By the Numbers: Big 3 Talks, Why the Timberwolves is a Worthy Adversary

The Wolves are Biting: In case you missed, they are on a 4-game winning streak

Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony-Towns
The Wolves are enjoying an early success thanks to the Big 3 of their own. 
Jimmy Butler. 
Andrew Wiggins.
Karl Anthony-Towns.
Who would have thought that these three players would end up playing together in one team outside of Team USA? While the rest of the league were excited when the Oklahoma City Thunder landed Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to play alongside reigning MVP, Russell Westbrook, when the Cleveland Cavaliers have reunited Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, not everyone is talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Why should the Timberwolves be included in the talks?

Reason #1: They are on a 4 game winning streak.

Reason #2: They are currently the 3rd best team in the West.

Yes, folks. The Timberwolves, a team who used to spend a big chunk of time being at the bottom of the standings in the Western Conference, is now among the best teams in the West as far as their record is concerned. And yes, their numbers don’t lie either:

109 Points per Game

With a starting unit that includes Karl Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler who was traded from the Chicago Bulls during the offseason, we can expect the Wolves to score more. And they didn’t disappoint either. Through 9 games into the season, the wards of Coach Tom Thibodeau have been averaging 109 points per game and they have been able to reach the century mark in all of those 9 games. Impressive, isn’t? What’s more impressive is that they scored 119 and 115 against the Thunder- both were close wins. The Wolves’ 109 points average land them in 7th among all teams, 2nd in the West alone. 

5 Wolves Scoring in Double Figures

  • Karl Anthony-Towns: 22 points per game
  • Andrew Wiggins: 19 points per game
  • Jimmy Butler: 15 points per game
  • Jeff Teague: 12 points per game
  • Jamal Crawford: 10 points per game
One of the main reasons why the Wolves are so successful nowadays especially when it comes to scoring points is that they have multiple guys on their team who are capable of scoring on a consistent basis. And the guys above are not just about scoring.  
Anthony-Towns is also leading his team with  11 rebounds and 2 blocks per game. 
Jeff Teague, another newcomer to the Wolves this season, has been contributing as one of the new point guards of Tom Thibodeau as he is averaging 8 assists (6th in the league) and close to 2 steals per game (10th in the league)- both are leading the team, to go along with his 12 points per game average. 


If the Minnesota Timberwolves can keep up this level of consistency, they will keep on winning especially in the long haul. They will keep on biting and surprising teams. Who knows? They might be able to make a long-awaited return to the postseason should they keep on winning especially against the powerhouse teams in the league. But judging by their ongoing winning streak, KAT and company will be hard to limit and will be harder to defeat. 

Karl-Anthony Towns is a Boxing Fanatic, Reacts to Crawford Win Against Indongo

KAT reacts on Twitter
The young superstar of the Timber-wolves Karl-Anthony Towns loves boxing and this is not the first time that he has spoken publicly about how he feels about a boxing match. 
Today, Terrence Crawford knocked out Julius Indongo in an epic fashion after knocking him out in just 3 rounds. 
KAT could not hide his feelings and immediately tweeted:
” Terence Crawford is a BADD MANN!”

Getting Wiggy with it . Wiggins 47 career high against LA Lakers! 125-99.

Just after a beat down from the other Los Angeles team, The Wolves headed by Andrew Wiggins were on a mission to win and get closer to the .500 record. They improved to 3-6 and the Lakers fall to 6-5. 

Wiggins is proving to be an all star type of player who shot 14-21 .667% with 4 rebs, 3 assists and a block. Bjelica also had a career high scoring 24 points and 8 rebs, Karl Towns had a decent game as well 22 points, 12 rebounds and 1 block. LA was headed by Lou Williams with 17, Clarkson and Randle added 14 however DLo struggled and only had 7 pts who shot 3-10 from the field. 

Here’s the highlight of Wiggins Career Night courtesy of Free Dawkins

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Solid Twolves and Celtics fan 🙂 

Tom Thibodeau is the New Head coach of my WOLVES!

Playoffs! Guaranteed I dont care if Tom Thibodeau had negatives after leaving the Bulls but this young core will learn a lot from this guy and they also added Scott Layden as the general manager in place of Milton.

