By the Numbers: Big 3 Talks, Why the Timberwolves is a Worthy Adversary

The Wolves are Biting: In case you missed, they are on a 4-game winning streak

Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Karl Anthony-Towns
The Wolves are enjoying an early success thanks to the Big 3 of their own. 
Jimmy Butler. 
Andrew Wiggins.
Karl Anthony-Towns.
Who would have thought that these three players would end up playing together in one team outside of Team USA? While the rest of the league were excited when the Oklahoma City Thunder landed Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to play alongside reigning MVP, Russell Westbrook, when the Cleveland Cavaliers have reunited Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, not everyone is talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Why should the Timberwolves be included in the talks?

Reason #1: They are on a 4 game winning streak.

Reason #2: They are currently the 3rd best team in the West.

Yes, folks. The Timberwolves, a team who used to spend a big chunk of time being at the bottom of the standings in the Western Conference, is now among the best teams in the West as far as their record is concerned. And yes, their numbers don’t lie either:

109 Points per Game

With a starting unit that includes Karl Anthony-Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler who was traded from the Chicago Bulls during the offseason, we can expect the Wolves to score more. And they didn’t disappoint either. Through 9 games into the season, the wards of Coach Tom Thibodeau have been averaging 109 points per game and they have been able to reach the century mark in all of those 9 games. Impressive, isn’t? What’s more impressive is that they scored 119 and 115 against the Thunder- both were close wins. The Wolves’ 109 points average land them in 7th among all teams, 2nd in the West alone. 

5 Wolves Scoring in Double Figures

  • Karl Anthony-Towns: 22 points per game
  • Andrew Wiggins: 19 points per game
  • Jimmy Butler: 15 points per game
  • Jeff Teague: 12 points per game
  • Jamal Crawford: 10 points per game
One of the main reasons why the Wolves are so successful nowadays especially when it comes to scoring points is that they have multiple guys on their team who are capable of scoring on a consistent basis. And the guys above are not just about scoring.  
Anthony-Towns is also leading his team with  11 rebounds and 2 blocks per game. 
Jeff Teague, another newcomer to the Wolves this season, has been contributing as one of the new point guards of Tom Thibodeau as he is averaging 8 assists (6th in the league) and close to 2 steals per game (10th in the league)- both are leading the team, to go along with his 12 points per game average. 


If the Minnesota Timberwolves can keep up this level of consistency, they will keep on winning especially in the long haul. They will keep on biting and surprising teams. Who knows? They might be able to make a long-awaited return to the postseason should they keep on winning especially against the powerhouse teams in the league. But judging by their ongoing winning streak, KAT and company will be hard to limit and will be harder to defeat. 

Hawks, Sixers Discussing a Noel-Teague Swap

Jeff Teague drives over Nerlens Noel

According to the reports, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Atlanta Hawks are discussing a deal that will send Jeff Teague to the 76ers in exchange for Nerlens Noel. The Hawks are looking for a big man in replacement of Al Horford in case he leaves the Atlanta and sign elsewhere this summer while the 76ers are looking to unload one of their young frontcourt players as Joel Embiid and Dario Saric are expected to play next season, either Okafor or Noel will be traded. The 76ers want a guard in return.

Meanwhile the Boston Celtics are reportedly interested to Okafor as they are willing to give their prized third overall pick in this coming NBA Draft for the promising big man. The 76ers are expected to draft either guards Kris Dunn, Jamal Murray or Buddy Hield.

The Hawks shouldn’t be over looked! 3-0 so far with wins over Cavs and Spurs!

Hawks may have lost Caroll but they solidify their front court with the addition of Splitter and Hardway Jr. the hawks has started this pre-season showing that they are still in title contention. The hawks is now 3-0 this pre seaon beating the cavs and the spurs . They also have Tavares who could provide a great rotation with Horford, Millsap and Splitter. 

They also have the much improved Dennis Shroeder and Shelvin Mack. They have the flexibility to go really big with Millsap at the three and Horford at the four while Splitter will get the Center spot, with Teague and Korver. 

Here is the highlights of the Spurs Vs Hawks Game:

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Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

NBA: Atlanta hawks unveils new uniforms

That’s right these are the new uniforms, that the Hawks will be sporting this coming season. The Hawks was the 2nd runner up in the 2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Will this change have a better effect for the Hawks and its franchise? They have to keep their core in Teague, Caroll and Horford. Korver is good but he may not be enough as their starting SG. I think they should also let Millsap walk or they can also use him for a sign and trade. 

Stay here @ as we wait for the moves that the Hawks will make this coming 2015 NBA Draft on June 25, 2015 9pm @ Barclay’s Center Brooklyn, New York.