Ginebra’s Scottie and Aljon’s Risky Move Outside the Court for an Instagram Worthy Photo

Scottie Thompson and Aljon Mariano Get the Right Shot!

Ginebra Scottie Thompson and Aljon Mariano
Scottie Thompson and Aljon Mariano of the Barangay Ginebra gets a well-deserved vacation after a worthy performance in the recent championship series against Meralco Bolts that earned them their first back to back championship.
During those times, Scottie Thompson hit some critical shots and it looks like he is not done taking some of them and this time their weapon of choice is a handy mobile phone.
Recently getting a hefty bonus from SMB principals looks like the two decided to spend some of their hard earned money on a relaxing vacation.

Scottie Thompson’s Warning to Fakers

Is this real? Scottie Thompson?

The usually reserved and chill Scottie Thompson turned three-level upset as he goes to twitter and posts a quite disturbing profile that looks like him.
Scottie Thompson’s popularity is at its peak and it’s quite normal to admire and copy him in different ways but when people use his face to do bad things, then it is unacceptable.
A twitter account that uses the name and the photo of Scottie emerged as a culprit of a modus. According to the complainant, he sent money to the poser to buy his unit but did not show up.
This incident reached Scottie and he was irked and had to post how he felt about the situation. 


Tim Cone Praised and Likens Scottie Thompson with Lakers Rookie Lonzo Ball

Scottie reminds me of Lonzo Ball – Tim Cone

Lonzo Ball and Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson played 28 minutes tonight and scored 4 points but his coach is still all praises for his young guard.
Scottie didn’t have to score against Kia as his teammates are all pouring in with the scoring but it doesn’t mean that he is not capable.  Scottie is the type of player who usually fills in the stat sheet from points to rebound to assists. Against Kia, he was not able to contribute with scoring and with his usual rebounding numbers but he led everyone in assists at 10.
It’s a perfect 10 compliment as Scottie was praised by Coach Tim Cone after winning the game against Kia with the score of 120 -99.

Scottie is a guy that is looking to pass, he is infectious, once he starts passing other stars as well. – Tim cone

Scottie reminded Tim Cone so much of an up and coming NBA player that he watched during the summer league by the name of Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo Ball reminds me of Scottie Thompson, willing to pass and fun to watch. Both are big in their position.  

Tim Cone pointed out the similarity but also quick to share the difference in shooting and form. He also noted that Scottie still needs to be more consistent in his shooting.
He also mentioned that both Scottie Thompson and Lonzo Ball are special players. Tim Cone was really happy about the similarity and was also happy that unlike Lonzo Ball, Scottie doesn’t have a loudmouthed father and was really thankful for it.
Watch the later part of this interview.

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Do you think Scottie Thompson is like Lonzo Ball

A little bit
Kind of
No Way
Scottie is no way near Lonzo Ball
I don’t Like Lonzo’s father 🙂



Many Fans Await Feature on Scottie Thompson on Rated K

What’s the reason why Scottie Thompson always look great on and off the court?

The young Ginebra player has been playing great basketball and his success have captured many basketball fans. Now on his second year, Scottie has invested some of his hard earned money to a business and prove that it’s never early to prepare for life after basketball. 

Scottie has opened his own barbershop late last year and in his recent Instagram post, he mentioned that Thompson’s Sports Hair Shop will be featured on Rated K and showed some behind-the-scene photos. Fans are already very excited and are awaiting when it will be aired on TV.
Thompson’s Sports Hair Shop is located at the CPP Building Rizal Avenue, Digos City, Davao del Sur.
A post shared by Scottie Thompson (@scottiethompson06) on Mar 9, 2017 at 2:19am PST


Scottie Thompson Was the Difference Maker of Game 2

The University of Perpetual Help stand out is carving out a legacy as he continues to become the difference maker each and every game. The 23-year-old sophomore and the former NCAA MVP just converted thousands more believers.
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Scottie is the kind of player who contributes in almost every aspect of the game and you can see it by the way he plays. He works hard on both ends of the floor and no one can question his ability to make something happen.  Game 2 of the PBA finals series, he was the difference maker once again contributing a total of 18 points, 18 rebounds, 8 Assist, 3 steals and making a crucial lay up in the critical minutes of the game. Almost a triple double again.
He is the future of Barangay Ginebra and the rightful throne to what would be the vacant spot when Caguioa and Helterbrand retires. Thompson and Ferrer have shown us a glimpse of what Ginebra would look like in the near future.