The Filipino Wrecking Machine

The Filipino Wrecking Machine
Mark Munoz our homegrown talent who is a very skilled wrestler and striker fighting in the UFC middle and light weight division has finally hang up its gloves on UFC Fight Night 66 in Pasay City Manila after a beautiful win against Luke Barnatt. With a career record of 14 wins 6 loses and 1 decision Mark has a colorful career in MMA.
At the post fight interview Mark planned to teach wrestling in the Philippines saying “In MMA, I think wrestling is a discipline where the Philippines needs. I can connect the dots for them. The striking is good, jiu-jitsu is good, but I think wrestling is deficient a little bit.”
“I want to be able to come back and use my talents, gifts and abilities. I was a wrestling coach. I coached with Urijah (Faber) at UC Davis. We were just feeding off of each other. I just love coaching. I love taking a kid and seeing their skills and being able to add to their skills. Not change them. Just add to their skills.”
Mark Munoz is a filipino hero for all us MMA fans. We forever salute you for raising our flag on the world renowned octagon.
For more updates and winners on UFC Fight Night 66 visit.

Happy to see Mark Munoz back in the UFC, signed his contract!

Mark Munoz UFC was rumored to be unemployed after media removed him from MMA rankings, he suffered a first round lost recently in Germany and people were counting him out. All those rumored are shutdown after Mark Munoz himself posted this photo of him signing a 4 fight contract with none other the Dana White’s UFC. I am so relieve that we still got one Pinoy fighter left standing in the best MMA promotion in the world. I am sure other promotional outfit is waiting for this guy, sorry Bellator or perhaps Asia biggest OneFC could have taken a crack at him.  #MabuhayMarkMunoz

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Oh no! Mark Munoz, no longer a UFC fighter? What is next for him.

Mark Munoz the only Pinoy MMA star in the UFC is rumored to have been released from UFC promotion.  According to news, he is no longer in the UFC rankings and his last fight in Berlin against Gegard Mousasi could have been the determining factor. Munoz have lost 3 of his recent 4 fights. What is next for our very own Filipino Wrecking Machine?

Photo Courtesy of Mark Munoz.

Mark Munoz And Nonito Donaire Do "The Dougie"

UFC middleweight Mark Munoz and Bantamweight Boxing champion Nonito Donaire have a little fun at Munoz’s Reign Training Center. 
Mark Munoz is rumored to be fighting Chael Sonnen and is looking for a tittle fight while Nonito Donaire is waiting for his next fight and maybe looking for a 4th weigh title. 
Watch Nonito Donaire and Mark Munoz Teach You how to dougie!

Watch Nonito Donaire and Mark Munoz Teach Me how to dougie dance


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Dana White knows?

by: powsalud|

Dana White knows that Filipino’s are good fighters look at Mark Munoz and Brandon Vera. They have done pretty good in MMA right?  That  is why its no surprise that Dana White would consider doing a Filipino version of his Ultimate Fighter here in the Philippines.(source)
This is good news, but why do Dana White look upset in the picture? I guess He is thinking how of how he can get rid of Pinoys who do illegal live streams of UFC PPV fights. Well that is a whole different story.

Fil-Am fighter Muñoz KOs foe in UFC match

source: GMANews.TV
Another Filipino-American mixed martial arts fighter is slowly making a name inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) octagon.
Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Muñoz scored a sensational first-round knockout win over Clarence Byron “Doberman” Dollaway 54 seconds into their scheduled three-round middleweight bout in Louisville, Kentucky.

The 33-year-old Muñoz, a two-time 189-pound California State Wrestling champion for Vallejo High School, improved his MMA career record to 10 wins and two losses while giving Dollaway his third setback in 14 fights.
Muñoz did not waste any time in launching a barrage of punches and blows. Consecutive overhand right punches staggered Dolloway, causing the former All-American wrestler to fall on his back.
Muñoz took advantage of the situation and landed two hammerfists to Dolloway’s face, prompting referee Mario Yamasaki to move in and stop the fight.
Moving up to middleweight has also improved Muñoz’s fight record to five wins against one loss. – Jon Perez, KY, GMA News
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Mark Munoz fight,

Fil-Am Muñoz wants to coach in ‘TUF: Philippines’


Filipino-American Mark Muñoz expressed interest in joining a reality TV show on mixed martial arts (MMA) as a coach.

