Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy in March!

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Check out this “Teaser Video” of the upcoming Celebrity match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown in March. 
Believe it or not, this is going to be a “Pay-per-View” fight in Vegas which will be promoted by Floyd Mayweather. 
The most interesting part of this ClebrityMatch is the training camp. Floyd Mayweather himself will train Soulja Boy while Chris Breezy will train with Mike Tyson! 
Chris Breezy is looking good on the video and seems that Soulja Boy better takes his training camp seriously, like do nothin’ else until the fight is over, otherwise, Mike Tyson is right!  “Chris Breezy is gonna f%$ up Soulja BOY” 
I thought a Co-main event with Just Beiber would make this a lot more interesting.