The Wolves definitely stepping up to the right direction


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OUR 2016 NBA Rookie of the YEAR! Karl Anthony Towns against the Raptors! A Monster INDEED!

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on this one. KAT has been phenomenal from the get go. Towns has been awarded as the Rookie of the month for 4 months straight now and he has even upped his performance from 19.7 points with 9 rebs last January to an even better 20+ ppg and 12 rebs per game. 

Join me as we review this monstrous performance that led Towns to win the Skill Challenge right before the break for NBA All Stars.

Karl Anthony Towns in this game scored 35 points grabbed 11 rebounds and 3 blocks! This guy is simply insane. I wonder what impact KG had on him if any. I wish we could get that interview 🙂

Here is the insane performance by KAT:

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Twolves young Big 3 stepped up to beat Pelicans 112-110

These young core of Wolves is starting to work great together as a team as they manager to beat the Pelicans without Anthony Davis. Karl Anthony Towns led the team with 30 pts 15 rebs and 4 assists, followed by Zach Lavine’s 25 points while Andrew Wiggins contributed 20 points and the game winning Free Throws in the dying seconds to help his team seal the victory.

Anthony Davis is out with sprained right big toe, Eric Gordon is back and led his team with Ryan Anderson both with 31 points. 

Here is the highlights of the game:

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Karl Anthony Towns 28 pts 13 rebs 4 assists 2 Blocks! ROOKIE OF THE YEAR?

KAT – Karl Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns PLAYED BIG and its nice to see him play like this, I have a feeling that this Kid would be stronger after the all star break. We all know that Towns beat Isiah Thomas in the skills challenge and this victory solidifies the bright future for this Kid.

Towns led his team to win against the Celtics today with a score of 124-122. This is the 18th win this season for the Wolves and as soon as they get rid of Sam Mitchell next year would be better for this Franchise. 

The Wolves will have a chance to get better next season with another lottery pick and I certainly hope that this would be the last one. I would post an analysis on how to improve the wolves next season .

For now let us all watch KAT on his road to ROY:


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Twolves young guys stepped up big in all star weekend 2016!

The Future is bright indeed this is probably the best weekend for the Minnesota Timberwolves after KG’s reign. Zach Lavine’s stock value also catapulted to its peak, The reigning Slam Dunk Champ defended his title and even won the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge MVP 

Here is the highlight of the game:


Karl Anthony Towns also gave his best to win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge it wasn’t an easy task as he was up against Isiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics, It is indeed a Samson Vs Goliath but this time the big fella got the win. Here is the highlight of that exciting finish 

Andrew Wiggins also had a great weekend as he finished with 29 points to co lead the world team who was headed by Kristaps Porizingis with 30.  Here is the highlight of the World vs USA team.

Future is bright indeed as the wolves young guys performed and gave it their best. Its definitely a good year for them and better for the future. 

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Who Will Win 2015 NBA Rookie of the year ? Towns, Porzingis or Okafor?

We are mid way down the season and its no surprise that the 3 big men from this year’s draft is leading the competition. 

Lets break it down by the numbers

Towns – 15.4 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks 27.9 minutes per game

Porzingis – 13.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2 blocks playing 27.4 Minutes per game

Okafor – 17.9 points, 5 rebounds, 1.4 blocks playing 32.4 Minutes per game

Out of the 3, Okafor has the biggest responsibility because he is the only option for this team, while Towns and Porzingis have better team mates. 


Karl Town’s monster game 21pts 12 rebounds 6 blocks against Magic on 11/18/2015.

Jahlil Okafor’s monster game 26 points, 7 rebounds 4 blocks against Raptors on 11/11/2015

Kristaps Porzingis Scary, Monster Game 24 points, 14 rebounds 7 blocks against Houston 11/21/2015

Who is my pick? Sorry I am a homer Towns for me. Who is your bet?

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My Bounce Brothers Contributed 42 Points and KAT gave 25 pts, 10 reb but still lost to NY 107-102!

Future WOLVES!

