Powcast.net began its journey May of 2010 and was formerly known as powcast.blogspot.com. Because of my overwhelming passion for sports, especially for basketball, boxing and recently with mixed martial arts, I built this. The website is aimed to deliver sports news and updates for every sports lover and fans not only in the Philippines but also around the world.

Now with almost 1,000,000 combined Facebook followers and 1 million website views every month, we are aspiring to cultivate a reputation of success and reliability as we continue to bring stories to the people who loves SPORTS. The site also features original articles, videos, photos, links and streams from other websites and blogs.

Personal website:  http://www.powsalud.com/

I am Pow Salud. I am not an athlete or a professional sports writer. Who am I? Well, I am just your friendly neighborhood sports blogger. Obviously a huge sports fan, most of the time you will see me at local sports events like basketball, boxing, football, running and MMA. Got some invites? – powsalud@powcast.net

Sports is life!

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One of my many artwork’s for Manny Pacquaio, to see more click here.

Watch this video clip from fightfan.com and you will see my work posted (photo above) in the world famous Wild Card Gym.

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Mission and Vision

Powcast.net, the best sports blog, Mission and Vision

Team Powcast Sports
Powcast.net is a Sports hub dedicated to deliver sports news, stories and updates to sports fans in the Philippines and around the world. We aim to build a community who trust in the power of sports. We  wish to give our members, visitors, fans, partners and clients a whole new level of engagement that would allow two-way communication and will provide a venue that encourages everyone to speak out and be heard. We also aspire to promote different sports to local communities by setting up sports and charitable projects and by educating young people of different sports.


To be a recognizable name in the world of sports and to be the number one sports fans venue in the web for basketball, boxing, MMA and other favorite filipino sports. We will be a force to reckon within the Sports and Entertainment industry.

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Disclaimer : No copyright infringement is intended, if you own the rights to some of articles, photos, videos and streams posted on this site and you wish for it to be remove please contact me. Proper credit was given to the rightful owner or source of the article posted. Thanks!