Mark Magsayo – Not Yet Ready

Mark Magsayo and the ALA Boys

Writted by: Mike Ochosa

I was out of the country and was unable to to watch the Mark Magsayo vs. Shota Hayashi fight.  I heard that the fight was entertaining and Magsayo won by unanimous decision.

Fortunately, I saw the replay on ABS-CBN Sports and Action and caught rounds 7 to 10.   Although the boxers were both very busy it was obvious to me that Magsayo was the much better pugilist and was clearly going to cruise to victory.  Hayashi did not have any punching power, was lacking in fundamentals and was unable to defend himself against the body shots of Magsayo.   It was also clear that the Japanese was tough enough to take Magsayo’s punches and stay up till the end.

Magsayo deserved the praises my boxing writer colleagues were throwing at him.  What caught my attention and concern was that some firmly believe that Magsayo is ready now for a world title.  What was more alarming to me was the name Oscar Valdez was being mentioned.


Let me first be clear, I believe that Mark Magsayo is one of the better boxers we have.   Pit him against any regular boxer, Mark will find a way to finish the job.  The last couple of  Antonio L. Aldeguer (ALA) Promotions   fights aired on ABS-CBN Sports and Action do give the viewer their moneys’ worth.  It is full of action and definitely entertaining.  However, to say that Mark is ready for Oscar Valdez, the current World Boxing Organization champion, might be premature.


Shota Hayashi’s record coming into the fight against Magsayo was 30-6-1.  Of his thirty wins, he has posted 18 knock outs.   A relatively good KO to win ratio but his list of past opponents reflects a lack of quality challengers.  His last 3 opponents already had a total of 11 losses split amongst them and all of them have already suffered a KO loss.

Hayashi wrested the Japanese Featherweight Title from Noriyuki Ueno who had a record of 18-13-5 when they met, and had already suffered 3 knockout defeats.


Magsayo’s previous opponents were not that impressive, as well.

Prior to Hayashi, Magsayo was featured in fights against boxers who already had a good number of losses before  their meeting.  Daniel Diaz had 7 losses,  Issa Nampepeche also had 7.   Ramiro Robles and Chris Avalos had 5 and 4, respectively.

These fighters have decent records and gave Magsayo a good challenge and the fans a good show.  But to say that this experience is enough for Magsayo to face Oscar Valdez should be given  a second thought.


Oscar Valdez is the reigning and undisputed champion of his weight division and boasts of an unblemished record of 23 wins with no losses.  On top of that Valdez has 19 knockouts to his credit, an 83%  KO/win ratio.

Valdez has faced quality opponents.  His last 5 opponents only share a total of 5 losses.  Two of them were undefeated before they stepped into the ring with him namely; Matias Rueba and Genesis Servania.

I have been fortunate to have seen Oscar Valdez at ringside in live action against Hiroshige Osawa and Evgeny Gradovich, both of whom pushed Valdez to the limit but further heightened the  potential of the current champion.  Valdez was always in control, throwing combinations, fighting intelligently and unleashing his power at the most appropriate times.

This does not mean that Valdez is unbeatable. In fact, it was Filipino Genesis Servania, who revealed this.  Valdez’ unanimous decision victory does not reflect how close the fight really was.  Sevania matched each combination of Valdez and stayed with the Mexican toe to toe.

Valdez was also a touted amateur competing in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.   Despite not bringing home the gold, Valdez’ skill and power were brought to fore.


Mark Magsayo is ranked number 2 contender by the WBO.  His record of 18 wins with no losses is obviously outstanding, his knockout to win ratio also is also equally notable at 72%.

However boxing is as subjective as subjective can be.  The numbers although helpful should be reviewed with  great care if the decision to be made for Magsayo is one that can make or break his career.

We have seen many Filipino boxers with remarkable records and who have given us equally thrilling performances suddenly fall off the radar after devastating losses when matched with world class competition: Rey Bautista, Abe Concepcion, AJ Banal and Drian Francisco just to name a few.

This begs the following questions:

  “Can Mark Magsayo become a world champion?”  The answer is a resounding yes.  His record is healthy and competitive. He has the power and the grit to take it to a higher level.

“Can he beat Oscar Valdez?”  Yes, but not in 2018.  If Valdez is the target then Magsayo and his team must prepare for the kind of boxer Valdez is.

