Devin Booker’s Ugly Injury Will Put Him to the Sideline for 3 Weeks, Whats Next for the Suns?

Devin Booker sustained a left adductor strain in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night’s game at Toronto.

The Brightest Spot of the Suns will be sidelined for 3 weeks.
The 21-year-old and the 2015, 13th pick overall of the Pheonix Suns is injured and will be out for at least 3 weeks as confirmed by the team. Booker suffered a left adductor strain in the fourth quarter against Toronto Raptors.
Booker is the leading scorer and the go-to guy for the struggling Suns. His averages are 24 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. The Suns is already pretty bad with him and is currently with 9 wins and 17 losses. Without the main m, n you can expect the Suns to further fade especially if other players will not step up.

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Whats Next?

Josh Jackson, Derrick Jones Jr, Tyler Ullis and Mike James should have bigger roles during the 3 -week period. Troy Daniel may also see an increase in minutes but don’t expect the Suns to start winning games and with Devin Booker out of the lineup, the people may have lesser reasons to watch the Suns play, unless they start winning again.
Check out what happened 1:05 of the video. 

Eric Bledsoe Wants Out: Potential Destinations

Eric Bledsoe Wants out of the Hair Salon

This is his explanation to the Suns Management when asked about the riddled tweet.

Eric Bledsoe Milwaukee Bucks
Yesterday, Eric Bledsoe the 27-year-old point guard and the best player of the Phoenix Suns this year took to twitter and posted a conspicuous message that got the NBA universe reacting, especially as it came after the announcement that their head coach Earl Watson has been fired for. 
The Phoenix Suns have been on the dark side lately and while they have a number of young pieces to work with, they have not seen the light in recent years and the current situation just proved the predicament that they are in right now. 
Eric Bledsoe has been a core piece of the Suns for four years. He has averaged no less than 17 points in each of the seasons but he also has been troubled by injury except in 2014-15 season where he played 81 games. He played an average of 45 games in three of his four seasons, this is half of the total games per NBA season. 


Granted: Phoenix Suns is letting go of their perennial point guard

Here are a few teams which surfaced as a potential destination of Bledsoe:

Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks already got a good point guard in Malcolm Brogdon but they may still be interested in an upgrade considering that they want to ensure that they make Giannis a happy camper if they want him to stay in Milwaukee. Having Eric Bledsoe would make the Bucks more dangerous especially with pick and role plays that involve the two. Getting Bledsoe would come at a high price and it may involve letting go of future drafts and young players like John Henson or possibly Brogdon.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Cleveland is loaded with guards, guards who are injured that is. LeBron James ‘ team has always been in the conversation of getting Eric Bledsoe, in fact, they could have gotten Eric Bledsoe instead of Isiah Thomas if only Phoenix would have given more. Now Phoenix may need to settle for a number of second stringers like Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert.  Eric Bledsoe if added to the roster would make the already crowded backcourt even stiffer.

New York Knicks: Eric Bledsoe in New York! Seems far-fetched but according to sources, the Suns is interested in young rookie Frank Ntilikina. This is a big risk for Phoenix but an exciting prospect for Bledsoe as he could team up with one of the rising stars in the NBA, Kriztaps.

Los Angeles Clippers: CP3 is hard to replace, even with Patrick Beverly and Milos Teodosic (injured) already in the lineup, Clippers may be looking for more upgrade in the point guard position and Eric Bledsoe could be their opportunity. Clippers may need to let go of draft pick, Wesley Johnson and the son of the head coach Austin Rivers.
There are other teams in the running so don’t be surprised if he gets traded somewhere else but one thing is for sure, Eric Bledsoe wants out of the Phoenix Hair Salon!

Phoneix Suns Dimmed Hope of Trading Brandon Knight After Season Ending Injury

The Suns no longer shines as the Knight goes down

Behind closed doors, the Phoenix Suns was trying to make something happen but the lights are becoming dimmer once again as their 25-year-old point guard who was supposed to be traded suffered an ACL tore in his left knee playing in a pro-am league last week.
Knight, who was once a young prospect played his worst year last season averaging a career low of 11 points per game. The season got worse as he now will be sidelined for the rest of the season.
Knight has a roughly 44 million dollar contract for three years and the Suns may consider waiving him or trading him away.
The Suns is going on eclipse mode.
Do you think Brandon Knight should be waived?


Easy riddles


Devin Booker drops 70 points but still not enough for Phoenix Suns to beat Boston Celtics

We all know the upside of Devin Booker. He is the face of Phoenix Suns already and he continue to improve year-by-year. With all of this, no one really think that Devin can drop 70 points against the Celtics today at TD garden.

Booker’s 70-point night was the highest-scoring game since Kobe Bryant scored 81 in 2006, and the most points ever scored against the Celtics. He joined an elite club including Elgin Baylor (who held the record with 64 against Boston), Wilt Chamberlain, David Thompson and David Robinson.

But this scoring rampage of Booker wasn’t enough to lift the Phoenix Suns against the Boston Celtics with a score of 130 – 120 in favor of the guys in green.

This guys seems legit! We are seeing a superstar in the making!

Raptors and Suns Trade: PJ Tucker and Jared Sullinger

Raptors and Suns Trade: PJ Tucket and Jared Sullinger
Shake up in Phoenix as they trade their long time starter PJ Tucker to Toronto Raptors in exchange for forward Jared Sullinger and two second-round picks. 
The Phoenix Suns is dead last in the Western Conference standing with 18 wins and 39 loss. It’s obvious that they need to make a lot of changes and they are starting with PJ Tucker sending him back to the team that he played for in his first year in the NBA.
PJ Tucker while never averaging in double digits is a critical part of the rotation and the defensive strategies of the Phoenix Suns.  The only bright spot for the Suns is that they have a number of young talented players that can carry them to the future. 
What do you think about this trade?  

