URCC XXX: The Bad Boy Who Choked the Wolf, Baduria Finished Palomar via Submission and not by Punches!

Caloy Baduria Continues to be the Bad Boy, Surprised the Fans with a Submission Win

CAloy Baduria Celebrates

August 12, 2017 at the Araneta Coliseum, the very last fight of the night and what seemed to be the real main event, Caloy “Bad Boy” Baduria stepped into the cage with his entrance song, The Game of AC/DC in what is expected to be a fiery brawl between two nemesis.  Muscled Mark Palomar waited inside the cage as he stretched his biceps in preparation for Armageddon.

Fight Fans Did Not See the Real Main Event of URCC XXX

Because the event started late and ABS-CBN is on strict schedule, fight fans watching at home was not able to witness at least three fights, including the fight between Baduria and Palomar.
From the start, both fighters were swinging like there is no tomorrow in what looked like a fight between two alpha males who are trying to prove who the biggest hitter is and who had the strongest chin. Palomar caught Baduria early and appeared to hurt him after a couple of hard punches that momentarily folded Baduria. Palomar recognized that Baduria got hurt and aggressively pursued the Bad Boy.

Caloy Baduria vs MArk Palomar fight

Bad Boy being a Bad boy

With his eyes appearing to have been injured and instead of stepping backward, Baduria acknowledged the damage inflicted by Palomar and used it as fuel to counter an offense of his own. He allowed himself to get hit so he can strike back and while in most cases it may not be a good plan, for Baduria it worked out well as Palomar appeared to be getting the brunt of harder punishment that forced him to back and down.
The tables have suddenly turned as the big bellied Bad Boy looks to like he has more air in his lungs against the six packed Wolf. Baduria pursued Palomar as he unleashed heavy rounds of punches to the head and body that hurt Palomar to the ground.

Punches are not enough to put down the Wolf

After all those punches from Baduria, Palomar still managed to fight back and seemed to be willing to exchange as the two men scrambled to the ground and into unfamiliar territory. After exhausting and pouring down punches, Baduria still wasn’t able to put down the resilient Palomar as he tried to escape from the ground and pound attacks.
In a surprising move, instead of allowing Palomar to stand up and restart the punching battle, Baduria grabbed the back and the neck of Palomar and attempted a rear naked choke. A submission move coming from a knockout artist and a brawler.
It was like a dream as Baduria had to dig deep from his pocket of skills to execute the submission move that spelled the difference between the two fighters and ended the fight via tapout.

Caloy Baduria vs MArk Palomar fight submission move

Caloy Baduria is a bad boy as he put down Mark Palomar for the second time

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Caloy Baduria: What did you think about his win?

Caloy is a Bad Boy
Caloy was impressive
Caloy surprised me with a submission move
Impressive win, he should get a rematch with Chris Hofmann
Caloy Should train more submission moves

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Hofmann, Baduria, Lee, Biagtan and Easterling: Victorious at URCC XXX