“What should Magsayo do?”   The higher the target, the higher the risks, the bigger the heart.   His next two fights should be against boxers whose levels are higher than his last 5 opponents.    His team must be ready to challenge their ward with the best they can get to make him the best that he can be.

Then and only then, should Magsayo challenge for the belt.


*fight records from


Mike Ochosa is a boxing analyst for TV having called 12 of Pacquiao’s fights.  He has also worked as an international boxing analyst for Ringstar Promotions of Singapore.  He was President of Punchout Boxing Club and has had the privilege of managing and training several professional fighters.

Follow him on his FBpage,,  and his You Tube channel,,   on his Twitter account,

Filipino Mercito "No Mercy" Gesta vs Jorge Linares on 1/27/18

US-based Filipino Mercito Gesta Excited to Face Jorge Linares

The proud of Mandaue City, Cebu and now a resident of San Diego, California Mercito Gesta today was excited to announce that he is getting a fight against the WBA and WBC World lightweight Champion Jorge Linares.

Gesta wrote on his Facebook account: 

Excited and grateful for this opportunity to fight the great champion Jorge Linares on 1/27/18 at the LA Forum live on HBO Boxing After Dark. Thank you to Golden Boy Boxing, Robert Diaz, Oscar De La Hoya, HBO Boxing, and the World Boxing Association Wbc boxing Diamond and Ring Magazine. Can’t wait until 1/27. Please come and watch this event at the LA Forum. Tickets to the fight will be announced shortly.

The 30-year-old boxer Mercito Gesta has not lost a fight since 2012. His last lost via unanimous decision against Miguel Vasquez. He currently holds a boxing record of  31 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws. Gesta is enjoying a good boxing run in the United States and is probably facing his toughest challenge to date in Linares.

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Venezuelan Jorge Linares (43-3-0) on the other hand is having the time of his life in boxing getting 12 straight wins in a row and has also not lost since 2012.
The boxing match is scheduled to be held at the LA Forum.

WATCH: More Than 100 Attendees at the GAB Dialogue in Makati

Boxing is in Good Hands as Games and Amusement Board Works Tirelessly to Execute its Mission

MORE than 100 professional boxers, trainers, matchmakers, and stakeholders attended the dialogue conducted by the Games and Amusements Board headed by Chairman Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra at the GAB central office in Makati City last November 21, 2017. Among those present were promoters and managers Jun Gandeza, Joseph Quibral, Orlando Borcelango, Dino Olivetti, Kate Jaucian, matchmaker Art Monis and former Philippine welterweight champion-turned trainer Allan Alegria. “This is the first time that a dialogue was made primarily to inform and educate them regarding several boxing-related issues and concerns,” said Mitra.

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Mitra presented the IRR of the MOA between GAB and the Department of Health (DOH) for the provision of free diagnostic medical and neurologic examinations for professional Filipino boxers. The stages and procedures on how to avail the free medicals were discussed by the GAB medical section and some important notes on Dehydration were given by GAB Medical Officer Dr. Rolando Rivera.
It was followed by the presentation of the Guidelines on the GAB Boxer’s Relief Fund by Chief Administrative Officer Ofelina Artugue. “All active and former professional licensed boxers who sustained disabilities and sickness or those who died due to the injuries he suffered can be covered by the GAB Boxer’s Relief Fund benefits,” said Artugue. The request for financial assistance will be processed by the Boxing Division with the recommendation from the Medical Officer and will then be submitted to the Treasury.
Meanwhile, the Boxers ratings criteria were also discussed by Boxing Chief Dioscoro Bautista. Boxers were informed of how they can be qualified for inclusion in the rankings and how they can be removed as well. GAB Chief Legal Officer Atty. Ermar Benitez, on the other hand, explained the amendment to the rules and regulations governing professional boxing specifically on fights abroad.

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The dialogue was also covered through Facebook live for the benefit of those boxers from other parts of the country who would have wanted to join but could not. Also present in the dialogue were Current OPBF Light Flyweight Champion Edward Heno, former WBC World Flyweight Champion Sonny Boy Jaro, Current Philippine Light Flyweight Champion Lester Abutan, WBC International Minimumweight Champion Lito Dante, and Former WBC World Title Contender Denver Cuello and other Filipino Boxers.
Baham Mitra talking personally with the boxers
Mitra said that they are now planning to conduct similar dialogues in the Visayas and Mindanao region. “We will continuously and actively promote a transparent, dynamic and participative governance in GAB,” said Mitra.

