Is this Ginebra’s Time? The Commissioner’s Cup Prediction

Many are waiting, many have hoped and still hoping for the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Franchise to get the crown again. Basketball fans already witnessed the greatness of their sister teams, Star Hotshots who already got a grandslam title across their record while the San Miguel Beermen have already won multiple titles in the previous Conferences. What are the chances that its Ginebra’s turn this time?
In the current roster of the crowd favorite, we can bluntly say that they can go to the finals and even win a championship. So why can’t they? Some sports analysts said that this is the right season for ginebra, a three conference stint. They failed the 1st conference and its given because they are a newly built squad, from the players to the coaching staff to a new offensive approach. Ginebra is not only trying to be familiar with their new system but also the chemistry. Now that they’re about 70% from perfecting the triangle and the chemistry we can all say that they’re ready to get that crown.
Coach Tim Cone already asked for the fans to be patient enough cause it is going to be a long ride to getting better. And in one game where Tim Cone sat down as one of the commentators in the recently held finals, he said that he wouldn’t be there with the PBA commentators next Championship series, cause Ginebra will be in the finals. A short phrase but it is evident that the PBA’s winningest coach already has confidence in the team that they can make it this time.

Ginebra squad doing Extra EFFORT!!!

During off season there’s alot of changes in PBA Teams especially in Barangay Ginebra Team. From the head coach, assistant coach and even players. The management are doing their jobs just to have a good deal to different teams to have a good player. New coach — new system! 

Since the Ginebra team have an idea about the Triangle offense when former Ginebra coach Jeff Cariaso introduced that play to them. The players have the opportunity to improve their skills and adopt the play with the help of their new coach. Coach Tim Cone is the master of ‘T’ offense. 
The Ginebra team started their practices last August and everyday is a learning process to the team. Luckily they have enough time to master the new system before the opening of the 41st season in the PBA. Ginebra’s practice is twice a day, morning and in the afternoon. 
As I observed, the crowd favorite team most of the players are improving their skills, from dribbling, perimeter shooting, pull up jumpers and drive to the basket. After the practice some players doing extra effort to continue to improve their skills like Sol Mercado practicing shooting the three, Chris Ellis work out for the pull up jumper and even Japeth Aguilar. 
TALENT is nothing without HARD WORK. Never underestimate the POWER of PRACTICE.”

New Kabarangay The Laguna Pride: Dennice Villamor

Lee Dennice Villamor

Manila, Philippines – The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel who have been vocal about the changes they need in the team and specified that is in need of wingmen and shooters, has finally found a player that will fit the new system, and will definitely play a big role in the new Ginebra campaign.

Lee Dennice Villamor, a San Pablo City, Laguna native who started playing with San Pablo Central school in his primary level and Liceo de San Pablo in his secondary level made his step on the stage of his journey when he entered the collegiate league with the NU Bulldogs and showcased his talent by being one of the best defensive players in the UAAP with a soft touch on the perimeter and superb handling skills.
Villamor has now been drafted in the 3rd round of the 2015  PBA Gatorade Rookie Draft and will be representing the crowd favorite Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. Fans are now excited with this promising addition to the ballclub’s roster. Villamor, who also played for the Jumbo Plastic Giants in the PBA D-League has now reached his dream in becoming in the Professional league and  in a Team with the biggest fan base.

Writer : Nathaniel Jayson B. Sangcap

Nate Sangcap

Will Blakely be the next Ginebra Import?

Will Blakely be the next Ginebra Import?
A good future has been waiting for the Ginebra Squad, with the month-long celebration of Tim Cone’s transfer to Ginebra, does this mean that his favorite reinforcement player will come along with his new squad? 
Marqus Blakely, who became a part of the San Mig Coffee mixers’ success of having a Grandslam title will be considered as one of the top candidates in the next season’s reinforced conference of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, and there’s no doubt that the said import will be happy in joining the league’s crowd favorite. As for now, things are still blurry on how Tim will address the flaws in the roster but as day goes by nearing the 41st PBA season, things will be clear and things will be more likely be in favor of the fans as they cry for another PBA title.
And for every reader’s information, marqus is a good friend of most of the Ginebra players, chemistry is not a question a one sure thing to look forward to.

