23 Years Ago Today – Michael Jordan was named the NBA Finals MVP for the third straight year

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June 20, 1993 at Phoenix  – John Paxson hit a clutch 3-pointer with 3.9 seconds left and Horace Grant blocked Kevin Johnson’s shot in the final second that lifted Chicago to a 99-98 win at Phoenix in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, clinching the Bulls’ third consecutive NBA Championship. 

Chicago became only the third NBA franchise (along with Boston, 1959-66, and Minneapolis, 1952-54) to win three straight titles. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls was named the NBA Finals MVP for the third straight year after averaging a Finals record 41.0 points per game, along with 8.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Magic Johnson is the only other player in NBA history to win at least three NBA Finals MVP awards.
See the Bulls vs. Suns Game 6 Highlights below:

First in NBA history 1000 3 pointers in a single season by Warriors !

History indeed its amazing if you have up to 6 or 7 guys who can stroke it from deep and the funny thing is top 2 shooters is on your team so its may not be hard for them but for others this is something that may not be done again . 

Stand up for Splash Brothers

262 3 pointers from Thompson

378 3 pointers for Curry

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Anthony Davis is UNREAL! 59 pts out of 24-34 shooting. AMAZING!

2 handed Jam by Davis

Davis has once again surprised everyone and this performance reminded me of a young KG blossoming into the league as one of the top players in his era. Davis showed a wide array of moves from jump shot, to step back, 3 points, layup and breath taking slum dunks. Davis is clearly becoming the franchise player at a young age, it was just a shame that they were not able to find a trading partner for Ryan Anderson who isn’t at all a bad fit alongside AD but certainly they would want someone who could create for him self like Nic Batum or Kent Bazemore which they could get at the start of the next season.

This is a proof that Davis will make noise for the years to come. Here is the breakdown of this monstrous performance by AD:

59 points 24-34 shooting
20 rebounds
4 assists 
2 block shots

With that stat Davis joined Shaquille O’ Neal and Karl Malone as the only 3 players in NBA history to record a 50-20 performance in this modern era.This performance gave the Pelicans a much needed victory to boost their morale against Detroit Pistons with a score of 100-106.

The highlight of this game of brought to us by Free Dawkins:

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Kevin Garnet Sets Most Record for Defensive Rebounds in NBA HISTORY

Yes! You may wonder why other players such as Rodman, Ben Wallace etc are not on the list while there are players who may have been a monster on the boards there aren’t many players who were able to play long and sustained an extensive career like KG. 

This one stat may very well stick under KG’s name unless there’s another player who can play 16 or more season without being injured and who plays underneath the basket. One may argue that Anthony Davis may break it but Davis has been injured early in his career while Garnett got injured after 14-15 years and still was able to come back although not the same player. The other day, he just delivered a dunk over Griffin that made us realize that KG has still some left in his tank. Maybe just a bit more…maybe this is his last year. We will find out soon but let us relive that epic moment and give you the highlights of KG’s Top 10 .
Throwback KG dunk over Griffin

Top 10 plays !

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MILWAUKEE BUCKS Put an END to Golden State’s Run! 108-95!

Yes. Ladies and gentlemen you are not mistaken. The struggling Bucks found a way for the entire league to feel the force as they beat a team that has been invisible from the start of the season. The Bucks led from the start but got beaten on the 3rd quarter but came bouncing back to seal the victory making them the team to beat the rampage of the Warriors. 

It was a collective effort but we can give the credit to Giannis Antetokounmpo. He gave them his first triple double. 11 pts, 12 rebs, and 10 assist might as well add in 2 blocks and a nightmare to Klay Thompson who only scored 12 points with a 4-14 shooting from the field. 

Monroe also displayed how to exhaust the small line up of the Warriors. He is too big for Draymond Green. Monroe scored 28 pts, collected 11 rebounds and 5 assists. Curry led the Warriors with 28pts, 7 rebs and 5 assists. The Warriors looked conquerable even before this game as they hardly escaped against the Celtics the other night. 

Will this win give boost to the Bucks? It should. We will see because right now they are 10-15. A poor start compared to last season. 

Will this loss be the light for other teams to pick apart the weakness of the Dubs? 

We are almost halfway there and we will all witness what is about to happen to both teams. So stay tuned @ powcast.net for your favorite basketball and other sports articles. 

Here is the epic highlight from NBAclip:

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Philly 76ers finally gets a W after beating Kobe Bryant’s team Lakers, Kobe is about to retire after this season.



The 76ers after registering a team history for having the worst start in NBA, finally gets to the win column.
1-18 can’t blame them the roster is iffy outside of Okafor the rest are decent backups or a 6th mind kind of guy. That is exactly what happened Robert Covington stepped up to score 23 points and grabbed 5 rebounds and my sleeper in my current fantasy league Jerami Grant had a great night, scored 14 pts grabbed 7 rebounds and had 4 blocks. 

The score 103 – 91. Kobe came out blazing scoring the 1st 11 points of his team and ended the game with 20 pts and 5 rebs. We all know the reason why 76ers are tanking aside from the fact that they have been dealing with injuries they are tanking for this guy http://www.powcast.net/2015/11/introducing-ben-simmons-1-pick-for-2016.html

With that in mind 76ers may look for a partner to get a quality PG or SG in replacement for Nerlens Noel, I think Okafor and Embiid will end up playing better together, they already have a Jerami Grant who can play multiple positions for them and they will also have the versatile Dario Saric from Croatia. I will keep an eye on this development because I am sure that after the Lebron Era, the 76ers might be team that will take their place.

Here’s the highlight of the game:

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