Watch the GAB dialogue with the boxers below.

Elorde Boxing: Glenn Suminguit Retained PH Bantamweight Belt Via Technical Decision

Jhonny Elorde Boxing Event: Suminguit and Pael Ended Abruptly

Glenn Summingit Retained PH Bantamweight Belt Via Technical Decision

September 23 at the Elorde Sports Complex, boxing enthusiast converged at the event as the grandsons of legendary boxer Flash Elorde takes the center of the ring to showcase their boxing skills against Indonesian foes. On paper, the Indonesian rivals don’t stand a chance and it was validated last night as the Elorde brothers took home the victories by knocking out each of their opponents.
The real story tonight, however, was the main event as two equally brave and talented fighters clash inside the ring for the Philippine Bantamweight Championship. On the onset of the fight, I know that we will be seeing a special fight as both fighters equally exchanged blows and neither of the fighters is backing out.
We have a fight! 
Glenn Sumingit, a fighter that was born in Zamboanga and Renoel Pael from Leyte both showed grit as they went back and forth each trying to outdo and outwork each other. Suminguit had a slight edge on my scorecard as he threw more effective punches and combination but Pael, also had a moment of his own as he tagged and even pushed back Suminguit at the ropes occasionally.

Anti-Climactic ending: Suminguit Wins via Technical Decision

It was the fifth round when the fight was suddenly put to a halt. Suminguit and Pael were in the heat of the battle and they got tangled up in the corner of the ring as they exchange heavy blows when referee Danrex Tapdasan stepped in and separated the two boxers. It was the loudest the crowd has been that night as two boxers unwilling to give in but as they got separated, it also revealed a badly cut left eye of Suminguit which is trickling with blood.
The referee was forced to call the medical team and upon check-up, Suminguit suffered two cuts from above and below the left eye. With the advice of the ring physician, referee put a stop in the contest and the fight will go to the scorecard.
Atty. Aquil Tamano scores it 48-47, Danilo Lopez 49-56 and Judge Oliver Garcia scores all the round in favor of Suminguit who retains his Philippine Bantamweight championship belt.
We talked to Glenn Suminguit after the fight.
Glen mentioned that he is still willing to continue but the ring physician saw a lot of blood and they stopped the fight, If it is me, I will still continue. He follows up by saying that, he is open to fighting him again if there is an opportunity.
Here is the rest of the Boxing kontra Droga results, September 23, 2017. 
Date: September 23, 2017
1) Glenn Suminguit vs. Renoel Pael
Result: Suminguit by Technical Decision
2) Juan Martin Elorde vs. Arief Blader
Result: Elorde by KO in 6
3) Juan Miguel Elorde vs. Afrizal Tamboresi
Result: Elorde by KO in 1
4) Claudevan Sese vs. Robin Dingcong
Result: Sese via Split Decision
5) Wilbert Berondo vs. Jay-Ar Diama
Result: Berondo via Unanimous Decision
6) Arvin Magramo vs. Alvin Defeo
Result: Majority Draw
7) Monico Laurente vs. Menard Zaragoza
Result: Laurente via Unanimous Decision
Watch the last two fights featuring Bai Elorde and Glenn Suminguit below.

Mark Anthony Barriga Enters World Ranking

photo courtesy of Ryan Songalia/Rappler

Just one year after he decided to turn pro, former Olympian Mark Anthony Barriga entered the IBF (International Boxing Federation) latest world ranking at 105 pounds / minimumweight divsion. Barriga who outclassed Joel Taduran to earn 10 round unanimous decision in Sablayan Mindoro on July 22 finds his name at the 14th position.
24 year-old Barriga, who is under Jason Soong Boxing Promotions has an unblemished record of 6 wins with 1 knockout. He competes as a light-flyweight as an amateur, Barriga represented Philippines at the 2012 London Olympics, reaching the round of 16 as a light-flyweight.
IBF world minimumweight title is currently held by Hiroto Kyoguchi (8-0,6) of Japan. He won the title with 12 round unanimous decision over Mexican Jose Argumedo on July 23 in Tokyo Japan.

