Kobe, Duncan and KG are gone, however there are a few players from 1990s as yet granulating without end

Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett may be gone, but let’s take a look for some players from 1990s that are still grinding away.

1) Paul Pierce (10th pick, 1998 draft)

After winning one championship and the Finals MVP in Boston, Pierce is now a Clipper. This is now his second year in Los Angeles after spending his 20142015 season with the Wizards. On September 26, 2016, the 10-time All-Star announces via the Players Tribune that he will retire after the 2016–2017 season, his 19th in the league.

“This is it, my final season,” Pierce wrote. “It’s time to move on from the game of basketball. Just like any difficult decision, I think you’ve got to be at peace with yourself. I’m at peace with retiring, but I’ve got one more ride left. One more season. One more opportunity.”

2) Dirk Nowitzki (9th pick, 1998 draft)

Nowitzki is known for his signature skill, the one-legged fadeaway shot. The 13-time All-Star has no plan no retire yet, that’s why on July 27, 2016, he re-signed a two-year deal contract with the Mavs.

No doubt, the 7-foot tall shooting big man from Germany is the best Dallas Mavericks player of all-time and could be a hall of famer in the future. On 2011, he led his team to a championship title against LeBron James and the Miami Heat; and also won the Finals MVP award on that championship series. Nowitzki is also a member of 50–40–90 club and the all-time Dallas Mavericks leading scorer.

3) Ray Allen (5th pick, 1996 draft)

Allen is currently a free agent. There are a lot of rumors that the two-time NBA Champion will sign with the Bucks, Cavaliers, Celtics, Clippers, Heat, Knicks, Pacers or Warriors, although there are a lot of teams showing some interest on the 41-year old shooting guard.

On July 2016, Allen began mulling a comeback and conceded he was interested by the possibility of competing for another championship title. The next month, Allen had converses with the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks in regards to a possible return.

4) Manu Ginóbili (57th pick, 1999 draft)

Ginobili is one of the greatest international player ever, couple of players taken so low in the Draft appreciate even a large portion of the vocation as Ginobili. On July 14, 2016, the former Sixth Man of the Year re-signed another one-year contract with the Spurs and he isn’t closing the door at returning for 2017–2018 season.

The 6-foot-6 shooting guard from Argentina had won four titles with the Spurs and appeared two times in the All-Star game.

5) Vince Carter (5th pick, 1998 draft)

Steve Nash is the most loved child of Canadian ball, but Carter is the person who developed the game Up North. Carter is known for his moniker “Half-Man, Half-Amazing”, because of his brutal dunks, especially when he performed a memorable dunk called “The Dunk of Death” where he jumped over a 7-foot-2 French center Frederic Weis during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

On July 12, 2014, the athletic swingman out of Florida signed a multi-year deal contract with the Grizzlies. Carter never won a title and any MVP award yet, but he is the 1999 Rookie of the Year, appeared in the All-Star game eight-times and the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest champion.

6) Metta World Peace (16th pick, 1999 draft)

World Peace was known as Ron Artest before lawfully changing his name on September 2011. The former Defensive Player of the Year was famously known for being a bad boy and dirty player on the court; and he was also one of the main man in the Pacers–Pistons brawl on November 19, 2004.

On September 4, 2014, World Peace returns for the Los Angeles Lakers for the second time, he signed a one-year deal contract with the team. In the 2016–2017 season, the 16-year veteran decided to sign again to the team, where he re-signed another one-year deal contract.

7) Jason Terry (10th pick, 1999 draft)

Terry is now officially a member of Milwaukee Bucks. He signed a one-year deal contract with the team on August 22, 2016.

The championship run of the Dallas Mavericks on 2011 would be not that successful without the help of the former Sixth Man of the Year, he is one of the big contributors in their Finals series against the Heat.

8) Jermaine O’Neal (17th pick, 1996 draft)

O’Neal is currently a semi-retired player. On February 17, 2015, he tweeted on his Twitter account that he’s not sure if he will retire or not.

O’Neal is a 6-foot-11 tall that can play both power forward and center position. In terms of his size, the six-time All-Star is also a good perimeter shooter and a great rim protector as well. He won the Most Improve Player award on 2001–2002 season.

9) Andre Miller (8th pick, 1999 draft)

Miller is a great playmaker, he is the 2002 Assists Leader. According to sources, the 40-year old point guard from California is 80, 90 percent sure that he’s retiring. He has no team yet for the upcoming 2016–2017 season.

In Miller’s 17-year career, he is the only player in the league to have 16,000 points, 8,000 assists and 1,500 steals without making an All-Star team.

