Nike News: Designer Jason Petrie on the Lebron 15

Jason Petrie on the Lebron 15

Designer Jason Petrie has worked with LeBron James for more than a decade. Their collective output includes every LEBRON signature from the 7 on, as well as contribution to the ever-popular LEBRON Soldier series. Not surprisingly, the longevity of work realizes a near telepathic bond. Now into the LEBRON 15, Petrie and James have found a groove not only in the familiar but also in where to push boundaries.
Petrie’s initial sketch for the LEBRON 15
Here, Petrie discusses the nuances of his latest design, with special consideration for the Nike BattleKnit that influences the LEBRON 15’s sharp aesthetic.

Going into the 15, what rules do you keep from the line and which do you throw out? 

We have three adages: “Lock me down so I can fly,” which came straight from LeBron; “Protect me from myself,” which relates to how we build for season-long comfort; and “Make me light.” We try to keep those rules steady and make sure that we address them in all of his products.

But we always want to be open to new ways to build a shoe. One instance of this was the Soldier 10. It looked so sleek on court. Obviously, LeBron played really well in it and made history. From that, we learned he could play in a little less than we thought and that we were probably overbuilding for him. It opened up our apertures in terms of thinking how we can solve for problems a little differently.

How did you and LeBron begin talking about the aesthetic?

LeBron and I have talked about Flyknit products for a while now, but we never had a conversation about making it look a particular way. He leaves the creative portion of it up to us (unless there is something specific that he’s looking for). The aesthetic of this shoe comes from knit.

We showed him a very early iteration of the Flyknit, and he loved the texture and feel of it. But he still had questions: “Will this work for me? Are you guys sure this is going to hold up?” We went through a lot of testing to make sure it was right.

How did the technology help achieve the look?

We always want the overall vibe of LeBron’s shoe to be aggressive, stylish, modern and classic. Flyknit, with its texture and dimension, defined the aesthetic from the get-go. We let that organic nature of the knit take us to that really aggressive diamond chainmail type of look.

We always want the overall vibe of LeBron’s shoe to be aggressive, stylish, modern and classic.- Jason Petrie

What did you want from the knit? 

I wanted there to be a great containment, but not be too bulky. LeBron directed the collar. We had a couple of different iterations along the way, and he was adamant about getting lower and sculpting around the ankle, but still wanting to retain that hugging fit. So that shape is a direct response to his feedback.

How does knit benefit LeBron? What does this knit do?   

This new iteration of Flyknit, Nike BattleKnit, is built specifically for LeBron. He needed something more than what knit uppers, to date, could provide for him structurally and also in the way that he wanted it to come to life.

So, we spent a lot of time figuring out what the solution within the knit process would be, and it took the knit innovation team actually knitting the material in a completely different way in order to benefit LeBron, which is really cool, and opened up a bunch of possibilities.

The main benefits we were looking for were containment and strength, but we also needed the things that are great about Flyknit: fit, a dialed design and less waste.

With the knit in one material, one basically fabric part, we’re able to engineer the protection, stretch and performance specifications we want to have for each area of the shoe. It’s an all-in-one package that allows LeBron to feel locked down, feel protected and also be able to move freely to dictate the action on court and to respond and react when he needs.

What is most exciting to you about the upper?

Aside from the performance benefits, which I think is inherent in any Nike shoe, the colors we have coming and some of the things you can do with knit that you can’t do with traditional construction have me really geeked out. It’s just getting started as we explore Flyknit for LeBron.

How do you go about formulating the color stories? 

With every shoe in Nike Basketball, we’ve got an amazing team of color and materials designers. LeBron has given us some insight. There are some things that we wanted talk about through his lens. I think you’ll see that throughout the course of the season as we explore those stories and see all these little details and touches that provide this incredible narrative.

What is new about the tooling?

The LeBron 15 has a brand new air unit, a combination of Air Max and Zoom, formed for incredible transition, really great impact protection and a lightweight ride. It’s all the things you would expect out of Zoom Air with the comfort and protection of Air Max.

LeBron loves max Air. Obviously he generates a lot of impact force. The energy return and the rebound and the quick response feel of the Zoom Air in between the pylons and the heel and throughout the midfoot and forefoot allow LeBron to run and jump at full speed, come down with force, absorb that impact and then sprint off in another direction while returning energy to every step of that. It’s a propulsive feel.

LeBron James and Teammates Launched the New LeBron 15’s in Cleveland, His Favorite to Date

LeBron James Capped Off Season Crazyiness with Launch of his New Signature Shoe

A couple of days before NBA opening night, Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James and a couple of his friends showed up in a pop-up store in the city of Cleveland, Ohio to help launch the new Shoe of LeBron James.
LeBron 15
The LeBron 15s will be available in three colorways: Ghost, Ashes and Pride of Ohio.  In the US, it will sell at $185 (9,250 Php). The shoe featured Nike’s Flyknit technology and it looks different from its predecessors.
We do not have a date on the release in the Philippines but I bet this would be one of those sneakers which will be highly sought after, it’s a shoe fit for a King.

Is LaVar Ball Ruining His Son, Lonzo’s NBA Career Before It’s Even Started?

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – We all know who Lonzo Ball is. The UCLA Player who is a projected Top 5 Pick for the 2017 NBA Draft. But is he really still a Top 5 Prospect?

    (Photo Courtesy of Shifter Magazine)
 When you hear something like “a career ruined by ________”, you would think a career ruined by injuries, criminal offenses, PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drug’s), gambling, alcoholism, cheating, betting and much more, But for the 6’6 Point Guard, it seems that his professional career has already gone off to a rough start thanks to his father, LaVar Ball. Out of all the things and people to ruin your career or at least stir controversy, who would’ve thought your own father had the ability to ruin your career? Forgive the exaggeration, but I believe that LaVar Ball is already ruining not just his his son’s NBA career, but also their family name, and his son’s NBA career hasn’t even started yet.