Reveco to face Nantapech in title eliminator; Winner will get Donnie Nietes Fight

                  (Juan Carlos Reveco –              Donnie Nietes –               Komgrich Nantapech)

Last May 2017 IBF Flyweight world champ Donnie Nietes has been ordered by IBF to defend his title with a mandatory challenger  on or before October 29,  2017. 
The number 1 and number 2 slots are vacant in IBF’s latest ranking, rated number 3 Komgrich Nantapech (22-4,15)  of Thailand and rated number 3 Juan Carlos Reveco (38-3,19) of Argentina the two highest rated boxers will face each other for the number 1 spot and get a chance to challenge the reigning IBF champion Donnie Nietes (40-1-4,22)
Reveco of Mendoza Argentina is a former two division world champion , he held WBA World light flyweight title and WBA Flyweight world title. His reign was stopped by current WBA champ Kazuto Ioka of Japan
Nantapech a.ka. Eaktawan BTU Ruaviking will try to bounce back from his loss to Nietes for IBF title last April. The fight was competitive and Nantapech gave a hard fight to Nietes so he retains his high ranking in IBF.
Nantapech and Reveco are now set to face each other in a title eliminator on August 18 in Mendoza Argentina. The fight will decide the mandatory challenger of Nietes’ IBF title. 

Rene Dacquel – Hayato Kimura Made Weight Ahead of OPBF Showdown

Reigning and defending OPBF (Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation) Superflyweight (115 pounds) champion Rene “Commander” Dacquel (19-6-1,6) and Japanese challenger Hayato Kimura (26-9) both made weight today ahead of their fight tomorrow at the famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan.
(L-Kimura / R-Dacquel photo by Ryuta Kato)
Dacquel weighed in at 114.6 pounds while challenger Hayato Kimura tipped off the scale at exactly 115 lbs.
Meanwhile, two other Filipino boxers are scheduled to fight at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan. They are Arnel Baconaje (8-2) will squares off the ring against Japanese Yasutaka Ishimoto (29-9) and Nelson Tinampay (12-4-1) fight against Masaru Sueyoshi (14-1).

Filipino Boxers Dulay and Gesta victorious in LA!

(Mercito Gesta)

Two Filipino boxers have fought today as undercards of  WBC Championship fight between champion Miguel Berchelt and challenger Takashi Miura in Forum, LA.

  1. Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta(31-1-2,17)  a native of Cebu and now residing in San Diego California scored knock out win at the opening of eight round over Mexican Martin Honorio(33-10-1). The first round was uneventful, both boxers were finding their range. Gesta was connecting right punches to Honorio in second and third round while Honorio tried to counter Gesta but didn’t connect. Gesta scored one knockdown in 4th and seems to control the fight. 7th round was the best round for Honorio connecting some good punches but Gesta didn’t allow him get a second chance win. In  the opening seconds of round 8 Gesta hurt the Mexican by connecting combinations , the referee steps in to stop the fight at 0:18 seconds of 8th round.
Super featherweight contender Recky “Terror” Dulay (10-2) climbed up in lightweigh to face previously unbeaten Panamian prospect Jaime Arboleda (10-1). Dulay scored a shocking third round knockout when he countered Panamanian with a right cross that sent Arboleda face first to the canvass. The referee step in to stop the fight. 

Mercito "No Mercy" Gesta Back in Action

California based Filipino Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta returns to action on July 15 against Mexican Martin Honorio in a 10 round lightweight non-title bout at Forum in California. 
29 year-old Gesta (30-1-2,16) never tasted defeat again since his first loss on his first world title shot to lanky boxer  Miguel Vazquez of Mexico in 2012. He has been victorious in his 4 out of 5 fights with one split draw with Carlos Molina. 
Martin “El Broshas” Honorio (33-10-1,16) a veteran of Mexico City Mexico is a former one time world title challenger. He fought Robert Guerrero for the IBF featherweight title in 2007 unfortunately suffered a first round TKO loss. Honorio’s best win was  a 10 round unanimous decision win over John Molina Jr in 2009 where he captured vacant NABF and WBO-NABO lightweight title

Jack Tepora-Jeo Santisima Fight Looms

(Jack Tepora – Jeo Santisima)
Jack Tepora – Jeo Santisima fight looms after Jack Tepora posted some clue on his social media account (facebook) that they are in negotiation with ALA Promotion’s Jeo Santisima. 
“Jack “El Kapitan” Tepora vs Jeo “Santino” Santisima sana matuloy po”. He also posted “OMEGA BOXING GYM vs ALA BOXING GYM, WHO’S NEXT VS PINOY PRIDE”

