Who should Star Hotshots pick in this year’s PBA Draft?

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Who should Star Hotshots pick in this year’s PBA Draft?
     We are now already in the middle of our PBA season.The Star Hotshot seems like they are still missing someone who can help them to win a another ring, and that problem can be solve in the upcoming PBA draft.This year’s draft class is full of talent and potentials.So here are our Top 5 players that would fit to their team:
5. Ed Daquioag
Career Stats: 8.5 PPG 3.35 REBS 1.69 AST
     We know that the Star has many talented guards on their roster right now,so why do they need him? Simple, this player is a very hardworking player. He can score inside the paint and he can  also shoot the ball from long distance. What makes him more impressive is his aggressiveness,he is a very good defender and you can give you quality minutes every time he steps on the floor.He improves his game every season . He will be a good energizer of the bench for Star.
4. Kevin Ferrer
Career Stats: 10.68 PPG 6.15 REBS 1.46 AST
    I know most of you are wondering why i put him at 4 right? Kevin Ferrer is a very great player especially  on the offensive end.He is a monster scorer,very great 3point shooter and can score inside the paint. Aside from his scoring ability, he is also a good rebounder. But the thing is the Star is looking for a big man who can defend and score very well,yes Kevin can do that but i think he is a little bit undersized for that role.
3. Christian Hermoso
College Stats:15.6 PPG 7.7 REBS
     Here is another guy who fits perfectly for the Star. The main problem of the Star is their big mans and i think this guy can help them on that case. Hermoso played for University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in his college. Hermoso is a very great  big man, he can score inside the  paint and he is a good post up player.He grabs the board very well and can defend the painted area. His issue was his age, but i think that’s not a problem.
2. Mac Belo
Career Stats: 11.34 PPG  6.07 REBS 1.57 AST
    I really think that this guy is the solution. Mac Belo the Finals MVP and DLeague MVP is one the most promising player in the upcoming draft. Belo can shoot the ball from mid range,three point territory and inside the painted area. He is a very talented and hardworking player.This guy can also defend big mans very well.  He can provide spark to the Star team for sure if the Star can draft him but i think he will be pick earlier in the draft.
1.Arnold Van Opstal
Career Stats: 7.3 PPG 5.38 REBS 0.82 AST
    Maybe you are doubting this right?  Statistically those guys above are more impressive, but the value that the Star needed is on him. AVO has the heigth, he can improve his game with the proper guidance of Star’s veteran big mens. AVO is a good scorer and  rebounder. He can score inside the paint very well and has some promising skills. He can help the Star to become a Championship contender team again. He plays hard and has passion for basketball. The Star can afford him on the draft.

Chris Lutz to be Transferred to a Sister Team?

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With the arrival of Gary David to the San Miguel, the Beermen’s backcourt become much more crowded. Gary David will find it hard to find a playing time together with Marcio Lassiter, Ronald Tubid, Ryan Arana and Chris Lutz, unless there is one of them to be transferred or traded. And if it will happen, the most likely would be Chris Lutz. 

News that Lutz would be traded has been surrounding since last season. With the resurgence of Marcio Lassiter, the crowded backcourt and also due to the injuries, Lutz had fallen out of San Miguel’s rotation. The question right now is, does the arrival of Gary David to San Miguel mean that Chris Lutz will be transferred to their sister teams? Why not? San Miguel Corporation Management must be thinking of strengthening Ginebra or Star.

Star are in need of a wing player right now as James Yap is suffering an injury and they were in danger of being eliminated. Ginebra, on the other hand, needs a shooter that will strengthen and complete their team. Well one thing is for sure, Lutz would be transfered to either Ginebra or Star Hotshots if the Beermen decided to.

Manila Clasico: Brgy. Ginebra vs. Star Hotshots Gallery

Let’s take a look at the pictures in another classic battle between Ginebra and Star

Aguilar blocks Bowles

Aguilar tries to score

Ellis blocks J. Yap

Tenorio lays it in

Bowles boxes out Jeffers

Pingris tries to score against Slaughter

Sangalang lays it in

Melton drives against Thompson

Maliksi slices through Ginebra’s defense

PJ Simon drives through the basket

Bowles jump shot over Aguilar

Simon defended by Mercado

Devance tries to block Reavis

                                                    Photos by PBA Media Bureau (Copyright)