LaVar Ball is known for his often overconfident and humorous comments about his son’s which has spawned memes and people mocking his comments by making contradicting statements such as “My son can win the dunk contest with a layup – LaVar Ball.” There are numerous times where he stated his son will be better than Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. He even went as far as saying that he will surpass Michael Jordan, as someone will eventually need to take over and claim the crown as “The Greatest Of All Time.” according to him. He even said that he’d beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 back in his day. Ironically, LaVar averaged 2.2 PPG during his time at Washington State. 

As for Lonzo, who is often silent. Received numerous national awards and honors since his High School days at Chino Hills, where his two younger brother’s LaMelo and LiAngelo currently play. Lonzo averaged 14.6 PPG, 7.6 APG, and 6.0 RPG per game in all 36 games he started in. Lonzo declared for the 2017 NBA Draft after being eliminated in the Sweet Sixteen of the 2017 NCAA Men’s Championship. Lonzo prefers to play for the Lakers instead of being the No.1 Pick due to the reason that his family resides in Los Angeles and would like to play in front of them.

Let’s talk about the first of Lonzo’s misfortunes. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, the “Big Three” brands in Basketball shoes, all turned down Lonzo Ball. To be turned down by a sneaker company is one thing, but to be rejected by all is another. Sneaker endorsements make a big part of a player’s earnings. LaVar Ball previously stated that he wanted 1 Billion USD over a course of 10 years (Which is equivalent to 100 Million a year.) This prompted LaVar to reach out to the “Big 3” of Chinese Basketball sneakers: Peak, Li-Ning, and Anta.

Second, their family owned company, Big Baller Brand, recently released the ZO2’s, making Lonzo Ball the first Basketball player to have his own signature shoe before entering the NBA. The sneaker, retails for a whopping 495 USD with an autographed version going on for almost 1000 USD. The shoe received mostly negative reviews due to its expensive price tag and lack of originality. If you look at Curry’s, LeBron’s, Kobe’s, etc. they retail from 150 USD to 200 USD. Most OG or Retro Jordan’s cost 220 USD at most. If you look at the ZO2’s, it looks like a combination of the Kobe 11 or Mentality 2, Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016, and some Skecher’s Memory Foam shoe. LaVar stated the reason for the price is ” because he’s the owner of the company and he can choose whatever price he wants for it.”   I guess the Chinese companies didn’t want Lonzo either. The sneakers’ logo is even already controversial due to it’s similarity to Coach Zach Smith’s Zone 6 brand. If you want, you can buy BBB Slides for 200 USD if you got some money to spare.

I have never seen a High School or College Basketball player receive much criticism and negativity from the public. It wasn’t even Lonzo’s fault for making himself so unlikable by people. NBA Executives have stated that LaVar’s comments and attitude will not affect Lonzo’s draft stock. Although I believe that Lonzo will be a Top 5 Pick and drafted by either the Lakers, Celtics, Heat or Suns, the problem would be his agent, and his agent, is no other than his father. His father may demand too much from an organization as an agent which may hurt his son’s relationship with NBA Executives. 

So has LaVar Ball damaged his son’s NBA Career, no, not yet at least. Lonzo should hopefully be able to meet the expectations from NBA Talent Scouts and comparisons to Jason Kidd given his court vision and passing ability. But I think that LaVar is slowly ruining his son’s legacy already based on the amount of negativity him and his brothers receive thanks to their father.

And remember, if you can’t afford BBB shoes, then you’re not a big baller!

adidas Dame 3 Performance Review

3 years. 3 Damian Lillard models. And it gets better year after year.

The Lillard 1 made me switch from retro adidas basketball kicks (TMacs and Kobes mostly) to the more modern models. The Lillard 2 was so good I stuck with one on-court model (in different colorways, of course) for nearly an entire year. The Dame 3 will likely make me do the same.

Let me get right into the details.


adidas continues to use a Techfit bootie on Lillard’s signature line, again improving on the design with each iteration. The Dame 3 has a lower ankle collar height and a tighter bootie than the Lillard 2. The inside of the shoe is also padded in the heel area and contoured with the foot. The tighter bootie and the padding help keep the heel secure and prevents heel slippage, a common occurrence in low-tops. 

The shoe’s best feature is the new lacing system. The multiple holes on the side panel allow the wearer to customize the fit and adjust tightness based on preference. If you like the foot-hugging, tight fit then lace all the way to the bottom. If you’re like me and like it just right, then use the second row. For people with really wide feet who need as much space in the shoe, you can use the top set of holes. 

A minor drawback to me is the side panel’s durability. As you can see in the photo, there are a couple of lace holes which have already started to widen and there’s some scuffing on the top part due to friction from the laces. I’m waiting for other colorways to see if they change the material and make them more durable against friction and stretching. 

The shoes run long and wide, and I recommend going a half size down on these for that 1:1 fit. I personally prefer some wiggle room so I went true size. Getting your foot into the bootie will be challenging at first, but a shoe horn helps slide your foot in smoothly. The bootie also seems to have been constructed better compared to the 2’s so I don’t expect any ripping issues.

Stability and Support

Aside from the wide base, adidas incorporated some key features that help with stability. 

The triangular section on the heel serves not just as an anchor point for the side panel lace holes, but also as a heel counter to keep the rear part of your foot locked down. Coupled with the raised midsole wrap, this ensures that your heel is held firmly in place to keep you stable at all times.

The second feature is the midfoot TPU wrap that hugs the middle part of your foot. I initially felt a raised section in the midfoot, which caused some discomfort, but after an hour or so on court that section flattened out and I haven’t felt anything else since. 

The fused mesh upper provides both support and flexibility. The breathable material is reinforced around the toe area to contain the foot during those quick changes of direction, but the rest of the area is soft enough that it gives you a semi sock-like feel. They’re the right thickness as well to protect your feet when stepped on. 

The two sets of lace loops go all the way to the inside of the shoe and are anchored to the midsole. This lets you tighten that part really well to prevent your feet from sliding around. They’re designed well as I didn’t feel them biting into my foot unlike with other basketball shoes I’ve used in the past.

Overall, I felt very stable and secure in these shoes. I never felt any concerns about rolling my ankles or suddenly slipping and falling. Although primarily designed for guards, these could be an option for big men who prefer low-tops for that added ankle flexibility.


