"Tayo naman ang manloloko, Sinong kangkong ngayon?" Mark Caguioa to Fans

As a sign of relief after making the fans proud again after a long title-drought, The Fast and The Furious tandem could not thank the fans enough for their undying support. The Company behind the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Franchise threw an awesome victory party that obviously catered the fans and made sure that everyone’s safe and taken cared of.

With tons of freebies and food given away by SMC marketing, the team treats the fans by going directly to the crowd and have a meet and greet with their beloved supporters.

Jayjay Helterbrand gave his cap to a fan who unhesistantly asked for it. The whole Barangay Ginebra team went to the crowd for autograph signing and photo op which definitely completed the reason why these fans came in early and waited for the San Juan Arena to open.

Mark Caguioa, former MVP and ginebra veteran had his speech and bid his gratitude to the Ginebra Fans.
“Maraming maraming salamat sa mga naghihintay mga umiiyak pagkatapos ng laro. Pero ngayon tayo naman ang manloloko, sinong kangkong ngayon.?”

Ginebra will be back on the hard court after a short break to start their campaign in the All Filipino Cup on November 20.

Al Francis Chua "Ang di sumayaw walang bonus". Ginebra Victory Party

A very short preparation that resulted to an epic celebration, the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel has thrown their appreciation to the fans after being on stage screaming out their gratitude to everyone who supported the ball club through out the years until they finally got a grasp on their latest title win.

Each players expressed their gratitude to the Ginebra supporters by giving them the strength to carry on and win every game.

“I told the team from the start, we are not to win only one championship, we are off to win many championships.” Tim Cone said in speecg in front of thousands of Ginebra Faithfuls.

And when the crowd was teasing the players to dance on stage and some of them hesitated to do so, the team Governor of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel held the mic and said “Ang di sumayaw, walang bonus.” Then everyone rushed to the front stage and dances in front of their fans.

Barangay Ginebra gives back to fans by throwing a Victory Party.

Coming off a huge success in the PBA Governors’ Cup, the third conference champions will give back to the fans who supported them all through out their 8-year campaign in the PBA before having another touch on the championship trophy.

After a clutch triple of the Ginebra reinforcement Justin Brownlee that led the team in to a title, the SMC management organized a victory party to be held in the Fil Oil Flying V arena in San Juan on Sunday, October 23 at 12pm. The most anticipated event will cater thousands of Ginebra faithfuls and could be one of the SMC’s ways of giving thanks to their fans after staying with them through our their ups and downs and struggles during the times that they weren’t able to have the championship trophy.

It is expected to be blockbuster event they way the fans shares their excitement in social media. A weekend event of the SMC management will definitely attract a lot of people so we advise everyone to get there early and earn your slot as this huge event commence. Giveaways and freebies are expected to be given away by the ball club as part of their appreciation to the undying support of the fans to the most popular ballclub in the history of Philippine Basketball.

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