Yes call me a big fan and a huge one indeed since the KG days. I believe that these 3 guys will be the future of the team and maybe able to put the Wolves back to contention in the years to come. They just combined for a whopping 67 pts and with Ricky’s almost quadruple double 9 pts 8 steals 10 reb 12 assists. Those 4 guys wanted to win but the entire Knicks squad had more fire power from the bench that gave them the victory and they were headed by Aaron Afflalo who has been one of the most consistent players from the Knicks. KP with 7 Blocks, I will include that highlight between KP AND KAT.

I feel that next year they would use the expiring contract of Nikola Pekovic or possible use him and Rubio as a trade bait to get a more solid PF or Center. I believe that KAT can function like a KG who can either play 4 or 5 depending on who they are playing with. Well this is certainly a great season to watch for Wolves fans around the globe.

Here is the highlight of the bounce brothers, Wiggins 23 pts Lavine 19 pts.

KP and KAT duel!
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Minnesota’s Future is here ! Scored 55 points, 9 assists and 13 rebs. Wiggy, Zach, Towns trio!

Lavine, Wiggins, Towns

The future big 3 from the west, Displayed a balance attack but fall short in the hands of the Clippers last Nov 29, 2015. The young Wolves had a record of 8-8 prior to this game something that they haven’t achieved in a long time. 

Wiggins was the reason why they were able to come back to this game, He started a bit slow but was able to find his rhythm and even scored 9 points on the 3rd quarter, he ended the night with 21 points 2rebs and 2 assist and a block shot. 

Towns bagged in a quite but efficient 17 pts shooting 8-13, grabbed 8 rebounds and a block shot as well.
Lavine had a good game to boast the future of this franchise, he scored 18 points grabbed, 3 rebounds, dished out 7 assists. The Future is indeed bright for this Franchise, however the question that stands right now is after 3 years will they still be together? That’s what we all would find out, don’t forget to drop by I assure you that I would still be a wolves fan even after 3 years.

Here is the replay of their performance:

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Andrew Wiggins 32 pts to keep Sixers with 0-15 start! Okafor monster though 25 pts 12 rebs and 2 blocks over KAT!

Karl Anthony Towns got owned by Jahlil Okafor in this game, unfortunately for Jah he was the only one really trying to get the W for his team. On the other side of the court Mr. Wiggins didn’t want to be the first victim of this win-less 76ers squad right now. Seems like the 76ers are on the verge of tanking this season once again, they don’t have a choice they still don’t have Embiid.

Wiggins kept the Twolves on this game and ignited the come back to help his team get the W. 
He scored 32 pts grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out 3 assists. It maybe just 3 but the last 1 was the 3 pointer by Martin that stretched the lead to 5 (96-91) with 28 seconds remaining. Final Score 100-95.

Highlights of Wiggins:

Highlights of the game:

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Big 3 in Minny 55 pts combined burns Heat but wait Shabazz has 16 pts on 6-8 shooting!

The big four? 

It was a game full of Hassan Whiteside’s monstrous triple double 22 pts 14 rebs 10 blocks! a monster indeed but that wasn’t enough as the big 3 in minny combined for 55 pts, 24 from Wiggins, 17 for Lavine, 14 pts 14 rebs for towns and 16 from Shabazz. Rubio is back as well after missing 4 games.

Here is the highlight of the game:

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Getting Wiggy with it ! Wiggins put on 31 pts vs the Bulls! WITH AN INSANE DUNK INSIDE!

Andrew Wiggins!

I wanted to have both wiggins and leonard on my team. Any additional is just bonus. 

Wiggins made me OHHHHHHH That’s Nasty . When he delivered that dunk over gibson after he lost Butler in a gracious spin and slam maneuver! 

I could keep talking and talking but let me just post it for you

Here is the highlight of his 31 PTS!

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My Young T-Wolves off to a 2-0 start! Towns with 28 pts 14 rebs 4 BLOCKS! (2 videos inside)

KAT – Karl Anthony Towns

Photo Taken after their opening win!

Yes My ever beloved Twolves is off to a 2-0 start but don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they will automatically make the playoffs this year but this is a great start never the less dedicating every game to Flip Saunders who passed away last October 25, 2015 due to cancer. 