Bounce once again lives up to its name, and this time giving even more energy return.

I instantly felt the difference as soon as I slipped my foot into the shoe. Even while wearing thin socks, I could feel the bounciness in the forefoot. It’s almost a similar bounciness to my Pureboost ZGs. 

On court, I loved the impact protection it gave me during landings. The Bounce cushioning does its job well without sacrificing court feel, which is critical to majority of people who play in the backcourt. I averaged 2 hours per session during testing and my legs and knees felt great at the end of each run.

The cushioning isn’t all in the forefoot though. Bounce is still there in the heel, and it helps make running up and down the court easier and smoother. Heel-to-toe transitions are pretty good, too, since there’s good proportion to the cushioning in the front and back of the shoe. 

I’m still liking Bounce over Boost as a basketball cushioning system, but that’s just my personal preference. Boost can be too mushy at times while Bounce has that firmness that I like while static, but with the right plushness when needed.


I saved the best part for last. 

The grip on these babies is UNBELIEVABLE. Sticky and squeaky on any and every surface I’ve played on, they really allow for quick takeoffs and changes in direction. Even on the dustiest court I was on, the shoes were squeaking all over the place and kept me planted with every step.

The traction pattern adidas used on the Dame 3 works really well. Dust was never a problem and I never had to wipe even once. As with the other pairs I test, I didn’t clean the shoes throughout the testing period to see how they’ll hold up, and the shoes provided consistent traction throughout.

A big surprise for me is the durability. As I was looking at the soles while preparing to write, I didn’t see any obvious signs of wear other than the dirt. Considering that I used these nearly daily for two weeks, I’m amazed at how durable these outsoles are. 

I won’t recommend them for blacktop or concrete courts, but on hardwood, smooth cement, or painted courts you’ll definitely like the traction these shoes provide. 


Priced the same as the D Lillard 2, these won’t break the bank as much as other signatures would. With adidas’s 3STRIPES coupons or Titan 22’s TPC discount, the shoes could go for lower than its PhP 5,995 SRP (other colorways may be priced higher).

Damian Lillard’s signature line continues to evolve and improve, and it’s us consumers who benefit every year. The Dame 3 gives me all I want in a basketball shoe—excellent traction, good cushioning without sacrificing court feel, and a customizable lacing system that gives me the level of lockdown and stability that I need. 

Air Jordan XXXI Black Toe are set to be released on January 7

Jordan Brand will start the year with a bang by releasing a sick colorway of its Jordan 31.

This shoes will hit the stores on January 7 with a retails price of $185 or most likely its price will be 10,000 to 13,000 pesos here in the Philippines.

Let’s just wait for the further details for this awesome release.

Phote credits to the owners.


It’s the time of the year once again where shoe enthusiast gather as Sole Slam, the country’s premier sneaker event hosts its 9th edition at the World Trade Center. Sneaker as the main focus of the occasion, beginners, collectors and veteran attendees got a glimpse of the wide array of sneakers being displayed.


. Some of them are also for sale ranging from affordable to not so sneaker friendly price. Aside from sneakers they also added Streetwear, Street Culture and Music to light up the festivities. Some special guests included adult stars Tera Patrick, Charmane Star and import model Ashley Vee. With the enormous crowd showing up during the one day event, we witnessed how the shoe culture grows year by year and take it as a positive note for future generations of Filipino sneaker fans.

Basketball Culture : LeBron James x Nike Shoes

LeBron James and Nike set a new record for the biggest shoe contract of all time when then an 18 year old high schooler signed a 7 year, $90 Million deal with Nike who had not played a single NBA game. In his rookie season, LeBron James played in the Nike Air Zoom Generation, but subsequent years followed with a sequential number for each shoe making the AZG the unofficial LeBron 1. The AZG was designed by Eric Avar, the LeBron II-VI were designed by Ken Link, and LeBron VII-Nike LeBron 13 have been designed by Jason Petrie.

Things are going well for the King. Nike Basketball has never produced and made available so many LeBron James shoes for sale than ever. In addition to the signature Nike LeBron shoes, Nike also brings out a Soldier series shoe plus other special editions of LeBron shoes. Below are examples of the latest LeBron shoes for sale:


KD 9 soon to be released

Nike unveils Kevin Durant’s ninth signature shoe, the Nike KD 9. Featuring a progressive Flyknit upper and the most advanced Zoom Air cushioning. Designer Leo Chang looked beyond Kevin Durant’s style of play and into the on-court coverage the elite star paces each game; KD averages about 4 miles of ground per NBA game, which amounts to over 15 marathons per season. 

Release date: June 20, 2016

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review

Okay, let me just put this out as early as now—I’m in love with these shoes. From the moment I put them on and hooped in them for the first time using the Black History Month colorway, I knew that the D Lillard 2 would be my 2016 hoop shoes. I’ll get into the specifics, but let me tell you right now that adidas took what worked on the D Lillard 1 and upgraded them, and fixed the things that didn’t work so well on Dame’s first signature shoe. 

Let’s break down the D Lillard 2 feature by feature and you’ll agree that this could be the best bang-for-the-buck basketball shoe this year. I’m basing this review on the “Road” colorway as it has a wider release than the BHM variant.


Heel and midfoot lockdown were two of the biggest negative factors on the D Lillard 1, and adidas did a great job in improving those areas. 
The plastic heel counter covers a large part of the ankle and the Achilles, hugging the back of your foot well. The inside of the ankle collar has molded pads that align perfectly with the contour of your foot, aiding in keeping the foot secure. The only time I experienced heel slippage was when I laced them loosely while walking to the court. Once you tug on them laces and knot them, you shouldn’t experience any issues.
The lacing system has been improved, with better spacing, better lace hole sizes that hold the laces in place, and the final lace hole positioned higher up in the shoe that lets the shoe hug the foot better.

The strips of rubber that has the three middle lace holes are connected to the inside of the shoe, maximizing the lockdown effect and providing not just a great fit, but stability. These three components work well together in strapping your heels down and keeping them secure during pivots and spins, sudden turns, and lateral movements. 

The upper is a form of woven material that is very flexible but seems very durable. It combines both flexibility and protection as it’s thick enough to withstand getting stepped on in the post.