Obviously there is a negotiation happening between two of the biggest boxing promotions in Philippines. This match up is not a big deal in international boxing scene  but this is a big and exciting match up for Filipino boxing community. Both boxers are on their prime and can give an excellent and exciting fight for the fans. It is a better match up compared to matching them with foreign boxers but can’t last a round against them. 
24 year-old Jack Tepora (20-0,15 knockouts) of Omega Boxing gym is the reigning WBO Oriental Superbantam weight champion. He won the title with first round KO of Indonesian Yon Armed. Tepora is originally slated to defend his title against Mexico’s Emmanuel Dominguez (21-5-2,13) last July 7 in Tagbilaran Bohol but the whole fight card was cancelled due to Christian Araneta’s severe injury that he suffered from training. Omega Pro Sports International (OPSI) was forced to cancel the fight card (WHO’S NEXT? 5) because they promised their sponsors two regional bouts as Araneta is scheduled to defend his WBO Oriental 105 lbs. title against Jesse Espinas in a rematch. 
Meanwhile 21 year-old Jeo Santisma (14-2,12) is fresh from his first round knockout win over former unbeaten Tanzanian Goodluck Mrema (16-1) last Saturday (July 8) in Cebu City. Before the fight with Mrema he told the that he wants to fight OPBF champion Hidenori Otake (28-2-2,12) during the presscon of Pinoy Pride 41. “I want to fight the Japanese OPBF champion,” said Satisima obviously he wants the OPBF title to gain world rank but a big win over Tepora will boost his career and he can gain higher world ratings but it is not an easy fight. He might be the B-side if the fight with Tepora takes place.

2 Filipino Boxers to Fight in Pacquiao-Horn Undercard

(Sean Gibbons-Jerwin Ancajas-Manny Pacquiao)
While all attention of boxing fans and media are focused on the Manny Pacquiao-Jeff Horn fight on July 2, two other Filipino boxers are schedule to fight as they square off with their respective opponents.

Reigning and defending IBF Super flyweight champion Jerwin Ancajas and Manny’s cousin Jonel Dapidran with Manny Pacquiao complete the list of Filipino fighters seeing action at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane Australia.

Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas’ (26-1-1,17KOs)  IBF superflyweight world title defense against mandatory challenger Teiru Kinoshita (25-1-1,8) of Japan will serve as the co-main event of the fight.

    (Jonel Dapidran)

On the other hand Manny Pacquiao’s 19 year-old cousin Jonel “Pacquiao” Dapidran (8-1,4KOs) is set to fight outside the Philippines for the first time facing Australian Brent James (5-3) in a 6 round Super lightweight bout. 

Rey"Hitman" Loreto to Challenge Thai World Champion on July 15

                                             (Photo courtesy of The Champion-Thailand)

Former International Boxing Organization (IBO) World Light flyweight champion Rey “Hitman” Loreto and now the WBA number 1 contender and mandatory challenger of Knockout CP Freshmart’s WBA minimumweight world Title will challenge the Thai champion in Chonburi Thailand on July 15.
Loreto 26,  who is riding a seven fight win streak all by the way of stoppages since his last loss on 2013 against Benezer Alolod will try add another world title for the Philippines on July 15. Loreto is a former IBO World champion but the IBO stripped him of the title after failing to defend it in the past 1 year. Loreto’s last fight was in August 2016 also held in Thailand, when he beat Rungrit Sor Visetkit by a 3rd round Technical knockout. Rey Loreto’s record is 23 wins 13 loss and 15 by the way of knockout.
Freshmart or Thammanoon Niyomtrong also 26 year-old will stake his title and unblemished record against Filipino puncher Loreto. He is also a former WBA interim champion and defended it four times before winning the WBA Regular title over Byron Rojas by the way of 12 round unanimous decision on June 2016. Freshmart dubbed himself “Little Pacquiao” as he compare his style to Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. Freshmart is a tough champion with a record of 15 wins, 7 by the way of KO with no defeat. 

Prospect vs Prospect: Ph’s Delopere vs Cn’s Wushoer

Delopere vs Wushoer
Filipino Venson Delopere (5-0-3,2) is facing the toughest fight of his young career when he face another unbeaten prospect from China named Alimu Wushoer (9-0,7) on April 21 in Shanghai China.
Delopere dubbed as the “Notorious” is currently training in Olivetti Boxing in Binan City Laguna which is well known for its ability to upset crowd favorite boxers.On January 28 Olivetti boxer Robbert Onggocan upset one of Indonesia’s best prospect Iwan Zoda by the way of 7th round TKO to claim the IBF Youth 112 lbs title in Pontianka Indonesia and last February another Olivetti boxer Mark Rey Taday got another upset when he outpointed former undefeated boxer Carlo Penalosa in a 6 round bout. Delopere and Olivetti boxing gym will attempt to score another upset in opponent’s soil on April 21.
Meanwhile Wushoer is came from 3rd round knockout win against Indosian Geisler Ap last December 2016 and like Delopere he had fought 4 times in 2016. 

