Is beerpong a sport? Grid Beerpong Hub will tell us more on their second anniversary.

So what is beerpong for you? A hobby that keeps that thrill in an “inuman session”? A past time when you’re at home drinking beer with your peers? Well this hobby has gone a long way from being just one of the fun activities when you’re having a good time while drinking with your buddies.

There are few establishments in the country that offers this kind of activity  and one of these establishments is Grid Beerpong Hub.

Grid Beeepong Hub, is a bar and at same time a beerpong house which showcases the world’s standards of the said game. Located in San Pablo City Laguna, this beer pong hub has made a huge difference when it comes to bringing an innovative way of entertaining it’s patrons in it’s own variety.

What is beer pong?

Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end. The game typically consists of opposing teams of two or more players per side with 6 or 10 cups set up in a triangle formation on each side. Each team then takes turns attempting to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. If a ball lands in a cup (known as a ‘make’), the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team and the cup is removed from the table. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups is the winner.

And beerpong has been known as one of the world’s newest sports where Pinoys are emerging, one of the biggest tournaments of this new breed of sport is the World series of beer pong where countries are competing against each other represented by their own beerpong professionals.

Grid beerpong hub will be celebrating their 2nd year anniversary this October that will run for 3 days (October 28,29 and 30). These days will cover  beerpong tournaments with 3 categories in each day.
October 28 will be the amateur competition category with a vape competition on the side while on the 29th it will be a tournament for the Ladies category and finally on the 30th, which will be the final night, they will be having the main event for the Pro Level which will be a battle of previous winners inside and outside San Pablo City. This three day event will definitely be a blockbuster hit as the said bar will also have raffles and freebies for their beloved customers while other partners (sponsors)  will have their booths around the venue for everyone to check out such as Vape shop, Cafes and Recycled bottle lamps producers. will be able to witness how this epic event unfolds as we all find out how this game evolved from being a fun past time to a world known sport which some people are not aware of. Thanks to Grid Management for organizing  this colorful and epic event for the San Pableños and other city natives.

SMB and Ginebra clashes again in game 3 for semifinals edge.

Photo By Aldrin Alejo

Ginebra San Miguel and San Miguel Beermen will again face each other this Friday at 7pm in Araneta Coliseum to get ahead of their best of five series. The battle has been witnessed to be a close one between these sister teams as they exhibit a very tight kind of basketball. San Miguel Beermen dominated their previous match up despite Junmar’s absence on the court for a couple of minutes due to a cut on his head due to a collision between him and his teammate. Ginebra was down by double digits in the fourth quarter but lived their Never Say Die spirit by getting an inch closer to their sister team opponent by a precarious one point lead. After a time out called by the SMB bench with a few seconds left on the clock, SMB somehow managed to crack a successful play lead by Alex Cabagnot while Ginebra did a great job on the defensive end, making it hard for the Beermen to execute the play drawn by Leo Austria but still found an open guy through Elijah Millsap who scored two points on a penetration drive and a slam.

These two teams will again be tested and will be expected to show a very close game again as Ginebra tries to get back on track and beat their sister franchise while SMB promises to keep their eyes open to every Ginebra execution knowing that this team has this kind of tradition and reputation when it comes to coming back from various huge deficits in the past which left a mark in the PBA history since the Jaworski era.

LA Tenorio lifts Ginebra, gets 3rd straight win against Blackwater Elite

Photo Credits : PBA

LA tenorio and the rest of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel squad struggled during the first quarter as they were outscored by the Blackwater Elite. Gin Kings, found their way back in the driver seat in the 2nd quarter as Justin Brownlee started to gain its tempo with points coming from the rest of their starting lineup with the help of their second stringers Dave Marcelo and Aljon Mariano.

Blackwater Elite still proves they deserve a win over the Kings, with the help of Carlo Lastimosa and their import Dawson as they try to get back on track and get the lead back but the Ginebra’s starters are still in full offensive mode as they maintain their lead at the end of the 2nd quarter.

Justin Brownlee banks his treys after the second half finally making it from downtown. LA tenorio also buried treys extending their lead at the 2nd half with as much as 16 points.
Smooth offense have been displayed by Ginebra as most of their players made baskets and also displayed excellent defensive stops led by Japeth Aguilar listing multiple blocks.

