Video of the Day: Electrifying LeBron, Dominating Max Hollaway, Farewell Miguel Cotto and a Bonus Video

December 4, 2017 –  Let’s start the week right by showing you some of the best in basketball, MMA and Boxing last weekend.
The Cleveland Cavaliers has been moving everyone to the side and has now compiled an 11-game winning streak, there’s no doubt that LeBron James is one of the players who are responsible for the recent success they are enjoying so why don’t I give you first James’ magnificent performance against the Memphis Grizzlies as he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 116-111 victory!

1. Electrifying LeBron James defying father time.

We go on to MMA. In the UFC Max Holloway faces Jose Aldo in a highly anticipated rematch that happens during the weekend and boy, the two fighters did not disappoint as they made the night one of the best MMA moments ever.  Max Holloway came out on top in round 3 as he mercilessly pounded Aldo to the ground on his way to retaining his UFC Featherweight belt.

2. Max Hollaway vs Josel Aldo 2 Highlights

For our 3rd video, we bid goodbye to a boxing legend and we say hello to a potential new boxing star. Miguel Cotto’s last fight inside the boxing ring happened last weekend. It was supposed to be a party for Cotto but it was spoiled by Sadam Ali. Ali won via unanimous decision.

2. HBO Miguel Cotto vs. Sadam Ali Highlights

Bonus: Today we have one more video. We attended a local Amateur MMA event and yours truly was given the opportunity to host it. Let me give you a glimpse of Pow Salud announcing the MMA fight. This was the 12th fight so I was a bit tired. Hehe

Link to the fight article: Centennial MMA Fight Night 2.0 Highlights

Videos of the Day: Lonzo Ball’s Surprise, Local MMA and the Top 10 NBA Crossover

December 2, 2017, it’s a weekend and today we learned that LeBron James and James Harden were just announced players of the month while Kyle Kuzma and Ben Simmons are the rookies of the month. These players deserve their respective awards but we were just wondering, how about the heavily advertised Lonzo Ball?
The father continues his outlandish claims about his son but so far his game hasn’t shown them yet, until maybe the game against the Warriors where ESPN Stephen Smith was impressed.
1. Let’s check out what Stephen A. Smith had to say about Lonzo Ball
At number two, we’d like to share a preview of a local MMA fight in the Philippines that’s happening today at the Ayala South Park Mall from 6pm onwards. If you are within the Area of Muntinlupa, head to the mall and enjoy some local MMA action.
2. Centennial MMA Fight Night 2 Preview

For our last video of the day, and you know we want to make sure we end with a bang, we bring you some of the best action in the NBA last November.

3. NBA Best Crossover moves for November 2017

Videos of the Day: Remembering the Dunks, the Knockouts and Gilas Pilipinas in November

December 1, it’s the first day of the last month of the year. We are excited about the approaching holidays and before we look ahead to this month, why don’t we first look back to what November gave us.
Here are your top 3 sports videos for the day.
Let’s start with the high flying acts of the NBA as we bring to you the November to Remember dunks!

1. NBA Best dunks courtesy of ESPN
At number 2 is our number one boxer for the month of November. Defending his IBF World Super flyweight champion Jerwin Ancajas (28-1-1) against Jamie Conlan in Belfast, Jerwin proved that he is one of the Philippines rising star.
2. Jerwin Ancajas vs Jamie Conlan

Lastly, our look back won’t be complete without showing the game of Gilas Pilipinas in the recent World Cup qualifiers. The game between Taiwan is the perfect game not unless you’re Andray Blatche. You probably do not want to remember this game.

3. Gilas Pilipinas vs Taiwan, a home game for the World cup Qualifiers.

Videos of the day: Heroes of Sports Videos

What’s up Powcasters? Yesterday, we celebrated Bonifacio Day. To pay tribute to our very own Gat Andres Bonifacio, we have compiled three videos that somewhat relate to being a hero.
At number 1, here’s the compilation videos of some of the best athletes and fans meeting. Make sure you watch until the end because it’s totally going to make your day.
1. Fans Meeting Their Sports Heroes Compilations

Since we are talking about heroes today, it would not be right if we do not show a video of the greatest Filipino boxer ever and a true boxing hero to the Philippines.

2. Watch Manny Pacquiao’s Greatest Hits
Let’s keep the heroes conversation going in our 3rd and the last video of the day, in fact, let’s make it super. Our last video is a super basketball match-up between superheroes Spiderman and Deadpool, before watching the video below, can you guess who you think won in this basketball game?
3. Spiderman vs Deadpool basketball. 

Videos of the Day: Derrick Rose Up and Down, The Krusher Moments and Some Funny Sports Compilation

It’s another day! 
Everyday we are looking to feature 3 sports videos per day courtesy of YouTube. Yesterday, we showed highlights of  Gilas Pilipinas vs Taiwan, the fight replay of Albert Pagara and the Career Mixtape of Shawn Kemp. And today, we are feeling a bit sentimental about Derrick Rose so we are making a feature the first video below of him. 
Derrick Rose had an exciting young NBA career but it was cut short by injuries and it looks like we might be seeing the end as he filed a leave of absence from the team. Let’s watch:
1. The Ups and Downs of Derrick Rose Career Courtesy of Sports Center.

For our second video, we give you the Krusher. If you missed the fight then here’s the fight highlights between Kovalev and Shabranskyy.   2. Fight highlights: Sergey Kovalev vs. Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (HBO World Championship Boxing)

For our third and last video of the day, we just want to showcase some few funny photos from sports. We hope these will put a beam on your face. 
3. Best Funny Sports Compilation

What kind of videos do you want us to feature?

Videos of the Day: Gilas vs Taiwan, Albert Pagara and Shawn Kemp

November 27, 2018, A Monday! 
We have always wanted to bring you a Daily Top 3 sports videos from YouTube and now we are trying again, starting with the highlights of the game between Gilas Pilipinas vs Taiwan below. We won this game so we know you want to see it. 


1. Gilas Pilipinas vs Taiwan Highlights

At number 2, we bring you boxing action as Pinoy Albert Pagara demolishes his opponent.

2. Albert Pagara vs Mohammed Kambuluta

 Our 3rd and last video of the day, we bring you the Reignman ultimate career Mixtape. If you don’t know him yet, now would be the best time to watch this video. 


3. Shawn Kemp Ultimate Highlights