Manila Ink Show: The Golden Boy’s Father will Come out of Retirement to Fight Again?

Manila Ink Show: 

One fighter will try to ink a new chapter in his fighting career

“El Tigre”, that is how Charles De Tomas was called during his fighting days but since then the tiger has stepped aside to nurture his son the Golden Boy CJ De Tomas.
It is unclear why the father is going back but one thing we know for sure is, a fighter is always going to be a fighter and if a challenge presents itself, Tigers don’t back down.
Charles De Tomas doesn’t have a pretty resume compared to his son. Retiring after suffering two defeats in a row, Charles compiled a record of 3 wins and 4 losses dating back to his last fight 5 years ago.
A lot of comments has been made on Facebook about his return and the recent post by the founder of UGB Ferdie Munsayac may have triggered us to write this article as I suddenly became curious about CJ’s father.
How does he fight? Has he improved now?
I guess we will find out at the Manila Ink Show on Nov 25 @ the Metro Tent!!!

Pinoy UFC Fighter CJ De Tomas Shares His Inspirations, Preparations and Revelations, His Message to Local MMA Promoters

CJ De Tomas shares his experience in the UFC, preparations and his no holds barred comments to the MMA promotions in the Philippines. 

The Golden Boy maybe considered as local MMA superstar in the Philippines but he had a rude awakening when he first stepped in the UFC cage. Recently getting an opportunity to fight for the top MMA promotion in the world, CJ De Tomas fell short as he battled not just his opponent but forces outside of the cage as he admits issues with his camp, family and financial burden. 
Being a fighter is not easy – CJ De Tomas
CJ De Tomas opened up with Pow Salud as he gave us a quick glimpse of the challenges he had as well as the reasons why he fights. At a young age of 21, De Tomas already considered himself as a family man and will do everything for his wife and daughter.
The Golden Boy understands that the UFC is different and also calls out local MMA as he frankly shares his views on local MMA and how it should work together as a unit and not be divided.  An obviously disheartened CJ also could not hold his dismay against local MMA promoters who does not treat the fighters well and even offered a piece of advice:
“Sa mga promoters, pinaka priority nyo yung fighters, hindi mabubuhay yung promotions nyo kung wala yung mga fighters, kung hindi kayo marunong mag alaga matatalo kayo, kelangan marunong kayo mag alaga,  buti pa yung manok may premyo, sa fighter thank you lang” 

Check out the full interview with the Golden Boy CJ De Tomas. 
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Will CJ De Tomas continue to be a star in the UFC?

Strongly believes that he will
There is a potential
I doubt it
He will be an average fighter

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CJ De Tomas Lost in UFC Debut but Showed Heart and Promise

CJ has been a household name in Philippine MMA Community. So when the young MMA fighter got the news that he will be fighting in the UFC, everyone got excited.
Fast forward today, the MMA community was in full support to watch the Golden Boy show his talent in the UFC. Faced against another undefeated fighter, Japanese Naoki Inoue (11-0) in a flyweight battle.
CJ got a tough challenge ahead. 
CJ De Tomas who came in also undfeated struggled to make weight (131 lbs) and had to forfeit a portion of his purse. At 20, CJ is a growing man and to make the 125 lb flyweight limit might be too difficult for him.
The fight starts: With chills in my spine and excitement. The fight Between Naoki Inoue and CJ De Tomas started. Both fighters looked as if they were both veterans in the cage as they scrambled to the ground countering each other with submission moves after another. Inoue showed quickness and great ground game as he forces De Tomas to defend.  The first round ended with CJ grasping for air. 
The second round was the same story as the slick Japanese was tremendous on the ground, switching and turning and taking the back of CJ with ease.  De Tomas who was in defensive mode most of the time, showed great defense and an amazing fighting spirit as he endured a last minute arm bar that looks to break his arm.
The third round came in with Inoue still looking fresh and was moving more against CJ who looks a bit tired and flat footed. The fight went on and the two fighters once again ended on the ground with Inoue taking offense and De Tomas on defense. Later on the round, De Tomas was able to reverse the position and had a brief moment of success, even attempting a choke of his own. 
It was a grueling fight that has to end in a decision. Both men showed grit but today the Japanese came on top winning via unanimous decision with the score of 30-26 from all 3 judges. 
CJ De Tomas suffered his first loss as an MMA fighter but showed that he has the skill and the heart to compete in the highest level of Mixed Martial Arts.