The shoe overall runs about a half size longer than normal, but wider than your average shoe, so if you have slim to narrow feet, you can go a half size down on these. I opted to get my true size since I have wide feet. I tried going down half a size but I felt some pinching in the lateral midfoot area. 


If you’re used to low-tops, these won’t feel like lows when you first put them on because of the TECHFIT bootie. The bootie wraps snugly around your ankle that it feels like a mid, but once you start moving, you get the flexibility that lows normally give you.

One of the things I like about the Lillard line is the stability that they give despite being lows. In the D Lillard 2, there’s a lateral outrigger that helps keep you stable when going sideways and aids in preventing your foot from rolling when you apply too much force. 

I felt very stable and very secure in these shoes. No fear of slipping or losing my balance or turning my ankle. 


adidas utilized Bounce cushioning on the D Lillard 2. The Brand with the Three Stripes has used Bounce in the past, albeit in a different iteration. This version combines a springy and flexible inner core with a firmer outer, offering both cushioning and response. 
The D Lillard 2 feel normal—that is, like any ordinary shoe—when at rest or when taking light steps, but when you start running or jumping or putting more force/weight on the shoes, you feel the springiness and the energy return. The harder I pounded the floor, the more bounce I felt (no pun intended). Definitely one of the most comfortable cushioning systems I’ve ever tried. 

Bounce isn’t Boost, but don’t sleep on it. Personally, I prefer Bounce. Boost fans, don’t come chasing me with pitchforks and torches just yet, as there’s more to it. Let me say it again: I prefer Bounce when used on a basketball shoe. While Boost is without a doubt the best cushioning system in the market, landing on Boost feels mushy. It’s very comfortable, no doubt, but it doesn’t offer the responsiveness and stability that Bounce does. 

This version of Bounce allows for a more explosive first step, better cuts, and quicker lateral movements. Those are important in a basketball shoe and for me Bounce allows you to do those things better than Boost does.

Overall, a solid cushioning system that’s comfortable, responsive, and stable. No back, knee, or plantar pain like I normally get with non-Boost basketball shoes. 


If there’s one thing that maybe needs to be improved on the Lillard 2, it’s the traction pattern. Not that it doesn’t work, it does and it works well, but the soles are dust magnets. 

I played on mostly dusty courts with these and the BHMs, and I had no problems whatsoever with traction. Didn’t slip, always had purchase when pulling up (my favorite move), and I was able to move naturally since I never had to think about whether I’d fall flat on my butt. 
The Continental rubber outsole speaks of durability and traction, and they were squeaking all over the court for the most part. On the fourth day of using them without cleaning the outsoles like I normally do, there was less squeaking but the grip held. No issues during an hour or so of dribbling, shooting, and layup drills.
The heel part, for some odd reason, was squeaky throughout, no matter how dusty that area got. I feel that this adds to the shoe’s overall stability as the heel plants well and you can take off fairly quickly. 
Overall, the D Lillard 2 offers exceptional traction. Other users say that the dust does take something away from it, but a quick wipe does the trick. I tried not wiping the dust off during the 10+ hours of testing the shoe and I didn’t have any problems.


I’ll say it again: I am in love with these shoes. I’ve never used a shoe that gave me this combination of support, lockdown, cushioning, and traction. And at PhP 5,995 ($105 in the US), you get more than your money’s worth with the technology.
The adidas D Lillard 2 is available at adidas retail stores, Titan 22, and the NBA Store. Go grab your pair now as these are selling pretty fast! I promise you, you won’t regret this purchase as it’s probably the best basketball shoe that adidas has ever produced.


Serena Williams’s perpetual drive to trump expectations, break records and redefine a sport. Kobe Bryant’s phenomenal 81-point game for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2006. Sanya Richards-Ross’ gold-medal-winning 400-meter race. Chris Paul’s off-court drive to level the playing field. These pivotal performances and seminal individuals rewrote history and catalyzed community — they also serve as the driving inspiration behind the 2016 Black History Month collection.
Since its debut in 2005, Nike’s annual Nike Black History Month collection has evolved from a single Nike Air Force 1 to an extensive product assortment that pays homage to the achievements of black athletes worldwide. The limited-edition 2016 collection, with staggered launches running from January to mid-February, features a vibrant cascade of 28 products, spanning tennis, basketball, football, running, Nike iD and Jordan Brand. Its distinctly global sensibility is reflected in a vivid Pan African-inspired color palette, with custom geometric motifs.

The collection kicks off with Basketball footwear releases including the LEBRON 13KD8KYRIE 2 and the KOBE 11. Signature models from Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will also be offered in youth sizes. Other category launches include: Air Force 1, Nike Air Footscape Magista and Nike Roshe One (including an additional BHM-themed Roshe One Nike iD offering) from Nike Sportswear; NikeCourt Flare footwear from Tennis; Streak LT 3 footwear from Running; and the Air Jordan 1 Nouveau and AJ1 High for girls from Jordan Brand. A BHM-themed Magista Obra FGboot and Jordan Spike 40 follow in February. BHM apparel comprises hoodies, T-shirts and shorts.
The Black History Month collection honors and celebrates Black heritage, in sport and beyond, around the world while also providing financial support to Nike’s Ever Higher Fund, which was created to bring mentorship, sport and all of its benefits to African American youth.
Nike is proud to support numerous national and local organizations that provide services to underrepresented youth, including African American youth, during the year, through community development, coaching, city league sport programs, and early childhood development programs. Long-time partners include the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs, National Head Start and Coach Across America.

adidas and Andrew Wiggins unveil new Crazylight Boost 2.5 PEs

20-year-old Andrew Wiggins proves he’s just getting started as he has been named NBA’s Rookie of the Year last season. As if being the first player in the Minnesota franchise to ever win such award isn’t impressive enough, the forward continues to lead the Timberwolves with his remarkable performance on the court.

adidas and Andrew Wiggins release new Crazylight Boost 2.5 colorways. Each colorway is uniquely designed to exhibit Wiggins’ family history, and his on-court play with Minnesota Timberwolves.

adidas unveils new Andrew Wiggins PEs for the Crazylight Boost 2.5. Each colorway features unique design elements inspired by Wiggins’ family history and on-court play with the Minnesota Timberwolves.