URCC XXX did not disappoint! The night and its trip to the Big Dome, Araneta Coliseum on August 12 was great as expected! Talk about being on the edge of my seat!
The stacked event was headlined by Caloy Baduria and Mark Palomar. Both fighters looked dominant all the while the matchup was standing. Fierce rivals were exchanging blows. Soon the elusiveness and flurry of punches were having affect and Palomar was sent down to the canvas. Baduria came close to submitting Palomar with a rear-naked choke and the fight was over.
Robert Sothmann suffered a first round TKO loss to Chris Hofmann in a fight that crowned the two-division Champion for the third time with the URCC middleweight title. The man is making record like it’s nothing! Hofmann’s punches in bunches on Sothmann down the floor made referee Eusebio stopped the fight and it resulted in fireworks.
I will say it again, Chris Hofmann has amazing confidence. And he pours his heart and soul into every fight making him 100% prepared and always completely ready for battle. His great work ethic and attitude will take him places.
Who else thinks that Baduria’s win now solidify his spot again as the no. 1 contender for the light heavyweight championship? Are we going to see the Hofmann-Baduria part 2 as well? We will see.
The strawweight championship is a No Mercy battle between two elite talents that need to shine. We witnessed incredible chins from this matchup. Fritz Biagtan landed mean strikes peppered with elbows and knees on Solomon Dultra. So he remained the ruler of his division. He took shots and superman punches from Dultra but refused to get outworked. What an insane start to the under card! The Fight of the Night for me!
And Do Gyeom Lee did it again! “The Undead” stopped Jeorey Orao in the opening round to successfully defend his featherweight belt for the second time. The Korean’s back was on point, reversed and escaped the choke from behind. The tansition was awesome from side control to a beautiful ground and pound and rare-naked choke to win the match via submission!
Kiko Matos and Billy Sanchez faced off in a fight that hopefully end their war of words. Kiko Matos appeared to be ready for anything that came tonight. He looked good with that round one submission win.
John Adajar and Jet Hermida have shown a desire to take the fight to the ground. There were many submission attempts but “The Outlaw couldn’t quite finish. He eventually made his opponent verbally tap out before the third round.
Second time’s a charm for Team Estroso after triumphing over Team Gatmaitan to win the three-on-three matches. All six of the competitors nearly set off a brawl inside the cage.
What would a marquee names up and down the card be without a few upsets?
The short-lived excited MMA fans thought the fight will last until three rounds. It’s unfortunate that former bantamweight champion Andrew Benibe got caught. He dropped after getting submitted by Mark Striegl via well executed Kimura in quick fashion.
Derrick Easterling and Jiar Castillo squared off in a standup and ground battle that pits two of the promotion’s best flyweights against one another. The flyweight champion spoiled Castillo’s hopes of bigger crowning achievement to his career in the second round. Easterling’s walk out music was an absolute gold already! He walked the stage and proudly representing with the Philippine flag waving.
Main Card
Chris Hofmann def. Robert Sothmann, TKO (referee stoppage), Rd 1
Derrick Easterling def. Jiar Castillo, TKO (referee stoppage), Rd 2
Do Gyeom Lee def. Jeorey Orao, submission (RNC), Rd 1
Fritz Biagtan def. Solomon Dultra, TKO (referee stoppage), Rd 3
Mark Striegl def. Andrew Benibe, submission (Kimura), Rd 1
3 vs. 3
Sugar Ray Estroso, Iyoy Espinosa, Patrick Dos Santos (Team Estroso) def. Mark Gatmaitan, Brian Paule, Jovit Laxamana (Team Gatmaitan), Rd 1
Caloy Baduria def. Mark Palomar, submission (RNC), Rd 1
John Adajar def. Jet Hermida, submission (verbal tap out), Rd 2
Ernesto Montilla Jr., def Nilo Vidal, submission (RNC), Rd 2
Kiko Matos def. Billy Jack Sanchez, submission (RNC), Rd 1

URCC BETS Results: Baduria Stops Dela Pena, Romero Heads to 1M ROAD FC Tournament

Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) at Casino Filipino Battle Extreme Tournament of Stars (CF BETS) featured a bout between the most recognizable fighter in the promotion Caloy ‘Bad Boy’ Baduria and Jess Dan Dela Pena as the main event on January 28 at Waterfront Manila Pavillon Hotel and Casino.

Baduria absolutely dominated Jess Dan Dela Pena. One big straight punch slumped Dela Pena. His first-round knock out win made the crowd go wild and loud.

Askar Mozharov landed lots of punches in the co-main event. Mozharov pulled Arvin Chan against the cage and took him down. He was looking for a guillotine but Chan was still defending. They scrambled a bit but the Ukrainian eventually finished the Filipino with a triangle choke. He calls out Chris Hofmann “You’re next.”

