The City League Quarter finals!KINGSMEN vs ABOVE THE RIM BASKETBALL

                               KINGSMEN vs ABOVE THE RIM BASKETBALL

Due to the quotient system team ABOVE THE RIM BASKETBALL replaced the “ELITE BALLERS” to play against KINGSMEN.

It was a slow start for the KINGSMEN as  team ABOVE THE RIM BASKETBALL finished the first period ahead of 9 points  to the score of 28-19

Team ABOVE THE RIM BASKETBALL displayed good ball movement and hitting the outside shots until KINGSMEN slowly crunch the numbers and all of a sudden took the lead at the half 45-44.

In the 3rd period the KINGSMEN imposed their reign of terror with their 12-0 run, they were in control for the most part of the 3rd quarter Team ABOVE TEH RIM BASKETBALL however managed to keep it close, down by only 5pt deficit at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Team ABOVE THE RIM BASKETBALL cut the lead down to 3 to the score of 76-73 with 8mins left in the ball game.

The momentum was slowly shifting until one of the Kings hit the triple! number 24. Lopez who’s been the reliable king all through out the ball game scored 29 point and took the momentum back and since then KINGSMEN once again were in control and eventually formalized their spot in the next round. Final score 98-85.

Best player of the game: No.24 Lopez with 29pts.

The City League

League’s goal is to give all Filipino Ballers, Streetballess a chance to compete in a different level of the game of basketball as well as to help them somehow be recognized with their skills in a competitive and well organized league and to enlight them and show them whats the benefits if the will show sportsmanship, hardwork, patience and most of all respect with other players and for the love of the game… THE CITY LEAGUE we are one of the many organization who advocate the values of camaraderie.

Commisioner: Ryan Rodriguez
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