UFC Open Workout in Manila with Gegard Mousasi and our very own Jenel Lausa and CJ De Tomas

May 05, 2017 – MMA fans gathered at Glorietta 2 Activity Center for an open work out with UFC fighters Gegard Mousasi, Jenel ”The Demolition Man” Lausa and CJ “The Golden Boy” De Tomas.
Everyone were cheering for the three, as they came up on stage one by one. Fresh from his recent victory against Chris White, the 4-time world champion Gegard Mousasi showcased his skills in front of Filipino fight fans. He also showed his grappling moves and delighted the fans to a rare moment sparring with the URCC two weight division champ Chris Hoffmann who is also a great candidate to becoming a UFC fighter. CJ and Jenel also showed their skills and also gave a sparring show.

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat sa pagsuporta sa Filipino fighters” – Jenel Lausa

“Iba tayo, filipino, puso kahit alam na high level, nag pu-pursige” – CJ De Tomas

CJ De Tomas UFC debut fight is against a Japanese fighter Naoki Inoue at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore on June 17.
After the open work out, UFC fans were treated with an opportunity to a meet and greet, photos and some autograph signing.

7 Reasons Why CJ De Tomas will be the Manny Pacquiao of MMA

URCC founder Alvin Aguilar, the long-time promoter of CJ De Tomas once said: Our goal is to develop and look for the next Manny Pacquiao and I have a gut feeling that we could be staring at him right now.
There are a lot of ways to be popular. CJ De Tomas has done it perfectly the right way.  CJ is famous to Pinoy MMA fans and now that he has officially signed with the UFC, you can expect more following.
It’s true that there are other Pinoys that has made a name in the MMA. The likes of Brandon Vera, Mark Munoz and most recently, Jenel Lausa who is another prospect to watch out for.
I do, however, strongly feel that CJ De Tomas might be the guy to carry the banner of the Philippines to MMA stardom.
A local boy from Quezon City, the story of CJ De Tomas would have not started without his father who came all the way from Zamboanga Del Sur in search for an opportunity and found himself fighting on the MMA ring. CJ’s father, Charles De Tomas, was a fighter himself, the instigator and was the first coach of CJ.
CJ De Tomas who started competing at a very young age had already amassed a number of winnings collecting gold trophies and medals after another earning him the nickname, Golden Boy.
Only at 20 years old, CJ DeTomas is battle tested with a lot of amateur fights under his wing and 8 professional fights under URCC promotion. Currently undefeated, he will bring his unblemished record to the UFC and continue his journey as an MMA fighter.
Before he starts his quest in the UFC, let’s talk about why we see a lot of likeness between Manny Pacquiao and CJ De Tomas.
7 Reasons why we think CJ De Tomas would be the next Manny Pacquiao of MMA

Event Announcer Pow Salud and Referee CJ De Tomas at Centennial MMA Event

Rags to hopefully, Riches Although nicknamed Golden boy, he does not have the golden spoon to start with. He had to work multiple jobs and had to support himself through his journey.  I remember vividly on one of my conversations with CJ, he said that a lot of fighters would have given up on fighting because of lack of support and fighting locally isn’t exactly that lucrative yet. Fighters who are single could not even support themselves let alone if you have a family.
CJ De Tomas after winning a fight at URCC event

Humility – While other fighters would brag and show off, CJ De Tomas has stayed quiet and humble. I am a firsthand witness to how down to earn this guy is. Regardless who he is fighting, he has maintained professionalism and respect to his opponent. A true attitude of a real champion.
CJ De Tomas Knocking out an opponent at MFC Fight Night

A skilled fighter –  A coach himself,  he has proven that he has the skill to defeat fighters standing up and on the ground. His arsenal is continuously evolving and his dedication and focus are second to none. Currently at 8 wins with 0 loss professionally, his skills is ready for the big league.