10) Elton Brand (1st pick, 1999 draft)

Brand was the top pick way back in the 1999 Rookie Draft selected by the Chicago Bulls, where he shared the 2000 Rookie of the Year award with Steve Francis of the Houston Rockets. He averages 20.1 points per game and 10.1 rebounds per game in his rookie year.

The 6-foot-9 New York native is a 2-time All-Star and the 51st player in history to reach 9,000 career rebounds. Brand has re-signed another one-year deal contract with the 76ers on September 7, 2016.

11) Nazr Mohammed (29th pick, 1998 draft)

On October 9, 2015, Mohammed officially retired from the league, but later on March 2016, he left retirement with a specific end goal to come back to the league. He signed a contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 5, effective for the rest of 2015–2016 season.

The 6-foot-10 big man was a member of the 2005 San Antonio Spurs championship squad.

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Kevin Garnet Sets Most Record for Defensive Rebounds in NBA HISTORY

Yes! You may wonder why other players such as Rodman, Ben Wallace etc are not on the list while there are players who may have been a monster on the boards there aren’t many players who were able to play long and sustained an extensive career like KG. 

This one stat may very well stick under KG’s name unless there’s another player who can play 16 or more season without being injured and who plays underneath the basket. One may argue that Anthony Davis may break it but Davis has been injured early in his career while Garnett got injured after 14-15 years and still was able to come back although not the same player. The other day, he just delivered a dunk over Griffin that made us realize that KG has still some left in his tank. Maybe just a bit more…maybe this is his last year. We will find out soon but let us relive that epic moment and give you the highlights of KG’s Top 10 .
Throwback KG dunk over Griffin

Top 10 plays !

Written by:
Team Powcast

Sad News: RIP Flip Saunders dies out of cancer at the age of 60


On August 11, 2015, it was announced that Saunders was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, for which he was undergoing treatment; Saunders planned to remain the Timberwolves’ head coach and president. However, after being hospitalized following complications in September, team owner Glen Taylor announced that Saunders would miss the next season.Saunders died on October 25, 2015 at the age of 60.

Here is a video created by fox sports to remember Flip Saunders:

Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Timberwolves, Anthony Bennett talking buyout

Former No.1 draft pick Anthony Bennett and the Minnesota Timberwolves are talking buyout.

Minnesota is stacked up front and doesn’t need Bennett. They have a five-man big rotation already of Karl-Anthony Towns, Kevin Garnett, Gorgui Dieng, Nikola Pekovic, and Adreian Payne. They don’t need Bennett.

Minnesota had tried to trade Bennet before, but there were no takers. Minnesota got Bennett from Cleveland in the Kevin Love trade.

Wolves Welcomes Nemanja Bjelica to the NBA! adds veteran presence to a young core

Nemanja Bjelica

Timberwolves maybe a young team but they are making sure they are headed to the right direction. They officially added the Euro league MVP today. Bjelica was drafted by the Wolves #35 pick in the 2010 NBA draft. (originally picked by Wizards traded to the Wolves). He averaged 12.1 points, 8.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 1.3 steals and led his team to Final Four in Euro league, this marked the first final four appearance for his team, Fenerbahçe.

During the interview he was asked who’s his favorite player growing, he said Iverson and then his coached made a joke afterwards stating that he doesn’t have Iverson’s crossover and they both laughed together with the rest of the press. 

The Wolves are looking to really build on this core and making sure that they have veterans that they could rely on. Bjelica mentioned that this is his dream to finally play in the NBA. He was also humble enough to admit that he has a lot to learn and Saunders tapped his right shoulder and said “We will teach you”.


I really hope that Bjelica pans out well he would be the perfect fit for the team moving forward.

Rubio / Lavine
Wiggins / Mohammad / Brown
Bjelica /Budinger
Towns /KG
Dieng /Pek

Lets All watch the highlights from Bjelica:

I will keep you guys posted once we have the youtube video of the press con for now please feel free to watch it here


2015 NBA DRAFT : The first pick and The Wolves Organization .

Karl Anthony Towns First pick 2015 NBA DRAFT

Yes! this was the moment that I have waited for as a Timberwolves fan since the Kevin Garnett days. 

 Its no secret that Towns is the first pick what surprised me the most is that they were able to get Tyus Jones as well, yes I know he isn’t going to be a top tier PG but he will be a good one. 

The Core of this team is full of promise: We have something to look forward to in the near future.

