Introducing: Jaylen Brown top 5 pick in 2016 NBA Draft! From CAL Bears! with 27 pts ! and a nasty jam!

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown just put on a show the other day but still lost against Richmond, he was the only one trying specially on the end game but fall short. He put up 27 points and showed that he is NBA ready. His shooting stroke wasn’t on display during this game but for you guys i would upload 2 more videos of this young stud. Please always say kahwi leonard like or stanley johnson jr, but i see Brown as a much controlled Latrell Sprewell. Brown is 6’7 with a windspan of a 7 footer. 

Brown has been part of Team USA and in his jr year he was touted as the nation’s best player. To me Brown can easily be top 3 this up coming draft. He has a lot to work on but his athleticism and body is already NBA Bound. 

Here is the highlight of his 27 point outburst:

another highlight:

cal highlight fan made

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NBA DRAFT 2015 : mock draft from top 14 picks Lottery

Minnesota Timberwolves #1 : 

Karl Anthony Towns (PF/C)
University of Kentucky – Freshman

Height:7′ 0″
Weight:248 lbs

(19 Years Old)

Ppg: 10.3 pts
Reb: 6.7
Stl: 0.5

Blks: 2.2
Asst:  1.1
MPG: 21.1
FT%: 81.3

Los Angeles Lakers #2:

Jahlil Okafor (PF/C)
Duke University – Freshman

Height:6′ 11″
Weight:272 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 17.3 pts
Reb: 8.6
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 0.8
Asst:  1.3
MPG: 30.1 

 FT%: 51

Philadelphia 76ers #3:

D’Angelo Russell (PG/SG)
Ohio State University – Freshman

Height:6′ 5″
Weight:175 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 19.3 pts
Reb: 5.7
Stl: 1.60
Asst: 5.0
MPG: 33.5
FT%: 75.6

New York Knicks #4:

Emmanuel Mudiay (PG)
International – China
Height: 6′ 5″

Weight: 200 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 18 pts
Reb: 6.25
Stl: 1.58
Asst:  5.92
MPG: 31.5
FT%: 57.4

Orlando Magic #5:

Kristaps Porzingis (PF/C)
Sevilla – International
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:220 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 11.6 pts
Reb: 4.80
Stl: 0.9

Blks: 1.2
Asst:  0.5
MPG: 21.7
FT%: 70.7

Sacramento Kings #6:

Willie Cauley-Stein (PF/C)
University of Kentucky – Junior

Height:7′ 1″
Weight:242 lbs
(21 Years Old)
Ppg: 8.9pts
Reb: 6.4
Stl: 1.2

Blks: 1.7
Asst:  1.0
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 61.7

Denver Nuggets #7: 

Justise Winslow (SG/SF)
Duke University – Freshman

Height:6′ 7″
Weight:222 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 12.6 pts
Reb: 6.50
Stl: 1.3
Asst:  2.1
MPG: 29.1
FT%: 64.1

Detroit Pistons #8:

Stanley Johnson (SF)
University of Arizona – Freshman

Height:6′ 7″
Weight:242 lbs
(18 Years Old)
Ppg: 13.8 pts
Reb: 6.50
Stl: 1.5
Asst:  1.7
MPG: 28.4
FT%: 74.2

Charlotte Hornets #9

Mario Hezonja (SG/SF)
Eurocup/ ACB 

Height:6′ 8″
Weight:200 lbs
(20 Years Old)

Ppg: 7.7 pts
Reb: 1.50
Stl: 0.6
Asst:  1.0
MPG:  16.5
FT%: 75

Miami Heat #10:

Kelly Oubre (SF)
University of Kansas – Freshman

Height:6′ 7″
Weight:203 lbs
(19 Years Old)

Ppg: 9.3 pts
Reb: 5.0
Stl: 1.1
Asst:  0.8
MPG: 21.0
FT%: 71.8

Indiana Pacers #11:

Myles Turner (PF/C)

Height:7′ 0″
Weight:239 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 10.1pts
Reb: 6.5
Stl: 0.3

Blks: 2.6

Asst:  0.6
MPG: 22.2 

FT%: 83.9

Utah Jazz #12:

Frank Kaminsky (PF/C)
University of Wisconsin – Senior

Height:7′ 1″
Weight:231 lbs
(22 Years Old)
Ppg: 18.8pts
Reb: 8.2
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 1.5
Asst:  2.6
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 78.0

Phoenix Suns #13:

Bobby Portis (PF)
University of Arkansas – Sophomore

Height:6′ 11″
Weight:246 lbs
(20 Years Old)
Ppg: 17.5 pts

Reb: 8.9
Stl: 1.1

Blks: 1.4
Asst:  1.2
MPG: 29.9
FT%: 73.7

Oklahoma Thunder #14:

Sam Dekker (SF)
University of Wisconsin – Junior

Height:6′ 9″
Weight:219 lbs
(21 Years Old)

Ppg: 13.9 pts
Reb: 5.6
Stl: 0.5
Asst:  1.2
MPG: 31.0
FT%: 70.8

This would wrap up our 2015 NBA MOCK Draft Lottery Picks!