CJ De Tomas with his opponent and team at URCC Event

Great teammate/coach – A supporter of the sport and his teammates, CJ De Tomas is often seen coaching in his gym, cornering his teammates and fighters and refereeing local MMA events. These gives him an overall and different perspective of the fight game.

Bloodied CJ De Tomas continue to fight under difficult circumstances

Room for improvement – CJ DeTomas isn’t done at 20 years old.  His body is young and muscles still developing, he has not reached his peak yet. With his drive and persistence to learn more and his focus to improve himself, I do not think we have seen the best of CJ De Tomas yet.
The Champion walking out 

Charisma – Just a smile from CJ after winning a fight is what all it takes. He is the kind of guy who does not necessarily have to promote himself and is never arrogant. He is a man that lets his fighting do the talking. We hope that CJ will stay that way.
CJ De Tomas pregnant wife watches his hard fought battle inside the cage

Support system – Local fans, friends and family. CJ De Tomas has already created a following in the local MMA scene and these people like ourselves would continue to support him. It is not always peaches and cream, there would be highs and lows. A dedicated support system plays a big role into helping a fighter get through the hard times. I want to especially mention his wife Rina who has been on the sideline most of his fights, his number one fan.  
Our interview with CJ De Tomas when he won his URCC Flyweight Champion against Hideo Morikawa. Truly a  humble guy.

Carls John “The Golden Boy” De Tomas first fight in the UFC will be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 17.

Share this story so more people would get to know CJ. Thanks!

Filipino Champion CJ De Tomas added to UFC Fight Night 111

19 year old Carls John “The Golden Boy” De Tomas, has been rewarded with a UFC contract and a fight for the Singapore card taking place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 17.

Currently riding an unblemished eight fight winning streak, the Filipino URCC flyweight champion will be making his UFC debut against Deep MMA competitor Naoki Inoue. The Japanese fighter with a professional fight record of 10 wins, 0 losses will also be stepping into the octagon for the first time, in what is sure to be an explosive battle between two decorated mat prospects.

De Tomas is the eighteenth Filipino to be added to the UFC roster if I’m not mistaken.

Related link: Preview: CJ “The Golden Boy” de Tomas

Former UFC heavyweight Champion and current No.8 ranked Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski (25-14-0, 1NC, fighting out of Chicago Illinois) has claimed his spot on the Singapore fight card. Arlovski, a product of the famed Jackson-Wink MMA Academy and a veteran of the heavyweight division, has met and defeated almost every name of note on the heavyweight roster. He will now face off against the surging Polish prodigy Marcin “Tybur” Tybura” (15-2-0, fighting out of Warszawa, Poland) who is coming off back to back knock out wins in his last two UFC outings.

Japanese MMA legend, Takanori “The Fireball Kid” Gomi, ( 35-12-0,1NC, fighting out of Tokyo, Japan) will fight for the first time in Singapore. A fan favorite from his stint in Japan’s PRIDE FC, Gomi is known for his heavy punches and endurance. He will be taking on the well rounded American, Jon “Super Saiyan” Tuck (9-4-0, fighting out of Hagatna Guam, USA), who won his first Performance of the Night bonus in the Philippines when he submitted Korea’s Tae Hyun Bang.

A flyweight scrap will see Japan’s talented “Ulka” Sasaki (19-4-2, fighting out of Shizuoka, Japan), an unusually long and tall flyweight, clash with UFC veteran Justin Scoggins (11-3-0, fighting out of Spartanburg South Carolina, USA) in what will be an exciting technical matchup.

A former Korean regional Champion and UFC prospect “Handsome” Kwan Ho Kwak (9-1-0, fighting out of Seoul, South Korea) looks to win glory for his home country with a win over Hawaiian striker Russell Doane (14-7-0, fighting out of Honolulu Hawaii, USA).

Heavyweight standouts Cyril “Silverback” Asker (8-2-0, fighting out of Avignon, France) and Walt “The Big Ticket” Harris (9-5-0, fighting out of Birmingham Alabama, USA) will also throw down in what will surely be a heavy hitting war as the two vie to make their debut in the UFC’s heavyweight rankings.

