Another Harden commercial with Bosh, Love and Westbrook

It seems like nowadays James Harden has been getting a lot of attention, well who can blame the fans, you don’t only get great basketball skill but you will also admire his attitude and lets not forget that beard. James Harden probably has the most famous beard in sports. Well you can argue about it but no one can argue that this commercial is funny. Watch another James Harden commercial with Chris Bosh, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook.  

Harden Footlocker Yacht Commercial

Miami Heat is now taking the heat

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Lebron James was received warmly by the city of Miami, were He then promise them a title and a dynasty. Together with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh the Miami Heat was expected to have a good showing in the NBA, and so they did it with heavy fire power and a winning streaks heading to present time, NBA Finals. 
Miami heat was on fire and was ready to take the championship, until recently they encountered the resilient Dirk and the Mavericks. With their recent lost at home the Miami Heat dream of being a the 2011 NBA Champion will be harder to get than any of us expected.
Miami Heat is now taking the heat as they suffered their first lost of the series. Expect a hot showing by Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks as they try to spoil and bring down the emerging Miami Heat dynasty.

Pics courtesy of ESPN Media Zone

What Lebron James have to say heading to game 3?

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After a shocking late game winner by Dirk Nowitzki in their game 2 Finals game, Miami Heat was left with a sore heart and a bedazzled mind. 
How can a very large lead and a talented team commit such lapses in the game specifically the later part and ending up loosing it. These questions will hunt them as they continue to battle for the 2011 NBA Championship. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh could not do anything to stop the raging Mavericks in game 2. Dirk Nowitzki was just unstoppable as He shows more willingness and hunger to finally win a championship.

What can they do now? How will Miami Heat prepare after the heartache and how will it affect their game.  
Lets here it from Lebron James himslef.
“It’s not going to affect us,” LeBron James told reporters.
“We want to win the game. We feel like we have a 15 point lead in the fourth quarter, that our defense will prevail. That’s how much confidence we have in our defense.

“I don’t feel like our confidence will be down going into game three. We’ll be back to square one and figure out how to win the game.” (Reuters)

NBA 2K11 Official trailer

Excited to get my hands of this game!

Here’s the official Trailer


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