I would love to be a coach on ‘TUF Philippines,’ not only because I am a Filipino-American, but because I would love to be a part of history as well,” Muñoz said in Yahoo! Sports.

The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF) is a reality show of Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC), which has plans to expand the TUF franchise in different countries, including the Philippines.

“I love coaching. That’s what I was before I became a mixed martial artist,” Muñoz shared.

In the show, unknown professional MMA fighters undergo coaching from established UFC fighters.

MMA’s popularity

The Fil-Am is banking on the vision of UFC President Dana White to make MMA popular in the Philippines, like basketball and boxing.

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the Philippines and they’re taking to it quite well,” the “Philippine Wrecking Machine” said.

Muñoz added that he will also try his best, along with his other compatriots in the UFC, to promote MMA among their countrymen.

MMA is growing, too, and [Filipino American fighters like] Brandon Vera, Philippe Nover, Shane del Rosario and myself are helping that,” he said.

“MMA is going to be a monster sport in the Philippines. Trust me. It’s going to be huge there and I would love to be a part of that,” he added.

For more UFC action, watch SkyCable TV’s Balls Channel and visit

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UFC’s Munoz says faith opens doors, he walks through them


UFC middleweight looks back on key moments of young career

There is a passage in the Bible that UFC middleweight Mark Munoz lives his life by.

He knows it by heart and recites it flawlessly.

The verse is in the book of Jeremiah and reads, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

“I’m a religious guy,” Munoz said. “I truly believe what’s meant to be is meant to be. I see the doors that open for me, and I always try to walk through them.”

Considering everything that’s gone right for Munoz along his path to becoming a UFC fighter, it’s no wonder he believes a divine power is steering him .

Munoz (8-1) is set to meet veteran fighter Yushin Okami (25-5) in the co-main event of Sunday’s UFC on VERSUS card in San Diego.

It’s a big opportunity for Munoz, who has been fighting professionally since only 2007, but one he feels more than ready for.

In his sophomore year of high school in California, Munoz was devastated when a severe ankle injury took away the first love of his life — football.

His shattered ankle healed well enough to allow him still to wrestle and Munoz attacked his wrestling career with the passion he used to give football.

Eventually, it led to an athletic scholarship at Oklahoma State University.

“Crazy stuff like that has been happening to me my whole career,” Munoz said. “My first love was football. Then I had the ankle injury, which led me to wrestling, which led me to mixed martial arts. Isn’t that crazy?”

Following his collegiate wrestling career, Munoz remained at his alma mater as a coach.

In 2004, he received a job offer at the wrestling program at UC Davis in Northern California.

That same year, another talented wrestler — named Urijah Faber — helped out as an assistant coach at UC Davis. The friendship Munoz began with Faber that year had a huge impact on his decision to eventually start training MMA.

“I saw the flexibility in Urijah’s schedule where he was just planning his days around training and providing for himself,” Munoz said. “I saw what it was doing for him, and he made me a believer.

“He got to train and do what he loves to do and live a healthy life. I thought, ‘Man, that’s exactly what I want to do.'”

As fate would have it, the year Munoz accepted the job at UC Davis and began considering a transition to MMA was the same year Randy Couture took on Vitor Belfort twice for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

In preparation for the second fight, Couture took his camp to Sacramento for a two-week stint.

Munoz ended up being a part of the camp and says his first-ever sparring session was with the MMA legend himself.

“He brought the training camp over for two weeks, and I went to a few of the practices,” Munoz said. “My first sparring session was with Randy Couture.

“I was basically a pure wrestler. They taught me how to jab the day before, so all I did was jab and look for double legs. It was a blast.”

After deciding to quit his stable job as a wrestling coach at UC Davis, a move he describes as the riskiest of his career, Munoz’s rise up the MMA ranks has been a quick one.

He accepted an offer to fight in the WEC after just three professional fights and made his UFC debut shortly thereafter in 2009.

After weathering a time period early in his MMA career in which he says he couldn’t afford to pay for electricity or hot water, Munoz’s career now is flourishing. He also is the co-founder of a 7,000-square-foot training facility, which opened in Lake Forest, Calif. earlier this year.

Accomplished fighters such as Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Fabricio Werdum and Renato Sobral have become regulars at the complex.

If Munoz gets past the highly regarded Okami on Sunday, it would be his fourth win in a row and likely would place him among the top of the heap in the middleweight division.

