Azkals vs Negros Match

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Azkals vs Negros Match was part of the preparation of the National Football Team for the Long Teng Cup this month and the Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) in November. So have you seen the match. I failed to catch it, Is ABS-CBN showing the replay of Azkals vs Negros Match in Panaad Stadium? Anyways I heard that they won via a score of 3-1.

Azkals vs Kuwait Videos

Check out the Azkals vs Kuwait Videos. Azkals lost to Kuwait Football team with a 2 – 1 score on the second leg match of the 2014 FIFA World cup Qualifier in Brazil. see the replay and the videos of the Azkals vs Kuwait.

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Azkals vs Kuwait Videos

Azkals vs Kuwait video, Sights and sounds 1

Azkals vs Kuwait video, Sights and sounds 2

Azkals vs Kuwait video, Sights and sounds 3

Azkals lost to Kuwait, Is the Azkals fever gone?

by: Pow Salud|Home

Bittersweet, this is exactly what I felt after the loss of the Philippine National Soccer team (Azkals) to Kuwait last July 28 at the Rizal Stadium in Manila.
Azkals have given Filipino Football fans with more than what was expected of them and their recent accomplishments are already unmatched and unheard of in the history of football in the Philippines
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They left Filipino fans salivating for more and dreaming of moving forward to the 2014 FIFA World Cup . The game with Kuwait for most football analyst is a given as Kuwait football team is much more superior that you can almost expect a beating. which exactly what happen in their first game in Kuwait as they were swallowed with a 3 – 0 score and the same result on the second game 2 -1 in favor of the Kuwait Football team.

So Why do we still support them?

Whats next for the Azkals?



Wave goodbye and Thanks after the lost to Kuwait

Is the Azkals fever dead?

Azkals fever! It just begun!

Kuwait defeats PHL Azkals, 3-0 (Leg 1) Highlights Video

by: Pow Salud|Home

Kuwait show why they are higher in ranking compare to the Philippines. Kuwait won the match with a three to nothing score. Kuwait will visit Manila this July 28 for the 2nd leg of the 2014 Brazil  FIFA World Cup qualifier. Azkals need to win this badly to keep their hopes alive.  Kuwait vs Philippine Azkals Video highlights.

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 Kuwait vs Philippine Azkals Video highlights 1

Kuwait vs Philippine Azkals Video highlights 2

Azkals vs Bahrain tune game video highlights

by: Pow Salud|Home

Azkals showed a lot of resilience in overcoming fatigue and the hot weather on their tune up game  against Bahrain. Azkals, in a loosing effort showed that they have improved a lot but still need to work on their defense. Azkals will have more tune up games against middle eastern club for its preparation against the Kuwait Football club for the 2014 FIFA World cup qualifier.  video of Azkals vs Bahrain .

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Video of Azkals vs Bahrain

Azkals players gang rape issue?

by: Pow Salud|Home

azkals rape
Four Azkals players allegedly raped a woman in the house of team manager Dan Palami! Wow this is a big blow and a distraction to the Azkals team. Preparing for their second round 2014 FIFA Qualifiers match against Kuwait, Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario, Simon Greatwich and Jason Sabio are accused of the said crime. 
Apparently this news is coming from a Paul Weiler. Who is Paul Weiler anyway?
The four Azkals players denied the allegations and the Azkals management is currently investigating the said issue. The Azkals is becoming more famous and issue like this is a part of their popularity. The only question now is, What if its true? What will happen to the Azkals?

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Rain and Shine, Azkals fans stayed to watch w/ video

by: powsalud|

It was amazing to watch our very own soccer team live at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila. With a remarkable victory against Sri Lanka they now move on to the next level for the 2014 Brazil FIFA qualifier. The next match will be a tough one  in Kuwait.
The Azkals game was one for the history books for us Filipinos. It was a very impressive win for our Philippine soccer team but what’s really incredible is to see thousands of fans screaming and cheering even under heavy rain. It was my first time watching the Azkals live and just as I anticipated many fans showed up including me of course.

