SURPRISING FACTS: Things You May not Know About Barangay Ginebra Franchise

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This topic will benefit the millenials, or if you don’t know things about the Ginebra history, then this article will make you understand more about your favorite team. Known for being the most popular ball club in the country, Ginebra has a lot of accomplishments behind them which why you are probably asking yourself “Why?”.
Why are they so popular?
Before we answer that question, let’s go through some facts that you may not know about Ginebra first.
Gary Granada, a known Philippine OPM icon who’s been a Ginebra fan wrote a popular song which you guys might have sang on their last Championship. But, that is not the only song he wrote, he composed and recorded 4 songs for this franchise to show his love for his favorite ball club. 1st song would be “Ginebrang Ginebra” then, “Kapag Nananalo ang Ginebra”, “Kapag Natatalo ang Ginebra” and the song that popularized after the squad after the 2007 Philippine Cup Championship, “Yan ang aming barangay.”
Did you know that Ginebra is the first of only one of 2 teams to ever come back from a 1-3 deficit in a best of seven showdown which they did first way back 1991 season opening conference against Shell and the other one was their battle against Alaska during the semi finals series in the 2005-2006 Philippine Cup.
Ginebra will be battling Alaska for a semi-final berth and it won’t be an easy path to take as they have a twice-to-beat disadvantage, but are you guys confident they’ll pull it off? I believe YES. Way back 2008 in an import spiced conference the Barangay Ginebra started the conference with maybe the worst win-loss record at that period but still went to the championship and eventually won the title.
So why are they so popular again?
Why were they called a Never Say Die team?
Here’s the answer, they have been around the PBA for quite some time now and considerably one of the oldest franchise in the PBA history, and through all of it, they’ve done a lot of miracles, well should I say they’ve turned tables multiple times, making an unfavorable game and standing eventually turns their way. Senator Robert Jaworski, the former Barangay Ginebra Playing Coach who is also and still the face of Ginebra and you might agree that he’s considered as the Michael Jordan of the Philippines of his own time. Well, he started it all, let’s go back in time during their game against the Northern Consolidated Cement. Jaworski was taken out of the court after he took an elbow that needs to be treated.
Minutes later, the living legend made a surprise come back with a taped lip and eventually made a miracle again after leading the team to a victory that day.
Never Say Die attitude compliments the Filipino culture and attitude that’s maybe why people loves them so much. They make sure that they win for the fans, they dive and die for the ball and never gives up until the final buzzer. They made history and maybe that’s enough, but here they are still entertaining the Filipino Basketball lovers. They sold out tickets in every Arena they played in and they show goodness to their fans. They sign autographs and have pictures taken with the fans and wanted to finish all of it as much as they could.

Is it going to be a Japeth-less Ginebra vs Phoenix on Sunday?

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This is one thing that everyone is worried about prior to the Sunday showdown of Ginebra and Phoenix, is Japeth Aguilar going to play?

After an early exit of Japeth Aguilar in the ball game during the 2nd quarter, everyone was worrying if he got a serious injury.

Japeth Aguilar got his injury after a transition slam and hyper extending his elbow when failed to hold on to the rim and had all his weight on his right arm.

After several reports, it was just a muscle strain and nothing serious. One report said that after he got hurt, he immediately did some push ups during the half time.

He immediately went to the hospital to have an X-ray and posted a photo on FB with his girlfriend saying that it’s nothing serious and he’s gonna be fine. Well from my own opinion, he will be available to play on Sunday unless he gets some after game hurts but knowing Japeth, he has this high tolerance to pain and one good day rest will definitely lessen the possibility of him being out against Phoenix.

Writer’s Pick : Top 5 Sneakers of 2016

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It has been a great year for all sneaker heads and enthusiasts as all brands released great lifestyle and performance sneakers. Jordan Brand, Adidas, Nike and more sneaker brands have made it a paradise for everyone leaving all of the sneaker heads drooling with their amazing releases.

For me personally, it’s also been a great year having a lot of  Jordan retros released and different Nike signature shoes. Adidas also reached it’s peak with various releases of their most hyped pairs.

Here’s my top 5 Sneakers of 2016.

#5. Adidas Ultraboost (Caged and Uncaged)

This has been so far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Considered as the number 1 pair of running sneakers, with the boost cushioning technology this pair is probably going to stay as the top pair of sneakers in the running category as Adidas prepares more releases of different variety of Ultraboost in the pipeline.

