By the Numbers: Streaking No More: Boston’s Run End in Miami

Goran Dragic leads the way to end the season’s longest winning streak, so far

The Boston Celtics came into this game, carrying a 16-game winning streak and they were hoping to extend it to 17 against the Miami Heat who have dropped 3 of their last 4 games. While things haven’t gone according to plans for the Heat this season, the rest of the league shouldn’t count out Miami just yet because they may surprise you.
And it turned out, the Heat surprised the no-longer streaking Boston Celtics as Miami successfully defended their home court after beating the Celtics, 104-98. And this was just one of those games when Boston couldn’t get anything going. Why? They allowed the Heat to build a big lead. They almost erased that lead late in the game and in the end, the Heat still held on for the win, their second in 3 games.
What happened in Miami? Below are the numbers:

The Heat owned the Boards

If you have a player as tall as Hassan Whiteside on your team, you should be able to get more rebounds, right? Against the league-leading Celtics, Whiteside had only 10 rebounds but he has 5 other teammates who were able to get 5 rebounds or more.  Overall, the Heat outrebounded the Celtics- 48-37.

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Kyrie Struggled

The Celtics won some of their last 16 games despite the fact that Kyrie Irving was struggling offensively. They even won two games without him. However, things finally went south for the Celtics as Kyrie Irving only made 11 out of his 22 shots against Miami to finish with 23 points. He failed to make any of his 3 attempts from deep which would have made a difference considering how slim the final score was. He was also miserable from the free throw line, only making 1 of 4 charities. No wonder why they lost.

52 Points in the Paint

One of the main advantages of having someone like Hassan Whiteside is it gives the Heat the manpower to dominate the shaded area and that’s what the Heat did against Boston. Miami outscored their opponents in the paint, 52-40. 


Like it or not, the Boston Celtics will become a better team after this latest setback. They can look at the things which they did wrong against the Heat and try not to repeat those mistakes in the upcoming games- specifically Kyrie Irving who has been struggling miserably and that cannot be taken granted especially if Boston wants to make a deep run come playoff time. The Celtics will be back on their winning ways- one way or another. 

With Carmelo Trade, Here are the 5 Legit Super Teams that can Compete for Championship this Year

Carmelo Anthony trade puts Thunder in superteam conversation.

Just one hero isn’t good enough for the world, this is why Superman needs super friends. Why Nick Fury put together the Avengers and why OKC Thunders traded for Carmelo Anthony.
Already making a high-risk move by acquiring Paul George, OKC Thunders is going all in by getting disgruntled Carmelo into the mix as the Thunders put together another monster trio that could potentially compete against other super teams in the NBA, particularly in the west.

But who are the legit super teams that can compete for the title now in the NBA?
OKC Thunder –  It would be absurd not to put the Thunders in this conversation and even without Carmelo they were already one of the top teams as Westbrook and Paul George combination will certainly keep the opponent on their toes every time. With the arrival of Carmelo, the Thunders had become louder as they put together one of the best offensive teams in the NBA today. This is reminiscing when OKC still had Durant and Harden. The real question now is if they can make the three ball-dominant players work together and with the experience they had in the past, I am sure they would have already learned how to keep superstars on their roster.
Golden State Warriors – Still considered as the best among super teams. The Warriors are tested on the battlefield and among super teams, they have learned to compliment and work together as one unit. Led by Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the Warriors are still the favorite to win it this year as they still possess one thing that none of the other super teams have.
Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James is probably on the top as an individual player but we know that he still needs his friends to work in order to win. Now with Isaiah Thomas and an improved bench, the Cavaliers are certainly in the position again to be a contender in the finals as the King and the Cavaliers will be much more determined this year to avenge their loss to the Warriors as well as a championship win would at least give LeBron James something to think about before he considers leaving for next season.

Boston Celtics – Even without superstars, the Celtics were able to be the top team last season and now with the addition of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, the Celtics have repainted the team and brought in some new materials that will change the complexity of the game and could give them the opportunity to finally compete against their top rival in the east.  Kyrie Irving certainly would be a big factor for the Celtics as he proves that he is ready for a lead role after leaving Cleveland. Gordon Hayward, on the other hand, is one of the most versatile players today would perfectly complement the team which consists of a veteran star like Al Hartford and rising Rookies like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

Houston Rockets – It’s amazing how James Harden has elevated the Rockets by himself and with the MVP-like performance last year, you can bet that the bearded one will be more determined this year especially as his former teammates in OKC Westbrook and Durant put together a great team of their own. Harden and the Houston Rockets was initially favored to land Carmelo but with limited assets to give in return they forfeit their chances of creating a big three in Houston, instead, he is left with a new point guard in Chris Paul. Most people think that these two players would not work together because they like holding the ball most of the time but all I can say is, great players know how to adjust and Harden and Paul are both brilliant. Watch out for the Houston Rockets as they arguably showcase the best backcourt duo in the NBA.
Honorable mention: Minesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs.

Celtics Wants Anthony Davis, willing to Pay a Hefty Price to Win a Championship

One of the best Bigman duo’s
New Orleans created a big wave when they acquired DeMarcus Cousins from Sacramento. The Pelicans suddenly have the best big men duo in the NBA. DeMarcus Cousins, a 26-year-old  7-year pro is in the prime of his life and has averaged 27 points and 11 rebounds per game last year. His partner, on the other hand, is virtually producing the same figure with 28 points and 11 rebounds. Their combined productions are just astonishing, but all these numbers will be worthless if it cannot translate to a win.
Celtics is closely monitoring the development of the two stars as they are interested in pursuing Anthony Davis if the pairing of the big men will not work.
Boston has already made a statement in the offseason by acquiring Gordon Hayward and it looks like they are not done as they looking to making a super team of their own. Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca said the team is willing to pay a hefty luxury tax. Celtics also want to retain all the players in their roster and willing to give them max contract in order to get the championship trophy.

Here is Danny Ainge on Signing Gordon Hayward

The Boston Celtics will be Super Team Next Season

Celtics could turn from a great team to a super team.
In this day of super teams where good teams are not good enough and when multiple superstars are in one team, there could be no other solution than to create a super team as well.  
Take for example the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s almost a given that these two will be at the top of the standing again next season if  they are able to maintain their roster which they will and they might even upgrade. 
Boston Celtics was one of the teams last season who was a great team but crumbled to the ground when faced against superteams.
This upcoming season, the Celtics is due for a big upgrade having the number 1 pick, a salary cap to get big time free agents and a number of interested players who wants to play for them.
On the list of potential additions are Gordon Hayward, Blake Griffin, Jimmy Butler and the top rookie pick. 
One or two of these could happen and if it did then this could make Boston a better threat to the Cavaliers in the East.