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What’s funny is, just when the game is about to start, after having called the players  of each team for the line-up, the rain started to fall, the more the applause the more heavier the rain poured, but nobody seemed to care at all! Kids, women, men, boys, old and young fans stood  up and watched the game while bathing in the rain. It was an ultimately fun experience. This event will never happen in a basketball game or a boxing match.
The Azkals did not disappoint the fans showing impressive ball control and dominating the Sri Lankan’s with a 4 – 0 score. The match was very thrilling and every goal seemed  to  electrify everyone in the stadium. As the crowd chanted “Pilipinas!” and as everyone cheers louder and louder, our players seem to push more and more to further impress the crowd. And even if the Azkals are mostly half breed well hence the name Azkals. A sense of patriotism and unity sprung in the air and during this moment in time everyone seem to agree on one thing, that we can and we are proud to be Filipinos .  
Filipinos are a big sports fan specifically basketball and boxing and while we still need improvement in soccer, the win of the Azkals put them in a very good position to once and for all ignite the interest of more Filipinos of the most popular sports in the world, soccer football. 
The Azkals will meet  Kuwait in another home-and-away match on July 23 and 28 for the next stage in the FIFA Brazil 2014 Asian qualifiers.

Watching Azkals? you cant bring umbrella, however raincoat is allowed.

According to the weather forecast of PAGASA: The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) is still expected to bring scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms over Southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
It looks a lot better than last week however there are still chances of scattered rain, so if you will watch the Azkals vs Sri Lanka live you better bring some umbrella. I apologize according to the event organizer umbrella is not allowed.  It is an exciting time for the football fans to watch the Azkals live here in Manila so if you are going to watch the Azkals vs Sri Lanka Game better read this

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A must win for the Azkals

by: powsalud|

The Azkals will face the the Sri Lankans once again in the second leg for the FIFA qualifier today July 2 at the Rizal Memorial stadium in Manila Philippines. 
Fresh from their recent match against the Sri Lankans, the Philippines National soccer team need more than a draw to qualify for the next round against Kuwait. Playing in within the presence of Filipino’s should be a lot different and a lot more inspiring for the Azkals. The only option here is to win and nothing less (source)

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What is the result of Philippine Azkals vs Sri-Lanka first leg?

by: powsalud|

Philippine Azkals vs Sri-Lanka first leg result was 1-1, Sri -Lanka was the first to get a goal and what look to be a sad ending for the Philippine team turn into hope with Nate Burkey getting a goal late in the game which equalized the game. Wednesday first leg of their opening round World Cup qualifying match was held at the Sugathadasa Stadium. Azkals and Sri-Lanka will play the second leg  in the Philippines on July 3, 2011 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila. The Azkals will be in a lot more pressure as the Filipino expect a win to advance to the next level and to keep fans from following them.

Tickets for Azkals vs Sri Lanka sold out!?

by: powsalud|

A few more days to go and the Rizal Memorial Stadium will be invaded by the Azkal fans, The highly anticipated FIFA Asian qualifier of the Azkals vs Sri Lanka will be air by ABS-CBN via studio 23 live and looks like this is were I will end up watching it. If you are planning to but tickets of the Azkals vs Sri Lanka match then you are too late, unless you want to pay for the higher price tickets then I think a few are still available. check

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Great tune up games for the Azkals

by: powsalud|

The Azkals, seems to be ready for their match for the FIBA qualifier against Sri Lanka. GMA news reported that  they have been winning their tune up games and looked impressive with their play. 
This is great news however they are practicing against players under 19 years old, there in no less to expect than a win. I will be watching them live at the Rizal Memorial stadium to personally see how they perform against Sri lanka. I hope these half breed Pinoys win. source

Azkals to Germany even with E Coli outbreak

by: powsalud|

The Philippine soccer team, the Azkals are not postponing their flight to Germany even if there is a e coli outbreak. 
According to recent news, the practice session that will be held in Germany is to gather support and to prepare them in their FIFA qualifying match against Sri Lanka. full story here

Azkals will invade Rizal Memorial Stadium on July 3

Many fans including me had been anticipating the match of our very own Philippine national soccer Team this July 3. The Azkals will face Sri Lanka at the Rizal Memorial stadium to determine the slot for the World Cup qualifiers. The stadium is expected to be a full house as it is very rare for the Philippines to organize event like this in Manila. Many die hard fans will surely take advantage of the opportunity to cheer and experience first hand the thrill of watching a live soccer game.

Azkals has re introduce soccer in the Philippines and on the day of the event, the Azkals will try to even more awaken the interest of more Filipino in the sports. 
Will the Azkals win against Sri Lanka?

Are the Azkals ready?