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#4.Adidas NMDs

The hype is real!! This boost cushioned pair of sneaker is surely one of the most hyped kicks of 2016. With pure boost technology sole and prime knit version upper and different colorways, this has been one of the most successful releases of Adidas so far. Different collaborations with different brands have been innovated by Adidas such as NMD x Mastermind pair and the most recent hyped pair the Bape Camo NMD that made this variety one of the most anticipated products in the sneaker game especially for those hypebeast out there.

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#3. Yeezy 350 V2.

Another Kanye product that keeps the hypebeast community rolling, one of the most comfortable and sought after sneaker of 2016 and will surely continue this 2017. With it’s very neat box with a huge 350 logo on the upper part, this pair maintains it’s classy look and as of comfort? Man, this pair is comfy, the way it fits your feet it really makes you feel you’re wearing something light and like walking on clouds. Sizing really matters in this kind of pair cause sometimes you need to upsize or downsize but you can just remove that insole if you’re in a midsize range and it will perfectly work for you. Different varieties have been released for this joint but the belugas stands out among all of these V2 releases and still holds a high resell value in the sneaker market.

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#2. Air Jordan 11 Space Jam.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the movie Space Jam, Jordan Brand released an anniversary pair of the same sneakers worn by Michael Jordan in the epic movie of the 90’s. Considered as one of the grails in your sneaker collection, Man, you’ll never go wrong with these joints as the heat for this pair is certainly up to the ceiling and if you are a Jordan Brand collector, this pair is a must have up there on your display room.

And number 1!!

#1. Air Jordan 1 Breds “BANNED”.

This historic pair originally released on 1985 is the first pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan. This pair is a controversial joint during this era as this sneaker was banned by the NBA because of it’s uniformity rule but Michael Jordan continued to wear these while Nike pays for the fine for each game he wears these bad boys. This is the Holy Grail of all Jordan sneakers and if you are a collector, you should have these. With a very few releases of the Jordan 1 Banned, the resell value went crazy high as everyone wanted to get a hold of each pair. Well bro, I doubled up on these!!

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Nike announces the availability of Self-Lacing-Shoe Nike Hyperadapt 1.0

One of the most high-tech pair of sneakers that you can find in the market right now is the Nike MAG back to the future but with the latest announcement of NIKE, they will have the most anticipated self-lacing-shoe Nike Hyperadapt 1.0

Aside from the back to the future themed Nike MAG pair this shoe has an auto lacing system that makes it a perfect fit to anyone’s feet. Nike’s  Tiffany Beers says that the shoe automatically activates as soon as the wearer puts it on. It has a technology called as EARL short for Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing.

“When you step in, your heel will hit a sensor and the system will automatically tighten,” she explains. “Then there are two buttons on the side to tighten and loosen. You can adjust it until it’s perfect.”

Price has yet to be announced but it will surely be available in Nike +. Avaialability date as per NIKE will be on 11.28.16

Justin Brownlee will stay with Ginebra in this conference. Will he end their title drought ?

During a post game interview with Tim Cone last August 10 when they beat Blackwater Elite, he was asked about the import selection or where they are now in deciding who to keep once Paul Harris recovers from his injury, and he replied with a safe answer that they’re not in the position to decide yet until they get to that point where they need to choose between their two super imports as what he calls his two foreign reinforcement.

Just today, sports agent Sheryl Reyes who handled a lot of talented imports announced it on social media that Ginebra Camp decided to keep Justin Brownlee for the rest of the conference as he continue to get better every game. Everyone in the team and even most of the fans says that Brownlee is a perfect fit in the Ginebra system. Though he struggled on his first game against the Alaska Aces caused by fatigue and jetlag where he suffered from body cramps, this American native proved everyone that he deserves the spot that was given to him. He played the last three games with huge output and keeps on having his team mates involved in the offensive rotation. Defensive skills of this guy have been evident as he make sure he stops every offensive attempts of their opponent and limiting the point production of his opponents inside the shaded lane. Will he end the Ginebra Title drought? Ginebra is off to a good start as they get a safe spot in the standings having 4 wins and 1 loss, though they have a rough road ahead of them as they face great teams, Tim Cone is up for the challenge and made sure they put their best foot forward .

LA Tenorio lifts Ginebra, gets 3rd straight win against Blackwater Elite

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LA tenorio and the rest of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel squad struggled during the first quarter as they were outscored by the Blackwater Elite. Gin Kings, found their way back in the driver seat in the 2nd quarter as Justin Brownlee started to gain its tempo with points coming from the rest of their starting lineup with the help of their second stringers Dave Marcelo and Aljon Mariano.

Blackwater Elite still proves they deserve a win over the Kings, with the help of Carlo Lastimosa and their import Dawson as they try to get back on track and get the lead back but the Ginebra’s starters are still in full offensive mode as they maintain their lead at the end of the 2nd quarter.