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Nate Sangcap

Mark "The Spark" Caguioa never STOPS!!

A 35 year-old Barangay Ginebra superstar  Mark Anthony Caguioa was born on November 19, 1979 in San Juan, Metro Manila. He was drafted last 2001 by Barangay Ginebra in third overall pick in first round. 
When Jayjay Helterbrand returned to PBA last 2004  the two backcourt tandem in PBA gave back-to-back championships to Barangay Ginebra. Their tandem was known as “The Fast and The Furious”. In  2004 PBA Fiesta Conference, Caguioa set his career high of 43 points during this season.  
Caguioa is the first ever guard to finished a single season as the league’s leading scorer after Allan Caidic in 1995. He is also the third Ginebra Player named as the Rookie of the Year award after Dondon Ampalayo 1986 and Marlou Aquino 1996. Mark Caguioa known as the “The Spark” or MC47.
“The Spark” is known because of his killer crossover moves, tear drop shots, slashing drives to the basket, pull-up jumpers and hitting the crucial shots. 
Some PBA players idolized Mark Caguioa like Jay Washington, Terrence Romeo, Paul Lee and Mac Cardona. They mentioned that Caguioa was — “Mark Caguioa is a classic player”, “I admired him since I was playing in UAAP and I adopt his crossover moves” and one player stated that “When I saw Mark (Caguioa) doing the tear drop shots, I started copying that shot”.
“The Spark” Caguioa took home the 2011-2012 Most Valuable Player in PBA beating Gary David, Arwind Santos and James Yap. 
Here are the awards and career highlights of MC47. 
  • 4× PBA champion (2004 Fiesta, 2004–05 Philippine, 2006–07 Philippine, 2008 Fiesta)
  • PBA Rookie of the Year (2001)
  • 3× Mythical First Team (2007–08, 2010–11, 2011–12)
  • 2× Mythical Second Team (2004–05, 2006–07)
  • 3× Best Player of the Conference (2006–07 Philippine, 2012 Commissioner’s, 2012 Governors’)
  • Mr. Quality Minutes (2001)
  • 2× PSA Professional Cager of the Year (2006–07, 2011–12)
  • PBA POW Order of Merit Award (2011)
  • 2× PBA Top scorer (2004–05, 2010–11)
  • Most Minutes Played (2004–05)
  • Most 2-Pointers Made (2010–11)
  • PBA Press Corp Comeback Player of the Year (2011–12)
  • 7× PBA All-Star
  • 3× PBA scoring champion (2004–05, 2006–07, 2010–11)
  • PBA Most Valuable Player (2011–12)
  • Member of 9,000 PBA career Points

With coach Tim onboard Ginebra fans will expect more of these awards. 

PBA | Do you know who scored the first basket in the PBA?

PBA|Do you know who scored the first basket in the PBA?

Nine big corporations who owns their own teams in the MANILA INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION has moved out of the Basketball Association of the Philippines and put up the first professional basketball league in Asia in 1975, The Philippine Basketball Association, which will be on its 41st season this coming October.

On April 9, the PBA opened with an inaugural double-header game at the Araneta Coliseum, with a huge number of crowd of 18,000 gate attendance, where Marisawa-Noritake Porcelain Makers defeated Concepcion Carrier, 101-98, in the opening game which is also considered as one of the memorable events in the BasketBall history, while Toyota Comets won over U/Tex Weavers, 105-101, in the main game that marks the birth of a the professional league in the local scene . Gregorio “Joy” Dionisio of Carrier scored the very first basket in PBA history. His name will always be remembered whenever we dig into the deep and flowerful history of the Philippine Basketball.

In the same year In front of 11,000 fans at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum on May 10, 1975 the Crispa-Floro Redmanizers and Toyota Comets clash for the first time in what could be the start of their long-storied rivalry. The Redmanizers hacked out a 139-133 victory to hand the Comets their first loss of the season and halted their seven-game winning streak. Bogs Adornado was the best player of the game for Crispa with 29 points and was also crowned as the MVP

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"The Past and The Previous"

Coming off a big shuffle in the recently ended season of the PBA, the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel is also doing some experiments on their current stand. The latest move of Tim Cone has already occupied a big phase in the ballclub’s improvement steps. Since there have been alot of topics about Mark Caguioa and Jay Jay Helterbrand being the veterans of the team, can they still deliver the goods for Ginebra? No doubt about it, they still can.