The “Marita” is Wiggins’ first silhouette dedicated to his mother, Marita Payne-Wiggins, and her success as an Olympic sprinter who helped Canada win two silver medals in the 4×100 and 4×400-meter relays in the 1984 Summer Games. They feature a silver to red gradient upper, blending Primeknit threads with forefoot mesh to deliver added breathability on the hardwood. Silver accents along the midsole, heel cap, collar lining and laces are paired with a red and white outsole for a true Canadian tribute. Gold hits to the upper’s foil treated seam and AW logo cap off the hometown exclusive.  

North Star

Calling on Minnesota’s state motto – L’Etoile du Nord or The Star of the North – Wiggins’ “North Star” PE is constructed with a metallic heel counter and silver detailing. Designed in team colors, the shoe features a black and blue Primeknit upper with seamless integration of mesh tooling and deep blue accents throughout.

“Marita” and “North Star” colorways are available for Php7995 at select adidas stores, the adidas online shop, the NBA Store, Planet Sports, Toby’s Sports, and Titan stores in the country.

adidas Unwraps Christmas Day Collection

adidas welcomes the holidays with the Christmas Day Collection.
This will be available starting tomorrow December 18 at adidas Trinoma and Titan stores. 
 Just in time for the Holidays, adidas unveiles its Christmas Day pack. Featuring winter-inspired editions of the D Rose 6, Crazy 8 and Crazylight Boost 2015, adidas athletes including James Harden and Derrick Rose will lace up the special editions on Christmas Day match-ups.
Only the D Rose 6 will be made available in the Philippines which features a mint-green and crystalized frost print upper contrasted by an iced green outsole and clean, white details throughout. Designed with rose gold hits at the tongue, faceted eyelets and heel cap, the Christmas Day edition delivers an elegant finish. The shoe also features crystalized graphics and gold details in the sockliner.
The D Rose 6 (PhP8,795) drops this December 18, 2015 at adidas Trinoma and Titan stores.   
Join the conversation @adidashoops on Twitter and Instagram with #DRose6.



2015 Christmas Collection featuring the LEBRON 13, KYRIE 2, KD8 and KOBE X (left to right).
Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James receive festive signature sneakers at a time when the hardcourt is heating up and the outdoor temperature is dropping.
The 2015 Nike Basketball Christmas Collection, split between fire and ice inspirations, features the KOBE X, KD8, KYRIE 2 and LEBRON 13.


KOBE X, Kobe Bryant’s signature shoe for Christmas.

Kobe Bryant’s tenth signature shoe features a fiery multicolor Flyknit on the toe and five golden rings on the heel, as a festive nod to the player’s championship success. Red, black and gold add subtle holiday hints.


KD8, Kevin Durant’s signature shoe for Christmas.

A mix of naughty and nice, the Christmas edition KD8 features a white lateral side contrasted by a red and black medial graphic sublimated onto the Flyweave upper. The midsole wraps into the heel counter in a texture inspired by a crackled pattern representing hot coal.


KYRIE 2, Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe for Christmas.

The KYRIE 2 Christmas edition’s zig-zag embossed graphic mimics teeth while the shoe’s white and blue color scheme finish off this nod to the abominable snowman.  An icy, transparent outsole completes the holiday look.


Fierce Midwest winters inspire the icy blue hues that run throughout the LEBRON 13, along with creative Christmas details appearing in the lace lock, pearlescent blue Hyperposite technology and shattered ice-inspired “13” on the heel.

The 2015 Nike Basketball Christmas Collection will be available globally Dec. 26 on and at select retail locations.


The LBJ 13 Akronite Philosophy sports a five-color upper which stands for the King’s loyalty and pride for his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The different features found on the upper symbolize his basketball journey, from his upbringing in Akron to his championship years in Miami and back. 

The shoe will be available starting tomorrowNovember 21, at and select retail stores around the globe.

Lazada Philippines

James Harden awesome new Adidas commercial, you wont see him wearing other brands anymore!

Yes, James Harden will now be wearing only Adidas shoes for at least 13 years, well that’s because that is how long the contract is with his new sponsor shoe. Aside from getting a truckload of Adidas gear, James Harden also got a whopping 200 million dollars as part of the unprecedented deal with Adidas. 
James Harden awesome new Adidas commercial, you wont see him wearing other brands anymore!

Today marks the beginning of a game-changing partnership for adidas and Houston Rockets superstar James Harden. 
With the special delivery of Harden’s first adidas kicks and gear, the wait is finally over. 
Welcome to #teamadidas, James. The best is yet to come.

The Wait is Over: adidas Laces Up James Harden
James Harden awesome new Adidas commercial, you wont see him wearing other brands anymore!

October 1st marks the beginning of a game-changing partnership for adidas and Houston Rockets superstar James Harden. Providing an exclusive look at a special delivery of Harden’s first adidas kicks and gear, the wait is finally over.   

The launch of adidas’ new partnership with Harden moves the game forward and bears a message that change is certainly coming – the future starts now.    

Here’s what the three-time NBA All-Star had to say about the industry’s most dynamic partnership:    

“Doing what’s expected isn’t enough for me. I’ve taken chances to put myself in a position to be successful and I’m hungry for more.  I want to be true to who I am, even if that means taking risks or doing things different from the status quo or what other people expect,” Harden said. “Wanting to be the best – that comes with hard work, focus and making sure I’m always growing my game. It’s a credit to my time in Houston and I’m just trying to enjoy the moment, but I still have to remember how I got here and all the hard work it took.”

“After meeting with adidas I knew we could create something people won’t see coming. They want to celebrate me for who I am and what I stand for. They want to help me be closer to my fans, tell my story and make incredible products together. This is my chance to do something that can’t be done anywhere else. I think of myself as a creator on the court and I’ve built a game different than any other player in the league. I see an opportunity to become one of the best players in the world – adidas is the partner who will help me get there. I can’t wait to get started.”