Justin Brownlee banks his treys after the second half finally making it from downtown. LA tenorio also buried treys extending their lead at the 2nd half with as much as 16 points.
Smooth offense have been displayed by Ginebra as most of their players made baskets and also displayed excellent defensive stops led by Japeth Aguilar listing multiple blocks.

LA tenorio was chosen as the best player of the game with 23 points  but Justin Brownlee listed a huge 27 points while Aguilar also contributed with double figures with 19 points.

Best player of the game : LA Tenorio

FINAL SCORE : 107 – 95

The scores:
GINEBRA 107 – Brownlee 27, Tenorio 23, Aguilar 19, Devance 9, Marcelo 9, Mercado 7, Caguioa 6, Cruz 5, Thompson 2, Bonifacio 0, Mariano 0, Salva 0.
BLACKWATER 95 – Dawson 26, Lastimosa 21, Dela Cruz 15, Erram 13, Cervantes 8, Gamalinda 4, Pascual 4, Cortez 2, Qahwash 2, Canada 0, Reyes 0, Sumang 0, Sena 0.

Quarters: 21-23, 48-40, 74-69, 107-95

Meralco Bolts breaks losing streak, finally gets a win against Rain or Shine

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Meralco started off with 16 straight points leaving Rain or Shine scoreless in the first part of quarter 1, but RoS fought their way back, played a catch up game and  ended the first quarter with 35-21 , 14 pt. lead for Meralco Bolts.

Rain or Shine still finding ways to sink their shots but, Durham makes it hard for them as he burries multiple field goals, coupled with assists. 2nd Quarter ended at 65-47 in favor of the Bolts. With the help of Alapag and Dillinger, the bolts maintained their lead with consecutive treys. Rain or Shine continues to find their shots to make it a close ball game as Quinahan and Lowhorn continue to sink their field goals.

Trying to shake off their 2 losses the Durham and the Meralco Bolts finally gets a win to break their losing streak. Durham contributed with a huge 32 points which lifted the Bolts ending the game with 7 points with the help of Faundo and Newsome with 12points each.

Final Score 109-102

Best Player : Allen Durham – 32 points, 12 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Team North wins All Stars showdown.

To wrap up the 2016 PBA All Star weekend, the PBA put up a great show for all the PBA fans out there by bringing the all the star players in one venue and one game.

The North All Stars with their First Five selected by the PBA fans via online voting process dominated most of the quarters with the contribution of the Ginebra Star Mark Caguioa andJapeth Aguilar who also entertained the fans with their kamikaze moves and slams while Alex Cabagnot of the San Miguel Beermen who mainly just enjoyed the showdown out a huge 29 points. Terrence Romeo one of the starters also helped out the star filled team by knocking down treys and dishing passes but also showcased his amazing ball handling and crossover skills.

The South All Star team trailed by more than 10 points in most of the part of the game but found their way back in the race during the pay off period and even stole the lead but  with the help of Marx Pingris, Terrence Romeo, Paul Lee and Alez Cabagnot, the team was able to steal the lead back caused by their tough defense and eventually getting the win at 154-151.

The All Star MVP was Alex Cabagnot

Hot Sauce in Manila at Global Hoops 2016 by KingBally

It is a great year for all the basketball fans out there, King Bally events and Promotions puts up an event that will showcase the world-known basketball scene called Streeball. After a lot of basketball events like NBA players tour in manila like, Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant and Damian Lillard also the recently held FIBA Olympic Qualifier, the basketball scene is approaching its peak as Global Hoops 2016 brings the legendary streetballer Philip Champion also known as “Hot Sauce”.

Hot Sauce is a professional Streetball player who also was a part of the streetball team of AND1 mixtape tour from its creation in 2002. He was also a part of the movie Crossover and was able to sign in a team in American Basketball Association in 2009.

Aside from these streetball legends, Kingbally events and its partners will also bring pinoy professional basketball players like, Jimmy Alapag, Willie Miller, Ren Ren Ritualo and Jeron Teng with musical performances of pinoy rappers that includes, Loonie, Abra and Ron Henley of Fliptop (Rap Battle League), Andrew E, Gloc 9 and Mike Swift.

The said event will take place on August 20, 2016 Saturday at the MOA Arena. Powcast is also giving away tickets to Filipinos who wants to witness this historic and unforgettable event in basketball history.

Do you wanna see some ankle breaking moves and crossovers?
Please visit facebook page for more information about the Global Hoops 2016 and how you can get free tickets in this once in a lifetime event.

