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Sports is Life at PBA
Sports is Life at PBA
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Powcast Sports is Life shirt – White Php 350

Powcast Sports is Life - White Php 350

Powcast Sports is Life shirt – Red Php 350

Powcast Sports is Life - Red

How-To-Buy Powcast Lifestyle Merchandise

Paying via bank:  You can pay via any BPI Island Branches. Once payment is made kindly send us the copy of the deposit slip via email (lifestyle@powcast.net) .  With Your complete name, email, phone and the name of the shirt so we can send you a confirmation message.


Be part of the first ever NBA Filipino Heritage Week in the Philippines and express your Pinoy pride with the new Filipino Heritage Week shirts! 

The NBA Filipino Heritage Week shirt features the iconic jeepney silhouette that pays homage to the vibrant culture of the Philippines and its passion for basketball.

Fans can purchase the shirts at all NBA Stores in Metro Manila and Cebu on March 16, 2017

The National Basketball Association (NBA) today unveiled specially designed shirts for the first-ever NBA Filipino Heritage Week as part of its celebration of Philippine culture with millions of Filipino fans around the world. 
The shirts feature the iconic jeepney silhouette that pays homage to the Philippines’ culture and passion for basketball.  The silhouette incorporates other basketball and local design elements, including the sun’s rays from the Philippine flag placed above the ‘PILIPINAS’ signage, and an image of The Larry O’Brien Trophy that forms the jeep’s headlights on the front grill.
As part of NBA Filipino Heritage Week, the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat will host Filipino Heritage Nights in March, featuring in-arena Philippine-themed activations including musical performances and giveaways.  The Heat will host a post-game press conference with head coach Erik Spoelstra for the Philippine media, while the Warriors will headline award-winning Filipino singer and songwriter Martin Nievera and LIKHA Pilipino Folk Ensemble during the Filipino Heritage Night national anthem and halftime performance respectively.  In addition, the Miami Heat players, dance team, and mascot will showcase the limited edition shirts during pre-game warm-ups and on-court performances. 
The Filipino Heritage Week shirts will come in red, blue, gray, black, and white colors that will be available March 16 at all NBA Stores in Metro Manila and Cebu, Titan stores in the Fort, Conrad, and Titan webstore (www.titan22.com).  In addition, the American Airlines Arena and the Oracle Arena team stores, and NBAStore.com will carry the NBA Filipino Heritage Week shirts.
For all the latest news and updates on the NBA and the NBA Filipino Heritage Week, visit www.nba.com, download the NBA app and follow the NBA on Facebook (www.facebook.com/philsnba), Twitter (www.twitter.com/nba_philippines) and Instagram (@nbastoreph).

Rogin E Held Their First Ever Man Convention

Rogin-E just held their​ first-ever​ Man Convention this last February 18, 2017. Th​e event was catered to men who have all the sources but doesn’t have the energy to stay on top of their game. 
F​amous celebrities and sports personalities such as Aubrey Miles, Roxanne Barcelo, DJ Tony Tony, Jimmy Alapag, Gabe Norwood, Aly Borromeo, Anton del Rosario, a​nd​ Angie Mead King​ were also present at the event to join the fun and interact with the consumers​. It was a day full of festivities that was concluded by a tantalising Fashion show to make sure the event ended on a high note.

Rogin-E:  Your battle gear for success

Getting to the top requires a lot from you. Staying there demands even more. Balancing both work and your personal life, while keeping an active healthy lifestyle, can take a toll on both mind and body, even more as you age. This is why it is important to be equipped with all the right weapons.  
What do you need to stay on top of your game?
Physical Endurance
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Mental Power
Crunch time? Prepare your mind by channeling positive energy and getting enough sleep. To optimize your mind’s maximum potential through long work hours, take a multivitamin with Deanol for improved concentration plus increased mental agility.
Vitality of spirit
When things don’t go your way, stay resilient, stay on course. Continue to work and believe in yourself. Keep the fire in you burning and sustain your success by staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive thinkers. Royal Jelly’s antioxidant properties can also give you youthful vitality so you can live life to the fullest. 
Balance of work and play
To avoid burnout, be sure to make time for other interests and passions like  golf, biking, or photography. Spend time with your family and loved ones to create moments that you can remember whenever life gets tough. 
Experience life to its fullest and be the man on top with Rogin-E.
Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Royal Jelly + Korean Panax Ginseng is the generic name of Rogin-E.