Rene Dacquel retains OPBF crown in Japan


Rene “Commander” Dacquel (19-6-1,6) retains OPBF (Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation) Super flyweight crown with split decision victory over hometown boxer Shota Kawaguchi (20-7-1) at Edion Arena in Osaka Japan. The scores were 115-133 twice for Dacquel and one judge gave 115-113 score for Kawaguchi.
Dacquel a native of Manabo Abra defended his OPBF crown for the first time since he won the title against formerly world rated boxer Go Onaga on August 8 last year also in Japan.

Lagos suffered brutal KO from the hand of Juarez

(Lagos knock out cold by Juarez- photo by Zanfer Box)
21-year old Filipino Eugene “Rambo” Lagos suffered first knockout defeat of his career  from the hand of rugged Mexican Cesar Juarez in the dying second of third round earlier at Auditorio Municipal in Tijuana Baja California Mexico. 
WBO # 1 Super bantamweight contender Cesar “El Corazon” Juarez caught Lagos with a big and loaded left hook to sent Lagos down flat on the canvas. 
Juarez improves record to 20 wins 15 KOs with 5 defeats and retaines his world ranking while 21 year old Lagos dropped to 11 wins 7 from KO 2 Draws with 4 defeats.

Mercito "No Mercy" Gesta gets off the canvas to outpoint Gonzalez

(photo by Ring TV/ESPN)
San Diego  based Filipino Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta gets up from 3rd round  knockdown to outpoint Mexican Gilberto Gonzalez  at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.
Former world title challenger and former WBO-NABO Youth lightweigt champ, 31 year-old Gesta (30-1-2,16) outpointed Mexican Gonzalez in their 10 round lightweight non-title bout. Scores were 99-91, 98-92 and 96-93 all in favor for Filipino southpaw. Gesta was down in third round by hard hitting Gonzalez (26-4, 22 KOs) but Gesta got up strong and controlled most of the round by throwing jabs and good footwork. 

Pinoy Trio: Lagos, Gesta, Dacquel all Ready for war!

Three Filipino boxers made weight earlier today with their respective opponents ahead of their fight in Mexico and Japan tomorrow.

Tijuana Baja California Mexico

(Juares vs Lagos photo: Zanfer Box)

Eugene “Rambo” Lagos (11-3-2,7) of Bukidnon will attempt to be the second Filipino boxer to beat rugged Mexican Cesar “El Corazon” Juarez (19-5,14) in a10 round super bantamweight non-title bout. Both boxers weighed 122 lbs.

Las Vegas Nevada

(Gesta vs Gonzalez photo: Mercito Gesta)

Filipino-American, former world title challenger Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta (29-1,16) will take on hard hitting Mexican Gilberto Gonzalez (26-3,22) in a 10 round lightweight non-title bout promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Gesta tipped off the scale at 133.6 pounds while Gonzalez was 134.2 pounds.

Ishikawa Japan

(Dacquel vs Kawaguchi
Rene Dacquel (18-6-1,6) will defend his OPBF (Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation) Super flyweight title against Japanese Shota Kawaguchi (20-7-1,8) tomorrow in Sangyo Hall Ishikawa Japan. Dacquel.
Both boxers made the 115 pounds limit,

Pinoy boxer Jeson Umbal continues win streak abroad

Filipino boxer Jeson Umbal, native of Mambajao Camiguin scored a split decision win over Tanzanian Fadhili Majiha (20-7-4) on March 25 at OCBC Arena in Singapore. Scores were 93-97 ,94-96 for Umbal and 97-96 for Majiha. 
22 year-old Umbal scored his sixth fight winning streak outside the Philippines and those fights were against good opponents. His last six fights happened in Uzbekistan, Malaysia and Singapore.  He also captured the WBC Asian Boxing Council Continental super bantamweight title when he defeated fellow Filipino Mark Anthony Geraldo (33-6-3) on their rematch on July 2016 in Singapore. Umbal’s last six wins were decision wins over WBA Pan African champ Fadhili Majiha (SD), Gadwin Tubigon (UD), once beaten Mexican Luis Orozco (UD) and stoppage wins over (TKO5) Mark Anthony Geraldo who is now the reigning WBO Oriental Bantamweight champ and Georgia’s Mishiko Shubitidze (TKO6). 