Tickets for UFC FIGHT NIGHT® SINGAPORE will go on sale Friday, April 7 at 10am and are priced at S$378, S$248, S$128, S$98, and S$58 (prices do not include applicable service charges and fees).  Tickets will be available for purchase online at, the Sports Hub Tix Box Office, Sports Hub Tix Outlets at all SingPost locations, and by calling Sports Hub Tix Hotline at +65 3158 7888.  Early bird promotions will be available from April 7 – 21.

Please continue to check for more information or current fight news. All bouts are live and subject to change. Other bouts will be confirmed as they become available.

UFC Fight Night 111 unofficial fight card:

Heavyweight:Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcin Tybura
Bantamweight: Kwan Ho Kwak vs. Russell Doane
Lightweight: Jon Tuck vs. Takanori Gomi Flyweight: Justin Scoggins vs. Ulka Sasaki
Heavyweight: Cyril Asker vs. Walt Harris
Welterweight bout: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Tarec Saffiedine
Flyweight bout: Naoki Inoue vs. Carls John de Tomas

URCC 28: Vindication Was Arguably One Of The Best Fight Cards

URCC 28: Vindication was as BIGGEST BADDEST as I expected to be. The preliminary card bouts had action-packed and multiple finishes. Ref had to stop the fight as Mechavez pounded out Macaria via TKO (doctor stoppage) in round  two. Solomon Dultra also finished MJ Abrillo in the second round by way of submission. Drex Zamboanga climbed to the top of the cage celebrating for choking out Sem Bicaldo.
Do Gyeom Lee successfully defended his featherweight title vs. Ryan Dela Cruz. An elbow opened up a cut above Lee’s forehead and leg kicks rendered the Filipino’s left leg swollen. After the five rounds of back and forth, Lee was the winner by unanimous decision. Two warriors with plenty of motivations to get the win co-headlined the night. Both have all the makings for a great fight. CJ De Tomas with series of slams to the ground outwrestled Alvin Ramirez. Blood splattered on Ramirez from the knee to the head he gave to De Tomas. Kastigo had some great three rounds but slowed down. The flyweight championship still went to De Tomas by judges decision. A first round TKO win gave Geli Bulaong the first URCC female championship crown ever. She utilized some great ground and pound to put away Yan QiHui. Bulaong was confident and controlling that she landed some big shots and finished her Chinese opponent. Chris Hofmann’s knee dropped John Adajar before crunching his head with punches on the canvas. Holfmann claimed the middleweight strap with his second round TKO. He is now the URCC’s two-division champion. Both fighters stepped in on short notice to face each other.
The 3-on-3 match stole the show big time. It was one hell of an out war between Iyos Espinosa, John Rey Larena and team captain Arvin “Asintado” Chan vs. Mark Palomar, Patrick Dos Santos and team captain Panchito “Sugar Ray” Estroso. Team Estroso won the first ever 3 on 3 match in Asian MMA and URCC history. All six of the competitors nearly set off a brawl inside the cage.
Former flyweight champion Red Romero and Jiar Castillo were also victorious in this event. They went toe to toe for three rounds before they took the win by unanimous decision.
The Official URCC 28: Vindication Results:
3 on 3 match: Team Estroso def. Team Chan
Flyweight Championship: CJ De Tomas def. Alvin Ramirez by Unanimous Decision
Featherweight Championship: Do Gyeom Lee def. Ryan dela Cruz by Unanimous Decision
Middleweight Championship: Chris Hofmann def. Jon Adajar by TKO in round 2
Women’s Flyweight Championship: Geli Bulaong def. Yan Qi Hui by TKO in round 2
Fight Farm Finale: Jiar Castillo def. Norman Agcopra by Unanimous Decision
Featherweight: Red Romero def. Miguel Mosquera by unanimous decision
Bantamweight: Drex Zamboanga def. Sem Bicaldo by submission (Rear Naked Choke) in round 1
Strawweight: Solomon Dultra def. MJ Abrillo by submission (Triangle Choke) in round 2
Bantamweight: Rodian Menchavez def. Arjay Bongala by TKO (doctor stoppage) in round 2