When he’s on the court, James will lace up the Crazylight Boost 2015 in a variety of Houston Rockets colors.

James Harden awesome new Adidas commercial, you wont see him wearing other brands anymore!

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LeBron 13: New shoes is dope , check out these features : Videos and Photos

Designed to the specifications of four-time MVP, LeBron James.
The LEBRON 13 combines lockdown fit and dynamic cushioning to match LeBron James’s power and speed.
Video: Highlighting the LEBRON 13 launch event
The shoe’s top three performance features include:


Breathable mesh and a zoned Hyperposite upper create a custom fit.
The breathable mesh upper hugs the foot, while Flywire technology cables provide an adaptive, natural fit and excellent lockdown.


Hyperposite on the upper adapts to the forceful torque exerted by James at top speed.
Hyperposite on the midfoot and collar adapts to the forceful torque exerted by James at top speed. Wrapping the top of the foot, it also enhances durability and support while maintaining flexibility and providing protection.  An asymmetrical lacing system finishes the upper and supplements lockdown and foot containment. 


Hexagonal Nike Zoom Air units provide cushioning and comfort, mapped to key pressure points.
Since its debut on the basketball court in the Nike Air Go LWP in 1995, Zoom Air has provided superior cushioning and explosiveness for the movement and impact of the game. For an athlete like LeBron James, the journey up and down the court can equal 12 marathons over the course of a season. Superior cushioning and comfort are a must.
The LEBRON 13 evolves the size and placement of the hexagonal Nike Zoom Air units that debuted in the LEBRON 12. 

Outsole details nod to James’s loyalty to home with ‘Akronite’ along with personal tributes like his December 1984 birth.
Four Zoom Air units in the outsole provide maximum response and cushioning on impact.  Two of the units are 13 millimeters thick – larger than those in the LEBRON 12 in total volume; one in the heel and one in the ball of the foot. Two additional hexagonal Nike Zoom units are placed in the forefoot at peak pressure points. 
VIDEO: Constructing the LEBRON 13 key performance features


Key performance innovation and signature details are brought to each model from crib bootie to adult sizing.
The LEBRON 13 has also been engineered to address the specific needs of young athletes as they grow through infant, toddler, pre-school and grade school sizes for both on and off the basketball court. Each of the models features performance design unique to age range and physical development.


The LEBRON 13 Written in the Stars colorway honors James’s journey to create his own destiny without relying on luck or circumstance.
The LEBRON 13 design inspiration reflects James’s hometown roots in Akron, Ohio.  Unique elements to each colorway come to life in five locations on each shoe: tongue top, tongue embellishment, heel tab, Swoosh graphic and inside heel. Additional nods to James come through specific details in each colorway, including outsole elements and a LeBron logo on the toe and heel tab.

Kids from the LeBron James Family Foundation receive a surprise visit from James as they participate in a Nike design workshop.


The LEBRON 13 Written in the Stars colorway is available October 1 in Greater China and globally on October 10, followed by the LEBRON 13 Away colorway denoting Cleveland’s season tipoff on the road in Chicago on October 27. The LEBRON 13 is available for NIKEiD customization on September 30. 

James with his thirteenth shoe.

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D Rose 6 Shoe: Derrick Rose NBA goal and how his new shoe will help him achieve it

Derrick Rose D Rose new shoes D Rose 6

Derrick Rose doesn’t let anything get in his way. Not even back-to-back season-ending injuries. No, the youngest MVP in NBA history is here to stay in the league and he continues to prove that he will never stop..

D Rose and adidas launch the latest from their collaboration – the D Rose 6, designed especially to elevate D Rose’s aggressive game and compliment his drive to win championships.

A kid from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood is not supposed to be the No. 1 overall pick by his hometown team and the youngest MVP in NBA history. The league’s top point guard is not supposed to have his will tested by suffering back-to-back season ending injuries and become nearly written off. But not every player is Derrick Rose, who learned toughness and resilience from his family and neighborhood to develop an aggressive game and cold, confident demeanor that remains unchanged.

DerrickNew Shoe D rose 6 photos

Derrick continues to prove that he will never stop. Returning to the playoffs for the first time in nearly three years, he averaged more than 20 points and 6 assists and drained an unforgettable buzzer-beater to help give the Bulls a victory in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. While the squad would drop a hard fought series, Rose proved he’s still capable of dominance on the court.

“Nobody believed in me except my friends, my family, my fans and my city,” said Rose. “That’s all I need. My goal is to get back to work and bring it every day.”
 Inline image 2

Derrick New Shoe D rose 6 photos

D Rose 6 “Road”

Embodying Rose’s journey of overcoming adversity with hard work and perseverance, adidas unveils the D Rose 6. Inspired by his will to never stop, the silhouette is designed to elevate his aggressive game and compliment his drive to win championships.

“This is the second shoe I’ve been able to wear with Boost and the comfort and energy you get back is crazy. I’m not going to wear another basketball shoe that doesn’t have Boost,” Derrick said. “adidas also brought a lot of details about Chicago that I think my fans will love.”

The D Rose 6 comes equipped with forefoot and heel Boost cushioning engineered for basketball movements to ensure energy return and comfort. The bold, rugged FITFRAME heel cage and straps are constructed to deliver an adaptive fit and represent his countless hours spent in the gym. A herringbone traction pattern, inspired by woodgrain textures and design, adds optimum grip for drives to the basket.
Inline image 3

 D rose 6 photos  Derrick New Shoe

D Rose 6 “Home”

Blending details inspired by the city of Chicago with premium materials for a luxury finish, the D Rose 6 features the six-point star of the Chicago flag at the base of the laces and six reflective lines in the heel. The silhouette’s diamond pattern upper and faceted eyelets call on the sharp, bold architecture of the city with a rugged feel to match Rose’s play.

 D rose 6 photos  Derrick New Shoe

“Derrick is in a different place than he was a few years ago and we wanted to create a shoe that shares his focus to bring a championship home,” said Brian Foresta, vice president of Global Design, adidas Basketball. “Our close work with Derrick allowed us to design a shoe that reflects his journey and helps build his game.”