As his career continues to envelope bigger opportunities, Munoz says he doesn’t feel any extra pressure. All he can do is come in prepared and see what doors open.

“I’m just trying to walk down the straight-and-narrow path,” Munoz said.

Brett Okamoto can be reached at 948-7817 or Follow him on Twitter at LVSunFighting


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Munoz and Silva join forces


Wrestling champion Mark Munoz and UFC title holder Anderson Silva have joined forces in a bid to help each other improve in their respective disciplines.

Munoz, the first Filipino-American to win an NCAA Division I wrestling championship, and Silva, the record-setting UFC middleweight champion have been training together several times per week with dual roles.

The obvious is Munoz has become Silva’s wrestling coach, working with Silva to make it even more difficult to take him down, which is the closest thing to Silva’s Achilles heel. Silva has tried to improve Munoz’s stand-up game, which Munoz himself readily admits is his weakness.

“It’s no secret what my game plan is,” said Munoz, who faces veteran Yushin Okami in a featured fight at Sunday’s UFC at the San Diego Sports Arena. “Take him down and ground and pound.”

Ground and pound is Munoz’s forte, as his punching power when he’s got an opponent on his back ranks with the best in the sport.

Okami (24-5), who is favoured by more than a 2-to-1 margin, is a top 10 middleweight whose game is based on takedown and ground control, and a propensity for fights that aren’t spectator friendly.

Okami’s weakness would be against a top wrestler, as was shown in his October loss to Chael Sonnen. But Munoz, who as a middleweight in his last few fights is competing at his lightest weight since his sophomore year of high school wrestling, is expecting Okami to divert from his usual game plan and attempt to keep the fight standing.

When Munoz and Silva have sparred twice weekly of late at Munoz’s new gym in Lake Forest, Calif., Silva works with Munoz, pretending to be Okami.

And in return, Munoz (8-1) pretends to be Sonnen, also a high-level wrestler, Silva’s opponent for the middleweight title six days later in Oakland.

There’s also a bit of a revenge factor involved, as Okami, the toughest test so far in Munoz’s three-year career, was also the last fighter to beat Silva. That took place on January 20, 2006, at a Rumble on the Rock card in Honolulu, shortly before Silva and Okami had signed with UFC.

Silva threw an illegal kick to Okami’s head when both were on the ground in the first round. Okami didn’t recover from it, resulting in Silva’s disqualification.

Silva, who had claimed the rules weren’t properly explained to him, has bristled when Okami’s name is brought up as a potential opponent in recent years, noting he’s felt Okami could have continued, but took the easy way out, and got what Silva called a “cheap, cowardly way of winning.”

Okami has come close to getting a shot a title shot at Silva. He won six fights in a row in 2006-07, before losing a decision to Rich Franklin at UFC 72 in a match to determine the next contender.

Okami did more overall damage in the fight, but his lack of aggression in the first two rounds cost him the decision.

Okami followed with wins over Jason MacDonald and the late Evan Tanner, and was scheduled to face Silva in late 2008, but suffered a broken hand and had to pull out of the match.

Okami didn’t help his cause when he was outwrestled by Sonnen and lost, putting him further back in the line. Wrestling will be Munoz’s game plan as well.

Munoz, as a 189-pound junior, was Vallejo High’s first California state champion. As a senior, he won both the state and national high school championship, and placed fifth in the junior world championships held in Moscow.

Munoz wrestled for the legendary John Smith at Oklahoma State, finishing his career with 112 wins, sixth on the vaunted wrestling school’s all-time list. He ended his collegiate career by winning the 2001 NCAA tournament at 197 pounds.

After graduating from college, he got a job near his home, coaching at UC-Davis. A star wrestler at the school who had just finished his eligibility and was staying on as an assistant coach was Urijah Faber.

“He was just getting into the sport, dabbling in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu,” Munoz recalled. “He tried to talk me into competing but I was still trying to make the Olympic team.”

After Munoz failed to make the Olympic team in 2004, he retired from wrestling, noting all the time training in Colorado Springs was too much time away from his family, which now has four children.

In 2007, Faber pushed Munoz to give MMA a try, and this time he agreed to train part-time and take a fight. After winning his first three fights, he got a contract officer from the WEC.