Preview: CJ De Tomas vs. Alvin Ramirez for the URCC Flyweight Championship

URCC 28: Vindication will feature four title bouts. Four warriors will cement and defend their place as the Champions of their divisions.
Featherweight title holder Do Gyeom Lee will go in a war with Ryan Dela Cruz as the maint event. CJ ‘The Golden Boy’ De Tomas vs. Alvin ‘Kastigo’ Ramirez is the co-headliners of the night. The two will compete in a flyweight championship bout. This match up between these fighters who have well rounded game is a sure-fire Fight of the Night. Both can do thang on the ground as well as stand up. De Tomas and Ramirez are both hungry so when they smell blood, they are going in for the finish.

19 year old Iloilo native, CJ ‘The Golden Boy’ De Tomas was crowned the new URCC Flyweight Champion by a unanimous decision win over Hideo ‘Death From Tokyo’ Morikawa just last April 23, 2016 at URCC 27: Rebellion. On top of that, he also avenged the loss of his father to Morikawa. Therefore, he fought his heart out. De Tomas was regarded as as Asia’s youngest champion by the majority of the organizing bodies for MMA here in Asia. He has an unblemished 6-0-0 record. CJ made his URCC debut at Dutdutan 2012.
When he decided to pursue a career in MMA, he already told himself that when he starts his career he should have a belt when he turn 18 yrs. old. And that by his early 20’s he hopes to get into the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship). Then, what happened was, he already won a belt when he was 18. But, it was on WLC(Warrior’s League Championship). CJ believes that the URCC is a proving ground with stacked competition and he thinks that this organization(URCC) will help him propel up in Asian MMA rankings and help him be noticed by his dream organization, the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship).
Early in his pro career, he truly wanted to be a pinweight champion in URCC. But, he got heavier and now he’s fighting at 129 lbs, flyweight division. He really wants to get in the UFC. But, you know what they say. “Everything begins with a single step that’s why I decided to start here in URCC.” The Golden Boy will defend his flyweight title for the first time next month when he takes on Alvin ‘Kastigo’ Ramirez. The Golden Boy will face another toughest test, Kastigo who has more than three times as many fights than him. Ramirez has yet to be finished by his opponents since making his pro debut seven years ago.

The challenger will finally get what he has been working so hard for, a shot at the Champ. Alvin “Kastigo” Ramirez is definitely a synonymous name when it comes to Philippine MMA, now the current #1 URCC Flyweight contender, Ramirez got his rank by beating flyweight star, Carlo “The Samurai” Laurel in their 3-round title contender bout also last April 23, 2016 at URCC 27: Rebellion. The Samurai was leading the scorecards during their fight due to relentless takedowns and amazing striking combinations. Then, once Kastigo got his groove on everything suddenly changed. Kastigo timed a high kick after a 1-2 towards the temple of Laurel and made a HUUUUUUGE cut that made a stream of blood come out of Laurel’s eyebrow. Kastigo’s confidence is at an all-time high because of his HUGE win against Carlo “The Samurai” Laurel and that he’s training back again here in the Philippines and reunited with his master, Coach Rey Yap. A former world champion kickboxer and has been leading Yaw-Yan Buhawi, a tight-knit martial arts team that produced championship-calibre fighters such as Eddie “Balong” Estrada and Jet Hermida just to name a few. Ramirez (7-8-0) may not have as stellar a record as De Tomas, but he definitely has the experience, the drive, the tenacity and he always comes to fight. With training camp or not, he’s always ready to go.
After failing to capture the then-vacant flyweight tile against Hideo Morikawa at URCC 26: Domination way back in 2015, Ramirez gets another crack at URCC gold against one of the promotion’s youngest up and coming star. Will he finally fulfill his destiny to be champion or will De Tomas remain the flyweight king? Have your say! Find out on URCC 28: Vindication, November 6 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Resorts World, Manila.

The YOUNGEST CHAMP in ASIA! check out raw footage.

The new! and the youngest Flyweight Champion in Asia! CJ “Golden Boy” De Tomas!!

All the pain and hardworks have finally paid off for the 19yr old CJ De Tomas who convincingly claimed the URCC Flyweight Belt.

