and didn’t get an assist from Rondo were Rondo himself and his backup, Nate Robinson.

“He pretty much got everyone involved,” said Pierce, who scored 25 points with 14 rebounds. “He got the popcorn man involved. He got the announcers involved. Everybody. It was beautiful to watch.”

Amare’ Stoudemire scored 27 for the Knicks, reserve Wilson Chandler had 19 and Raymond Felton scored 17. Landry Fields had 11 points and 10 rebounds in New York’s first loss after winning its opener on Wednesday.

And Rondo was the reason.

He is one of the best point guards, no doubt,” Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said.

Boston led most of the game before Stoudemire converted a three-point play with 37 seconds left to make it 102-98. After Pierce hit one of two free throws — his first point of the quarter — Stoudemire hit a long 3-pointer to cut it to 103-101 with 18 seconds left.

But Pierce hit both free throws this time. Chandler had another 3-point attempt that would have cut it to one point, but he missed with about 13 seconds left.

“I probably rushed it a little bit,” he said. “I probably could have gotten a better shot.”

Davis had 16 points and six rebounds in 24 minutes off the bench before fouling out with 2:33 left in the game. Shaquille O’Neal had 10 points and seven rebounds in 22 minutes; he left with a bruised right knee but said it was not serious.

With the much-hyped opener against LeBron James and the Miami Heat behind them, the Celtics got back to the long grind of the NBA regular season.

The crowd had come down from the excitement of the opener, which Boston won 88-80 (before losing the next night in Cleveland to the team James jilted). The signs mocking Miami were gone, along with the celebrities in the five-figure courtside seats.

So was the intensity on the court.

The Celtics were sluggish at the start and had 10 turnovers at the half (giving them 50 in their first 10 quarters). Boston trailed 15-6 before scoring 12 of the next 13 points.

Boston led 76-69 late in the third quarter when Toney Douglas hit a 3-pointer to pull the Knicks within four. But Pierce answered with a 3-pointer of his own.

Allen opened the fourth with a basket, on an assist from Rondo, and Rondo set Davis up for a three-point play that gave the Celtics an 84-72 lead. The Knicks didn’t get within seven points until the final 37 seconds.