Reydon Romero and Rahul Raju went head-to-head on a three round special bout. The former featherweight champion is heading to the 1 Million ROAD FC Tournament in Korea after qualifying with a win by unanimous decision.

The prelim fights were just as good as the main card.

Joevincent So started off the fight well and bagged a few extremely close rounds. Ariel Lampacan escaped all of So’s submission attempts, and then submitted him. Punches thrown and the punches landed ended up in a TKO victory for Lampacan.

Great fight for Rodian Menchavez. First round victory by rear naked choke. Menchavez with a very fast paced and very aggressive opening. Hard punches and dominant control on the ground after a hard takedown.

What a comeback and very impressive win from Louie Sevilla who was being pound on the ground by Kervin Lampacan. He was quick on the mat and his transition to armbar was very smooth which forced his opponent to tap.

These pairs battled solidly and these men deserve credits for the performances they put on.

Here’s the URCC BETS results:

Main Card:
Caloy Baduria def. Jess Dan Dela Pena via TKO at 1:20, Round 1
Askar Mozharov def. Arvin Chan via submission (triangle choke) at 1:30, Round 1
Ernesto Montilla def. Sem Bicaldo via TKO at 2:55, Round 1

Special Bout:
Reydon Romero def. Rahul Raju viat UD

Preliminary Card:
Reydon Romero def. Patrick Manicad via submission (RNC) at 1:31, Round 2
Rahul Raju def. Andrew Benibe via UD
Ariel Lampacan def. Joevincent via TKO, Round 3
John Gonzales def. Reinier Gervacio via TKO at 0:16, Round 1
Irie Hiromitsu def. Andy Ligao via submission (toe hold) at 1:30, Round 1
Rodian Menchavez def. Benedicto Almno via submission (RNC) at 0:53, Round 1
Louie Sevilla def. Kervin Lampacan via submission (armbar), Round 3

Who do you want to see fight Caloy?

Caloy “The Bad Boy “ Baduria last fought on Oct 2014 where he won via TKO against Mark Palomar.

It wasn’t a great start for the bad boy as Palomar started connecting punches while circling around showcasing his foot work, however in then end the bad boy prevailed in way that he does best!

The fight was stopped when Palomar fell down after receiving wild combinations from the bad boy.

A couple of years before his fight against Palomar last year.
Caloy had a very exciting and entertaining fight against   Pancho “Sugar ray “Estrada.

Indeed it was a slug fest! As both fighters took it personal.  Their real life beef made the match up really exciting and entertaining.

Both fighters traded punches after punches as if there’s no way the fight will end up in decision.

True enough the bad boy connected with his heavy right hand then took advantage of the ground and pound position and just like that the bad boy got the sweet victory.

Even though a rematch against Polimar could be a good idea.
Personally however I would put it on the back burner and set up a fight between Caloy and Chris Hoffman instead.

Chris Hoffman is on a 2 winning streak via TKO/Punches.  Caloy himself got all his 9 victories via TKO/Punches.  What does that mean???  Another exciting fight for sure!

Another fighter I would love to see fight Caloy is Pancho “Sugar Ray “ Estrada.

Oh yes! A rematch!!  I mean imagine the entertainment value of this fight?

Expect it to be more intense and wild because I’m sure Pancho will put up a better fight this time to bounce back from his embarrassing lost against the bad boy  3yrs ago.

Having these kind of fighter on the roster, URCC is definitely the most exciting MMA league in Asia.

ABOUT URCC – The Universal Reality Combat Championship is Southeast Asia’s first professional mixed martial arts tournament. We held our first mainstream event in 2002 in front of a sold–out crowd at the Casino Filipino. Ever since 2002, we have always sold out all of our events. The URCC is often referred to as “ASIA’s MOST EXCITING MMA LEAGUE”. This is due to the fact that the league has the highest rates of finishes in the region. Our fighters ALWAYS come to FIGHT!