PBA, still the best league in the country. Why?

PBA, still the best league in the country. Why?

PBA has been around for more than 40 years now and it is the oldest league and longest running league in Asia and second in the world, and we’ve all been part of each and every history it has made. The country’s most loved league has contributed a lot in the sports industry as it offers a lot of opportunity to every talent available in the nation. It developed a lot of “Hopes” into “Reality” and eventually made it a success.

We all know that the most patronized sport in the country is basketball, though it is already known before by the masses even before the league was established in 1975, PBA has played a big role in making basketball famous in the country. Most of the big names or legends that we know like Robert Jaworski, Samboy Lim, Ramon Fernandez and many more, came from this league which is now a much bigger and stronger foundation of sports in the country. Starting the greatest basketball rivalry such as Crispa and Toyota to the unfolding of the most popular ball clubs like Ginebra, San Miguel and Alaska, the PBA is still continuing to make the people aware of the talents that every Filipino can showcase, this league has transformed the way we look at basketball, they built a strong ground by developing talents that can compete outside the country. This current era of basketball in the country is the most anticipated one and the most promising, we were able to compete and even win championships in leagues outside the country competing with tough teams. We recently won the championship in Jones Cup and Fought a good fight in FIBA. It is undeniably the biggest turn around in the world of sports in the Philippines.

 Players like Ray Parks took its part in the NBA D-League hardcourt representing the 3 stars and a sun, while the GILAS Pilipinas still continues to make us proud by being one of the strongest team in Asia and in the world.

Now PBA, under the new Commissioner Chito Narvasa, is still doing their best to keep the PBA fans entertained. Giving the fans the entertainment that they deserve. Being at the venue every game is truly a life changing experience, seeing your favorite teams fight for a win and try to get into the championship phase is one of the things you will appreciate as they put everything on the line, enduring all the pain and diving for every possession only shows the dedication that the players and PBA is true to their commitment to the fans.

 One of the most awaited event that PBA is going to offer is the upcoming All Star Weekend that will be held in Manila (usually it is being held out of town). They brought this event in the metro, closer to the Manilenos who religiously supports the association and it is truly an anticipated one as they bring all the PBA stars together to giveback everything to its supporters and it is also their way of expressing their gratitude in the continuous success of the Country’s most popular league. PBA is undoubtedly, the best league in the country.

The All Star Weekend will be held in Araneta Coliseum that will commence its activities on August 4 and will end on August 7 with the North and South All Stars showdown.

Mahindra banks their 2nd win against Globalport.

Good sign for the Mahindra Enforcers as they clinch another win in the PBA Governors’ Cup.
For a young team who struggled in most part of their previous campaigns in the league, it is now paying off that they’ve been getting those W’s in this conference.

Their import James white lead the team in getting this 2nd win with 28 points together with Ramos with 16 and Revilla with 11.

The enforcers’ win streak and consistency will be put into test as they face the San Miguel Beermen on July 27 at the Araneta Coliseum.

MAHINDRA 108 – White 28, Ramos 16, Revilla 11, Taha 10, Agovida 8, Pinto 8, Canaleta 7, Zandi 7, Guinto 5, Aguilar 2, Bagatsing 2, Ballesteros 2, Yee 2, Digregorio 0, Elorde 0, Jaime 0.

GLOBALPORT 98 – Sutton 34, Pringle 19, Dehesa 13, Fortuna 9, Semerad 9, Banal 6, Isip 3, Kramer 2, Mamaril 2, Taha 1, Pascual 0.

Quarters: 20-20, 45-43, 70-69, 108-98

6 tips on how to be a Sneakerhead| The man behind Shoe Fiend Los Angeles tells us how to be a sneakerhead.


We had a chance to talk to one of the sneaker dealers in the sneakers community from Los Angeles California, Earl John Verzo, the owner of Shoe Fiend Los Angeles granted us with an interview over the social media and we asked a few questions and tips on how to be a sneakerhead based on how they started their shop from being a hobby to being a business that offers a lot of services.

“I started getting involved in the sneaker community way back in 2013 when I got curious about buying and reselling and trading shoes without realizing that I’m addicted to it already.” Earl shared how he it turned out to be a hobby to an addiction in collecting and selling kicks.

“My First pair was a Nike Air  Shox VC 3 back when I was on my 6th grade. I was only 12.” He surely is one of them sneakerheads who started in an early age.
“My favorite sneaker would be the OG Nike Jordan 1 Breds, because of the history behind it. It is the most single iconic shoes of all time it revolutionized the sneaker game. Everytime MJ would wear it on the NBA Court he was getting fined and Nike would cover the fees just for him to continue to wear em. It’s basically the shoe that started it all, it will never go out of style, the older the Nike Air Jordan 1, the higher the price it gets.”