LA tenorio was chosen as the best player of the game with 23 points  but Justin Brownlee listed a huge 27 points while Aguilar also contributed with double figures with 19 points.

Best player of the game : LA Tenorio

FINAL SCORE : 107 – 95

The scores:
GINEBRA 107 – Brownlee 27, Tenorio 23, Aguilar 19, Devance 9, Marcelo 9, Mercado 7, Caguioa 6, Cruz 5, Thompson 2, Bonifacio 0, Mariano 0, Salva 0.
BLACKWATER 95 – Dawson 26, Lastimosa 21, Dela Cruz 15, Erram 13, Cervantes 8, Gamalinda 4, Pascual 4, Cortez 2, Qahwash 2, Canada 0, Reyes 0, Sumang 0, Sena 0.

Quarters: 21-23, 48-40, 74-69, 107-95

Mahindra banks their 2nd win against Globalport.

Good sign for the Mahindra Enforcers as they clinch another win in the PBA Governors’ Cup.
For a young team who struggled in most part of their previous campaigns in the league, it is now paying off that they’ve been getting those W’s in this conference.

Their import James white lead the team in getting this 2nd win with 28 points together with Ramos with 16 and Revilla with 11.

The enforcers’ win streak and consistency will be put into test as they face the San Miguel Beermen on July 27 at the Araneta Coliseum.

MAHINDRA 108 – White 28, Ramos 16, Revilla 11, Taha 10, Agovida 8, Pinto 8, Canaleta 7, Zandi 7, Guinto 5, Aguilar 2, Bagatsing 2, Ballesteros 2, Yee 2, Digregorio 0, Elorde 0, Jaime 0.

GLOBALPORT 98 – Sutton 34, Pringle 19, Dehesa 13, Fortuna 9, Semerad 9, Banal 6, Isip 3, Kramer 2, Mamaril 2, Taha 1, Pascual 0.

Quarters: 20-20, 45-43, 70-69, 108-98

Who will replace the injured Import of Ginebra, Paul Harris?

The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel squad got their first win in the 2016 PBA Governors’ Cup against the GlobalPort Batang Pier led by Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle. Japeth Aguilar who was selected as the best player of the game together with L.A tenorio, Sol Mercado and the rest of the gang made sure that they get the first win in this conference.

During the game, Paul Harris the barangay ginebra import got his thumb injured and immediately rushed to the hospital because of a hyperextended fracture and might be out for the whole conference. Question is, who’s going to replace him?

Vernon Macklin was also in the building during the Ginebra game and Coach Al Francis talketo him but No, we don’t think he’s getting tapped by Ginebra as he will join the Philippine squad in the upcoming William Jones’ cup.

As per our source but not confirmed yet, Coach Tim will tap and bring back Othyus Jeffers.
Well, it shouldn’t be a problem cause he already is familiar with the team’s offensive system. Everyone’s just hoping for Paul Harris’ quick recovery.

INTERVIEW| Frank Bonifacio, thankful for getting a Ginebra Roster Spot.

We’ve been seeing Frank Bonifacio every Ginebra Practice wearing the ginebra uniform and the first question we had in mind was, “Is he a new player of Ginebra?” and that question was answered last year when someone from the ginebra coaching staff confirmed that he’s going to be a practice player/reserve. Bonifacio is undrafted and has been practicing with other teams prior to the Ginebra spot.

A few days before the start of the third conference, a news spread out that he signed for a roster spot in the active line up of ginebra. And we had to confirm some details with him personally via his facebook account and he said that he’s very happy now that he already earned a spot in the pba as a professional player of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

“I found out Friday before the practice but I don’t know who I replaced, they didn’t tell me. I’m just happy I’m finally on the lineup after 5 conferences being a reserve/ practice player.” Bonifacio said. Ginebra has 15 active players in their line up which means he will be the 16th so we are yet to confirm if anyone will be moving out of the active roster.

He also wants to thank the ginebra fans, the management and Coach tim for the opportunity and support. “I’ll do my best to make an impact on the court whenever I get a chance. Thanks to Coach Tim and the Ginebra Management for giving me this opportunity. #nsd.”