The Fast and The Furious tandem has been the face of the franchise in the past decade and has already proven their worth in the league. Now that they are transitioning back to the triangle offense, Tim Cone has pointed out that these two are going  to play a vital role in this system especially Mark, Mark’s going to play a role and positions he’ve never played before which excites the new Ginebra Coach. Comparing Caguioa with Kobe Bryant is a big honor for the team’s star player while Coach Tim Cone said that for Greg Slaughter, he’s gonna go back to his tapes of Shaq to be able to know more on how to maximize the bigman’s potential. While Jay jay Helterbrand a former MVP will be supporting the point guard role together with LA, Sol and Josh. At this point, we are yet to know if emman and jens will be traded but what is important is the big steps that the management is doing is really making the fans happy and yes The Fast and The Furious can still do it. They will never be the past and the previous.

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Expect the the unexpected!!

As we have welcomed the new coach for the Barangay Ginebra Kings, Don’t Expect An Instant Championship!

As this simple quotes says, “Don’t expect things to happen. It is better to feel surprised, than be disappointed”.

My thoughts.

1. Demanding your own playing time is a No-No with Coach Tim. If you want it, earn it! 

2. It doesn’t matter if you are the “star player” or “bench player”, if you can’t follow his game plan expect a trade or be one of the “bench players”.

3. Firm and harsh words could be thrown into face yet Coach Tim knows how to boost one’s/team’s morale.

4. Coach Tim sure knows what he is looking for. He scouts for his own import.

5. Tim and L.A’s tandem became successful back in Alaska. With Coach moving  in, expect L.A Tenorio to remain in the team as the no.1 point guard.

6. One thing is for sure, having a new-experienced Coach on board, would mean losing and gaining new players. Massive revamp along the way, as they say.

7. “Triangle offense” focuses on “big” players—Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter are in. 

8. We need shooters (don’t you think?), I hope Coach could hone Chris Ellis and Mac Baracael shooting potentials.

9. Looking for “combo guard”? Coach Tim might bank to Thompson. (if part of Draft Pick)

10. Opinion, expectations…just to name a few. There’ll be more surprises as we head on the hardcourt battle.

Ginebra Fans to Ginebra Players "Maawa Kayo Sa Fans!"

Ginebra fans are now filled with happiness as they witnessed a great picture of the team’s future. We spoke to some of the ginebra fans and took some of their comments on the current stand of the team and the players that needs to be retained and removed from the roster. Here are the top 3 questions that we asked and their responses.

Q.) “Who do you think should be traded to another team in the Ginebra’s current roster and who will he be traded with?”

A.) “Sa tingin ng mga fans, ok na yung team e,di na kelangan ng trade, kelangan lang ng disiplina, tama si boss RSA, hindi ganun kabilis makikita yung pagbabago sa team after ng pagtransfer ni coach tim. Basta kahit anong mangyare andito lang kaming fans para sumuporta.”

A statement which only shows that ginebra faithfuls are still intact and are still surrounding the team with love and support.

Q.) “Do you think that Mark Caguioa and Jay jay helterbrand can still deliver quality minutes for the team?”

A.) ” Yes, ofcourse may mga times lang na frustrated sila and talagang kita naman sa laro kasi nga papalit palit sila ng coach at staff. Si mark at jayjay na yung puso ng Ginebra, pag inalis yan siguradong maraming aalma. Magaling sila pareho they just need to get that confidence back and the trust in the team na kaya nilang magchampion.”

Q.)“If you are to speak with the Ginebra Team, what will you tell them?”

A.) “Isa lang sasabihin namin , maawa sila sa fans, kinacancel namin lakad namin para mapanood sila. Gumagastos kami para mapanood sila ng live nagpapaload kami ng cellphone para suportahan sila sa social media at higit sa lahat ipagtanggol sila sa bashers nila, yun lang. Yung puso dapat laging anjan, pinalalakas nila katawan nila hindi para umupo lagng sa isangtabi at intaying manalo. Pinalakas nila katawan nila para bumangga, bumalya at magpakamatay sa bola, kasiyahan na ng fans yung manalo sila at lahat kami yun lang ang gusto.”

