Glen Rice on What is Missing in Philippine Basketball

Glen Rice one of the best shooters in the NBA is in Manila for the second time to grace the Filipino Heritage Week.  He is no stranger to Philippine basketball having played with the locals. We asked him on what he thinks is missing with Philippine basketball to be able to make it to the NBA.

Glen Rice Do Not Think The Bucks Will Win The Championship This Year

Glen Rice was there to watch the NBA Filipino Heritage Week Matchup between Bucks vs Warriors. The Warriors beat the Bucks 117-92.
After the game Philippine Media asked him about the chances of the Milwaukee Bucks.
Milwaukee is not one of the elite teams that’s gonna challenge for a championship – Glen Rice.

Glen Rice on Who Will Win 2017 March Madness

We know that Glen Rice was a great scorer and a champion in his NBA years but it didn’t start there.

It is March Madness and I think it’s just relevant to mention that Glen Rice was one of the sought after players during college. He was a big ten player of the year, final four most outstanding player and above all an NCAA champion. So he knows for sure a lot about college ball.

We ask him about his NCAA bracket this year and who he thinks will win it all the way.

Confused Glen Rice Funny Interview Sequence Because of LA Tenorio

Poor Glen Rice.

First, he could not follow the query and got confused. L.A. with L.A.? Is LA in LA, LA Tenorio in Los Angeles?

This ain’t a tongue twister nor a trivia question but it took awhile before Glen Rice finally understood what we were talking about. It took 5 media men straighten out what was being asked.

Check out the funny interview sequence.

Glen Rice and Allan Caidic Meet Again

Seven years ago, when both shooters last met, Allan Caidic made a lasting impression when he won a three-point shootout against Glen Rice during the NBA Asia Challenge. 
Fast forward today, as the NBA legend requested himself, the two meet again. 
The reunion between the two basketball legends was completed when Caidic handed Rice a copy of his 2006 book about his life.

Glen Rice Surprised Kids Playing Basketball on the Street – Requested a dunk?!

Glen Rice Surprised Kids Playing Basketball on the Street - Requested a dunk?!

For these young kids, playing basketball in the street is normal but when NBA Superstar Glen Rice shows up on the court it made it a little more special.

Check out Glen Rice as he interacts with the kids.

One kid requested  him to dunk and he responded by saying ” I’m too old”.

Look Who’s Coming to Town! Glen Rice in Manila


NBA Legend Glen Rice will be in the Philippines for the first-ever NBA Filipino Heritage Week.
NBA will celebrate Philippine culture with locals and fans around the world. NBA Filipino Heritage Week matchups feature the Heat facing the New Orleans Pelicans and the Minnesota Timberwolves March 16 and 18 respectively, with the Golden State Warriors taking on the Milwaukee Bucks on March 19. NBA Champion Glen Rice will attend the viewing parties for the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors Filipino Heritage Nights on March 18-19. Fans taking part in the viewing parties will get the opportunity to win special prizes from the NBA and partners.
The venue will be at Globe Iconic Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater Lower Ground Southeast Building, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig.
If you are a young basketball fan and you do not know Glen Rice, you can check out the video below.

Glen Rice and Sarah Palin Scandal video!

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