Ginebra did not hire any Asian import and Greg Slaughter will be out in a couple of games since he is still in a recovery period after his surgery so that’s maybe the reason why they needed someone to be ready to help in case they need front-line support.

San Miguel Beermen Signed Unrestricted Free agent Gary David

Credits to

David is set to join the beer men this season after coming into an agreement last Thursday.
Gary David was rumored to join either Mahindra Enforcers or Ginebra San Miguel but with this current development, all the PBA fans now have a clearer view on what’s going to happen to this 37 year-old gunner from bataan.

As the San Miguel Beer men continues their journey to another play off spot, this addition will sure have a great impact in to their future games as this guy, if given enough opportunity and playing minutes will be able to provide quality minutes based on his previous performances, Gary David can contribute in long range scoring and tough defense.
He is a five-time All-star and co-holds the longest streak for consecutive games recording 20 points or more.

Meralco suspends David for one game and fined for a undisclosed amount of money. The suspension was served during the team’s game against Blackwater Elite on March 18. This was because Norman Black asked Gary to go in to the court but the PBA’s Mr. Pure energy refused to enter the game in the 4th quarter.

Break that routine. Start a Habit. | Benefits of Sports

In our busy days, weeks and months we rarely see ourselves getting in to something that will make us forget that we are a busy person. Our daily routine goes like a cycle, we sleep, go to work, go home from work then go back to sleep and repeat.

Study shows that we are less stressed when we have at least one or two habits that can break that cycle. Going to gym alone or with friends can be the most accessible activity that you can utilize but being involved into sports during your off days or after work can make your body more active and ready for your next days at work. Exercising is a natural way to loosen up and let go of stress. Also, you will most likely make many new friends or circle of friends on the team who can be there for you as a support system. When you find you are having a lot of stress, you can call up teammates and head to the gym to talk it out and play it out.

Many studies focus on the effects of sport on the five “C’s” competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring which are considered critical components of positive youth development. Having a family involved into sports is one of the best practices or gift that you can have, playing with people who knows you as a person will be able to react easily and are sensitive to your daily endeavors.

So break that Routine! Start a Habit. Sweat it and start getting involved into sports.

Terrence Romeo’s Dirty Finger to the Fans?

It has been evident that Ginebra’s loss against Globalport Batang pier has been frustrating for the fans and the players but what makes it a bit more teeth grinding is when Terrence Romeo reportedly threw a dirty finger to the fans when he got out of the arena on his way to the parking lot. A mobile video has been released in social media of him walking out of the parking area on his way to his car.
The 5-second ball hugging violation was not called by the referees during the last 8 seconds of the OT, the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel should’ve had 2 seconds more to create a play to win the game but the officials and referees said that the game has been concluded. Now the PBA office is waiting for Ginebra’s protest until 12nn today.

Airforce Ellis on a Mission

The Barangay Ginebra mainstay and high flyer Chris Ellis have been receiving alot of negative feedbacks about his low scoring average in the past 6 games of the squad but yet to be recognized for his role playing ability. Most Ginebra fans base their judgement on the points converted and the dunks made but these guys like Joe Devance, Dave Marcelo, Chris Ellis and the three Rookies Villamor, Thompson and Mariano are the reasons why Ginebra main men are able to convert their shots or even complete a successful play under the triangle system.

Chris Ellis is not playing bad as per basketball analysts, he isn’t even struggling. The role that he plays for his team is a huge chunk why they get better and better as he guards the opponent’s scorers and big guys and make it hard for them to execute their offense. Only basketball experts can say that basketball is not about you scoring doubles, but you making the most out of the responsibility given to you by your coach.


Ginebra| "A Team to Watch Out For."

Credits to MJ the king for the photo.

