Championship shifts to Katipunan Anew as Ateneo outlasted La Salle in Game 3 of UAAP Finals

After missing a hook shot in the eliminations that may have given an outright finals berth, Isaac Go may have drained the biggest 3-point shot of his young collegiate career.
With 2 seconds remaining in their shot clock, Go received a pass from Thirdy Ravena and with no choice but to put up a shot, Go put up a looper and swishes the net as the buzzer sounds.
It was a grit and grind game as usual as La Salle managed to take the lead midway the 3rd quarter but Ateneo made a huge run in the 4th quarter to give them an 8 point lead. But again, La Salle fought back and cut the lead into 2 with Andrei Caracut 3-pointer. Then the Isaac Go Title-Clinching shot happened.

The supporter of both teams made the game more exciting as 22,012 fans made it to the venue to watch their favorite teams.
Thirdy Ravena was crowned Finals MVP as he finished the game with 17 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists while Matt Nieto. Chiz Ikeh and Antos Asistio combined for 37 points to help Ravena.
Meanwhile, Season MVP Ben Mbala managed to collect 19 points, 14 rebounds, 1 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks while Aljun Melecio, Ricci Rivero, Andre Caracut and Leonard Santillan managed to contribute, 16, 14, 13 and 11 points respectively.
With this championship, Ateneo Blue Eagles will get an iPhone X and Trip to Hongkong bonus from “MVP” Manny V. Pangilinan.

Korean Novela in Wuhan: Philippines Dream Shattered

Sad Ending to a Promising Start for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas

An excellent start has ended with ah ah  well ended. Smart Gilas won almost every game in the elimination round of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship in Wuhan, China. Smart Gilas was cruising the elimination round and was playing like a well oiled machine. They are poised to win it all, but what seemed to be a good sign of things to come turned out to be a  preparation for a much bigger heartache. Oh well it must’ve felt like falling down from Mt Everest and landing face first on a rock and to make matter worst we lost to the same team that gave us the same feeling back in the Asian games. 

I hate Koreans, Koreans made us cry with their telenovelas and it looks like its the same with basketball.
The Philippine team  played their heart out but just could not pull it off when it mattered the most. Last two games were the biggest games for the Philippines of the tournament but just (exhale) could not hold the lead. The loss to Jordan was acceptable it was really a bad game for the Philippines but with the lost to the Koreans was just painful. Losing this way to the Koreans is just , is just……… I cant find the words to explain, its more than upsetting. Imagine leading the whole game just to give it away in the end. Its a total eclipse of the heart. Smart Gilas is a very talented team however they showed that they are bunch of newbies choking themselves to death in the fourth quarter. 
What is next for the Smart Gilas? 
Most of these players are going pro so we will still see them play in the Philippine Basketball Association so this means that the national squad would have to rebuild once again and start a new.  Well cycle goes on and the quest for the Philippines to reach the Olympics would have to be on hold for now however the road to being one of the supreme team in Asia is still open, its long way ahead but its now clearer, with this tournament we have established once again that we are a team to beat in Asia and our quest to be on top of the podium is within the grasp of our hand. Sooner hopefully not later we will be the the number 1 team in Asia once again, we should be as we are the craziest basketball fan in the world.

I am still proud of our Philippine basketball team.  Go Smart Gilas!  

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Derrick Rose Fails!

Derrick Rose like Kobe Bryant got some huge following in the Philippines so you can expect a lot of fans to shout and cheer for him. While people is chanting MVP Derrick Rose try to impress but fails. Derrick Rose failed dribble, lay up and free throw. Anyways still put a smile on Filipino fans even as he misses two free throws.. MVP!

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Derrick Rose Fails!
Derrick Rose Fails!


Manny V. Pangilinan really wants to own an NBA team!

by: Pow Salud|Home

 MVP Hawks, Sixer
Manny V. Pangilinan and his crew has been busy talking to NBA teams about acquisition. We first heard of this news when they started talking to Sacramento Kings a few month ago and now looks like they are also talking to teams like Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia sixers. The Bisiness Mogul could be the first Filipino to own an NBA team. (source)

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Manny V. Pangilinan could be the first Asian to control an NBA franchise?

Its not a secret that Sacramento Kings in the NBA is struggling financially and the news of a potential Filipino investor is nothing but intriguing, titillating and above all exciting.
Businessman Manny V. Pangilinan owner of Filipino Basketball clubs is looking to go big time in the NBA by potentially becoming a majority owner the Sacramento Kings.
This is almost close to reality as Pangilinan express his interest to invest and with his recent trip to Sacramento to visit the facilities, its not far from happening.
He said he would need to invest between $200 million and $260 million for a stake in the Kings, and that this would be done in his personal capacity.