The icing on the cake was the fact that he avenged his father’s lost to the same opponent his father fought some years ago.

 It has been a showcase of ground fighting between CJ De Tomas and Hideo Morikawa.
CJ De Tomas is known for being a well rounded fighter or i must say one of the few complete pinoy fighters. In this fight he showcased his wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu skills as he was able to slam Morikawa and most of all defend the infamous leg lock!

In this video CJ mentioned that he was surprised with his cardio and with his Family around especially his dad he didn’t feel tired every round which he said is necessary because fighting Morikawa is like fighting a zombie, he recovers really fast so you really gonna have to take it easy and maintain the energy level. The Champ also thank his teammate who’s been very instrumental to successful leg lock defense. 

URCC 27 – REBELLION April 23, 2016

Universal Reality Combat Championship is back in the Philippine MMA scene!  Their first event for 2016 will feature current URCC flyweight champion Hideo “Death From Tokyo” Morikawa against C.J. “The Golden Boy” De Tomas! 
URCC 27 Rebellion is sure to blow the roof off of the Mariott Grand Ballroom!  Mark your calendars now and make sure to watch the action live!
For tickets and event updates check out

CJ de Tomas Golden Boy Walkout Shirt by Pit-Arts P 500

CJ de Tomas Golden Boy Walkout Shirt  P 500 only 

The up and comer and highly regarded future of Philippine MMA CJ de Tomas have been on a rampage lately winning MMA tournament after tournament. His growing popularity in the local MMA scene has reached new heights and as a recognition to his career,  Pit-Arts in collaboration with CJ De Tomas himself created these newly designed walkout shirt.

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The first ever MFC event took place this past Tuesday November 24th at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila.  The event was created by Mr. Jesser Cordova, chairman of Life Ring Society Inc,  to promote health and fitness among Filipino Seafarers.  According to Mr. Cordova, there are currently about 1 million Filipino Seafarers and one of the major issues the industry is facing is the poor health and fitness of our kababayans that board these ships. Being a martial artist himself, Muay Thai practitioner, he decided that the best way to whip these boys into shape was through martial arts!
The event was comprised of five Muay Thai and five Mixed Martial Arts fights.  It was a successful night filled with action and exciting knockouts.  We can’t wait for the next MFC fight night!  

Muay Thai Bouts:
The first three Muay Thai fights ended in a TKO which had the crowd in the stadium amped up and ready for more action!  Daryl Antero, a Muay Thai fighter, knocked out his opponent with a devastating right hook.  Prior to this knockout blow, it seemed as if Daryl was the one absorbing punches.  Jojo from Fight Sports caught up with Daryl to find out what happened:

“Dun ako nagising… laban na pala. Mabigat pero mabagal yung suntok nya. Alam ko na sa taas ng ulo sya tumatama. Mali ang target, matigas dun. Dapat sa baba. Kaya alam ko kaya ko! (That’s when I woke up and realized its fight time.  His punches were heavy but slow.  I also knew that he was hitting me on the top of the head. That’s the wrong target, that’s the part of the head is hard.  He should aim for the chin. I knew I could take him)”
Daryl’s fight was follow by other exciting Muay Thai bouts.  The Muay Thai portion of the event was capped off by Jonathan Pardo winning the first ever MFC Muay Thai Championship belt.  After his win Jonathan had a positive message for the Philippine Muay Thai community:
“Unang belt ko po ito. Sana may mga sumunod pa na belt.  Sana mas lalo pa mag grow ang Muay Thai sa Pilipinas. Kaya natin lumaban sa maga ibang bansa. Marami magagaling dito. (This is my first belt, I’m hoping for more belts in the future.  I also hope that Muay Thai grows further in the Philippines.  We can compete against other countries there’s a lot of talented fighters in the Philippines)”

