Top 3 Aging NBA Players to Look Out

They may be old but they can still compete

In some cases, players who were able to play in the NBA for 10 years consider themselves lucky because like it or not, playing in the 82-game regular season is a huge sacrifice for anyone regardless of your height and age. There may be times when you’re feeling like you can score at any given time and there may also be times when things weren’t going your way. Health and fatigue will dictate one’s longveity in the NBA because mind you, aside from the fact that youi’ll get bumped. elbowed and sometimes, hit by the knee more than you can possibly count, you will also need worry about Father Time as well who can slow you down no matter how hard you try to avoid him. 
The 2017-2018 season is just around the corner and there are some players who will enter the season already in the final playable years. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 NBA players whom, despite their age, can still play at a high level given the opportunity:
Wade is still among the elite guards in the NBA 

First on the list is none other than 3-time NBA champion, Dwayne Wade. He spent his first 14 seasons in the NBA with the Miami Heat before playing alongside Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo for the Chicago Bulls. At the age of 35, Wade can still compete alongside the elite slashers and despite the fact that his numbers have went down, just averaging 18 points per game and logging in 29 minutes per game, he will still be a valuable asset to any team that he will be playing because as of the moment, Wade is still waiting for the buyout offer from the Bulls which will enable him to either return to the Heat or sign elsewhere.
Who doesn’t like watching this guy dunk?
Vince Carter is probably one of the few NBA veterans who deserves a shot at an NBA title before hanging his jersey for good. Even as he is about to enter his 20th season with the Sacramento Kings, he remains a fan favourite because of his terrorizing dunks and acrobatic moves which leave defenders in awe. His 3 seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies saw his numbers drop dramatically. During the 2016-2017 season, Vince Carter only manage to average score 8 points per game, his highest with the Grizzlies. He’s now looking to provide the leadership and the much-needed spark with the Kings, a team which too, underwent massive makeover moves over the last few years. If anything, not having won an NBA title doesn’t take anything from Vince. He has proven himself to be  one of the best and most creative dunkers that the league has ever seen. But again, he is more than just about his monstrous dunks and his fellow players know that.
Kyle Korver will remain a threat especially from the 3-point line
While it’s unfortunately true that Kyle Korver has never won the 3-point shootout, it doesn’t mean that he can’t score threes because HE CAN shoot and score 3-pointers like there’s no more tomorrow. In fact, in the 35 regular season games that he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, he made 48% of his three-pointers and in he NBA, that’s already a high percentage for a player like Korve despite his age of 36. His 10 points per game average may be a small thing but he will remain a valuable asset to the Cavs come the new season. And when the game is on the line, Kyle Korver can come through. We’ve seen him take clutch shots and we’ve seen him make many of those.

What If: Vince Carter and Zach Randolph Sign with the Warriors?

Every team in the NBA who wants to compete for the championship may be looking to create their own version of a super team and the Warriors is well aware of this.
Don’t be surprised if the Warriors make another offseason acquisitions that could further fortify their position as the best super team in the NBA.
Rumor swirling around the net that Vince Carter and Zach Randolph could be a potential target for the Golden State Warriors. Vince Carter could be a backup for Klay Thompson while the ever reliable Randolph would add more muscle in the front court.
What do you think, will they be a good addition?

Vince Carter Continues to Make a Name and Make History!

With his stellar 14-year NBA career and at 40 years old, Carter hasn’t discussed plans to retire after the 2016-17 season. He’s even making a name for himself in the last couple of weeks and now he has reached a milestone and continues to make history by surpassing Allen Iverson for 23rd All Time on the NBA’s scoring list and 28th on the Pro Basketball scoring list.

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