TOWNS – TOWNS – TOWNS!! the future is looking like the next great big next to Davis, Cousins, Okafor etc. He helped the Wolves beat Denver by the score of 95-78. Towns led all scorers followed by my boy Andrew Wiggins with 18 and Kevin Martin’s 14 pts with Rubio contributing 12 pts and 8 assists. This young core with good veteran support could make noise very soon barring any injuries. I am really hoping that my Twolves  would at least get to .500 this season. 

Here’s the highlight of the game courtesy of NBAHighlightsDaily:

And Towns highlight video courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights

*NBA Articles will be written via team colors.

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Wiggins loves the competition against Parker’s Team – 24pts 6 reb (Highlight’s inside)

Wiggins Vs Parker

It has been mentioned many times that these two could be the future of the NBA, not only that it could also be a rivalry ala Kevin Durant / Lebron James. I know it may or may not happen that they could equate the greatness of the players mentioned above.

Wiggins has always played to his best whenever he has gone up against Parker since highschool days and even in college, it is such a shame that Parker got injured last year so the contest for Rookie of the year has been easy for Wiggins. Rest assured that these 2 young superstars will go ham on each other if given a chance. But you know i will always be rooting for my boy Wiggins! 

Wiggins anchored his team to victory against the bucks in the last game of the pre-season for both teams.
The wolves win vs the bucks (112 – 108) . Wiggy scored a team high 24 pts with 6 rebs, 2 assists and a block. Wiggins will play a lot of 2 or 3 depending on situations but expect that he would do better than his first season. 

* Jabari Parker did not play in this game due to injury, he is getting ready for the start of the season and may start playing November 2015.

Highlights of Wiggins courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights:

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Kyle Lowry TOP 10 in NBA Fantasy Basketball scored a pre season career high 40 points on 6-9 from 3’s

“Man On a Mission” – Kyle Lowry

Visit their Website at
TORONTO (AP) Kyle Lowry scored 40 points to help the Toronto Raptors beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 112-105 on Monday night.Lowry, who broke the franchise record for points in a preseason game set by Vince Carter (38), hit six 3-pointers and was 13 for 18 from the field.“I’ve felt pretty comfortable every game. For me it’s about maintaining, start off well, finish well,” Lowry said. “It’s only pre-season.”Cory Joseph added 14 points, Jonas Valanciunas had 13 points and Luis Scola 12.Andrew Wiggins, the reigning NBA rookie of the year led the Wolves (0-3) with 21 points in 18 minutes. His older brother Nick, who was signed by Minnesota last month, scored four points in the final five minutes. He almost had six, but his final shot at the buzzer was waived off after originally being declared good.The game was a homecoming, not just for Wiggins, who purchased 16 courtside seats for the game, but for Joseph and Anthony Bennett – both were playing their first games in Toronto for their hometown team.“I was excited to play in front of my family, fans, friends,” Joseph said. “Thanksgiving, so happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there. We had our Thanksgiving the other night, they came out here to support me. A lot of love floating around here.”Bennett, whose defense has been impressive thus far, had five rebounds to go with three points in 19 minutes.The Raptors and Wolves meet again in Ottawa on Wednesday as part of the NBA’s Canada Series, which featured sold out games in Winnipeg and Vancouver, and then Ottawa and Montreal. The Raptors play the Washington Wizards in Montreal to cap the series on Oct. 23.

According to NBA Draft rankings Lowry could be a top 10 pick for the 2015 NBA Fantasy Basketball League. Made a clear case that he is up there with Lillard to be considered as the 2nd tier of PG behind CP3, Westbrook, Curry, Wall and Irving. Yes aside from LBJ, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant. The Draft is headed by PG’s. 

here is the highlight of his sizzling performance.

Video courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights

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KAT – Karl Anthony Towns – Remember the name! NBA Pre Season Debut! 18 PTS 2 BLOCKS!

Karl Anthony Towns

NBA may have found another player in KAT that will be a force to reckoned with for years to come. People consider Cousins as probably the best center right now and then there is Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond etc.. Make no mistake about it Towns and Okafor together with Mudiay are probably the ones who will be fighting for Rookie of the year! Towns played his NBA pre-season debut against OKC Thunder that highlighted the return of Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka.