MMA Main Event: CJ “The Golden Boy” De Tomas VS Jonathan Teodoro

The most awaited MMA main event was dominated by the “Golden Boy” CJ De Tomas. One would never expect that a humble young man with a sweet smile would be such a monster in the ring! Fight Sports affiliate Amir Arias had a chance to talk with “The Golden Boy” De Tomas before the fight and asked him how he prepared himself for this event. He said 
“Nagfocus lang ako sa striking, pero Hindi naman kami nagpabaya sa ground work ko (I just focused on my striking but I didn’t forget about my ground work also).  CJ went on to say: “Tantiyahin ko muna kung kaya sa striking, pag malakas tumanggap ng suntok ay dadalhin ko na sa baba (I’ll feel out my opponent first to see if he can take a punch, if he can, then I’ll take him to the ground). ”

CJ is one of the youngest Blue Belts in KMA BJJ, he got his blue belt at age 17, he’s also a former member of the Philippine Wrestling Team.  “The Golden Boy” has also developed excellent striking skills, making this young guy a complete fighter!
CJ won in the very first round beating Jonathan Teodoro, a ripped and well built opponent. He started off by feeling out his opponent and deciding whether to stand and strike or take his opponent down.  After the very short feeling out process, CJ decides to strike with his opponent.  He caught Teodoro with a double hook punch that dropped him to the ground. He followed him to the ground and executed wonderful bull pass to before landing the final hammer fist that made the referee stop the fight.
It was another sweet victory for this young undefeated fighter.  Who do you think “The Golden Boy” should fight next? Give us your thoughts on the comments section below!

MFC 1: Ocean Domination MMA event at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Nov 24

A New MMA event has emerged and it promises some fireworks. MFC 1 ( Mariners Fitness Camp): Ocean Domination will be happening tomorrow 6pm at the Rizal Sports Complex in Manila. It will feature some uniquie challnges such as Mariners Fitness Challenge, MFC Exhibition Fights, Mariners Fitness Model Competion  and other exciting challenges. 

MFC1: Fight Card

What we are really excited about is to see Golden Boy, CJ De Tomas fight John Tedoro. It will not be an easy night for Teodoro,  De Tomas as heavy favorite and dubbed as the future of Mixed Martial Arts in the Philippines could easily outclassed his opponent. We think CJ De Tomas would win by submission. 

MFC1: Fight Card
MFC1: Fight Card


Is CJ De Tomas the future of Philippine MMA?

As I have said before, we have more than enough talented fighters to fill the smaller and lighter division of MMA.
Out of those many talented fighters however, there are only few who are destined to shine.
One of those few fighters is CJ De Tomas.  CJ is currently has a clean record of 4 – 0.
He won the first 2 fights via submission, third was via TKO and the most recent victory couple of months ago against Carlo Laurel, via unanimous decision.
CJ De Tomas, also known as the golden boy started at a very young age.  While other kids his age were addicted to video games CJ was into jujitsu.
From jujitsu he went to wrestling then he transitioned to MMA. At this early stage of his MMA career the Golden Boy is already considered as a complete package fighter.
He is capable of doing just about anything, he can take you down or throw you (as shown on the picture) maneuver and end the fight on the ground and of course his sharp striking is given.
Superales taking a ride from a De Tomas suplex.
CJ is a talented and skillful fighter but what really separates him from other fighters is the proper guidance.
Since the very start of his fighting career, his dad Charles De Tomas a former Boxer and URCC Bantam weight contender has been guiding him properly.
True enough, talent and skills can help a fighter get some victories but with discipline and proper guidance, a fighter will inevitably reach his maximum potential.

This is exactly the case of the Golden Boy, CJ De Tomas.
 I always believe that it’s only a matter of time and we will see a born and raised Pinoy fighter having an impact like Manny Pacquiao in the world of MMA. Don’t ever be surprised if it happens to be this 19years old Golden Boy.

  Is CJ De Tomas the future of Philippine MMA?  lets all find out as we follow his career in the longest running MMA promotion in Asia, URCC.

ABOUT URCC – The Universal Reality Combat Championship is Southeast Asia’s first professional mixed martial arts tournament. We held our first mainstream event in 2002 in front of a sold–out crowd at the Casino Filipino. Ever since 2002, we have always sold out all of our events. The URCC is often referred to as “ASIA’s MOST EXCITING MMA LEAGUE”. This is due to the fact that the league has the highest rates of finishes in the region. Our fighters ALWAYS come to FIGHT!