Mixing it up: Pinay Boxer Ana Julaton Back to MMA again, Fighting on Bellator 185

Hurricane is coming to Bellator as Ana Julaton pursues her MMA journey.

Ana Julaton BEllator
Ana Julaton is back at it again. After fair showing in her first MMA stint with One Championship, the 37-year-old Filipino-American and former boxing champion Ana Julaton is stepping inside the cage once again and this time it would be with Bellator MMA Promotions in the US.
Ana Julaton is actively fighting in boxing having a number of fights in Mexico but it may not be enough as the boxer turned MMA fighter is now scheduled to fight in Connecticut, U.S.A. at Bellator 185 on October 20.  Julaton will face a newbie in Lisa Blaine who is also debuting in Bellator.
The current MMA record of Ana Julaton stands at 2W and 2L, as she still yet to find consistency after alternating win and loss in all of his MMA fights under One Championship. On the other hand, she faces a fighter who starts her pro MMA career on a high note after knocking out her opponent in the second round.
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Lisa Blaine Pro MMA is 1 win and no loss and she puts her undefeated record against Julaton who at this stage of her career still looks to become a contender and a champion in MMA. Julaton also offers a piece of the future as she mentioned another accomplished female pro-boxer who coincidentally will be fighting on the same card on October 20th.  Ana Julaton hopes to fight Heather Hardy at some point during her tenure in Bellator and she feels like the fight between the two will be full of fireworks and potential knockouts.
Ana Julaton, however still needs to pass her first test and while on paper this may look like an easy fight for Ana as she is more experienced and decorated, Lisa Blaine will be more motivated to a win against a former boxing champion and an MMA veteran can catapult her career right away.
Ana Julaton’s two MMA losses came in a form of a decision, first being a split decision with Ann Osman and the other a unanimous decision with Irina Mazepa. Ana needs to impress in her debut and a knockout or a dominating decision win would really help speed up her run for another belt in MMA.

We wish Ana Julaton well on her next fight!

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Guess Who Tried Out for TUF 26? – Filipina Ana Julaton

At 36 years old, Ana Julaton isn’t slowing down. Already an accomplished boxer having won  the Women’s WBO Super Bantamweight and IBA Super Bantamweight titles, she pushes through another journey in her fighting career.
The Filipino-American is an active boxer with 14 wins, 4 losses and 3 draws. Her last fights were March of this year were she fought in Mexico to a draw. Ana who’s background was in martial arts recently tried out for TUF 26, were she will attempt one more time to revive her MMA career.
Ana had four professional MMA fights under her belt with One Championship promotion. Her current record stands at 2 wins and 2 losses.
Not satisfied with her MMA legacy, she tries her luck at joining the the The Ultimate Fighter season 26.
We wish her good luck and hope she could get the opportunity to showcase her skills to an even more wider audience.

ICYMI: Pinay Ana Julaton Won Last Saturday Against Maria Nunez in Mexico (Video)

ICYMI: Pinay Ana Julaton Won Last Saturday Against Maria Nunez in Mexico (Video)
Ana Julaton

This past Saturday March 25th. Ana Julaton wins Unanimous Decision over the power punching WBO World title contender Maria “La Panterita” Nunez. 
Promoter/CEO of Orion Sports Allan Tremblay had this to say…
Promoter/CEO of Orion Sports Allan Tremblay
Promoter/CEO of Orion Sports Allan Tremblay

 “The Ana Julaton of old rose to the occasion against Maria Nunez in a contest that virtually nobody gave her a chance to succeed.  With her back to the wall and her career hanging in the balance, Ana delivered her finest performance over  the last 3 years . She steadfastly stayed to the game plan laid out by Coach, Angelo Reyes, by working the jab in piston like fashion and she stayed inside the power shots of Nunez and countered in a timely fashion to win the fight going away by a score of 6 to 2 on everyone’s scorecard.”

2-Time WBO/IBA Superbantamweight World Champion Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton [123.6lbs] 15Wins(2KO’s) 4Losses 2draws vs WBO World title contender Maria “La Panterita” Nunez [122.5lbs] 17Wins(15KO’s) 12Losses (most of those vs World Champions) fought an 8 round Main Event Saturday night in Campeche, Mexico promoted by Allan Tremblay CEO of Orion Sports & co promoted by Yucatan Boxing. Also on the undercard was Serbian-Canadian Prospect Light Heavyweight Milos Pantelic & Puerto Rican Rising Star Emmanuel “Pinky” Colon. All 3 our promoted by Allan Tremblay.