 D rose 6 photos  Derrick New Shoe

The D Rose 6 (Php 8,995) launches October 15 in “Home” and November 5 in “Road” colorways with five more editions unveiling through the end of the year.

adidas 2015 Crazylight Boost Primeknit

adidas Philippines released the 2015 Crazylight Boost Primeknit on July 1st across different stores and retailers in the Philippines, and the sneaker has been met with positive responses. I had been looking forward to the release since it seemed like it’s a very big improvement from last year’s Crazylight Boost. After spending a couple of weeks contemplating on which colorway to cop, I finally decided on the Andrew Wiggins “Home” PE, mostly because they look so good and partly ‘coz it’s a limited release. 

Let’s take a closer look at the shoe that the reigning Rookie of the Year will wear for his home games during the 2015-16 NBA season.


Eye-catching, without a doubt. The colors used, the maple leaf design on the knit (an homage to AW’s Canadian roots), the icy sole, and the overall color blocking on this shoe makes them pop. They look sleek and icy-cool, the silver and blue just so pleasing to the eyes.

adidas has started a trend of big branding on their basketball sneakers, and it continues in the 2015 Crazylight Boost. Personally, I like the in-your-face logo, and the triangular shape of the stripes follows the contour of the heel area smoothly when viewed from behind. The meaty Boost midsole is clearly visible and just looks like it will absorb any impact. The rear of the ankle collar sits just right, not too low or too high to cause chafing.

I’m in love with the silhouette, the lines, the color blocking, and the colors adidas used on this model, and I’m not alone. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on the shoes each time I wear them on court. The way it looks alone is enough of a convincing factor for most people to purchase the pair.

Premium materials are used on this model, especially the Primeknit. Looking closer, there’s a combination of tight and loose knitting that serve both performance and aesthetics, but more on that later.

From afar, the pattern on the Primeknit upper looks like a variation of snakeskin, but upon closer inspection are actually maple leaves in diamond patterns. Well executed design, adidas.

Now let’s move on to the meat and potatoes…



These run true to size, although one of my friends decided to go a half size down. I went with a size 12 instead of my usual 11.5 (I have really wide feet) and found them to be very comfortable. Some extra space in the toe box, but I like that extra space in my on-court kicks, so it didn’t bother me one bit. 

The tongue is sewn to the upper on the lateral side, which is the first time I’ve seen it on an adidas shoe. Think KD6, except the tongue on the CLB15 goes under the upper as opposed to over like in the KDs. The tongue is thin, very breathable, but with a downside—lace them up too tightly and you’ll definitely feel the lace pressure.

There’s an elastic band that holds the medial side of the tongue in place to prevent it from sliding off to the side too much.

The upper is a one-piece knit that has varying degrees of density, depending on the area it’s used on. Looser knitting, such as in the toe box and the side panels, allows for flexibility and ventilation, while tighter knits provide stability and support.

Overall, I like how the pair feels. Go true to size if you plan to purchase, since people with normal foot widths have given feedback that the forefoot and toe areas have too much space.


Stableframe is used on the 2015 Crazylight Boost to provide a bed to keep the foot in place. It serves to keep the shoe extremely lightweight but supportive. 

I didn’t feel any excessive restrictions from the Stableframe except to hold my foot in place, and there was no pinching or rubbing like in the old Sprintframe that adidas used a couple of seasons ago. There’s a TORSION-like plate embedded in the midsole which allows for a very smooth heel-to-toe transition while running up and down the court.

The lace loops on the outside are part of the bands pictured on the right, which help hold the foot in place once laced up. I like the added stability this feature gives since the foot’s locked down in the area I want it to be the most stable. 

If you’re worried about too much pressure or possible chafing, my ultra-sensitive feet didn’t feel the bands rub or press against my foot during play.


Boost. Boost. Boost. 13% more than last year’s model, extended farther into the midfoot. I love Boost and I was ecstatic with the upgrade. This is simply the best cushioning system in the market right now, and adidas took what worked in last year’s Crazylight Boost and made it even better in the 2015 iteration.

adiPRENE+ is used in the forefoot area, again another big upgrade from the 2014 version. adiPRENE+ gives the shoe that added forefoot bounce that was missing in last year’s model. Changing directions and quick cuts need not be as hard on your toes and the ball of the foot now because of this change. Thank you adidas for listening to your consumers.

I’m a 5’9″, 240-pound guy who plays 2, 3, and 4, and the shoe performed as advertised in the cushioning department. Some say that the insoles are too thin and recommend swapping them out for thicker insoles for more comfort, so I experimented by adding an Ortholite insole on top of the factory ones. The cushioning was definitely better, but somehow court feel is sacrificed. I had one run with the Ortholites and decided to just go with the factory ones alone. No problems so far.


The traction pattern used on the CLB15 is a bigger, wider herringbone. The rubber is soft and pliable (like in the midfoot outsole of the D Rose 5 Boost), so I immediately expected good grip. I wasn’t disappointed.

I played on two dusty courts over the weekend and had no traction issues. Didn’t slip, had the purchase I needed to get off pull-up jumpers and catch-and-shoot Js, was able to change directions with ease, and toe-offs on drives to the hoop felt grrrrrreat. 

The problem I have with the outsole is durability. Much like car tires, softer compounds offer higher grip but get worn down much faster. The grooves are shallow, and I don’t know how long these will last before traction diminishes. If you play outdoors on rough surfaces, it’s best to look for other options.


At PhP 7,995, it’s not the cheapest option on the market, but the technology put in the shoe more than justifies the price tag. 
The 2015 Crazylight Boost Primeknit is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever played in. I’ve spent the past few years searching for a model that offers the fit and cushioning I need, often resorting to retros since the newer models were too narrow for my wide feet and sacrificing cushioning in the process. With the Crazylight Boost, I got the best of everything, from the cushioning to fit and lockdown to traction to neck-breaking good looks. 
These CLBs will definitely see a lot of court time, and I’m already looking forward to the “Away” colorway, which I’ve heard will drop sometime in the next two months. As we sneakerheads like to say, AUTOCOP.