The road for the famous squad was rough in the past few seasons gaining alot of fans turned haters and frustrations along the way, the move of the SMC management which became controversial the way the fans took it but has molded alot of hopes that Ginebra will be stepping on the stage of the championship crown.
The first move of making Tim Cone the head coach of this struggling team already made a touch of light in Ginebra’s campaign next season, then acquiring talented rookies which have the size that Cone is looking for, Aljon and Dennice two of the most promising forwards in the rookie pool made it to the official roster of the team while waiting for the availability of their rising superstar rookie Thompson who averages more than 10points in 3 stats in the NCAA (pts.rbs and assists). Everyone’s wondering what’s the next step of the management in making the team stronger and competitive, and lightning strikes out of nowhere and revealed the coming of the Starhotshots forward Joe Devance in a three team deal, Ginebra released their rights off Baracael and Peña and acquired another key player in the league.

With the maturity and awareness of Devance in the league and their coach’s system, this team is on its way to its 1st Championship crown sooner or later after being set off the qualifiers in the past PBA seasons. As for Jay jay helterbrand, it is a must that the team win a memorable last season trophy for this franchise player of the ballclub an added inspiration for all the players to pay respect on this former MVP veteran before he wave his goodbye to the PBA hardcourt.


One Lucky Kid in Stephen Curry UnderArmour Roadshow Manila

Stephen Curry is on an adventure with The UnderArmour Team  and one of their stops includes manila. We rarely see NBA players coming into the country just to say Hi and be with the fans and seeing them in from a far makes you feel so amazed but this Kid, Dominic Tuason was able to show his amazing and unbelievable basketball moves in front of stephen curry and thousands of fans in the MOA Arena last september 5, 2015.

The MVP was also surprised when he though he’s just gonna lift and carry this kid to have a picture but when this boy showed how good he is in imitating the curry moves, the Golden State Warriors main man was blown away. And even said “I cant do that when I was 5, I was 7 and I cant still do it.” The UnderArmour Main athlete has shown his love of the game to the filipino fans, bannering his humbleness and his passion. It was a short meet, but he said he will definitely be back.

Troy Rosario On being part of Gilas. | Exclusive Interview had a chance to conduct an interview with Troy Rosario before the recently held PBA Rookie Draft and asked some questions about him entering the PBA and being part of the national squad. : ”  Being a part of gilas with the PBA stars, how do you feel about it?

Troy: ” Masaya ako, overwhelming yung feeling kasi nakasali ako sa pagpipilian para sa final 12.”

The former NU bulldog who is now officially part of the PBA with The tropang Texters is still shocked and overwhelmed  in being a part of the country’s national team given the fact that he is the youngest in the team’s roster.

Ako pinakabata pero tinutulungan ako ng mga vets at binibigyan ng tips kung ano iexpect ko sa pba. Marami ako natututunan at matutunan for sure.

Playing with the veterans in the PBA such as Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag, Sonny Thoss and alot more experienced PBA players, is definitely an edge and a rare opportunity that Troy is so blessed to have also with the addition of Jordan Clarkson in the sideline, this kid will learn more about maturity in terms of professional basketball. :” What are the things that we can expect from the National Team (Gilas) and from you?”

Troy: “ syempre gagawin namin lahat at ibibigay lahat ng maitutulong namin para manalo sa mga leagues na sasalihan namin.”

When asked what team he would like to play in the PBA before the draft or any favorite team of him in the current PBA teams, he answered, 
Wala naman ako specific team na gusto paglaruan. Sabi ko nga kahit saan ako mapunta susuklian ko yung tiwalang binigay nila sa akin.

Now that Troy Rosario will be playing for TNT along side Moala Tautua we can definitely say that the team has acquired the best talents available in the draft and those two are now playing in the national team which adds experience and confidence once they debut in the Philippine Basketball Associaton’s Hardcourt this coming october.

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Barangay Ginebra Rookie Analysis

In the recently held 2015 PBA Rookie draft the Barangay Ginebra San miguel bluntly picked the right people to bring in to the next season. Coach Tim Cone, the country’s number one courtside head of the triangle offense in the professional league is trying to build a roster that will fit the system.

With the team having alot of time to sync in to the system, Cone made the right decision in acquiring the players to perfectly fit the open slots in the line up, it has been reported that Tim already trimmed down the number of guards and obviously wanting to have more wingmen.

Scottie Thompson is one of the promising draftees in the pool and was also christen as the future of ginebra after he was picked, after performing triple-double in games, this rookie will be one of the key players of Ginebra.