Here are some tips that he gave out to all the aspiring sneakerheads or collectors as they call it.

1. Make sure that you are financially capable of collecting shoes before you start.

2. Make your priorities straight. (God, Family and Responsibilities.

3. Self discipline and Respect.

4. Do your research upon buying (shoe prices changes constantly, watch out for this.)

5. Make sure to do a legit check before buying to a private seller. (Avoid getting scammed)

and Finally,

6. Enjoy your shoes, wear them, stock them. But don’t let it hinder you.

These tips are the basic steps into getting involved in to the sneaker game and this guy surely knows everything about it.

Now, more than anything else, we got curious on how they were able to put up a very successful online sneaker shop. This part of the interview makes this article a good one and very helpful to anyone who wants to start their own sneakers business.

Shoe Fiend Los Angeles started as a joke. when my friend told me that I was too addicted to shoes. he kept on seeing me on numerous post on Facebook buying, selling, and trading shoes. I did not took it as a joke but instead I made it to my reality. Shoe Fiend Los Angeles started as a local shoe group based in Los Angeles, California. Is an Online Market Place where you can Buy Sell Trade your Shoes For Free. We provide News releases for the upcoming shoe craze that will be released. We help out our fellow sneaker head to achieve there “grail” (the shoe shoeheads and sneakerheads want the most for their collection. the shoes they will do anything for. including selling or trading their whole collection for it.) We also feature Shoes that are on sale that you can get for a steal price. And Any Sneaker Related Post. Shortly after Making the Group I realized to make my Online Shoe Store and Started Branding. Started Going to Local Shoe Events on the Los Angeles Area 4 events on 2015 I even attended at The Sneaker Carnival last year hosted by sole academy here in the Philippines at the MOA Grounds. 2016 by a long shot is the biggest I had my own Table at Sneakercon in Los angeles which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s a two day event and had 40,000 Attendees each day.  Went to Laced Locked and Loaded in Rowland Heights, CA  and even Lace’em up in Hollywood, CA. “

Shoe Fiend Los Angeles is an online shoe store that produces Shoes from Nike, Jordans, Adidas, Yeezy’s And other hot shoes that are on the market. They work with a top notch Graphic Artist to represent  themselves with the right logo and carefully selected the Quality of the shirts with the Help of the owner’s Sister who is A Fashion Designer. Which Produced as the Shoe Fiend Los Angeles “The Usual Shirt”. They Also have Shoe Cleaning Product Called  “Crisp Cleaner”.

Contact :
Phone/Viber: 626-324-0947
Facebook: ShoeFiendLA
Twitter: ShoeFiendLA

Follow the writer on twitter : @AkoSiDaddyNate

If you’re a sneakerhead, this is your paradise. Sole Slam 9

What a nice way to end your weekend with Sole Slam 9, that has just concluded their most recent Sneaker Convention held at The World Trade Center Manila in Pasay City, and this is their 9th trade convention in just 5 years. was able to witness this historic event as everyone who loves sneakers copped their own pairs. There were lots of kicks of different varieties from retros to original releases. Celebrities, music artists and models have gathered to show support to the scene where they have a lot in common, hence the term Sneakerheads.

Sneakerheads, doesn’t necessarily mean that they buy shoes just because they want one. Every sneakerhead or collectors base their interest on kicks depending on its story, origin, price and also who wore it and what happened during that era. It is not a cheap hobby, and I’m telling you, it will take alot of 13th month pays just to have one pair of the most expensive kicks like the Yeezys in particular. But what’s important for these sneakerheads or sneaker collectors is that there is this one event that recognizes how passionate they are in copping and rocking these kicks and beyond that, an event that lets every sneakerhead meet and share information, there’s no doubt that Sole Slam is the best event that supports local and foreign brands of kicks and showcases how passionate these sneakerheads are with their hobby, an event that makes the sneaker society grow and be known by the masses.

INTERVIEW| Frank Bonifacio, thankful for getting a Ginebra Roster Spot.

We’ve been seeing Frank Bonifacio every Ginebra Practice wearing the ginebra uniform and the first question we had in mind was, “Is he a new player of Ginebra?” and that question was answered last year when someone from the ginebra coaching staff confirmed that he’s going to be a practice player/reserve. Bonifacio is undrafted and has been practicing with other teams prior to the Ginebra spot.

