NBA Early Prediction: Most Improve Player

There are a lot of changes this off season and there’s a lot of player who will have a chance of showing their real skills.

Here are the top 3 players on my mind that will have a big jump in terms of their stats.

1. Harrison Barnes (Dallas Mavericks): This guys was spectacular in the record breaking run of the Warriors last season. He was the 4th best player in that team behind the Big 3 (Curry, Thompson and Green). He has a limited playing time in that team due to Iguodala’s defensive role with them.

Barnes signed with Dallas Mavericks last summer and it looks like a very good move for his career. He will now be a starter in that team and will have a plenty of playing time to show his real skills.

Last Season Average: 10.4 points and 4.6 rebounds per game
Predicted Next Season Average: 17 points and 7 rebounds per game

2. Kristaps Porzingis (New York Knicks): Who will forget the Rookie who had been bashed throughout the draft day to pre-season games by the fans? And who will forget the Rookie who finished 2nd in the Rookie of the Year award last season behind Karl Anthony-Towns? That kid is Kristaps Porzingis, this kid averaged 14.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots per game while playing alongside with Carmelo Anthony.

I predict that Kristaps will be a big factor of Knick’s success this season, He will not have a very big jump in terms of his stats but the reason why I ranked him 2nd is his effect to the team.

Last Season Average: 14.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots per game

Predicted Next Season Average: 16 points, 10 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game

3. Dennis Schröder (Atlanta Hawks): Known as the backup point guard of Jeff Teague, this player was one of the best defensive players in the league while contributing 11 points and 4.4 assists per game and playing limited minutes for Atlanta Hawks.

Now Teague had been traded to Indiana and Horford signs with the Celtics, He will now be the main man of this Atlanta Squad alongside with Millsap, Bazemore and Korver.

Last Season Average: 11 points and 4.4 dimes per game
Predicted Next Season Average: 18 points and 6 dimes per game

Spike Lee Wants Carmelo Anthony in New York


NEW YORK — When Spike Lee chose his wardrobe for Sunday’s exhibition game at Madison Square Garden between Team USA and France, there was nothing random about it.

Lee selected a Team USA No. 15. jersey. That’s the number Carmelo Anthony donned in helping the Americans to a 2008 Olympic gold medal and the one he wears for the Denver Nuggets.

“It wasn’t haphazard,” the filmmaker and No. 1 Knicks fan said in an interview with FanHouse about picking a jersey to show how much he wants Anthony to sign with New York, if he opts out of his contract and becomes a free agent next summer.

The Knicks lost out on LeBron James, the top free agent this summer who went to Miami, and settled for signing Amar’e Stoudemire. Lee is now hoping they can get Anthony, who could be next season’s top free agent.

“Great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Really great,” Lee said of what Anthony would mean to the Knicks. “I just hope (they can sign him). I hope so. He’d be a great addition to the team and to the franchise. “

Anthony has until June 30, 2011, to decide whether to opt out a contract that would pay him $18.5 million in 2011-12 or become a free agent. He also has until then to sign a $64.7 million contract extension offer that is on the table and would take him through 2014-15.

Speaking to reporters Saturday at his annual basketball camp in the Denver area, Anthony did not offer a lot of clues about his plans. Lee figures to try to influence him if Anthony hasn’t made a decision by Dec. 12, Denver’s one regular-season appearance next season in New York.

“I know him,” Lee said of Anthony, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., where Lee grew up. “We’re not tight, tight. Brooklyn guys, we stick together.”

As for James, Lee didn’t have too much to say about him.

“We’re over LeBron,” Lee said. “He had to do what he had to do.”

Now Anthony will do what he feels he has to do. But, even if he chooses New York, Lee won’t be able to wear a No. 15 Anthony-Knicks jersey to Madison Square Garden. The team has retired that number in honor of Dick McGuire and Earl Monroe.

Chris Tomasson can be reached at or on Twitter@christomasson

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