All of the questions were asked in social media groups and pages. And everyone is eager to answer. Now that the voice of the supporters have been solicited, will this awaken that true Barangay Ginebra Spirit? It’s still a big question mark.

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13th PBA Team on its way.

Hapee toothpaste basketball club was off the court for several years then went back to the scene in the PBA D-League where they won a Championship during the Aspirants Cup. The squad includes Bobby Ray Parks Jr. who has recently ended his stint with the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Summer League.

The talent packed team is now a step closer to the doors of the country’s professional basketball league. With their application being formally welcomed by the PBA board officials and with the support of some PBA team owners, there’s a 90% chance that they will make it to the PBA  before the PBA  41st Season begins.
The catch is, if they receive the approval from the PBA board and officially get the PBA team slot, they will be requesting for 7 direct hires from their D-league roster which includes those names on the PBA draft pool in the upcoming PBA rookie draft and Bobby Ray Parks jr. Will the  request be approved? One thing’s for sure, this development will definitely add more competitiveness in the PBA and which will also show how PBA gives chances for other talents to grow more in terms of sports and entertainment.

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"Greg Slaughter Not Going Anywhere"

Trade rumors already became a tradition and one  of those involves Greg Slaughter  being on the trading block. The Barangay Ginebra big man suffered from an injury which made him unavailable to play in the 1st part of the 2015 PBA Governor’s Cup  which their sister company San Miguel Beermen won the championship.

The 7 feet tall center of BGSM ended the rumor just today in twitter, saying ” i’m not going anywhere, i love you all and this team too much” with hashtags “#ginebra4ever and  #goodthingscometothosewhowork”. This tweet answered all the questions that the ginebra society have been asking, while the change of the head coach hasn’t been cleared yet involving Coach Tim Cone and Yeng Guiao and remains as one of the hot topics in today’s sports world.

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Ian Sangalang and Tim Cone to Ginebra?

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel management is now in the middle of a cyclone as they try to figure out a way to end their title drought. Ian Sanggalang has shown his willingness to be part of his “Dream Team” which created a noise even before he got drafted behind no. 1 over all draft pick Greg Slaughter. As the most popular ballclub tries to get things together, a rumored move of the grand slam coach Tim Cone has been in every corner of social media. Is Ian Sanggalang a part of this shuffle?

Tim Cone stated that the move to Ginebra is “Possible” and he will definitely get familiar faces with him to get this system going. If the movement pushes through, Ian is considerably one of the faces that Tim is going to acquire in his road to championship with his new squad. The announcement will be made official once everything has been approved by the board and the SMC big boss RSA.

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Smart Gilas 2 Roster for Jones Cup and Schedule

Smart Gilas II Coach Chot Reyes
The so called first Smart Gilas team was an over hype National basketball squad the expectation were high that nothing less than a championship is expected, so when they failed the management have no choice but to disband them. 
So what about Smart Gilas 2, the so called cream of the crop of the PBA, the best professional local basketball player in one team. Will they suffer the same faith? these guys maybe bigger and bulkier than the first Smart Gilas squad but will they be committed to playing for the National squad instead of their local commercial  teams. The 34th Jones Cup is coming up and it will be a good test for the team. 

34th William Jones Cup 2012
August 18-26, 2012
Taipei, Taiwan

2012 Jones Cup Schedule:

Aug 18 – Philippines vs Jordan
Aug 19 – Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei B
Aug 21 – Philippines vs South Korea
Aug 22 – Philippines vs Japan
Aug 23 – Philippines vs Lebanon
Aug 24 – Philippines vs Iran
Aug 25 – Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei A
Aug 26 – Philippines vs USA

Smart Gilas 2 Roster for Jones Cup

From PBA
 JR Reyes (Meralco)
Ranidel De Ocampo (Talk N Text)
Larry Fonacier (Talk N Text)
Sonny Thoss (Alaska)
LA Tenorio (Alaska)
Mac Baracael (Alaska)
Jeff Chan (Rain or Shine)
Gabe Norwood (Rain or Shine)
Enrico Villanueva (Ginebra)
Gary David (Powerade)
Sol Mercado (Meralco)
Garvo Lanete (San Beda)
Marcus Douthit
Matt Rosser (Fil-Am)

Will  Smart Gilas 2 be a 2012 Jones Cup Champion , How will they rank?