SD-Split Decision
UD-Unanimous Decision
TKO-Technical Knockout
Jeson Umbal is fighting under the banner of Alexander Shah’s Cartel International Promotions a Singapore based boxing promotion. 

Melindo 90% ready in his title fight against Yaegashi

(photo by Albert Flores, Melindo landing right to Sakreerin Jr)
IBF interim world light flyweight champ Milan “El Metodico” Melindo will try to upgrade his status to full world champion when he face the the reigning IBF Super flyweight world champion Japanese Akira Yaegashi in Japan this May. 
Melindo (35-2-12 knockouts) of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines became the mandatory challenger after beating Thai boxer Fahlan Sakreekrin Jr (31-5-1) on November 26 in Cebu City Philippines.
“Sa tingin ko 90% na akong ready para sa laban na to, Ito ang pinaka maganda kong condition at training. Hindi naman sa edad tayo mag babase (pertaining to 34 year-old Yaegashi) sa galing yan at experience. Ako matagal ako sa amateur pero iba talaga ang laro sa pro (professional boxing)” 
said El Metodico Melindo
Akira Yaegashi (25-5,13 knockouts) of Yokohama Japan is a five times, 2 division world champion and he will make his third title defense of his IBF world title against Melindo.Yaegashi is (7-4) in world title fight.

17th Gabriel "Flash" Elorde Boxing Award winners


The 17th Gabriel “Flash” Elorde Boxing Awards Banquet of Champions take place on Saturday, March 25 at the Tent of The Manila Hotel.

Here are some award winners of the event:

Fighter of the Year Class of 2016:
Jerwin Ancajas- IBF Super flyweight world champion
Marlon Tapales- WBO Bantamweight world champion
Johnriel Casimero – Former 2 Division world champion (IBF 108 lbs. , IBF 112 lbs.)

Fight of the Year 2016:
Rambo Lagos vs Kenny Demecillo for WBF Asia Bantamweigth Championship (July 30,2016 in Cebu City)

Most Promising Boxer
Aston Palicte- WBO Intercontinental & NABF Superflyweight Champion

Best Male Amateur Boxer
Carlo Paalam – AIBA World Youth Championship Bronze Medalist

Best Promoter
Jim Claude Manangquil of Sanman Boxing Promotions

Best Referee
Danrex Tapdasan

Best Trainer
Jhun Agrabio

Posthumous awards
Ronnie Nathanielsz
Hermie Rivera

Special Awards:
Leon Panoncillo
Naris Singwatcha

Casting of Fist: 
Sen. Manny Pacquiao – Eight Division world champion/ current WBO Welterweight world champ
Gerry Penalosa- Former two division world champion
Dodie Boy Penalosa- Former two division world champion
Rolando Pascua- Former WBC lightweight champion

Other Major Awardees are Milan Melindo, Juan Martin and Juan Miguel Elorde, Albert Pagara, Jonathan Taconing, Randy Petalcorin,Donnie Nietes and Dennis Laurente and more.

Fil-Can Boxing Prospect Marc Pagcaliwangan Back in Action After a Long Layoff!

                                 (Marc  Pgcaliwangan photo courtesy of The Main
Filipino-Canadian boxing prospect Marc ” El Gwapo” Pagcaliwangan will end up his almost two years hiatus when he steps inside the ring this coming March 18 (March 19 Manila Time) at Powerade Centre in Ontario Canada to take on Mexican Emmanuel Villamar (8-1,1) for a scheduled 8 round-super bantamweight contest.
26 year-old Pagcaliwangan’s parents are both Filipino but grew up in Canada. He holds unblemished record consisting of 9 wins 7 via KO 1 Draw and no defeat. He also trained with Filipino boxing icon Senator Manny Pacquiao and The Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire back in November 2016.
Pagcaliwangan – Villamar fight is under Samuel Vargas (25-3-1) against Armando Robles (31-5-2)  WBA-NABA Welterweight Title fight.

Sultan vs Jaro and More Intriguing Match Ups All Set for March 19!