Towns however didn’t let that affect his game he was able to impose his will against Kanter and altered a couple or more shots. The scary thing is Towns and Wiggins play on both sides of the floor. Imagine the Twolves having a younger version of Kahwi Leonard and Tim Duncan, but hold your horses am not saying that Towns is going to be like Duncan, I am just stating the fact that 2 or 3 years from they would probably be the best Duo unless Anthony Davis joins another team which is unlikely to happen.

Towns first pre-season stats:
18 Pts 8-12 shooting 
5 Reb
5 Assists
2 Blocks

Highlights of KAT against OKC 10/07/2015

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Kevin Durant

KD!!! Yes he is back, Durant played his first game after missing 55 games last season. The OKC Thunder went up against the new look Minnesota Timberwolves , Thunder wins 122-99 over Wolves.

Durant played for 22 Minutes and these are the numbers:

15 Pts
2 Rebs
4 Asts
5-8 shooting 

Yes that’s good enough it is also reported that he is fully healed. here is a transcript from

“It seems like years ago,” Durant said on Wednesday after the Thunder’s morning shootaround. “I’m here now. Try not to think about the past. I know I learned a lot from that situation and just trying to move forward and continue to have confidence in myself.”
The wait is finally over for one of the NBA’s brightest stars. Durant was set to make his long-awaited return to the court on Wednesday night when the Thunder opened the preseason in Minnesota. He missed 55 games last season and needed three surgeries to repair a dreaded Jones fracture in his foot, an injury that contributed mightily to the Thunder missing the playoffs for the first time in five years.

Towns and Dieng led the wolves with 18 pts each followed by the Serbian Sensation N.Bjelica with 11 markers.

The Thunder was headed by Ibaka with 18 markers and Westbrook gave a double-double 14 points with 13 assists 

With his return a fan created a hype video for Durant who could be this year’s league MVP 

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Timberwolves, Anthony Bennett talking buyout

Former No.1 draft pick Anthony Bennett and the Minnesota Timberwolves are talking buyout.

Minnesota is stacked up front and doesn’t need Bennett. They have a five-man big rotation already of Karl-Anthony Towns, Kevin Garnett, Gorgui Dieng, Nikola Pekovic, and Adreian Payne. They don’t need Bennett.

Minnesota had tried to trade Bennet before, but there were no takers. Minnesota got Bennett from Cleveland in the Kevin Love trade.

2015 NBA DRAFT : The first pick and The Wolves Organization .

Karl Anthony Towns First pick 2015 NBA DRAFT

Yes! this was the moment that I have waited for as a Timberwolves fan since the Kevin Garnett days. 

 Its no secret that Towns is the first pick what surprised me the most is that they were able to get Tyus Jones as well, yes I know he isn’t going to be a top tier PG but he will be a good one. 

The Core of this team is full of promise: We have something to look forward to in the near future.

Zach Lavine, Andrew Wiggins ( The next big star), Karl Anthony Towns ( The next superstar Big) 

I could go on and on about how this team could be, But I would just state the obvious, Kevin Garnett will be a great role model for Towns and the young stars of this team. I am calling it now KG returned here because he wants to bring a ring for this town, he may not be able to do it as a player but once he claims part ownership of this team. He would do everything in his power to put together a great roster that can win it all.

You may think I am dreaming but hey its not that far fetched If you ask me 🙂 !

I am not the only one who’s crazy about this : here is a short clip of the fans reaction after the first pick was announced:

Keep it here! we have a long way of waiting for the next season of the NBA, but once again we @ will be here for you. I will be writing more stuff about the draft and team assessments the next couple of months 🙂 

Why Towns should be the first pick come NBA Draft on June 25, 2015

Karl Towns (Credit of picture goes to BBVisuals)

That’s right I know a lot of people has penciled Towns to go to Minnesota not just because he has a bigger upside than Okafor but because of this Interview just after draft lottery. 

Towns said that he is used to snow storms and that would be a problem. He was also asked how would he feel playing along side Kevin Garnett and Wiggins, Towns said it’s going to great since he played with Wiggins in the past, he also mentioned that he would be able to learn a lot from KG and that should only do him good in the long run. 

