How Do The Pro’s Get Past Fitness Plateaus?

Fitness is a dynamic process, never something which is achieved and then stays static in achievement. That’s what makes the art of getting in shape so beautiful; you are continually refining and developing your approach to challenge. Over time, you will become much more adept and able to tackle challenges in your life, because the microcosm of your fitness struggle has contributed to developing your warrior spirit, male or female.
However, those of us who are experienced in fitness know that we can’t act at 100% all of the time. Sometimes, we find ourselves having trouble overcoming the goals we have set for ourselves, even when we have done everything right in the pursuit of our achievements. Even the professional athletes experience this, but luckily they are intelligent and so are their coaches. They are quickly offered alternate means to identify what has gone wrong and to adapt to the new challenge they face. But what advice to do they receive? We’d like to explore that now:


Taking a deload week dedicated to low-intensity cardio, good nutrition and stretching can be of immense benefit to reducing the stress your system has otherwise faced in the recent months. A deload week gives your body the chance to recover from everything it’s been through, and come back bigger and better than ever in the forthcoming months. 
Be sure to lessen your calorie intake during this period, but keep your protein and other dietary macros high to prevent you from losing muscle or too much process when you return. Much like a detox, when you return to training your body will feel much better than it otherwise had, and this will give you the platform to attack your goals once more with integrity and hopefully resulting success.


Sometimes, the supplementation schedule you have imbued your diet with isn’t quite as on point as it could be. Taking zinc (ZMA) supplements before bed can help contribute to restful sleep and healthy testosterone levels, as can testosterone injections. It may be that supplementing your healthy grooming could be of immense benefits, such as taking hydrotherapy or ice baths to help recover muscle damage or fatigue in an accelerated way. It could simply be getting more Vitamin D into your system or implementing Fulvic Acid into your diet in an effort to replace the lost supplements that a lack of healthy mineral-dense foods can provide.

Try Harder

Sometimes, everything you’re doing is right. You have the perfect sleep schedule, your body is getting the perfect and most surgically accurate nutrition, and your sporting schedule is ideal. Perhaps, and only perhaps, you need to train harder. It could be that you’ve lost the youthful energy you once had, and need to compromise that with pure grit. It could be that after an injury you’re mentally holding yourself back, and could do with a sporting psychology assessment. Assessing and fixing the attitude you bring to training each morning could have a bigger impact than you know, but be sure you’re not running into this blindly with the possibility of injury.
With these tips, you can be sure to get past your fitness plateaus. 

How Long Will It Take You To Get In Shape?

Isn’t this the question that we’re all hoping we can work out the answer to? After all, if it’s a journey that’s going to take a lot of time and effort, is it really worth starting at all? The answer to that is always yes. And the latter? Well, that isn’t as much as a straight forwards answer. Instead, there are a lot of different factors that affect the answer. In fact, the answer to that question is as personal as you are. But if you really want to know how long it’s going to take YOU to get your body into the condition that you want it to be in, here’s what can tell you.

Your Age

First up, there’s your age. And this plays a huge part in your health and fitness. When you’re young, you can often feel like you can run and jump and play for hours. And you can probably carry on like that all through your teens and on into your twenties too. But then, it all starts to slow down. As you approach 30 and surpass it, you will notice that your metabolism starts to slow down. You may also find that exercise feels harder, and that your body gets tired easier. And this contributes to how well you can get (and stay) in shape.

Your Lifestyle

The kind of lifestyle that you choose to lead also has a big impact on things. Although no one choice of lifestyle can be considered “right”, nor wrong, there are things that will help you to get your body into the shape you want it to be in, and things that will hinder your progress. So if you’re serious about getting into shape, you need to make your lifestyle changes stick for the better, and try to focus on a healthier, more-positive version of you.

Your Commitment

The truth is, no matter how young you are, and how healthy your lifestyle is, if you’re not committed, it’s going to be hard work. Consistency and commitment go hand in hand, and being in the best shape of your life doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something that you have to work really hard for. But if you’re committed, that’s as easy done as it is said.

Your Attitude

You should also think about the attitude you have towards your health and fitness too. If you want to get into shape, you have to have the right mindset. As Erny from Are They On Steroids shows us, results are possible, but only when you’re willing to make it happen. And to do that, you need to have the right attitude.

Your Genetics

But it’s also worth noting that your genetics have a huge influence on how well you’re able to get into shape. Every body is different, some will be naturally better at fat burning and building muscle than others. But with a bit of hard work, determination, and dedication, you should be able to get in shape as soon as you want to.

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