A Wheeler’s Opinion: Why LeBron Should Stay in Cleveland Despite the Struggles

The Cavs have just lost 5 of their previous 6 games. And the Cavs should be worried

Don’t be surprised if #23 will be elsewhere come after the trade deadline.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got Isaiah Thomas plus a couple of players who can score. The Cavs got Dwayne Wade. And most importantly, the Cavs got former league MVP Derrick Rose who is starting in most games since Thomas is still recovering from the injury that he sustained during last season’s playoffs while still playing for the Boston Celtics.

On paper even without Thomas and Rose, the Cavs are still the best team- at least in the Eastern Conference.

10 games into the regular season, are they really the best team in the East?

After opening the season with two consecutive wins over the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks,  the Cavs suddenly became a team like they were before LeBron James came back- a bad team, as evident by their 4-game losing streak which included disappointing loses at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks within a span of a week, which was followed by a 124-107 defeat at the hands of the Indiana Pacers.

To get back into the win column, they needed a franchise record-tying 57 points from LeBron James against the Washington Wizards. However, the Cavs next lost to the lowly Atlanta Hawks who won, 117-115.

Now you tell this pundit on wheels, is that how a super team with LeBron James, Dwayne, Kevin Love and Derrick Rose, supposed to be playing?  Losing to bad teams?  Falling to a 4-6 record to open the season? Lagging way behind the standings in the East?


Now, if you’ve been watching the NBA even during the offseason, one of the hottest topics that have been making the talks among NBA pundits was the inevitability of LeBron James leaving the Cavs, again, for the Los Angeles Lakers at the end of the current season. And all previous signs have been pointing towards that scenario.

The only question is this: Will it happen? Answer: Yes!

Follow-up question: How soon will it happen? Answer: It depends on how the Cavs will perform from here on.

Despite scoring 26 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and dishing away 13 assists against the Atlanta Hawks- NBA’s current worst team, LeBron James was a beaten man. Badly beaten. He had to play for 41 minutes. He had to take 17 shots, second-most to Wade’s 19. But still, his MVP-like numbers weren’t enough to propel the Cavs to a victory.  And, observers have been saying that LeBron James has become more frustrated with the Cavs’ struggles.
If anything, don’t get surprised if LeBron drastically demands a trade even before the trade deadline especially if things don’t improve in Cleveland. However, the Lakers knew that they would have to send one of their young guys to Cleveland if a trade is to happen. And, having LeBron on board wouldn’t assure a playoff appearance for LA this season so trading your promising stars isn’t worth it. For now.

While the Cavs are struggling and there’s no doubt that His Majesty is really frustrated but leaving Cleveland this season will not change his situation. The Lakers are not yet seasoned to make their much-awaited return to the playoffs and whether he likes it or not, LeBron’s only chance to beat the Golden State Warriors, for now, is to stay with the Cavs and hope that things get better. ASAP.

If not, then LeBron-to-LA it is.

Overall Review: Adidas D Rose 7 Boost " Hydration"

Adidas continues to transform its basketball line through the use of boost cushioning.

D Rose 7’s original colorways has been released this months and the new colorway are going to be release and we will review the most interesting colorway, the “Hydration”.

Color: 9/10 – The bright neon color of this shoes for me was sick and addition to this was unorthodox 3 line dash of adidas who is now located at the forefoot.

Traction: 9/10 – Only problem is the traction once you move sideways but overall it is good

Cushion: 9/10 – The heel part is quite cushy and way responsive. Boost is tighter and rides lower that  D Rose 6 and the response of it was way quicker.

Materials: 8/10 – It was made out of Mesh, Syntheti Leather and Neoprene. The mesh that was used for this shoe is almost the same with the running shoes. Almost good, but the side wrap of the shoe was too bad, it looks thin and looks like a little cheap.

Fit: 9.5/10 – The fitting of the shoes was good this time, no more adidas sizing issues. This shoes fits dead on length-wise and width-wise, unless you have a wide feet.

Support: 9/10 – D Rose shoeline was known for its support. They upgraded its ankle collar ofcourse for the needs of Derrick Rose itself.

Overall: 9/10 – This shoes is a true value for money. There’s other colorway to choose for. If you are hard driving player or a power player, this is the right basketball shoes for you.

This colorway will be available my mid September 2016.

Getting Wiggy with it ! Wiggins put on 31 pts vs the Bulls! WITH AN INSANE DUNK INSIDE!

Andrew Wiggins!

I wanted to have both wiggins and leonard on my team. Any additional is just bonus. 

Wiggins made me OHHHHHHH That’s Nasty . When he delivered that dunk over gibson after he lost Butler in a gracious spin and slam maneuver! 

I could keep talking and talking but let me just post it for you

Here is the highlight of his 31 PTS!

Written by:
Team Powcast