In his early fights, he would just take opponents down and unload bombs on the ground against them, trying to emulate his favourite fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Kazushi Sakuraba, Tito Ortiz and Mark Coleman.

After the WEC dropped the light heavyweight division, only 19 months after his first fight and less than a year after truly devoting himself to the sport, Munoz debuted in UFC.

It was in his debut that he suffered his only career loss, one of the most brutal knockouts of 2009, from a head kick by Matt Hamill. He now says was the best thing that ever happened to him because of the lesson it taught him.

“I haven’t been caught with a head kick since,” he noted.

The loss forced a change in every aspect of the game, including study and learning diet, and dropping to middleweight.

“Those guys (at light heavyweight), some were 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5, 230 to 240 pounds. Some had 80-inch reaches.”

Since then, he’s won three in a row, most recently scoring a come-from-behind win against Kendall Grove in Abu Dhabi on April 10 that earned him fight-of-the-night honours.

Dave Meltzer / Yahoo


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Muñoz’s parents cite UFC fighter’s Pinoy values


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters brawling in UFC Live on Sunday (Monday in Manila) weighed in at the San Diego Sports Arena on Saturday.
Hundreds of local San Diego mixed martial arts (MMA) fans attended the 1-hour sneak preview of UFC Live.


Kababayans in San Diego cheered the only Pinoy fighting on the main card—Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Muñoz.

The Filipino-American was overjoyed at making the weigh in at 185 pounds, as he was quite concerned about shedding a few pounds for him to qualify for the middleweight class.

His opponent, Japanese Yushin Okami, also weighed in at 185 lbs. in the middleweight division.

Meanwhile, main event fighters Jon “Bones” Jones and Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko both weighed in at 206 lbs. in the light heavyweight division.

Muñoz is considered an underdog by odds makers. Betting $100 for Muñoz wins $180, while betting $200 for Okami wins $100.

But for the Fil-Am’s parents Rudy and Amy Muñoz, underdog or not, their son is still the No. 1 fighter for them because they instilled the “Pinoy values” in him.

“Marami siyang natutulungang mga bata na talagang gustung-gusto mag-wrestling. ‘Yan ang kanyang aim sa buhay niya na makatulong siya sa mga bata tsaka sa mga batang gustong mag-martial arts,” said Amy.

Mark’s mother Amy said that even though Mark is already a UFC fighter, she still winces every time she see her son getting hurt in a match.

Alam mo pag sinusuntok si Mark para na rin akong sinusuntok. Being isang ina makitang mong anak mo na nagba-boxing nagma-martial art or tinatamaan siya sa ibang part ng kaniyang katawan parang ako ang sinasaktan, wala naman akong ibang magawa kundi magdasal,” related Amy.

Muñoz vs Okami is one of the most anticipated bouts on the main card of UFC Live.


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Mark Munoz Faces Tough Yushin Okami with Interview video

Written by: Omar Mercado

UFC on Versus this Saturday features an interesting middleweight matchup between Mark Munoz and Yushin Okami. Munoz is a Filipino-American who has an NCAA Division I wrestling championship. Okami is a heavily experienced Japanese fighter and is considered an elite middleweight who belongs to the top ten of the weight division. One thing they have in common is that both fighters are Asians, or at least have Asian roots.

Munoz is known for his ground and pound game that will remind you of Tito

Ortiz, Mark Coleman, Don Frye and other wrestling based fighters in mixed martial arts. Okami on the other hand is known to be a less than exciting grappler who can keep control of the ground fighting aspect of the game.

Okami has more experience and has fought more elite fighters, making him a 2-1 favorite. His weak spot is fighting strong wrestlers as demonstrated in his loss to Chael Shonnen back in October. This is one reason why Munoz feels that Okami may keep the fight standing to avoid being trapped in a ground and pound situation.

To counter Okami’s possible game plan, Munoz has been training with UFC
middleweight champion Anderson Silva to improve on his standup or striking game. In return, Munoz trains Silva in preparation for his title fight against Chael Shonnen in UFC 117 on August 7.

Although Okami is installed a favorite to win their match, Munoz may just come up with a surprise win. Munoz is on a three-win streak since that devastating knockout loss to Matt Hamill from a brutal head kick. There have been improvements in Munoz’ game as seen in a recent come-from-behind win over Kendall Grove.

It would be an upset for Munoz to beat Okami but there is a possibility with Spider Silva helping him improve on his striking.



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