Top rookie pick JV Casio and Petron star big man Arwind Santos show the way in the voting for starters in this year’s Rookies/Sophomores/Juniors vs Veterans game of the 2012 PBA All-Star Weekend in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.

Casio, the hot-shooting playmaker of Powerade, had the most number of votes so far among the RSJ players with 30,544 to pace four other guards, which also include No. 2 overall pick Paul Lee of Rain or Shine (29,763) and B-Meg’s Mark Barroca (20,067).

Santos, on the other hand, received 28,821 votes from the fans to pace the Veterans’ big men, way ahead of B-Meg’s Marc Pingris (22,771) and Kerby Raymundo of Ginebra (17,621).

Fans still have one week to vote to determine the three frontliners and two guards that will start for both teams in the mid-season classic scheduled on May 13, the final day of the All-Star festivities.

Last day of voting is on March 28.

Powerade coach Bo Perasol will call the shots for RSJ, while Chot Reyes handles the Veterans. The two coaches earned the right to handle the two squads for steering the Tigers and Tropang Texters to the Finals of the Philippine Cup.

Petron’s Chris Lutz, the No. 3 pick behind Casio and Lee, leads the RSJ center/forwards in voting with 29,018, followed by Marcio Lassiter of Powerade (27,347), Japeth Aguilar of Talk `N Text (23,418), and Ginebra’s Dylan Ababou (23,021).

All four, incidentally, are former teammates with the Smart Gilas-Pilipinas team.

Meanwhile, consistent fan favorite James Yap of B-Meg and Mark Caguioa of Ginebra are on top among veteran guards. Yap accumulated 23,430 votes, while Caguioa is next with 18, 635.

Running third behind them is Powerade gunner Gary David (14,293).

Others getting the fans nod are Alaska forward Mac Baracael (14,752) and guards Rob Labagala (9,479) and John Wilson (9,002).

For the Veterans, in contention for a starting job are forwards JC Intal of Ginebra (17, 614) and Petron’s Dondon Hontiveros (15,753), along with playmakers Jayjay Helterbrand of Ginebra (13,287), and reigning league MVP Jimmy Alapag of Talk `N Text (12,728).

All PBA head coaches will select the seven other players that will complete the RSJ and Veterans teams.



Nick Fazekas cut in the NBA, cut in the PBA!

The Petron Blaze Boosters is also changing their import reinforcement to help them get in the post season of the  PBA Commissioner’s Cup. Petron Blaze Boosters cut former NBA draft pick Nick Fazekas in favor of Will McDonald. This is a very sad news for Fazekas and he cant hide how he feel about the recent event.

Fazekas tweeted out Saturday, “Well #petroniverse…I wanna thank y’all for all the love but my time is up!! Good luck to the team the rest of the way!!” and replied to an inquiring follower that he “got cut. 31n20 wasn’t good enough for these guys.” 

Check out Nick Fazeka’s PBA stats below

Fazekas averaging 30.57 points on 50.93 percent shooting, along with 18.43 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.14 steals and 2.29 blocks in 41.57 minutes of play. Despite his outstanding numbers though, Petron managed just a 3-4 record and had lost two straight, placing them in danger of missing the post-season. 

Nick Fazekas Cluth Three Point, PBA

Did Petron Made the right decision is cutting Nick Fazekas?

PBA: Gary David of Powerade torched Air 21, Big game!

Powerade down Air 21 with the hot hands of Gary David. It was simply too much for Air 21 too handle. Gary David torched Team Air 21 with a whooping 32 points as he once again take over and dominated the game.  Score ended at 121-92 Sunday in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Air 21 need to makes some adjustments.

Individual Score below

The scores:

POWERADE 121 – David 32, Lassiter 22, Anthony 10, Allera 10, Jones 8, Vanlandingham 7, Casio 6, Adducul 6, Martinez 5, Lingganay 5, Cruz 4, Crisano 3, Antonio 3, Kramer 0, Calimag 0.