A few days before the start of the third conference, a news spread out that he signed for a roster spot in the active line up of ginebra. And we had to confirm some details with him personally via his facebook account and he said that he’s very happy now that he already earned a spot in the pba as a professional player of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

“I found out Friday before the practice but I don’t know who I replaced, they didn’t tell me. I’m just happy I’m finally on the lineup after 5 conferences being a reserve/ practice player.” Bonifacio said. Ginebra has 15 active players in their line up which means he will be the 16th so we are yet to confirm if anyone will be moving out of the active roster.

He also wants to thank the ginebra fans, the management and Coach tim for the opportunity and support. “I’ll do my best to make an impact on the court whenever I get a chance. Thanks to Coach Tim and the Ginebra Management for giving me this opportunity. #nsd.”

Ginebra did not hire any Asian import and Greg Slaughter will be out in a couple of games since he is still in a recovery period after his surgery so that’s maybe the reason why they needed someone to be ready to help in case they need front-line support.

Maika Usita | How Ginebra fans made him more motivated.

Maika Usita

Maika Usita a 2013 draftee of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, who somehow haven’t had the chance to sign with the squad is now back on the court and proving he’s worth a spot in the league. We have seen him in some practices of Ginebra as one of the practice players and Ginebra Fans are asking if he is already part of the roster. Well, this interview with him will clear the smoke and will make us see a better picture of what really happened.

In an interview with Maika, we asked him a few questions like , how can he describe the experience of being one of the drafted players of Ginebra and how the fans welcomed him.

Maika said, ” A very warm welcome!!!, Many messages of excitement and followers/friend requests. All of it was positive turned into motivation actually.” him talking about the reception of the ginebra fans after the draft. “See I lacked of basketball skills and the fans actually kept me motivated since (2013) knowing that I’m still an amateur in this sport with much to learn, the fans kept me herein the Philippines and motivated me to learn the game quickly because I surely did not want to let them down. diba?”

“If it weren’t for the fans of Ginebra or Ginebra drafting me, I would have gone back to Hawaii and quit basketball I promise you that, lol.”

Maika Usita talks about the way the Ginebra fans kept him playing ball and continue to improve and we also asked him if he’s already part of the Ginebra Squad this coming conference and his thoughts on the fans’ expectations that he will soon play for the league’s crowd favorite.

” Yes it was me, 🙂 but man I wish It was true! I was attending practice to tryout (with ginebra). Unfortunately after a week of practice I found my way to TNT. How?, I was invited to TNT so I thought “I”, deserve a chance  to give myself another opportunity to show myself to other teams.”

TNT has no legit big man at the moment and that maybe is the reason why they tapped Maika to be one of their frontliners soon. “So I’ve been at TNT practice and now it’s been 2 weeks almost 3.”

Given the size and strength and the skill set of this player, he truly deserves a spot in the country’s biggest basketball league. With the time he spends in getting better and proving himself to every team he’s been practicing with, we will not be surprised if this 6’9″ guy will soon be in the PBA’s hardcourt.

With overflowing gratitude, Maika also wanted to thank all the Ginebra Fans and his supporters who are always there to support and motivate him.

To the fans, Mahalos (Hawaiian word which means thanks or gratitude), Salamat and thank you all the Ginebra Fans for motivating me since 2013 till today to become the player they want and wish to be so I could one day officially make the team and help reclaim the throne and win another championship! Im still learning the game and working hard at my craft to do so for any team that wants my help.”

“If it’s anything I learned from this experience especially with the fans and not being on the Gin team is the NSD, never say die attitude”

The PBA hopeful wanted to thank the whole Ginebra Community for making him adapt the never say die attitude which made him continue to try his luck in fulfilling his dreams to be one of the PBA players soon.

“Cause I almost went home in 2013 and gave up on my basketball and somehow I’m still here after 5 years trying to play in the PBA. And the fans kept me motivated, something not a lot of people could say or do. I know my family back home misses me and wonder why Im still out here after so long. I missed a lot of life back home with my Ohana (Family) but I got  unfinished business here and I know all of this will pay off and they will understand that I want to play basketball while I still have a chance.”

“This is the first time I finally felt like a real basketball player. Gotta keep on keeping on. Never Say Die.”  He added.

Well, in this world of professional basketball, we rarely see players like Maika who got the size and skills to fit in to the physicality of the PBA, and he’s one of the players to look out for especially if a team needs some frontline support or toughness. It is no doubt that Maika Usita will soon find his home team to represent and still display that never say die attitude which he acquired from the first team who made him believe that giving up is not an option.

Golden State Warriors, confident they will get another ring.