Adidas NBA Christmas Day Shoe collections

Christmas day has never been this exciting. Check out the adidas “Bad Dreams” collection dropping here in the Philippines this December. Attached is the official press release and photos for your consideration. Also, spread the word by posting this video on Instagram.
adidas unveils the “Bad Dreams” collection for NBA Christmas Day Games
Inline image 1

adidas today unveiled an all-new colorway collection of basketball footwear that will be worn by adidas athletes during the 2014 Christmas Day NBA games.
Dubbed the “Bad Dreams” collection, the shoes feature holiday colors, a unique a mix of textures and glow in the dark accents to signify haunting the dreams of opponents. In addition, each shoe features a graphic with a Roman numeral call out for December 24, 2014.
Inline image 2
Footwear models included in the “Bad Dreams” collection include the D Rose 5 Boost, J Wall 1, Crazylight Boost and Crazy 2.
D Rose 5 Boost
The “Bad Dreams” D Rose 5 Boost features a black canvas upper with white multi-directional striping. Glow-in-the-dark panels highlight key elements of the shoe including the outsole, heel, back and tongue logo.
The D Rose 5 Boost is the ultimate signature shoe to outfit Derrick Rose on and off the court. It features adidas’ most innovative technology and the most personal details ever included on a shoe in the D Rose signature collection. The D Rose 5 Boost offers full shoe length Boost cushioning technology designed for heightened energy return and step-in comfort to ensure maximum performance.
J Wall 1
The “Bad Dreams” J Wall 1 features a two toned green canvas upper with black stitching details and silver reflective vertical three stripes. The shoe is accented with multiple glow-in-the-dark elements including the outsole, J Wall logos on the tongue and lateral side and the adidas logo on the back.
The J Wall 1 features a sleek, bold design inspired by Wall’s quick on-court play and fashion forward off-court style. The new John Wall logo incorporates Wall’s initials, “JW” and is designed with the “J” crossing-over to the “W” as a nod to his quick playing style and ability to cross over defenders.
Crazylight Boost
The “Bad Dreams” Crazylight Boost features a black mesh upper with a white reflective screen printed design and red three-stripes on the lateral side. The shoe is accented by a speckled print midsole and glow in the dark outsole.
At 11.6 ounces, the Crazylight Boost is exceptionally light with every element of the shoe constructed to maximize the energy benefit of Boost, which is featured in the heel of the shoe. A unique collar design offers the mobility of a low-top and stability of a mid.
Retail information:
The “Bad Dreams Collection” D Rose 5 Boost (PHP 8495), J Wall 1 (PHP 5995) and Crazylight Boost (PHP 7495) launch at adidas Trinoma, Titan stores and the NBA Store this December.
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NBA All-Star point guard’s first adidas signature shoe highlights quick play and fashion-forward style

 Inline image 1

MANILA, Philippines – adidas today unveiled the J Wall 1 signature basketball shoe and apparel collection – the first in a line of signature products designed for Washington Wizards NBA All-Star point guard, John Wall. The J Wall 1 features a sleek, bold design inspired by Wall’s quick on-court play and fashion forward off-court style.
“Coming off my best season in the NBA and now launching the J Wall 1 that has my own logo is an incredible feeling,” said Wall. “I feel really blessed to have my own signature line and I think my fans and basketball players are going to love playing in this shoe.  It’s also a shoe with great colors and materials that you can dress up off the court which is really important to me.”
For the first time ever, the new John Wall logo is featured on Wall’s signature footwear and apparel. The John Wall logo consists of his initials, “JW” and is designed with the “J” crossing-over to the “W” to represent his quick playing style and ability to cross over defenders. The cross-over element is also representative of Wall’s off-court style and how he transitions from a fearless player on the court to a laid back, fashion forward person off the court. In addition, the “JW” within the logo pays homage to Wall’s late father, John Wall Sr., who passed away when Wall was nine years old.
“We designed and engineered every aspect of this shoe to compliment John’s quick style of play on the court,” said Robbie Fuller, Global Design Director, adidas Basketball. “Our close collaboration with John allowed us to deliver a shoe that will help him improve performance while telling his unique, personal story through the John Wall logo and details throughout the shoe.”

 Inline image 2

To compliment John’s quick, aggressive style of play, the J Wall 1 midsole features full length adiprene+ cushioning for enhanced responsiveness, comfort and superior heel to toe transition. Wall’s quick style of play is supported from the full length lateral FITFRAME which allows for a more controlled surface for Wall to plant against during explosive cuts. A unique air mesh textile upper offers supreme comfort and breathability and is finished with rip-stop overlays for enhanced durability.
In addition to performance elements, the J Wall 1 features details reflective of his game and style. These details include the John Wall logo featured prominently on the tongue, while the logo’s cross-over inspiration is carried throughout details of the shoe, including the pattern on the tongue and toe cap. The outsole features a map of the United States with “Wall” written across the left and right shoe, highlighting Washington DC with lines connecting to every NBA city on the map. Details on the map include the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty, St. Louis Gateway Arch, Golden Gate Bridge and Seattle Space Needle to represent Wall’s fans in Washington DC and across the country.

 Inline image 3

Alongside the J Wall 1 signature shoe, the J Wall signature apparel collection includes T-shirts, shorts and hoodies, all featuring the new John Wall logo.   
The J Wall 1 launches in leading adidas and sports stores in the Philippines on November 1 for Php5995 in two different colorways. Additional colorways will launch throughout the NBA season.

Adidas, Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard Boost Basketball shoes available in the Philippines on Aug 15.

Adidas, Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard Launch Boost in Basketball

Last week, adidas Basketball held an exclusive unveiling of Boost technology at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. View the recap video here.
The highlights showcase Damian and Derrick joining former NBA player and event emcee Greg Anthony to introduce the all-new Crazylight Boost and D Rose 5 Boost basketball shoes. The industry-first innovation brings game-changing energy return, comfort and responsiveness to players when they need it most.
Media in attendance of the “Boost Your Game” experience also had the chance to hoop with adidas athletes including Joakim Noah, Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague, Tim Hardaway Jr, Arron Afflalo and new signee Marcus Smart.

The Crazylight Boost is available in the Philippines this August 15 for PHP 6995.

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