Zach Lavine, Andrew Wiggins ( The next big star), Karl Anthony Towns ( The next superstar Big) 

I could go on and on about how this team could be, But I would just state the obvious, Kevin Garnett will be a great role model for Towns and the young stars of this team. I am calling it now KG returned here because he wants to bring a ring for this town, he may not be able to do it as a player but once he claims part ownership of this team. He would do everything in his power to put together a great roster that can win it all.

You may think I am dreaming but hey its not that far fetched If you ask me 🙂 !

I am not the only one who’s crazy about this : here is a short clip of the fans reaction after the first pick was announced:

Keep it here! we have a long way of waiting for the next season of the NBA, but once again we @ powcast.net will be here for you. I will be writing more stuff about the draft and team assessments the next couple of months 🙂 

Why Towns should be the first pick come NBA Draft on June 25, 2015

Karl Towns (Credit of picture goes to BBVisuals)

That’s right I know a lot of people has penciled Towns to go to Minnesota not just because he has a bigger upside than Okafor but because of this Interview just after draft lottery. 

Towns said that he is used to snow storms and that would be a problem. He was also asked how would he feel playing along side Kevin Garnett and Wiggins, Towns said it’s going to great since he played with Wiggins in the past, he also mentioned that he would be able to learn a lot from KG and that should only do him good in the long run. 

Well I know that its a no-brainer that a LA is a better the best possible team to go to, because of difference in weather, fan base and promotions. However the pressure is great and he wont have the same mentor in KG.

Here is the link of the complete interview after Draft Lottery: 

No Copyright infringement intended. 

For more updates about all NBA keep it here @ powcast.net

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett post fight confrontation video

If you have not seen the rare footage of TMZ then check this out. Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett, completely surrounded by security personnel, exchanging words near the Celtics team bus on Monday night. I am thinking with out all the people around them it could have turned ugly. Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett post fight confrontation video

Kevin Garnett still upset about Ray Allen leaving

Ray Allen is going to play for the Miami Heat this season, while most of the players and fans think its okay considering that Ray Allen is the least effective of the big three, its really fine to let him go. Kevin Garnett however feels differently, we know that Garnett is always passionate and emotional about the game and it looks like he is still upset about Ray Allean leaving Boston.
“I don’t have Ray’s number anymore. I’m not trying to communicate with him. I’m just being honest with everybody in here. It’s not that I wish him less than or whatever, it’s just what it is.”

Boston Celtics: What to expect?

The aging Boston Celtics may not be as athletic as other teams but they still got the heart and the Boston pride to make one final run this season. Sticking with their 3 veterans Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnet, The Boston Celtics is still prime to compete against the best team in the NBA and a shorter season may just be what they need to make it happen. Check out this video

Boston Celtics: What to expect?

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Pierce, Allen lead Celtics to 3-0 lead over Knicks

By BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Writer
NEW YORK – No fantastic finish needed for the Boston Celtics this time.
They simply spoiled Madison Square Garden’s postseason homecoming party right from the start.
Paul Pierce scored 38 points, Ray Allen added 32, and Rajon Rondo had a Celtics’ playoff-record 20 assists as Boston beat the New York Knicks 113-96 on Friday night to take a 3-0 in their first-round playoff series.

Rondo had 15 points and 11 rebounds for the Celtics, who pulled out two close games in Boston but never trailed in this one, dominating the first playoff game at Madison Square Garden in seven years. They will go for the sweep Sunday afternoon, and no NBA team has ever lost a series after winning the first three games.
After winning the two games in Boston despite trailing in the final half-minute of both, the Celtics scored the first nine points of this one and never really let it get much closer.
Carmelo Anthony had 15 points and 11 rebounds but shot 4 for 16 for the Knicks, who were hosting a playoff game for the first time in seven years. But the Celtics left the fans little to cheer about, and the Knicks were even booed as they walked off the court trailing by 23 points after three quarters.
Exactly 10 years to the day since their last home playoff victory, the Knicks were outclassed in the same way they have been so many times in their forgettable decade since.
With Chauncey Billups sidelined again with a knee injury, Amare Stoudemire limited by his back spasms and Anthony unable to duplicate his 42-point performance from Game 2, the Knicks lacked the firepower to match the defending Eastern Conference champions.
Stoudemire was just 2 for 8 for seven points.
Allen, who made the go-ahead 3-pointer in the Celtics’ 87-85 victory in Game 1, was 8 for 11 behind the arc and is a sizzling 15 for 20 in the series. Pierce was 6 of 8 from 3-point range as Rondo continuously set up his two All-Star wing players for open shots.
A sellout crowd filled with celebrities and fans starving to see postseason success could do nothing but admire the execution of the Celtics in an impressive performance after believing they played poorly in the first two games. They matched the 3-0 lead of Miami, moving closer to an expected second-round showdown.
Many fans wore orange shirts or waved orange towels. But the Celtics, who came within one win of an NBA title last season despite having home-court advantage in only one round, shook off the sounds as easily as they swatted away the Knicks.
“If you really want to bother us, tell no one to come. Then that’ll freak us out,” Boston coach Doc Rivers said before the game.
Instead, many of the fans just left early.
Stoudemire, who missed the second half of Tuesday’s game, won the opening tip but struggled early. He way overshot the basket on his first attempt, missed badly on his next one and was 0 for 3 in the opening period.
He warmed up for the second half with a large pad attached to his back, but by then it wouldn’t even had mattered if he played well.
The Celtics quickly scored the first nine points of the game before struggling Landry Fields got the Knicks on the board with a jumper more than 3 minutes in. Pierce later nailed a 3-pointer to start a 10-0 run that made it 22-5 and Boston turned away every New York rally.
NOTES: Shaquille O’Neal sat on Boston’s bench, showing he’s closer to returning from a right calf injury by making the trip to New York. Rivers said O’Neal is working hard but doesn’t know if he’ll be available for Game 4. … Pierce tied Tom Heinsohn for 13th place on Boston’s career list with his 104th playoff game. He will tie K.C. Jones for 12th on Sunday and could move into the top 10 during this postseason.


