UFC Has Been Sold for $4 billion?!

The rumors about the biggest MMA promotion in the world appear to be true. Majority owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and Pesident Dana White reportedly accepted the offer. UFC for $4 billion is all over the internet.

The Fertitta brothers and Dana White, bought the UFC in 2001 for a reported $2 million. The three were able to grow it into a global phenomenon. Was $4 billion enough or no?

The group who bought has no official confirmation yet but some reports that it is WME-IMG, the Dalian Wanda, The Kraft Group and Tencent Holdings Limited.

President Dana White is reportedly staying in the company but until when is the question and his role as well.

Looking forward to a new owner who can hopefully make UFC better. As a fan, I hope if this move is true that UFC stop the deal with Reebok and go back to with sponsors on their shorts classic style. And that UFC becomes sports franchises like NBA or NFL. To have a fighters union and a monthly salary.

How about you fight fans, what changes would you like to happen if the speculation is true?