Have you seen this? Watch Arturo Gatti Brutally KO’d Gamache and Left him with Brain Damage

20 Pounds Heavier Arturo Gatti Knocked Out Joey Gamache

Coming in to the fight, both fighters were able to make weight. Joey Gamache and Arturo Gatti was a great match on paper having a number of fights under their belts. The date was February 26, 2000, Gamache at the Madison Square Garden and what would be the very last fight of Gamache.
Boxing fans expected a good fight between the two and they somehow did see an entertaining but one sided match as Arturo Gatti brutally beat down Gamache in just two rounds.
It was a great win for Arturo Gatti however the fight was surrounded by controversies that later became a legal battle as Gamache corner questions the weight difference and negligence of the New York State Athletic Commission for the alleged mishandling of the weights. The contacted weight for the fight was 141 but on fight night, Gattie grew to become 160 lbs compared with Gamache who tipped in the night of the fight at 145 lbs.
The legal battle went on and Gamache won the trials but was never given any financial compensation.
Today, Gamache is 51 years old and currently a boxing  trainer while Arturo Gatti died in 2009 in a hotel in Brazil. His cause of death is still unclear.