Aljon Mariano, also a wingman with rebounding ability and alot of confidence inside the court can bring the angst and toughness.  Being one of the key players of the UST growling tigers, he has consistently shown his skills in rebounding and good shooting touch in the perimeter.

Lee Dennice Villamor, former NU Bulldogs in the UAAP, NU-BDO and Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants in the d-league is also a wingman, a player with quality shots beyond the arc and has history of clutch game winning shots. Villamor is one of the all around players in the pool who can bring the ball down, defend, create assists and a very good roleplayer.

With the current additions, the whole barangay ginebra world is excited to see them play with their new Never Say Die spirit acquired the time they got drafted. This will be an exciting season, and the fans of the ballclub wants these three to sign their contracts with the team any time soon to be able to showcase their talents and prove that they deserve the spot that they’re currently on.

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Exclusive Interview |Troy Rosario on fellow Bulldog, Dennice Villamor

NU bulldogs sent the most numbers of Draftees in the upcoming 2015 PBA Rookie Draft and two of them are Troy Rosario and Dennice Villamor.
Troy Rosario is now one of the top prospects in the big man position in the upcoming draft while Dennice Villamor is also one of the best available shooter and defender on the Forward position.

We asked troy some questions about his fellow bulldog Dennice Villamor.

“Hardworking” , is Troy’s answer when we asked him about Villamor’s work ethics when he was still in the NU Bulldogs.

We also asked how can he describe Villamor’s performance when they are still playing in the UAAP and he said , “Magaling si Dennice , lalo na sa outside shots, madepensa din.” Which was evident during Villamor’s stint in the UAAP  and the PBA Developmental league. Since the draft day is just around the corner we asked for his message to Dennice and the other Bulldogs who will be facing a nerve wrecking event in their lives and will also experience the turning point of their career in basketball and he said , “Goodluck satin bro sa draft, magbubunga din paghihirap natin.”

Dennice Villamor is one of the promising draftees in this year’s rookie draft, a player with the right attitude and great skillset and a very down to earth personality is definitely a perfect fit in to the Professional League. A forward that has good touches on the perimeter, can defend and collect boards, any team will be lucky to have him in their roster.

NU Bulldogs’ Dennice Villamor Enters the 2015 PBA Rookie Draft

Dennice Villamor who played along side with Troy Rosario and Bobby “Ray” Parks jr during their stint in the UAAP for the NU Bulldogs is now ready to take the challenge and will be trying to step into another stair of his Basketball career as he officially qualify to the 2015 PBA Rookie Draft that will be held on August 23, 2015 at Robinson’s Manila.

Villamor also played in the Aspirants Cup in the PBA D-league bannering the NU-BDO ballclub and his latest stint was with the Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants. His team role of being a shooter from his previous collegiate team has been evident in most of his games in the UAAP and has made himself flexible and improved his defensive capability as a role player in the PBA developmental league. A hard working forward who has good ball handling skills, can shoot and defend are the key things that PBA Teams are looking for and also made him ready to face a new challenge by stepping into the country’s professional basketball league. The Laguna native who started playing when he was in elementary to secondary level with Liceo de San Pablo, was able to develop and improve his skills and took his chances in the collegiate ball bearing with him his humble beginnings. Dennice Villamor who has been a key player of every team he played for will now try to reach for his dream of playing in the Professional League’s Hardcourt.

NBA November games cancelled!

NBA November games cancelled! , Its not a shocker but as a basketball fan I was hoping that the NBA season would start soon.
Recently David Stern cancelled all the November games and I will not be surprise if he also cancel the December even the January games. The players and the owners still could not agree on the revenue sharing as both parties try to convince each other that they deserve a bigger piece of the pie.  Its all about the money.

And the story goes on and on, everyone wants a bigger share of the pie.What do you think guys, Will the NBA season start this year? Are  you with the players or the owners? 
Who should get the bigger share revenue?

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What is the real number of Mayweather vs Ortiz PPV buys?