When our National Basketball team failed to deliver, we put our hopes in soccer. Hoping to quench our thirst in sports glory, the Philippines National Soccer team the Azkals came to the rescue by wining some tournament and beating some prestigious soccer club.
They immediately became a celebrity and their fan base became larger. Now they prepare to battle Sri Lanka in the FIFA World Cup qualifier. as a matter of fact they have a recent exhibition game against a college team to gauge if they are ready .

What did they learn? (here)

(Azkals) Weiss needs more time to finalize team

source: Bong Pedralvez |

After supervising the last eight days of the Azkals’ training camp-cum-tryouts, national coach Michael Weiss is not yet ready to sift the wheat from the chaff.

“We are still evaluating the new players trying out, although I haven’t seen spectacular stuff,” the 44-year-old mentor said after practice at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium that lasted until early evening last Wednesday. “I cannot single out anyone so far.”

Among those bidding to gain slots in the team are Filipino-British Chad Gould and Fil-Aussie Leigh Gunn, who previously saw action for the national team under separate coaches, plus Fil-Ams James Rochilitz and Nathaniel Burkey.

“No decision on them yet. I have to see them play in a match,” the German mentor said of the hopefuls.

“The younger ones are more interesting,” added Weiss, referring to 16-year-old Rochilitz and Burkey.

“He (Rochilitz) may be not as good as some of our present senior players, but for his age he is good in the under-20,” he said.

Weiss was also impressed by Burkey, a striker, “but he is a bit shy and if you are shy, you won’t win in football.”

As part of the weeding out process, the aspirants played five-a-side against the regulars in close quarters under time pressure for the coaches “to see their skills and determine how they will react in situations when pressed.”

The Sydney-born Gunn, who recently turned 30 and last played for the nationals during the 2006 Asian Challenge Cup group qualifiers in Bangladesh under coach Aris Caslib, said he’s optimistic of making the squad.

“It was just like old times and I know half of the guys on team,” Gunn, a forward, said. “I have to play the role the German coach wants me to play, that’s all. I’m very hopeful.”

Aware of the high stakes involved in the Asian World Cup opening round qualifying series against Sri Lanka, Weiss reiterated he would only get the best players for the Azkals, who kick off the home-and-away qualifiers against the Sri Lankans in Colombo on June 29.

“As I have said before, only the quality players who can help us can make it,” Weiss said. “Mediocre ones we have enough.”

He also issued an appeal to the mainstays to devote more time to the squad, noting the Younghusband siblings, Phil and James, who saw action in a club tournament last week, showed up for practice for the first time only at the Rizal stadium last Monday.

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Azkals happy with Rizal football field makeover


Members of the Philippine Azkals are pleased with the renovation of the Rizal Memorial Football field where their home game against Sri Lanka in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers will take place.

“I’ve been playing here since I was 10 years old… this is the first time I’ve ever played in these kind of conditions… this is so good,” Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo said.

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) worked on the rehabilitation of the 77-year-old stadium for the Philippines vs Sri Lanka home game on July 3.

The PFF had the holes in the old pitch filled to prevent the players from being injured. Even the grass on the field has been trimmed.

Borromeo said that he and his team are eager to play in front of their countrymen now that the stadium has been repaired.

We think about it everyday… we’re so excited,” he said.

Before the home game, the Azkals will be playing Sri Lanka in Colombo on June 29.

Filipino-British striker Phil Younghusband is also exited to rejoin his team after rehabbing his injury.

He joined the Azkals’ practice at the Rizal Memorial Stadium on Tuesday.

Younghusband hadn’t been with the team since March 15 after suffering a torn hamstring.

[I’m] so happy… I’ll be getting stronger,” said Younghusband.

The PFF is now mapping out the seating plan in the football stadium in preparation for the home game.

The stadium, which can accommodate up to 30,000 people, has played host to several international football games. – With a report from Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News

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PHL-Azkals vs Sri Lanka live on Balls TV


ABS-CBN’s Balls TV will broadcast live the first leg of the FIFA World Cup qualifier between the Philippine Azkals and Sri Lanka on June 29.


The match, which will take place in Sri Lanka, will be aired locally at 5:30 p.m.

This will be followed by a replay on Studio 23 at 11:30 p.m.

The second leg, scheduled to take place at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, will be aired live by Studio 23 on July 3, 2011 at 2 p.m.

This will be followed by a replay at 9 p.m. on Balls TV.