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NBA DRAFT 2015: TOP Small Forward Prospects

Stanley Johnson

Height:6′ 7″
Weight:242 lbs
(18 Years Old)

Ppg: 13.8 pts
Reb: 6.50
Stl: 1.5
Asst:  1.7
MPG: 28.4
FT%: 74.2

Stanley Johnson was projected to be top 5 but he is quite underrated, He played for University of Arizona and he helped his team go to elite eight but they lost to Wisconsin. Johnson’s stock dropped because of that he was rarely a factor but that shouldn’t be the reason why he would drop outside of top 10. 
Johnson has a legit size and good wingspan to be successful in the NBA. 6’8″ and 6’11” 1/2 wingspan. He could be a cross between Igoudala and Ron Artest.
Projected pick 7-10. 

Kelly Oubre

Height:6′ 7″
Weight:203 lbs
(19 Years Old)

Ppg: 9.3 pts
Reb: 5.0
Stl: 1.1
Asst:  0.8
MPG: 21.0
FT%: 71.8

Kelly Oubre played for the University of Kansas, He was a replacement for the spot that Wiggins left, that was quite a big expectation and he had a poor showing at the start of the season but he was able to pick it up and actually played to what was expected of him, he showed great defense at times and that’s what made him a very intriguing prospect. He could be a better version of Nick young or Corey Brewer. Oubre is quite a freak 6’7″ with a wingspan of 7’2″. Projected pick 8-12.

Sam Dekker

Height:6′ 9″
Weight:219 lbs
(21 Years Old)

Ppg: 13.9 pts
Reb: 5.6
Stl: 0.5
Asst:  1.2
MPG: 31.0

FT%: 70.8

Sam Dekker is part of the Wisconsin Badgers team that almost won the ring but fell short due to Duke’s toughness and clutch plays. Dekker together with Kaminsky (center) was the go to guys for their coach Bo Ryan. Dekker is a streaky kind of a shooter, can play through contact and can handle the ball really good. Some of you guys may not know but I see a Detleft Schrempf type of player in him. He has a good size as a small forward 6’9″ with a 6′”11 wingspan. Projected pick 10-15

You maybe wondering where is Winslow well we can also put it here but it would be redundant as I already made a prospect review for him, please go here for Winslow’s profile –

We are down to Power Forward and Center prospects after that we will be doing team assessments. I will also come up with a mock draft. Keep it here @


After 20 years in the league, finally Minnesota will have its 1st pick in NBA history. Everyone including my self was so happy as it unfolded right before our eyes. The LA Lakers got up from 3rd to 2nd pick, and Unfortunately for  New York they slipped to number 4, the 76ers stayed will pick 3rd. 

Here is the complete first round list for the 2015 NBA draft.

2015 First-Round Order

1. Minnesota 
2. L.A. Lakers 
3. Philadelphia 
4. New York 
5. Orlando 
6. Sacramento 
7. Denver 
8. Detroit 
9. Charlotte 
10. Miami 
11. Indiana 
12. Utah 
13. Phoenix 
14. Oklahoma City 
* * * 
15. Atlanta (From Brooklyn) 
16. Boston 
17. Milwaukee 
18. Houston (From New Orleans) 
19. Washington 
20. Toronto 
21. Dallas 
22. Chicago 
23. Portland 
24. Cleveland 
25. Memphis 
26. San Antonio 
27. L.A. Lakers (From Houston) 
28. Boston (From L.A. Clippers) 
29. Brooklyn (From Atlanta) 
30. Golden State

Flip Saunders was interviewed right away and he said, “they would keep the pick and wouldn’t trade it. ” –

Here’s the possible top 2 pick (left is Jahlil Okafor from Duke University and Karl-Anthony Towns from University of Kentucky) 

Please stay tuned here as we all wait for the 2015 NBA Draft on June 25, 2015. I will be creating a mock draft according to team needs.

NBA DRAFT LOTTERY 2015 – May 19, 2015

Hey powcasters! I know that we are all focused and excited for the NBA finals, however as you know for the teams that are not part of the playoffs they are more excited for the NBA Draft lottery. As this could change the face of your franchise forever, Like the Cleveland Cavaliers who was able to get 3 number one pick in the modern era of basketball (year 2011,  2013 and 2014). This year, teams like New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves , Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic are the front runners.

NBA Draft Lottery would be shown live Tuesday, 8:30 ET, ESPN.

2015 NBA Draft Lottery Odds

1. Minnesota Timberwolves 16-66 25.0%
2. New York Knicks 17-65 19.9%
3. Philadelphia Sixers 18-64 15.6%
4. Los Angeles Lakers 21-61 11.9%
5. Orlando Magic 25-57 8.8%
6. Sacramento Kings 29-53 6.3%
7. Denver Nuggets 30-52 4.3%
8. Detroit Pistons 32-50 2.8%
9. Charlotte Hornets 33-49 1.7%
10. Miami Heat 37-45 1.1%
11. Indiana Pacers 38-44 0.8%
12. Utah Jazz 38-44 0.7%
13. Phoenix Suns 39-43 0.6%
14. Oklahoma City Thunder 45-37 0.5%

Keep it here @, We will keep you guys posted and create a mock draft based on team needs and assessment before the official Draft, that will commence on June 25, 2015 @ Brooklyn, NY Barclays  Center .