Manny V Pangilinan meets with SF officials

source: Waylon Galvez |

The possibility of telecommunications tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan joining the Sacramento Kings in the near future gained positive feedback after his group met some officials of the city the other day in San Francisco.

The meeting was not actually in the schedule of Pangilinan’s group, which included top executives Ricky Vargas, Al Panlilio and Patrick Gregorio, as well as Talk ‘N Text coach Chot Reyes and Meralco mentor Ryan Gregorio.

But in a statement, Pangilinan, “upon the encouragement of the city of Sacramentomet the city officials.

The Sacramento Mayor is former NBA superstar Kevin Johnson.

“The purpose was to explore the possibility of forming an investors’ group which may be interested in investing in the SK,” said Pangilinan, who owns several businesses in the country as well as in Hong Kong.

The meeting took place on Tuesday, and Pangilinan’s group was accompanied by former Sacramento King Chris Webber, who recently visited the country as part of a group that played against the PBA players in an exhibition game.

The Maloof family, led by brothers Joe and Gavin, which has 80 percent share of the NBA franchise, has agreed to stay in Sacramento for one more season, delaying their plan to transfer to nearby Anaheim, California.

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Brokers await Manny Pangilinan move on NBA deal

source: Joaquin Henson |

Two US-based female brokers – one a Filipina marketing specialist from Cincinnati and the other an American financial analyst with an investment bank

– are negotiating a deal for a group led by PLDT chairman Manny V. Pangilinan to take over majority control of the struggling NBA franchise Sacramento Kings.

The brokers were in Manila two weeks ago to confer with Pangilinan on an offer to buy up to 80 percent of the team owned by the Maloof family. Pangilinan was reportedly with Maynilad president Ricky Vargas, MVP Sports Foundation president and Meralco senior vice president Al Panlilio, Maynilad senior vice president Patrick Gregorio and Talk ‘N’ Text coach Chot Reyes when he met the brokers at the PLDT building in Makati.

A source close to the brokers said the amount of $250 million was mentioned as “a possible opening bid to get the ball rolling.” It was not certain if the Maloofs, saddled in debt, knew the brokers would approach a Filipino group but the source said Sacramento City Mayor Kevin Johnson was aware.

Mayor Johnson even remarked that Sacramento and Manila are sister cities,” said the source. “He wants to keep the team in Sacramento because there is a move to relocate it to Anaheim. Mayor Johnson hopes to lead a drive to put up a new state-of-the-art coliseum for the Kings. He’s excited about the possibility of a Filipino group owning the franchise.”

The source added that the team owner of another California NBA franchise was informed of the approach to the Filipino group and expressed support. “In fact, he even asked if the Filipino group could send a letter of intent to buy the franchise to the NBA in time for the Board of Governors meeting,” said the source. However, no letter of intent was given.

The NBA Board of Governors meeting started yesterday and will end today (US time) in New York. The Maloofs were given a deadline of up to Monday to request the NBA for approval to relocate to Anaheim. Mayor Johnson was scheduled to attend the Board meeting and make a pitch to save the Sacramento franchise. Several groups, including one linked to former Kings star Chris Webber, have indicated support for Mayor Johnson’s campaign.

The source said 20 percent of the franchise has been offered to a New York investment group. He added that the two brokers are receiving vital information on basketball operations from an NBA assistant coach and a former NBA player who is the shooting instructor of an NBA superstar.

Mr. Pangilinan was even invited to watch the Los Angeles Lakers-Oklahoma City game in Los Angeles last Sunday,” said the source. “We were told that Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss wanted to meet Mr. Pangilinan although that wasn’t confirmed. We were also informed that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would support the move to keep the Kings in Sacramento.”

Whether the Maloofs will sell the franchise or not if it relocates to Anaheim is a question mark. At the moment, the Maloofs owe the Sacramento City government $77 million to operate the Kings franchise which reportedly absorbs a loss of $25 to $28 million a year.

The source said that while Pangilinan may be interested in considering the offer, he has other business priorities to tackle. “It’s no joke buying an NBA franchise,” said the source. “It may not happen in the near future but who knows? So far, no lawyers have been assigned to look into the offer.”

Another source close to Pangilinan said yesterday there are no developments regarding the offer.

We were told that the NBA wants to invite Mr. Pangilinan for a meeting just to talk, know the NBA better and chat with commissioner David Stern,” said the source. “The things for consideration in owning an NBA team are absentee ownership, not too keen on being a part of a stadium construction, viability of the team and compelling justification linking the acquisition to the business.”


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