Well I know that its a no-brainer that a LA is a better the best possible team to go to, because of difference in weather, fan base and promotions. However the pressure is great and he wont have the same mentor in KG.

Here is the link of the complete interview after Draft Lottery: 

No Copyright infringement intended. 

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NBA DRAFT 2015: TOP Center prospects

Last part of the top possible prospects after this I would create a mock draft for the first round. Enjoy Guys!

Karl Anthony Towns 
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:248 lbs
(19 Years Old)

Ppg: 10.3 pts
Reb: 6.7
Stl: 0.5

Blks: 2.2
Asst:  1.1
MPG: 21.1
FT%: 81.3

Towns is one of the Defensive Anchors for the stacked University of Kentucky last season. His stats doesn’t reflect how great he can be. Potentially this kid can be the next big thing after the likes of Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, etc. He can shoot the ball well and has a jumper already. He can also score using his left or right hand. I put him at the Center position because of his size, He is a listed @ 7’0″ with a wingspan of 7’3.25″. I view him as a better version of Javale McGee. Projected pick 1 or 2. 

Jahlil Okafor

Height:6′ 11″
Weight:272 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 17.3 pts
Reb: 8.6
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 0.8
Asst:  1.3
MPG: 30.1 

                                                                                    FT%: 51

Jah is what his teammates call him. Is the #1 prospect coming out of high school before he joined Duke and he has been their go to guy down the stretch which he showed during the Ncaa Men’s Basketball Finals against Wisconsin Badgers, Okafor is viewed as the best big man offensively, he has a great touch around the rim and can finish through contact, the only knack on Okafor’s game is his defense. Its not like he is a terrible defender he just need to commit to it on every possession, he showed flashes that he can be effective because of his size. He also needs to work on his Free Throw shooting as this may results to hack-a-okafor game.
His game reminds me of a Eddy Curry/ Al Jefferson and Brook Lopez, he can surpass all three if he can prove that he can defend on the next level. Height 6’11” wingspan 7’5″ . Projected pick 1 or 2.

Willie Cauley-Stein

Height:7′ 1″
Weight:242 lbs
(21 Years Old)

Ppg: 8.9pts
Reb: 6.4
Stl: 1.2

Blks: 1.7
Asst:  1.0
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 61.7

WCS is a junior from University of Kentucky Wildcats. He is the team mate of Towns. They were the mean reasons why the team was able to sweep the college season and only lost to Wisconsin Badgers in the Final Four of Ncaa Men’s Basketball. WCS was just known for his defense when he first joined Kentucky, over the years he has improved on his game as a whole. His offense is still not as polished as they could be but he is a defensive monster he can guard multiple position because he is very mobile for his size. His game is a combination of Marcus Camby and Tyson Chandler. Height 7’1″  wingspan 7’3″. Projected pick 6-10

Frank Kaminsky
Height:7′ 1″
Weight:231 lbs
(22 Years Old)

Ppg: 18.8pts
Reb: 8.2
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 1.5
Asst:  2.6
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 78.0

Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky is the epitome of hard work for Wisconsin Badgers. He has carried this team together with Sam Dekker to the National Championship before they lost to Duke Blue Devil, in the 2014-2015 Ncaa Men’s Basketball. Kamisky has a more polished game due to the fact that he has stayed four years in college, some people thinks that it was a bad decision but for him its just right because he has made strides year after year. His game maybe a bit of an older Pau Gasol or a better Ryan Kelly. Height is 7’0″ wingspan 6’11” this could be a concern for him but i don’t think that would be much of a factor because he can defend guys well due to his experience. Projected pick 7-15

Myles Turner
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:239 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 10.1pts
Reb: 6.5
Stl: 0.3

Blks: 2.6

Asst:  0.6
MPG: 22.2 

FT%: 83.9

Myles Turner was actually the 2nd best player right behind Okafor before coming to college. His stock dropped because of possible health issues that may be the biggest concern if not for that he could be right up there within top 5 pick . To read more about this please go here.
His game could be like a Lemarcus Aldridge because he can shoot it well and he could also be a better defender than Aldridge because of his size and length. Height 7′”0 wingspan 7’4″. Projected pick 7-15 

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