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NBA Dunk of the year? by Zach Lavine over Len

Zach Lavine just showed us why he is the slamdunk King.. Truly the moniker is right “Splash Brothers” 

Zach Lavine just ended Alex Len’s Career as he dunked over him and len actually still dizzy passed the ball effortlessly and got stolen by Rubio..

Here is the highlight courtesy of Ximo Pierto


Written by:
Aldrin C.
Solid fan of wolves and Celtics. 

Phoenix Suns Mispelled the Name of Eric Bledsoe on Jersey Against Golden State Warriors

The Phoenix Suns guard, Eric Bledsoe played last Sunday night against the Golden State Warriors wearing a jersey with his misspelled name. It should be ‘Bledsoe’, but he wears it with his last name spelled as ‘Beldsoe’.
The misspelled name was corrected later in the first half.
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Brandon Knight and Dee Brown will visit PH for NBA Fit

Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight and Boston Celtics former guard Dee Brown will visit the Philippines for the NBA Fit Week starting July 19.

Knight and Brown will lead the training of elite Filipino athletes and coaches in this year’s Gatorade NBA Training Center.

“I’m looking forward to participating in NBA FIT Week and teaching talented young players in the Philippines the importance of fitness and nutrition both on and off the court,” Knight said. “Being a great player is the product of maintaining good workout, eating and sleeping habits.”

Brandon Knight averaged 19.6 points, 3.6 rebounds and 5.1 assists last season for the Suns.

“I’m excited to visit the Philippines for the first time and experience the passion that Filipino fans have for basketball.” Brown said. “Having had the opportunity to work in the NBA, WNBA and NBA D-League, I look forward to sharing my coaching knowledge and providing valuable insights on fitness and conditioning to help athletes and coaches elevate their games to the next level.”

Dee Brown  averaged 11.1 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.7 assists over his entire career. He is the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion and also known as for his famous dunk called “The Dab Dunk”. He also played for the Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic.

The Gatorade NBA Training Center will be held at the Gatorade Hoops Center in Shaw.

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23 Years Ago Today – Michael Jordan was named the NBA Finals MVP for the third straight year

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

June 20, 1993 at Phoenix  – John Paxson hit a clutch 3-pointer with 3.9 seconds left and Horace Grant blocked Kevin Johnson’s shot in the final second that lifted Chicago to a 99-98 win at Phoenix in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, clinching the Bulls’ third consecutive NBA Championship. 

Chicago became only the third NBA franchise (along with Boston, 1959-66, and Minneapolis, 1952-54) to win three straight titles. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls was named the NBA Finals MVP for the third straight year after averaging a Finals record 41.0 points per game, along with 8.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Magic Johnson is the only other player in NBA history to win at least three NBA Finals MVP awards.
See the Bulls vs. Suns Game 6 Highlights below:

NBA fined Markieff Morris $10K over tweet trade demand

The NBA has fined Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris a sum of $10,000 for publicly demanding a trade.

The league’s official announcement Tuesday cited a “public statement detrimental to the NBA.” Sources told that the decision to sanction Morris was clinched after a tweet last week stating that “my future is not in Phoenix.”

That tweet followed a lengthy interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer in early August in which Morris announced in regards to the coming season with the Suns: “One thing is for sure, I am not going to be there.”

Morris’ dismay stems in large part from the Suns’ decision to trade his twin brother Marcus Morris to Detroit in July. The Morris twins agreed to contract extensions in September 2014 at what was widely considered a discount, with the two deals totaling a combined $52 million, in hopes of being able to ensure they would keep playing together.

The Suns struck a verbal agreement in July to trade Marcus Morris to Detroit as part of a salary dump designed to give Phoenix sufficient salary-cap space to sign LaMarcus Aldridge, which naturally would have had an impact on Markieff Morris, as well. Aldridge wound up spurning the Suns to sign with San Antonio, but the trade of Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock and Danny Granger to the Pistons went through as planned.

Shawn Marion may retire according to ESPN.

Shawn “the Matrix” Marion

He told the newspaper at the time that he believed he could play another two or three seasons but that being away from his first child, infant son Shawn, convinced him it was time to walk away.
“I wanted to go out on my terms,” Marion told the newspaper. “The biggest thing is having a son. I got attached to him. Seeing him periodically is hard. Watching him grow up on pictures and videos is hard.”

Shawn Marion is just doing the right thing as a father we have to focus our time and dedicate it to our children. Marion is a 16 year NBA veteran and was drafted by the Phoenix Suns (9th overall) in the 1999 NBA Draft, he stayed there for almost 9 years before he got traded to Heat (2008) but the year after (2009) he got traded again to the Raptors. He signed a 5 year 39 million contract before he got traded to Dallas.

With Dallas he was able to win 1 NBA Championship in 2011, when the Mavericks beat the Miami Heat by a virtue of 4-2. 

On January 3, 2014, he passed the 17,000-point mark and joined Olajuwon, Malone and Garnett as the only players with at least 17,000 points, 9,000 rebounds, 1,500 steals and 1,000 blocks.

It has been a great career for the matrix one of the most well rounded players to play the game, with that here is his career highlights.

Thank you so much for giving us a great career Shawn Marion, we wish you the best on your future endeavors and good luck with your family.

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