The Azkals, which had a successful run in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup quarterfinals, will go through several rounds of qualifiers in a bid to make it to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
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Azkals resume training for World Cup qualifying match vs Sri Lanka

The Philippine men’s football team, the Azkals, will resume its training on May 9 to begin its build-up for its first round tie against Sri Lanka in the 2014 World Cup Asian qualifier, said team manager Dan Palami.

Palami, who graced Tuesday’s Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Forum, said that the Azkals will train at the Alabang Country Club in Muntinlupa City until May 23 before heading to Cebu for a team building session from May 25 to 31.
The Azkals will then head to Germany for another training camp from June 12 to 26 where they will also play tune-up matches with German Division II and Division III teams.
“The players who will play for the team against Sri Lanka will most likely be there in Germany,” said Palami.
After Germany, the team will go straight to Sri Lanka to play the first leg on June 29.
The Azkals are also hoping to practice at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in early June where they expect the field to be ready in time for the July 3 second leg.
“Hopefully, we could take advantage of the familiarity of the field,” said Palami.
Palami said that Rizal is already fit for playing but there are still minor holes in the field that requires minimal repairs.
During the Holy Week break, the Azkals have organized training camps in the United States and Germany in hopes to discover players not only for the national team but also for the Under-23 players that will compete in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games in Palembang, Indonesia. – Reuben Terrado, JVP, GMA News;header=true&height=55






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Philsports football field gets P26-M facelift

source: Cedelf P. Tupas |

The Philsports pitch, which has seen better days, will soon be transformed into an artificial turf as part of the International Football Federation (Fifa) Goal Project 2 for the Philippines.

Philippine Football Federation president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta said the PFF has decided to move the project from the Parañaque lot of charismatic leader Mike Velarde to the government-owned Philsports pitch in Pasig City.

Araneta said the Philippine Sports Commission, which manages the pitch, has already agreed in principle to have the artificial turf installed in the facility.

The PSC will be turning over the management of the Philsports pitch to the PFF for the next 25 years as part of the agreement.

“We believe that putting the Goal Project in Ultra (Philsports pitch) is a wise decision,” Araneta said Monday night. “It’s accessible and convenient since its right at the center of Metro Manila.”

But a source said that some of the provisions in the Memorandum of Agreement proposed by Velarde’s group did not sit well with Fifa, including the plan to construct a stadium for the field.

Fifa also nixed the Parañaque site because the land is in the flight path of airplanes flying in and out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The Fifa grant for the artificial turf is worth $500,000 (roughly P21.7 million), but Araneta said the PFF will also be spending $100,000 (roughly P4.3 million) to cover the cost of buying the field.

Meanwhile, Negros Occidental dumped Leyte, 11-0, yesterday to complete a four-game sweep of the PFF Suzuki Cup Under-23 Visayas qualifiers at the Silliman field in Dumaguete City.

Filipino-American striker Joshua Beloya frolicked in a rare starting role for coach Norman Fegidero, booting in five goals for the Bacolod-based squad, which also got a hat-trick from Joven Bedic.

We’re happy with topping the group, but there’s a lot of work to be done if we are to win the national title,” said Fegidero.
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Azkals visit Pacquiao in training (VIDEO)

source: Steve Angeles |

The Pacman had some special visitors at training camp on Saturday (Sunday in Manila). Philippine soccer sensations Azkals met and watched Manny Pacquiao train for his upcoming fight against “Sugar” Shane Mosley over the weekend.

The Pacman sparred 11 rounds against 4 boxers during his Saturday’s training session.

“He’s one intense character. The guy is nonstop all day. I got a new respect for him,” said Azkals defender Anton del Rosario.

When the Pacman is not concentrating on his game, he follows the Azkals, hoping they, too, can bring national pride to the Philippiness.

“I have to support them and pray lagi manalo sa bout, laban at laro. And it’s an honor nandito sila sa training ko today,” the Fighter of the Decade said.

Team Pacquiao even showed the Azkal players a few training and conditioning tips.

“It was great watching him train and even his footwork, he can probably step on the pitch with us,” Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo said.

The Azkals just hosted an open tryout in the Bay Area.

After their weekend meeting, the football players went back to Northern California to play some club games. They will return to the Philippines later this month.

In the meantime, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach–fresh of ward Amir Kahn’s victory–is expected to rejoin Team Pacquiao on Monday (Tuesday, in Manila).

For the Azkals, it was a dream come true to watch their idol practice. They are hoping the Pacman’s winning ways can rub off on them when they begin their quest for a World Cup in June.

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North American Bureau |
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