Photo Credits to GSW FB Page.

The Golden State Warriors proved their tag line “Strength in Numbers” as they get the first win in the best of seven NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The splash brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry struggled in getting points for the squad but with the help of their second stringers they were able to nail the first victory in the best of seven series, Shaun Livingston scored a career high of 20 points with 4 boards and 3 assists while Green, Bogut , Barbosa and Barnes provided a combined production of 34 points.

On the other hand the Cleveland Cavaliers struggled in most of parts of each quarter mainly in their defense, The Golden State Warriors showcased their great and impressive offensive movement that lead their opponent team to be confused on their rotation which GSW made them pay. Kyrie Irving, did a tremendous job in trying to keep the Cavs alive listing a 26 points performance together with Lebron James with 23 points but still had a hard time getting the lead back due to lack of bench scoring on their end. Steph Curry said that the Warriors will not be in the Championship without the help of everyone in the team.

There was a moment when Curry made a three point shot and turned around and threw his mouth piece and when asked why he did that he replied, ” Im just frustrated that I’m missing open shots“, he was also greatful about how his team mates stepped up,
Regardless how the shooting was for me and Klay, we need to get a boost, our bench came out there and played the game, played aggressive, and tonight they really changed the game and allowed us to win.” Curry said in the post game interview with the NBA media .

Shaun Livingston is also one of the impact players and though he’s greatful of what he achieved or done he’s still humble and still saying he’s playing for the team, “It’s all about a feel, just being aggressive when we’re out there we try to make ourselves available for Steph or Klay tryin to relieve some pressure off them.” Livingston said.

The game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland will be on Monday still in the Oracle Arena as the Cavs try to tie the series and the Warriors to try to continue the domination of the 2016 Finals Series.

Ginebra Trades?

Photo Credits to PBA Media Corp

PBA fans are eager to any developments that involves their league favorites but one of the PBA teams which has the largest fan base are more sensitive in getting more information about what’s happening or what’s going to happen, and we’re talking about Ginebra San Miguel. There has been a rumor about players being transferred to a new team and getting a star point guard from Globalport. Stanley Pringle is one of the rumored players that might have been traded to Ginebra in exchange of Chris Ellis and Aljon Mariano and it was also said that if the other team does not agree to the deal they might throw in another player to pacify the trade.

What really is happening? No there are no trade reports at this point, Greg Slaughter got injured and they’ve been busy getting someone to fill that big shoes inside the paint which resulted in getting a reinforcement and a replacement for Othyus Jeffers, the new import of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel this coming conference is a board crasher and an athletic mid bigman that can definitely sustain the gap in roster for slaughter. In this new look in the upcoming conference, Ginebra is expected to be one of the contenders given the fact that they’ve had enough time to master and be familiar with the multi-titled coach Tim Cone’s system. With enough time left before the next conference, it is still possible for this squad to get a trade deal done, but considering the fundamentals of the triangle offense, it will be hard for the team and the player to cope up with a new member and the player to a new system. But who knows? , Ginebra’s full of surprises, everything can be decided in a nick of a second and changes might be just on its way, all we need to do is wait.

Sneaker News : Air Jordan 1 High OG Metallic Navy, June 2016 Release

Another retro kicks that will make the sneakerheads drool again as the Jordan Brand continue to release the Air Jordan 1 pairs. After the release of Air Jordan 1 High Chicago, UNC and Air Jordan 1 High Shattered Backboard, Nike will now set the sneaker world on fire again as they release another pair of Air Jordan 1 High OG Metallic Navy.

Bannering the colorway of the original pair of OG in 1985, this new release has a pure white upper with Metallic Navy contrast right at the Nike branding, collar, lining, outsole and Nike Swoosh and white midsole. This pair is set to be released on June 4, 2016 at $160. Another pair that we should watch and check out as the Jordan brand era continues.

Players that Ginebra should Utilize.

Everyone’s suggesting that Ginebra San Miguel Squad should have a legit shooter, an outside threat. One of the rumors is that they are going to trade someone to get the service of one designated outside shooter but one thing is unnoticed, they have what they need in their lineup including inside gunners. Here are the players that they can utilize to be their legit 3point shooter, perimeter and role players.  These players were not given enough playing time to be able to gain experience and confidence.

1. Aljon Mariano – during his stint with the UST growling tigers, aljone became one of the key players and even became the team captain who listed a creer high of  21 points and 13 rebounds, a statistical proof that this rookie player can contribute in scoring and boards.

