Alaska Ironkids 2016 in Subic

Alaska IronKids Philippines is an annual sporting event that aims to promote the healthy and active lifestyle among children through the winning combination of proper nutrition and physical activity. The Alaska IronKids Race Series is just one of many sports development programs that Alaska conducts yearly to engage children to come out and play.
Last March 5, 2016 at Subic Bay Alaska Ironkids Triathlon series was held.  Children ages 6-14 years old compete with different categories (6-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old).
Once again, the Borlain sisters ruled the Ironkids with Samantha first place at age 13-14 years old category, Tara first place at 11-12 years old category and Chezka is also first place at 6-8 years old categories.
6-7 years old
1st place – Connor Hodges
2nd place – Gabriel Gaw
3rd place – Ythanmathew Orellana
1st place – Franchezka Borlain
2nd place – Zurielle Kenzie Galo
3rd place – Kyle Enialle Toledana
9-10 years old
1st place – Mark Grist
2nd place – Juan Miguel Tayag
3rd place – Michael Gabriel Lozada
1st place – Kira Ellis
2nd place – Ana Maria Mempin
3rd place – Justicia Marie Earl Tan
11-12 years old
1st place – Zedrick James Borja
2nd place – Eric Almendral
3rd place – Johann Carlos Manubay
1st place – Tara Borlain
2nd place – Micaella Barlin
3rd place – Alison Ann Noble
13-14 years old
1st place – Juan Francisco Baniqued
2nd place -Joe Bernared Sarmiento
3rd place – Joshua Alexander Ramos
1st place – Samantha Borlain
2nd place – Everly Janarie Macalalad
3rd place – Pia Francesca Sarez
Pioneering athletic programs like the Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon has managed to take children away from their video game consoles, cellphones and cable TV remotes and out into the sun to swim, bike and run in triathlon races. Alaska’s sports programs hope to encourage children to get into organized sports while learning positive values like hard work, discipline, determination and teamwork.

For general information about the Alaska IronKids please visit; Alaska Milk Corporation visit; and for live Twitter updates follow @ALASKAsportshub & #AlaskaIronkids.

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