AIR 21 92 – Douthit 18, Omolon 17, Duncil 10, Isip 10, Hubalde 8, Sena 6, Jazul 5, Aquino 4, Ritualo 4, Mirza 3, Espiritu 3, Sison 2, Escobal 2.

Quarterscores: 30-22, 54-47, 87-63, 121-92 

Gary David take center stage during the game, and here is Gary David owning YouTube
Watch Gary David Teach you how to Dougie! 

PBA: BGK Rudy Hatfield Career High vs Talk and Text!

The 34 years old Rudy  Hatfield lift the Barangay Ginebra to win against the number one team in the PBA, Talk and Text. Rudy Hatfield score a career high of 30 points with 14 Rebounds. With  a crowd of 13,515 in the SMART-Araneta Coliseum Barangay Ginebra was determined to put on a show to break their two game loosing streak, and they did just that with an overtime win.
What coach said after the game:

“It’s good that we won. Anybody could beat anybody in this league,” said Barangay Ginebra head coach Siot Tanquingcen, his right hand heavily bandaged after injuring it recently. “That’s what we’re looking for, energy, not only from Rudy, but the entire team. We were able to get that energy from the entire team.” 

The scores:

Barangay Ginebra 94 – Hatfield 30, Vroman 24, Cortez 11, Caguioa 10, Wilson 6, Helterbrand 5, Wilson, J. 2, Ababou 2, Villanueva 2, Raymundo 2, Labagala 0.

Talk N Text 91 – De Ocampo 23, Harvey 15, Castro 12, Fonacier 11, Dillinger 10, Alapag 10, Williams 6, Carey 3, Aguilar 1, Reyes 0.

Quarterscores: 19-23; 43-45; 69-71; 87-87; 94-91. 

Do you remember this Rudy Hatfield Interview?

Arnold Clavio racist remarks against the Azkals

The Philippine National Football team are in the center of the news again not only because of their achievements but also because of the ever growing controversies of sexual harassment that  has been plaguing most of the players, Recently a Filipino Reporters lost his temper and mention some uncalled for remarks against the Azkals while they are discussing Cristy Ramos’ harassment case versus Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado both players of the Azkals. He quickly issued a statement after he realize what he have done.

Broadcast journalist Arnold Clavio on Wednesday issued a statement seeking public understanding over his controversial statement regarding some members of the Philippine Azkals.

In a statement, the GMA News anchor said he didn’t intend to offend anyone with his commentary.

Clavio claimed he was merely discussing the sexual harassment issue involving some of the Azkals players.

“Mga igan, nakakalungkot na may negatibong reaksyon ang naging pahayag ko tungkol sa Philippine Azkals kaugnay ng sexual harassment complaint ni Ms. Cristy Ramos. Wala po akong ganoong intensyon,” he said.

“Ang isyu po rito ay sexual harassment at kung may nagamit man po akong mga salita na hindi angkop, nagpapakumbaba po ako at humihingi ng pang-unawa. Dun naman po sa mga kasama kong nanindigan laban sa sexual harassment, maraming salamat po. Seryoso pong isyu ito na dapat bantayan,” he added.  

So what was the racist statement:
“Hindi naman kayo Pilipino, nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Eh ‘di dito lumaki, mahirap yun,” he said.

Clavio’s statement sparked negative reaction from the Azkals fans.  

Watch Arnold Clavio’s Statement against the Azkals
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Azkals AFC Challenge Cup 2012 Highlight updates Video

National football coach Michael Weiss said their victory over 2006 Challenge Cup champion Tajikistan showed the Philippine Azkals’ development as a team.

“We have entered a higher level. Our opponents are much stronger than anyone we play in the region. This has been based on hard work and commitment,” Weiss told following their 2-1 win over Tajikistan.

In the process, the Filipino squad won a ticket to the tournament semifinals.

Their win over the Persian Lions was the second time the Azkals defeated a former Challenge Cup champion.

The Philippines handed 2008 champion India a 2-0 beating last Sunday.

Tajikistan was favored to beat the Philippines based on the former’s ranking in the FIFA world list.

The Persian Lions are ranked No. 145 by FIFA, while the Azkals are 156th.

“We have actually been making history throughout the tournament but that is not comparable to today,” said Weiss.