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Pierce, Celtics outlast Timberwolves


MINNEAPOLIS – Paul Pierce had 23 points and seven rebounds, and the Boston Celtics nearly gave away another huge lead in an 85-82 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night.

Kevin Garnett had 13 points, 13 rebounds and thousands of fans who turned out to cheer for the former face of the Timberwolves franchise. The Celtics led by 25 early in the second quarter, but trailed by two midway through the fourth before Pierce lifted them to the victory.

Michael Beasley had 28 points and 10 rebounds for the Timberwolves, who were missing All-Star Kevin Love for the third straight game because of a strained left groin.

Anthony Tolliver’s 3-pointer gave Minnesota an improbable 73-72 lead with just over 5 minutes to play, but Pierce came back with a 3-pointer and drive to take back the lead.

The Celtics played without starting point guard Rajon Rondo, who strained his right pinky finger in practice on Saturday. Delonte West filled in well with eight points and five assists to help Boston avoid its first three-game losing streak of the season.

Darko Milicic had 15 points and nine rebounds, and Tolliver added 16 points and 15 boards for the Wolves, who trailed 38-13 in the second.

Coach Doc Rivers lit into his veteran unit after the Celtics gave away a 13-point lead in a home loss to Charlotte on Friday night, calling them selfish pouters who are feeling sorry for themselves. It was an eye-opening assessment of a team that appeared to be hitting a wall with the postseason just a few weeks away.

Six losses in 10 games allowed the surging Bulls to jump into the top spot in the East, and the Celtics started the day 2 1/2 games behind Chicago in the conference.

Rivers’ blistering appeared to wake the Celtics up early. Playing the kind of hard-nosed defense that has been their calling card for the Garnett years, they ripped off a 23-3 run in the first period to jump out to a huge lead.

Without Love in the lineup, the Wolves missed 22 of their first 27 shots and were getting pounded on the boards. Anthony Randolph, who had averaged 27.5 points and 13 rebounds in his two previous starts in Love’s place, played just 3 1/2 minutes in the first half because of foul trouble.

Boston also scored the first six points of the second quarter for a 38-13 lead — much to the delight of scores of fans wearing Celtic green — and the nose-diving Wolves looked to be well on their way to another uncompetitive night at Target Center.

But the Wolves gradually started chipping away at the lead as the first half closed, cutting the deficit to 13 points at the break. Milicic’s hustle on the offensive glass jump-started them midway through the third period, starting a 22-6 run that tied the game at 62 just before the fourth quarter.

Milicic’s layup with just over 8 minutes to play gave Minnesota its first lead of the game, 70-68, and the Wolves all of a sudden were outshooting the Celtics after their putrid start.

But after Pierce stabilized the Celtics, Garnett added two big jumpers, and forced a turnover by Milicic, and the Celtics breathed a huge sigh of relief.

NOTES: Timberwolves backup C Nikola Pekovic missed the game with a hip injury. … A Wolves win would have tied the largest comeback in franchise history. They beat the Charlotte Hornets after trailing by 25 points on March 1, 1996. … Nenad Krstic had 11 points and six boards for Boston. … Rivers said he was unsure if Rondo would be able to play at Indiana on Monday night.




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