Photos: Ana Julaton Workout at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts Gym

Photos: Ana Julaton Workout at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts Gym
Ana Julaton in her open workout at KMA Fitness gym in Makati before her fight against Irina Mazepa. We understand that Ana is certainly not taking this fight for granted eventhough her opponent may not be the most experienced. In her recent interview, Ana acknowledged that Irina is strong but she also noted that there are aspects of Irina’s style that she can move in on.
Check out some of the photos taken from the recent open workout before her fight at One: Spirit of Champions at the MOA Arena on December 11. 
Photos: Ana Julaton Workout at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts Gym
Photos: Ana Julaton Workout at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts Gym
Photos: Ana Julaton Workout at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts Gym

Photos: Ana Julaton Workout at KMA Fitness and Martial Arts Gym
We sincerely love Ana Julaton here at Powcast Sports!

The G-man interviews Boxing and MMA star Ana Julaton

The G-man interviews Boxing and MMA star Ana Julat

The Gman crosses over from boxing to MMA as he interviews uprising boxing and MMA star Ana Julaton. One of two female fighters that have made the jump. Hear how this transition has treated Ana and how she see’s both sports in the years to come.

Ana Julaton will be back in the cage on December 11 at One: Spirit of Champions at the Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines.

Q&A: Ana Julaton Talks About Her Fight with Irina Mazepa at ONE: SPIRIT OF CHAMPIONS

We are looking forward to seeing Ana Julaton back in the cage, on December 11 she will be facining Irina Mazepa. 
Ana “The Hurricane”Julaton

Next Bout: vs. Irina Mazepa
11 December 2015
Mall of Asia Arena, Manila
Nationality: American (with Filipino roots)
Date of Birth: 
5 July 1980
Primary Fighting Discipline: Boxing
Professional Record: 
2 Wins, 1 Loss
Fast, solid striking technique
1.    What was your thought about the upcoming fight against Irina Mazepa?
It was the fight that was supposed to happen last year and she wasn’t to pull it off because of an injury down when I had to fight in Dubai. That was when Ann Osman stepped in. So I mean, it was a fight that was ready to be made and I’m glad it was happening in Manila. I am looking forward to this fight, I’m pumped!
2.    Irina Mazepa debuted impressively with a first round KO of Ann Osman. What do you think about that fight?
Irina Mazepa is a powerful striker for sure. To see what she did to Osman in Malaysia in front of a sold-out hometown crowd was spectacular and proved Mazepa can fight and has no pressure as the visitor. But even when she won the fight, my heart didn’t skip a beat. I mean I was looking for it anyhow, she has really good game.
3.    Did you learn about Mazepa watching that fight?
I know that she’s strong, she’s experienced in the stand-up but I also know too that she’s limited in certain areas and I see that as an advantage on my side.
4.    What have you been working on since your last fight?
I’ve stayed busy at at Bishop Gorman, training four times a week to integrate grappling techniques to my overall game. I worked hard with my coach, Ricky Lundell, who has helped me improve my ground game. I’m got to credit a lot to my team, and my coach is super organised, and he knows which buttons to push to make me want to work.
5.    What are your plans after this fight against Irina Mazepa?
I got a couple fights left with ONE Championship and I’m looking forward in finishing off with some really, really homerun knockout performances. Like when I take care of Irina, I wanna call Ann Osman like you know, it’s up to the play. I really finish your job and I was going in and continue with our job and then let’s get it on.
Quotes from Ana Julaton’s coach, Ricky Lundell
I don’t think her opponent know what’s coming for because what they saw a year ago is not what they’re gonna see now. I mean, the quickness to the shots, the ability to take somebody down, the control aspect as well as being able to land submissions and ground-and-pound.
I mean now this is the entirely different fighter, it’s not just a boxer out there that has a little bit of understanding of the ground. This is a world class boxer who’s been working on world class takedowns and submissions abilities so this is gonna be a different fight. It’s gonna be exciting to watch this to come into fruition finally.

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Ana “The Hurricane “Julaton dominates Angel Gladney


by: powsalud|powcast.net

Ana “The Hurricane “Julaton dominates Angel Gladney, A bloody fight that was close to being stop by the referee ended in a unanimous decision in favor of our very own Filipino-American boxer Ana Julaton. The 8-round non-title fight in Florida was Julaton 12th professional fight. Julaton is the first Filipino-American to win the Women’s World Boxing Organization (WBO) super bantamweight and International Boxing Association (IBA) super bantamweight titles. (source)