The Filipinos opened their Challenge Cup campaign with a 2-0 loss to defending champion North Korea.

The Azkals were able to make a gallant stand in that game by holding the Koreans to a scoreless draw in the first half.

They now set their sights on semifinal opponent Turkmenistan.

“We are excited about the semi-final but we will be cool about it at the same time. This is how we are,” said Weiss.


AFC Challenge Cup 2012

(March16) Live on Studio 23, kick-off 4:45PM
Semis1: North Korea (111) vs. Palestine (160)
Semis2: Philippines (156) vs. Turkmenistan (166)

FINALS: (March19)
Semis1 Winner vs. Semis2 Winner

note: The 2012 AFC Challenge Cup Champion will get an automatic berth to the 2015 AFC Asian Cup (16 Teams) in Australia. (Qualified teams: Japan, South Korea, Australia) 

Azkals Highlights

PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video

Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video.
CARDONA-LED MERALCO GETS FIRST BACK-TO-BACK WINS. MACMAC Cardona picked up from where he left off, scoring 25 points for the second straight game and spiking it all up with his usual on-court antics. Chris Ross, however, had the biggest shot of the night and helped Meralco realize a 93-84 win over Rain or Shine Sunday, the Bolts’ second straight victory that kept alive alive their hopes of crashing the Top 6 which will advance to the playoffs at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. link to this article. Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video below.

Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 1
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 2
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 3
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 4
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 5
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 6
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part 7
Watch PBA basketball: Rain or Shine vs Meralco Replay Video  part  7

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay Video

Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay

Watch PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay. B-Meg stood its ground in a fierce battle with Barangay Ginebra, playing solid throughout to pull off a 109-93 win and seize solo second place in the PBA Commissioner’s Cup elimination round at the Smart Araneta Coliseum Sunday night. article link

 The scores:

B-MEG 109 – Bowles 27, Simon 18, Barroca 18, Yap J. 15, Urbiztondo 12, Devance 7, Reavis 5, Pingris 4, De Ocampo 3, Intal 0.

GINEBRA 93 – Vroman 26, Ababou 15, Helterbrand 14, Caguioa 11, Canaleta 8, Raymundo 8, Hatfield 4, Wilson W. 3, Labagala 2, Cortez 2, Wilson J. 0, Mamaril 0. Quarters: 20-26, 46-45, 75-69, 109-93

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay part 1

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay part 2

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay part 3

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay part 4

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay part 5

PBA Basketball: Barangay Ginebra vs B-Meg Replay part 6

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I like Mix Martial Arts and on February 18, 2012, we will be in for another treat at the Ynarez Sports center for the PXC 29 event.

Title: PXC Pacific X-treme Combat 29
When: 02-18-2012
Where: Ynares Sports Arena – Pasig City 
Pacific X-treme Combat 29

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Gilas wants Douthit, McGee for national five

Smart Gilas Pilipinas is now preparing to negotiate with Marcus Douthit for a new contract while keeping its line open for NBA player Javale McGee as another option for naturalization. “We’re now getting him back as we’re now forming the national pool,” said Antonio. At the same time, Antonio said McGee is still an option even as the NBA has resumed. (source)
Javale McGee into the Philippine National Basketball National team?! , I say its nice but the management must be crazy to even hope for Javale to play for the Philippines. NBA is the place to be for basketball players, even Pinoy players would opt out playing for the national squad if they are offered an NBA contract. McGee is young and tall with a lot of potential. Javale McGee is radical and crazy and does a lot of crazy stuff but i don’t believe he is crazy enough to play for the Philippines at this point of his career maybe when he gets older and past his prime he can consider playing. So enough news about hyping up the fans about Javale McGee.

Donaire takes on heavier sparring partners

Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr. is taking on heavier sparring partners for his fight against heavy-handed Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. of Puerto Rico. Donaire is climbing the 122-pound class to battle Vazquez for the WBO title. Donaire’s chief sparring partners for this training camp are Russia’s Evgeny Gradovich and Mexico’s Javier “Pelos” Garcia, according to (source)
Donaire is the reigning WBC and WBO bantamweight champion. He will relinquish the crowns upon climbing the super bantamweight ranks. Could Nonito bring his speed and power to heavier weights?