Pow Chat Sports with Olympian Mark Anthony Barriga

Pow Salud spent a brief moment with Mark Anthnony Barriga before his fourth professional match.
We can see why he is already an accomplished and well known boxer. Aside from his boxing skills, he smoothly answers all questions with confidence and certainty. He may just be the next big thing in boxing!
Check out the interview we had with former Olympian boxer Marc Anthony Barriga in this edition of Pow Chat Sports.

Mark Anthony Barriga’s Advice to Amateurs who want to be Professional Boxers

Mark Anthony Barriga is a pretty accomplished amateur boxer, having won gold medal in the SEA games and bronze in the Asian Games. He is already one of the well known boxers in the Philippines.
As he turns pro, he shares some advice and tells us about what it takes for an amateur fighter like him become a pro.