Filipino domestic boxing scene rarely give the boxing fans exciting and intriguing match ups. Many prospects of their respective promotions make a high number of mismatches as their fighter to stay busy to open bigger opportunity to fight abroad.
On March 19th  Filipino boxing fans will witness not one but three really mouth watering boxing match ups. The fight card will feature reigning IBF Intercontinental Super flyweight champion Jonas “Zorro” Sultan (12-3,8) defending his title against veteran and former WBC Flyweight World champion Sonny Boy Jaro (43-13-5,30).
In the undercard Sultan’s stablemate (ALA Promotions) three times world title challenger Roli Gasca (23-7-1,7) will face tough Richard Pumicpic (18-8-2,6) who never taste knock out defeat in his entire career. 
In the battle of undefeated someone’s 0 has to go as Edward Heno (9-0-4,3) will stake his unblemished record against fellow unbeaten Cris Ganoza (12-0,6).
The fight card will be held at Cinema Square Boxing Arena in Makati City on March 19.

Sultan will defend IBF belt against Jaro in all Filipino Title Fight!

(Jonas Sultan vs Sonny Boy Jaro)

ALA Promotion’s Jonas “Zorro” Sultan will defend his IBF Intercontinental Super Flyweight Title against former world champion Sonny Boy Jaro who is now fighting under Shape Up Boxing Promotions. The fight will be held on March 19 at Makati Cinema Square Boxing Arena in Makati City,

25, Sultan whose record is 12 wins 8 KOs with only 3 defeats is currently riding on his three fights winning strict all by the way of knockout is hoping to continue his stoppage win against veteran Sonny Boy Jaro. Sultan won the IBF Inter Continental title over home town boxer Makazole Tete (older brother of Zolani Tete) via TKO in Eastern Cape South Africa last year. Jonas Sultan is one of the country’s prospect despite of his 3 defeats.
Meanwhile former WBC Flyweight World champion Sonny Boy Jaro (43-13-5,30) is aiming to get another crack at world title if he beat Sultan this March 19. Thirty four year old Jaro won the WBC crown with a massive upset knock out win against legendary Thai Pongsaklek Wonjongkam in 2012 but ended up losing the title on his first title defense against Toshiyuki Igarashi. 
In the co feature boxing fans will witness another mouth watering match up between Richard Pumicpic (18-8-2,6) and Roli Gasca (23-7-1,7)

Brian Viloria Shakes Off Ring Rust with Hard Fought Win Over Montoya!


Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria victorious in his Japan debut as he earned a hard fought eight Super flyweight rounds over rugged Mexican Ruben Montoya in Tokyo Japan.

36, Former world champion Viloria (37-5-0-2, 22) just started his one last title run with Teiken Promotions yesterday March 2 at Kokugikan in Tokyo Japan after almost one and half year layoff. Viloria fought on the undercard of Shinsuke Yamanaka – Carlos Carlson WBC Bantamweight Championship.
Viloria shook off his ring rust and struggled with Ruben Montoya (14-5-1, 9) , regardless of his long layoff Viloria proved that he was the superior boxer despite of Montoya’s aggressiveness and eagerness to win. Three judges gave Viloria the edge to earn the victory, scores were 77-75, 78-75 and 78-74.

Viloria’s stablemate Shinsuke Yamanaka retained his WBC Bantamweight world Title with 7th round stoppage win over Mexican Carlson while former world title challenger Ryosuke Iwasa also earned a third round TKO win over Filipino Glen Medura.

Pinoy boxer Jhon Gemino to fight on Wilder-Washington undercard!

Philippine Super bantamweight champion Jhon “The Disaster” Gemino (15-7-1,7) is set to showcase his boxing skills in big stage as he fights undefeated and former Olympian Tugstsogt Nyambayar (7-0,7KOs) of Mongolia tomorrow (February 26 PH Time) in an eight round non-title bout at Legacy Arena in Birmingham Alabama on the undercard of Deontay Wilder- Gerald Washington WBC Heavyweight World title fight.
24 year-old orthodox Gemino is well known for his upset KO victories against former unbeaten and former Top Rank prospect Toka Kahn Clary who tasted his first defeat as Gemino KO Clary at the first round in Florida USA and his 7th round TKO win in South Africa over Toto Helebe. 
The hard hitting Nyambayar who holds perfect record of 7 wins with 7 KOs meanwhile is a former olympian and protege of Al Haymon.
Both fighters made weight earlier with other boxers who will fight in the same card.