2.Dennice Villamor – one of the underrated small forward is also one of the players that ginebra should be using, dennice played for the National University along side Ray Parks and Troy Rosario and also played in the PBA D- league with Jumbo Plastic linoleum who has recorded game winning baskets beyond the arc and one of the most effective role players in their current roster. This guy can contribute in different stats as recorded in his UAAP stats, he was able to contribute in scoring, boards, blocks, assists and even steals.

3.Nico Salva – Nico played for the Ateneo Blue Eagles who won a championship and was also named as the Finals MVP. Also one not so used player in the roster of the league’s most famous team. Salva is know for his outside shots and can be relied on during crunch time. This dude can also shoot from perimeter ranges and one of the most consistent shooter in the lineup

Given the list of these talented players, they’ll be able to get what they’re looking for. These players should be given enough playing time to be able to get that kind of rhythm to fire their talents and skills up.

TV 5 kicks-off as the Philippine’s official Rio Olympics 2016 broadcast network

(From left): Cignal head of channels Sienna Olazo, Philippine Olympic Committee honorary member Frank Elizalde, Phl team’s chief of mission Joey Romasanta,Taekwondo jin Elaine Alora and table tennis’ Ian Lariba, International Olympic Committee representative Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski and Sports 5 head Patricia Bermudez-Hizon. PHOTO by: Emil Rebaño
MANILA, Philippines- Major broadcasting network TV 5 officially announces its extensive coverage for the Rio Olympics Games 2016 from Aug. 5 – 21 as it continues to uphold its reputation as the leading sports channel of the Philippines.

Sports 5 head Patricia Bermudez-Hizon stated during the press launch the broadcasting rights gained by the network for the Olympics Games 2016. “We are honored and proud to the Philippines’ official Olympics’ broadcasting network.”

Hizon was together with Philippine Olympic Committee representative to International Olympic Committee representative Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, Philippine Olympic Committee honorary member Frank Elizalde, Philippine Olympic Committee first vice president and the Philippine team’s chief of mission Joey Romasanta, and Cignal head of channels Sienna Olazo during the press launch at the Jade Garden in Glorietta Mall, Makati City.

Bermudez-Hizon included that 16 hours of Olympic action will be dedicated on free TV through TV5 and Aksyon TV. Sports 5 shall bring the live action and coverage right to the Philippines households. “One of our aims is to educate the values of Olympism to the younger generation,” said Bermudez-Hizon “It goes with Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan’s long-standing belief about the importance of showcasing the values of sports as a part of nation-building.”

Aside from TV 5 being the Philippines’ Olympics broadcast network, Cignal is the official Pay TV provider. “There will be different channels for the games. HYPER/ HYPER HD will handle the basketball and volleyball events, Rio 1 will cover the aquatics and racket sports while Rio 2 will carry the combat sports,” said Cignal TV head of channels Sienna Olaso.

The latest news and updates will be provided by PLDT and SMART as PH’s official online and mobile news provider.

Ginebra Fans Expressed their frustrations in social media

Barangay Ginebra  ended their campaign in the current PBA conference after being swept by Rain or Shine Elasto Painters in the best of 3 quarter finals duel. Moments after the heart breaking loss against RoS the Ginebra faithfuls expressed how painful it is to see another shorthanded conference for their favorite team. It has been 8 years since the squad got their last title and fans were given a hope when the league’s winningest coach came in to the picture and that they will finally have a huge chance to get into atleast the semifinals, but was frustrated after a not so impressive fight the squad has shown.

Ginebra players also expressed their thougts about this loss like Joe Devance and also expressed his gratitude to the Ginebra Fans.

The questions that everyone have after this campaign is, what will be the next step of the squad to improve and get the title in the coming conference in July.
Many said that Ginebra needs to have a legit shooter to be able to have a fair competition incase they face a team with this kind of caliber. Some said, trades should happen and are expected to happen because of the result of their last play off appearance. We are yet to confirm any of these but one thing is for sure, Ginebra fans are still intact and are still behind the squad and the team will bounce back this coming conference like any other teams who lost the chance to get in to the finals this conference


Terrence Romeo’s Dirty Finger to the Fans?

It has been evident that Ginebra’s loss against Globalport Batang pier has been frustrating for the fans and the players but what makes it a bit more teeth grinding is when Terrence Romeo reportedly threw a dirty finger to the fans when he got out of the arena on his way to the parking lot. A mobile video has been released in social media of him walking out of the parking area on his way to his car.
The 5-second ball hugging violation was not called by the referees during the last 8 seconds of the OT, the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel should’ve had 2 seconds more to create a play to win the game but the officials and referees said that the game has been concluded. Now the PBA office is waiting for Ginebra’s protest until 12nn today.