What is the real number of Mayweather vs Ortiz PPV buys? This question had been circulating around the internet as humor said that Floyd Mayweather jr’s fight did not even reached 1 million buys.  What is it really, Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) announced that the “Starpower” fight card headlining the controversial Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight generated 1.25 million pay-per-view (PPV) buys. There you go Golden Boy promotion said it, its official and I would assume its the real number. 

Do you believe this?

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David Beckham, Galaxy vs Azkals in the Philippines?

David Beckham  in the Philippines? Not a big deal really! and don’t you believe it because it might be another publicity by the Philippines soccer team so that they can promote their games. 
For the none hardcore fans, the Azkals are continuously playing and they are out there somewhere in fact they are scheduled to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia from late-November to early-December.
So how are they able to squeeze the Galaxy game in schedule, Well I guess a friendly game against the top team of the US Major league  Soccer is enough for them to postponed or rearrange their schedule because frankly they need more publicity and financial boost.

The Azkals popularity skyrocketed in the Philippines when they started turning heads and winning some important games and beating perennial football clubs in Asia. Anyways as much as I like the Azkals and I want to believe that this event is going to happen I doubt it, but who knows? Team official Ace Bright hinted at this possible dream match when he tweeted, “LA Galaxy and Azkals, dec 4 rizal stadium, Yeah yeah !, what happen to the Real Madrid plans and now they have this. Oh well, Go Azkals and hopefully I help you publicized the exhibition game and if it did happen, I will definitely watch it.   

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Allen Iverson and Bunch of NBA all star to watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 3

The Answer, Allen Iverson and some NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Amare Stoudemire and Paul Pierce will watch the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight on November 12.  The following players could be set to play in a tournament that is hosted by the former NBA All-star and scoring champion Allen Iverson. 
Iverson at age of 36 will be announcing the full line of the tournament that will take place at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. According to news there will be four teams playing and the first game which is on the 12th of November will be earlier to make way for them to watch the Pacquiao vs Marquez  fight after the game.

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Deron Williams Happy playing in Turkey

While most of the NBA players and fans are sad because of the NBA lockout Deron Williams find some happiness playing basketball in Turkey.

Check out what he said on his blog: ” This is my first year playing international ball, so I’m still just trying to figure everything out with regard to my role. Obviously I’ve played in the Olympics with the same style of play, but that was still different because all of my teammates were American. They’ve actually been playing me at the two guard a lot here. Whatever I can do to help the team, I’m willing.  I don’t have any personal goals or stats I’m looking for over here; I just want to stay in shape, play basketball and have fun. – Deron Williams”


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GSP out of UFC 137 due to injury!

UFC president Dana White broke the news on his Twitter account, saying, “It’s GSP’s knee. We will sit Carlos to wait for GSP. It’s looking so far like he could be ready in a couple of months. Still early to tell tho.”. What the F! St. Pierre was scheduled to defend his welterweight championship against Carlos Condit at UFC 137 on October 29. Both St Pierre and Condit expressed their disappointment on Twitter. meanwhile BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz fight is elevated to the main event.  

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Will Smith invested in what NBA Team?

Will Smith invest in what NBA Team?
During these times of the NBA lockout, its very unlikely that a wise businessman would invest their money in the league or any team in the NBA, more so buying a team.  Will Smith and wife don’t agree as they are now a minority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and why they choose this team?  Because the Fresh Prince of  Bell Air grew up in the area and does this news matter to us, didn’t think so. All i care is that they sort out the NBA lockout issue because its hard to own a basketball team that can’t play basketball. anyways Congratulation Will Smith.

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ESPN Body Issue 2011, Hope Solo Naked

If you like soccer then you are going to like the ESPN Body Issue 2011. Well US Women football team goalkeeper Hope Solo is Naked.
Want to see her picture? click read more now…
Hope Solo is Naked on ESPN Body Issue 2011

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Lieutenant Colonel Manny Pacquiao?!

Sir yes Sir! Our boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel! Wow this is great and surely it will raise a lot of eyebrow.   Lieutenant Colonel Manny Pacquiao was a former Master Sergeant of or the Army reserve but because of whatever reason they promoted him five ranks higher. Republic Act 7077 states that any elected official can have a rank of an officer in the reservist force of the Armed forces of the Philippines if the candidate had finished any college degree.  Did he? Watch the video

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