What is CWBL – Country Wide Basketball League?


What is CWBL - Country Wide Basketball League?


The Country Wide Basketball League (CWBL) is a commercial league that aims to promote basketball at regional and provincial levels with nationwide exposure thru television and the use of live streaming thru CWBL web site and other digital platforms via internet.

CWBL will develop broad fan base nationwide by conducting actual games at various locations in cities and towns where participating teams are located. These games featuring competitions among cities/provinces/ regions are then made available for viewing by fans anywhere thru television and live streaming thru CWBL web site and other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
CWBL games are not merely played in Metro Manila but more at provincial locations giving local fans competitive games featuring teams from other areas thereby enhancing provincial/regional sports rivalries.

CWBL also aims to develop local players thru competitive games and provide them with much-needed exposure to assist their career progression. Only Filipinos and duly-recognized players holding valid Philippine Passport issued by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs or with complete certification(s) issued by Bureau of Immigration and Deportation are allowed to play in the League.

Joe Lipa and Pablo de Borja


CWBL is the “alternative league” that gives team owners and sponsors of teams an opportunity to obtain at a cost effective manner marketing and promotional benefits from exposure for games being played at various locations and viewed by fans anywhere.

CWBL provides reasonable terms for participation in two regular conferences every season. The top four teams after the two conferences – conference champions and teams with best cumulative win-loss records – advance to the Grand Finals at no additional participation fees to compete for the title – Overall Champion for the Season.

Team owners and team sponsors can also avail of opportunities to develop local fan base with promotional activities during hosting of games played with visiting teams. Teams and sponsors can develop broad fan base at local, regional and nationwide levels.


CWBL and participating teams can offer to graduating collegiate players and aspiring coaches, who are products of basketball programs, opportunities for competitive development and playing/coaching career progression. Very few are chosen in the professional league leaving several players and coaches with skills not being tapped and developed.

CWBL with the support of participating teams has the potential to be the League where skills continue to develop and where playing/coaching career goals are achievable.


Six (6) teams representing NCR/Luzon & Vis-Min regions
Filipino players only; No foreigners
Game Days – twice weekly (Saturday & Sunday)
Two (2) games per playing day
Two (2) Conference Legs (7-8 weeks per Leg)

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